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Top 5 Magneto Longboards: magneto longboard review

Magneto longboard is a good standard longboard with classic design.

Magneto Longboards is the name of a new and future brand in the longboard industry of best longboard brands. The brand originated in Carlsberg, California, where the skateboard industry once began. A team of product experienced engineers purchased the trade name MAGNETO from a UK company and successfully relaunched the Longboard brand. The Magneto brand makes quality Longboards and cruisers that are available at a fixed price. The services that you will get on the promise of Magneto LongboardsDirector are positive. Their services are admirable as we know from experience that less expensive product means less quality product. But from…

Top 5 best cheap skateboards for beginners—complete buying guide!

Top 5 best cheap skateboards for beginners—complete buying guide!

When you decide to buy good quality best cheap skateboards and at the same time think about your budget, the situation can become quite frustrating. If you don’t know the right skateboard, you can buy a bad quality skateboard at a low price. And after all, a bad quality skateboard can never give you good service. And so if you want to buy the best chip skateboard you must buy it through a nice combination of price and quality. And that’s exactly why you need to know what kind of feature a skateboard can be called a quality skateboard. Plus…