Do you like longboarding? Do you sometimes wish to buy a nice longboard and get lost in the world of adventure? Then you have come to the right place, and this article is written just for you to let you know about all the types of longboards.

Because before you go to buy a longboard, you need to know a lot about it. There are so many types of longboards, and why are there so many differences between longboards? What is your favourite type of Longboard and why?

And if you want to know exactly which one of the thousands of longboards available in the market will suit you perfectly, read this article very well.

Because otherwise you can be shocked by discovering yourself in the millions of longboards in the market!

However, there are usually differences between the longboards over its riding style. And so, first of all, you have to decide which style you are going to ride!

We are going to talk about all kinds of riding styles and longboards in this article. Along with this, we will learn about some more accessories of the longboard, which are very important for a longboard!

Finally, we will understand exactly which of the longboard you should choose and what types of longboard riding you are interested in!

The first part—Types of Longboards

1. Downhill

Downhill longboard


Downhill Longboards are a favorite of many, especially those who want to experience the thrill of riding on a hilly road.

These longboards are made of very solid material so that you can do longboarding with ease without having to face any problems. At the same time, these boards can withstand the stress of high and low roads quite smoothly.

However, one of the problems with this type of longboard is often noticed by the professionals, and it is when you have to move a lot with this longboard that this board starts to tremble.

However, in the case of some very good quality Downhill Longboards, you do not have to read this kind of problem, you can rest assured.

In addition, these boards can be used to determine the direction in a very nice way. As a result, you do not have to slow down at all when taking any turn. You may not find any alternative to Downhill Longboards for thrilling as well as excellent smooth riding.

2. Drop Through

Drop through longboard


There are many types of longboarding rough and bumpy, but Drop Through Longboarding is not at all a ride, but the ride is an inimitable experience for you. And so if you are looking for a comfortable longboard, then your search is over. Because Drop Through Longboards can give you a very contented experience.

These types of longboards surf are quite fashionable and strong at the same time, which are habitually used for cruising. One more thing that will impress you is the stability of this longboard. This longboard can offer you a stable performance for every riding position.

Yes! These longboards are much safer than other boards. However, don’t forget to take the longboard helmet again as this longboard is much safer. Because we professional riders are always advised to wear helmets. And so, along with the helmet, you must keep the other necessary safety tools.

3. Carving Longboards

Carving longboards


Carving is one of the finest skills in the arena of longboarding, and it’s preferred by riders. From the very beginning, longboarders have been very keen to learn these tricks, because they are delightful to watch.

These tricks are not tough tricks at all, but for this, you need light practice. If you are continuously in practice, you will realize that gradually you are able to master this trick.

But for this, you will need a special type of longboard and this is called Carving Longboard. In the current market, there are some well-known companies such as Santa Cruz and Churchill Longboard that manufacture such longboards.

Also, Atom, Sector 9, and White Wave also make good quality longboards; you can also buy longboards of your choice from these.

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4. Freestyle

Freestyle longboards


The most popular technique for performing various tricks and stunts is Freestyle. The demand for freestyle longboards is also increasing due to the increase in various types of events and competitions.

Professionals participate in various competitions with this type of best freestyle longboard. Other types of tricks, such as sliding, manuals, can be displayed with this type of longboard. And this kind of wide longboard is usually used by experts.

However, if you are also a beginner and have a keen interest in such tricks, you can purchase this type of longboard for learning. Because there are no alternatives to such a freestyle longboard for skill development and skill enhancement.      

5. Cruising

longboard cruising


This type of Cruising Longboard is a perfect match for the everyday shuttle; commute to and from school or the surrounding area! You can also use this type of longboard in a chat with friends to impress everyone. Because these longboards are very aesthetic and visually pleasing to look at.

Besides, the trucks and decks of these longboards are specially made, so that you can get more stability during longboarding. On the safety side, these boards will be a long way ahead, as they were not designed to do anything Extreme. So this type of longboard is much safer.

These types of cruising longboards are the perfect choice for you or your child to learn longboarding. Since it is safe, the chances of children getting pain are greatly reduced.

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6. Bamboo

Bamboo Longboard


The most important thing about a bamboo longboard is that it is eco-friendly. A company called bamboo skateboard also said that there is no harm to nature in making these boards.

Also because of the exorbitant price of longboards made of maple wood, many feel discouraged from riding, for them, there is no alternative to longboards made of bamboo. Such as, these are the best in terms of quality, but they are available in the market at a very affordable price.

Again, due to its lightweight, you can carry these boards in your bag on any type of tour. There are special types of bags available for carrying longboards and skateboards which can be said to benefit you a lot.

If you use a longboard made of bamboo, you can be sure that you will get a very good quality performance. One thing comes to mind over and over again, and that is why a lot of maple trees are being lost from nature due to making boards out of maple wood.

And each maple tree takes about forty to fifty years to mature. A bamboo tree, on the other hand, takes about four to five years to mature. And so many people are now using bamboo-made longboards to save maple trees.

The Second part—shapes of longboard

The shape of the deck is very important for the longboard you are about to purchase. Depending on the shape of this deck, some longboards are symmetrical and some longboards are asymmetrical.

In the case of symmetrical boards, you can ride from both sides, meaning there is no back or front part. All aspects are equal and you can use them the same way. And with this type of longboard three hundred and sixty-degree slides can be given very nicely.

Anyway, we are not here to discuss what are the differences between types of skateboards and longboards? We are trying to differentiate the deck shape of a longboard.

Asymmetrical longboards, on the other hand, usually have front and rear sides. This type of longboard is commonly used for cruisers, downhill riding. Also, whether or not there will be a concave on the longboard depends entirely on what type of longboard you want to use.

Again in terms of curving, the width of the longboard is quite important, and the camber is a type of curve that moves forward along the board’s length.

What is the best type of longboard deck to buy for all-around riding?

Let’s find out!

1. Pintail Longboards

pintail longboard


The middle part of Pintail’s longboards is usually a little wider. In addition, the front and back portions are slightly curved. And so these longboards are great for protecting balance. You can also take any kind of sharp turn with great ease.

 Furthermore, these boards typically derive with stamped-out wheels that decrease the danger of wheel bite. Therefore, for riding directional and delightful sharp turns, you must ponder this sort of longboard.

2. Fishtail Longboards

Fishtail longboard


There are lots of similarities between pintail and Fishtail longboards because they arrive with center-based balance and a pointy nose.  However, you can distinguish them by considering their tail.

While fishtail longboards arrive with a split tail and pintail are single tails with a pointy nose. When it comes to riding a normal surf style, then these longboards come pretty handily.

Besides, a divided tail aids you to take an extended trip and make piercing turns with comfort.

3. Blunt Longboards

Blunt Longboard


Blunt Longboard plays a very useful role for beginners. Because these longboard types for beginners have very good stability, which can make your longboarding experience beautiful and amiable. And you can purchase these boards to give you the first step in learning any kind of skill, and you won’t be disappointed.

However, one aspect of this type of board that, I personally did not like, and is its blunt nose and tail. Because of these, the rider can never take sharp turns with ease. However, since these are designed primarily for beginners, it is more likely that they do not need to take such a sharp turn.

So if you have a question, what are the best longboards for beginners? Then I would suggest this longboard for you.  Also, since these Blunt Longboards are designed primarily for learning longboarding, you can blindly rely on these longboards for safety issues. Hopefully, you don’t have to be frustrated at all.

4. Mini Cruiser Short Longboards

Mini Cruiser short longboard


These boards are named after longboards, but in fact, they are not longboards, as they are thirty inches or smaller. It may have been named after a large longboard designed as a small board.

However, this type of board is usually used only by professionals. Because such a mini-cruiser can lift a lot of speed with a longboard. Another apprentice or amateurs will never be able to handle such a board; they will be shocked at this pace and can go after an accident at any time.

And that’s why you buy this type of board only when you consider yourself a longboarding master. You can handle this longboard only if you have a very good level of skill. These mini-cruiser longboards are very popular on campus and in college. So, as a campus longboard, they are quite preferable.

5. Twin Longboards

Twin Longboard


Twin longboards were first designed in the nineties to make multi-directional skateboarding possible. Later, the side of this type of longboard is further widened so that it looks like two longboards are connected at the same time.

Experts believe that this longboard has been given such a name because of the sticking of this pair.

This type of board is especially effective for freestyle riding, as they have a lot of stability, which will help you to do boarding more easily.

Also, if you are new to this world, you can only use such boards, as it is possible to maintain a good balance.

But if you are interested in buying this type of board, keep in mind that the wheels with the board should be relatively soft and large. Because then you can only show some amazing tricks and stunts.

6. Cut Out Longboards

Cut out Longboard


Cut Out Longboards has the maximum wheel allowance as equated to some other sort of longboard. Furthermore, these boards are bi-directional which permits the proviso to ride steady or shift without any trouble.

Cut Out Longboards typically derives from drop-through trucks with the intention of lower the longboard, which will consequence in improved constancy at great haste.

These boardings are finest for freestyle, downhill, and freeride riding panache since they have bigger roles and can take cavernous turns without sliding.

7. Drop Down Longboards

Drop Down longboard


Habitually the back and front part of this type of drop-down longboard is slightly bent and this creates an extra capacity to maintain the balance between the boards. With this type of board, you will get a humorous riding experience.

Also with this Drop-Down longboard, you will have complete control over your longboard when you take a turn. There is absolutely no chance of an accident of skidding anywhere.

8. Speed Board Longboards

Speed board longboard


From the name, you may be getting a basic idea of ​​what the real work of such a board is! Yes! These boards are specially designed to match the name. With this Type of Longboards, you will be able to reach maximum speed, which you may never be able to do with any other board.

Riders are particularly interested in using such boards, especially if they are a thrill. And since skateboarding is quite similar to longboarding, many skateboarders also occasionally prefer to use this type of longboard.

We are now to aid you to purchase a faultless board with fabulous features, which will permit you to relish a contented and charming ride. With the aim of purchasing the correct longboard, there are numerous issues that you must think through before making an order.

So, let’s have a gaze at the vital issues which you must be well conscious of beforehand striking the longboard shop.

Third part—some important factors to consider

Capability Level and Riding Style

As because the deck shape and lots of other things are dependent on it, you must know your capacity level. That’s why you need to understand yourself before trying to purchase a longboard. You need to check different types of skill and riding styles, need to try some of them.

If you don’t try anything, then how would you know about your perfect match, right? When you select a longboard that is appropriate for you, it will aid you to master your abilities.

All longboard is precisely intended for a definite riding style. A longboard intended for downhill riding will have a dissimilar deck shape equated to the longboard intended for freestyle riding.

1. Longboard Features

Types of longboards

Exactly what kind of features a board has depends on exactly what kind of performance you are going to get from the board. And so you have to take a detailed idea before buying about the various features of Longboard. Only then can you buy a longboard that is of excellent quality and good service and you can go to your house of pleasure.

2. Kick Tail

kichtail longboard


The ability to lift anyone end of a longboard is called kick tails. You may have already seen different riders show different tricks by raising any one part of the board. And so, when buying a good quality longboard, you must notice whether it is possible to make kick tails with this longboard.

3. Wheel Wells

Mainly wheel bite is a problem, but the responsible persons are wheel cutouts and when wells. If your longboard has a wheel bite, it might be very dangerous for you to ride with that. It might cause any problem and accident and cause you somebody harm.

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4. Board Length

longboard deck


When it comes to balance and stability alongside taking a hard turn, then the board length plays a very important role here. Likewise, the shorter your board is the quicker you will get a turn. But if you want more stability then, the longer board is necessary. So you need to keep a balance between lengths.

5. Longboard Trucks

longboard trucks


Trucks are accountable for side-to-side drive, constancy, and switch. Slacker trucks will be the occasion of making improved turns, however, close-fitting trucks will bring about enhanced constancy at high speeds. So, regulate the trucks rendering to your ease so as to relish a charming ride.

6. Longboard Wheels

longboard wheels


Wheels are an important part of any type of longboard. For the reason that how much your board can withstand the stresses of high and low roads depends a lot on your wheels.

Also during longboarding, the extra noise or vibration controls all of your longboard wheels. And so when buying boards learn the details about the shape, width, weight, and forming material of the wheels. If not, you may be in trouble later.

7. Bearings

Exactly how the wheel of your longboard rotates and how much speed you can expect from it all depends on the longboard bearings. Bearings are very important for downhill riding and any kind of competition. And so if you want to enjoy the highest speed, then, of course, buy good quality ABEC rating bearings.

Finally, everything was expected to be known about the nature of the motion of the longboard. You may have already made your to-do list. Different types of riding styles and the size and shape of the board are all important issues.

And so you should give your highest vision to all. Be sure to know everything well, especially before buying a longboard. Only then will you be able to purchase a nice longboard of your choice.

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