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Welcome to Skates house, Our site is focused on exciting and exhilarating sports like skateboarding, roller skating, cycling, longboarding you name it. Here at skates house, we’re dedicated to helping those who are in need of tips and tricks on how to get better and also to help you find which products are necessary to help you start your exciting journey and that’s what we value most.

I am Toni Alvi from Skates house and I’ll tell you a little bit about my skateboarding journey. I first started skating 5 years ago and honestly, all I wanted to learn was how to ride on a skateboard but once I started watching more skateboarding videos I realized there’s so much more to the sport than just cruising on your board. Skateboarding is an extreme sport and you’re bound to get hurt but knowing that I still practiced every day and I’ve injured myself countless times and broken a few bones too, but 5 years later now I look back to those days and all I tell myself is it was all worth it. Skateboarding is not just a sport for me it’s become a lifestyle and every time I’m on my board I feel free and there’s no other feeling that can top that.

If you’re a beginner at any of these sports or you just want to know which products are best then you’ve come to the right place. We list the best products on the market for both kids and adults and also talk about these sports and share tips and tricks that we think will help you improve and become better at the sport.

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