Knee scooters are one of those mobility devices that you never knew you would want until you tried it. They have made me feel more mobile and give me independence in my daily life. I’m not the only person who has found crutches or walkers to be a nuisance, but the best knee scooters make things easier by giving back some freedom and making them fun!

A friend recommended using both after an injury on my ankle which is what prompted this discovery about how much better drive knee scooters were than other traditional medical equipment like crutches or walkers for people with leg injuries such as myself when they don’t require the use of your hands.

Best knee scooters are a type of medical knee walker that is used for those who are recovering from surgery or injury. They provide support and mobility to the injured joint, as well as an alternative form of transportation if necessary.

However, according to knee walker reviews, not all knee walkers perform equally – there’s variety in style and form when it comes to these scooters. Some people may find one knee scooter better suited than another depending on their personal situation or preferences, but each design has its own advantages and disadvantages so you’ll need to make your choice accordingly!

We’ve taken the time to pick out some of our favorite best-rated knee scooters on the market. We went through many options, comparing their features and benefits for every need you could have in a mobility device!

Our favorites include an option that will work well if you’re looking at something smaller but still heavy-duty enough for outdoor use as it can handle up to 300 pounds with its durable aluminum frame.

Top 10 best knee scooter reviews

Editor’s Choice: KneeRover GO – Knee Scooter


The knee rover go, knee walker, is an innovative mobility device that helps people with injuries maintain their independence. The lightweight design and compact shape allow users to carry it in a backpack or suitcase without occupying too much space, while the ergonomic handle makes pushing effortless for amputees who are missing both arms.

In these knee scooter reviews, it can be said that this product has won many awards from organizations like Mobility International USA because of its durability, affordability, ease-of-use capabilities, and overall quality as one of the best on the market today!

The KneeRover GO is the mobility solution to any of your traveling needs. Whether you are in a cab or bus, flying on an airplane, needing more legroom at home by storing it under your desk – The KneeRover GO has got you covered! When folded up and closed securely with Velcro strips for easy transportation- this knee scooter can be carried anywhere easily without much hassle.

This knee roller has four 7.5” rubber wheels and a contoured, 3” thick platform that can be adjusted to either the left or right leg with ease – no more struggling over uneven ground!

The KneeRover GO is perfect for indoor and outdoor use; it comes equipped with 4 non-marking rubber wheels and adjustable padding on its platform so that people don’t have to struggle through rough territory anymore!

Runner Up- KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker


The KneeCycle was designed by a team of designers and engineers who wanted to provide the best knee walker on the market. Its sleek, modern design and lower profile than most other models make this one of our top picks for anyone looking to get back onto their feet after injury or surgery!

The KneeRover Deluxe is an excellent alternative when it comes to staying mobile while recovering from foot, ankle, or leg injuries as well as below-the-knee amputee’s recovery process. Designed with your comfort in mind (and style!).

This best knee scooter for broken feet has everything you need: adjustable seat height so that users can find what works best for them; four 8″ wheels make maneuvering easier over any surface.

The Knee Rover is the ultimate vehicle for those who find themselves on their knees. It offers an advanced tie-rod steering mechanism that you won’t find on any other kneelers as well as a handbrake to keep your brakes in check when needed.

If it’s indoors or outdoors, this kneeling walker can take care of all your needs with its four 7.5″ non-marking rubber wheels and 3” thick contoured knee platform left/right leg compatible.

For Heavy-duty Purpose: KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter


The All-Terrain KneeRover is perfect for those recovering from injuries or surgery to the foot, ankle, and lower leg. It also works well for individuals with below-knee amputations. This versatile product can be used as a scooter crutch alternative by attaching it to one’s upper body while walking short distances without assistance.

Moreover, it offers excellent stability when seated in an upright position thanks to its rigid back support bar. The All-Terrain best knee scooters are the perfect way to make sure you can get where you need, no matter what kind of terrain is in your path.

With a 12-inch pneumatic tire that provides extra traction and stability on any ground type including grass, gravel dirt, or gaps in sidewalks these knee support walkers provide an advanced automotive-style tie-rod steering mechanism for maximum control at all times

The NEW KneeRover Stabilizer training wheel also enhances safety with its auto-leveling feature which helps maintain balance making this product one worth investing in! The heavy-duty knee walker double bar construction on the All Terrain KneeRover knee walker is not only for stability but also to accommodate a weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Unlike other scooters for feet, this heavy-duty knee scooter has fully adjustable kneepads and handlebars with an easy folding mechanism that can be stored in most closets or under beds. So it won’t take up space when you need it back again!

Most suitable for Elder: Drive Medical 796 Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket


This best-rated knee walker is an excellent invention for people recovering from surgery, breaks, and sprains. With a sturdy steel frame that has a silver vein finish, it will handle any terrain you need to traverse in order to get back on your feet!

The removable front knee carts/basket comes with many pockets which are great for storing anything small items like sunglasses or keys while not using the rolling walker with knee rest.

The Weight Limit is 300 pounds for this scooter. With a Deluxe braking system, you can travel over obstacles and drop-offs without fear of a loss of control or speed. The Deluxe braking system provides increased safety while traveling with a weight limit of up to 300 pounds so you can explore safely!

However, some hoverboard has these types of weight capacity though they are not quite safe for your ankle injury. They are normal outdoor riding boards like skateboards or longboards.

Whether it is for a short or long distance, this device will make your life easier. It weighs only 6 lbs and the drive knee walker basket can be detached to lighten it up even more! The easy-to-use design makes transportation simple enough that you’ll never want to go back to carrying groceries in your hands again.
The scooter was amazing because I didn’t have to use crutches! Moreover, this knee wheel walker is much more comfortable than using a cane.

The most Budget-Friendly scooter: KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker


These cheap used knee walkers are perfect for both indoor uses with four wheels, as well as outdoor ease of balance on any terrain due to their two-wheeled knee walkers design.

With a lower knee scooter price point than other leading competitors, why settle when this affordable solution will deliver just what you need at an, even more, budget-friendly knee scooter cost!

The Economy Steerable Knee Scooters feature four 7.5″ rubber wheels, Dual adjustable locking handbrakes, and dual rear on-wheel brakes which make them easy to maneuver anywhere you go! The knee walker also includes a quick-release folding mechanism for easy transport and storage of your scooters.

Hence that it’s always there if you need it according to this knee scooter review. With handlebars with padded knee platforms easily adjustable, the economy steerable best knee scooters are a perfect fit for just about anyone who needs help getting around town or at home.

This cheap knee scooter economy model has been designed to meet all needs, making it perfect for kids or adults of small stature as well as those larger in size looking to travel light (up to 300 lbs).

Weighing at only 21 pounds but offering up support weights of over triple this amount means you will be able to take care of any task without feeling weighed down by metal parts!

Who should use a knee scooter?
It’s difficult to imagine living life without being able to walk, but for some people, it is their reality. For those who face temporary immobility issues like injury or surgery that only affect one of the legs, there are mobility devices such as knee scooters and steerable knee walkers which provide stability when you need it most–while your leg heals from an injury.

There are many different options for mobility devices, and a knee scooter can be one of the best. These items allow people to get around much easier without needing so much strength in their upper body.

These supports can also be permanent in cases with chronic conditions or amputations; they will help new prosthetics users acclimate while getting used to walking again on two feet instead of four!

Knee scooters are a great way to provide relief from your injury before surgery. Knees that have been injured or cannot maintain weight can be the perfect place for a mobile knee scooter, whether it is an ulcer on muscle tissue or when you’re undergoing foot/ankle surgery.

These devices allow patients with limited mobility and stability while recovering from their injuries to still enjoy some freedom of movement by providing easy access around the house without having to walk all over!

Plus, a scooter helmet can give you some additional protection that you need while recovering from an ankle or leg injury.

What makes a good knee scooter? –Knee Scooter Features to Consider
Do you need extra storage space? Should it be lightweight, or heavy-duty enough to go offroad? Are your medical needs simple, like just some mobility knee scooter assistance for a week after knee surgery? And then able to resume normal activities.

Or do you have complicated injuries that require constant use of the scooter while recovering from debilitating conditions such as arthritis or another degenerative muscle disease… These are all questions worth considering before purchasing any product!

So, what is the best knee walker? Let’s find out more!
Your first knee scooter purchase is an important one. With the number of features and figures, you will see on marketing material, it can be overwhelming trying to understand what all this means! To make things easier for your consideration here are some key points that we feel every buyer should take into account before purchasing a new device:
Material of the Frame

The importance of a strong frame is undeniable. A weak, flimsy frame will not be able to withstand the weight and stress that we put on it when walking all day long or running errands for hours at a time.
If you go with an aluminum knee scooter as opposed to steel, then your chances are higher for getting injured because this material can’t take much punishment before bending out of shape. Or folding in half like thin paper would do if you were trying to fold it up over and over again until there isn’t any left!

The best way forward? Go with something like titanium so that no matter how many times someone tries crushing the metal by standing on top of their feet while wearing shoes.

The strong and sturdy material will also be beneficial when considering the different weather conditions you might encounter with your knee scooter. You don’t want a device that would rust during rain or in inclement weather, which is why it’s important to make sure what you’re buying can withstand these elements.

Also, there is some electric scooter, but they are not quite safe for your ankle injury!
Brake of the knee scooter
If you are looking for a knee scooter that will reduce your odds of rolling away, there is no better choice than one with brakes on the handlebars. These brake systems provide maximum control and help to stop any unwanted movement when going down hills or slopes – all without breaking out in a sweat.

Typically used knee scooters are also bought by people who have an injury that prevents them from walking. Choosing the right brake system is very important! You do not want your brakes on the wheels because if you go down a hill, there’s nothing stopping it and you’ll end up rolling all of the ways to the bottom.

The most popular type of braking system in knee scroller bikes has one or two levers located near or under each handlebar with which knee riders can apply pressure for both front-wheel as well as back-wheel rotation respectively.

Weight Capacity
The first big thing to consider when getting the best knee scooter is what weight it can hold. Not all scooters are created equal and some might be better than others for accommodating your needs depending on the level of injury that you experience as well as how much weight you need to support in order not to overstrain yourself during use.

The BodyMedia Folding Knee Scooter, for example, has an extremely high-weight tolerance capability at 450 pounds which makes them particularly ideal if one’s postural issues interfere with their ability to maintain balance or they have any other medical conditions requiring extra care throughout usage.

Included basket
Knee scooters are a great way to get around while recovering from an injury. An awesome thing about them is that they come with storage baskets! This makes it easy for those who want to carry items around as their mobility returns, so you don’t have to rely on other people or things like backpacks.

A good-quality knee scooter is not complete without a basket. This little storage box helps you carry your personal items when traveling on the device, but it can be purchased separately if needed!

Tires are an important part of any scooter, and you should make sure to pay extra attention when shopping for them. Some factors that may be on your radar include tire type (rubber or polyurethane), the material it is made from, and durability.

Did I mention tires? Tires! That’s right – they’re something we all know about because without good ones, our rides could turn out a little bumpy at best…or disastrously dangerous in the worst-case scenarios.

If you want some peace of mind then always check what kind goes with each model before buying anything; as well as info like how durable they’ll need to be based on where/how often you ride.

Ease of Assembly
There are many scooters on the market, but not all of them will make your life easier. Make sure you choose the best knee scooter that doesn’t require expensive or fancy tools to set up and is easy enough for anyone in the family to use with little effort! We recommend one of our top 5 picks because they are sturdy, reliable devices, without neglecting quality too much.

If you want to live an active lifestyle but can’t because of your injury, a knee scooter is a perfect way for you to get around. It’s easy and quick enough that it doesn’t require fancy tools or expensive parts.

Some other best knee scooters that we are reviewing
We were able to find 5 more terrific knee scooters and walkers though they don’t make it to our top 5 list. But the variety of companies and brands made it difficult to pick a clear winner. Luckily for you though, we narrowed down our favorites in this list of best knee walkers 2016-2022!
KneeRover All Terrain Steerable Knee Scooter


This knee scooter all-terrain wheels are the most versatile knee crutch walker alternative for individuals recovering from injury or surgery to their foot, ankle or lower leg as well as below-knee amputees. Ideal for these types of patients because it offers excellent stability and falls within a wide range that accommodates different heights without having any unwanted pressure points on your knee joint while you walk with this device.

If you’re looking for knee scooter reviews that can handle any terrain, look no further than the Indoor and Outdoor All-Terrain Knee Scooter from Drive Medical. This unique device features 12-inch pneumatic tires designed to traverse grass, gravel dirt, or gaps in sidewalks with ease!

The advanced automotive-style steering mechanism ensures maximum stability while training wheels on either side of the front wheel will help prevent tipping when navigating bumps.

The KneeRover has a convenient, foldable knee scooter design for easy transport. You can easily adjust the handlebars and knee platform to any height you need with ease! This walker is sturdy enough for individuals up to 350 lbs in weight capacity.

The lightweight aluminum frame means it won’t weigh down your bag or trouble you when climbing stairs – plus its easy folding mechanism makes storage simple!

Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket


Roscoe knee scooters are built to last and will not let you down. The medical scooter supports persons weighing up 350lbs, so it can handle anyone! Enjoy a smooth ride with large 8″ clear wheels that keep rolling smoothly without causing any discomfort.

With the ability for steering and maneuverability like no other crutch alternative on the market today, your old way of life is about to go out in style.

EXTREMELY DURABLE: roscoe knee walkers exist as an extremely durable option when looking into medical mobility devices because they’re made from aircraft-grade aluminum – strong enough to withstand anything Mother Nature decides to throw at them (or people) next time around!

This knee scooter is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, with this orthopedic leg scooter’s large wheels and padded knee platform. Unlike crutches, this allows people to have the most freedom without worrying about balance issues. Plus it has a detachable basket so you can keep your hands free!

The affordable, professional-grade knee scooter is foldable and has a wide wheelbase for additional stability. The aluminum frame makes it a lightweight knee scooter but also strong enough to carry over uneven terrain easily.

KneeRover Hybrid knee walker reviews

The ALL NEW KneeRover HYBRID knee walker mobility scooter is the first of a kind. It features 9 inches All Terrain Pneumatic front wheels in a four-wheel design for maximum freedom and stability. Navigate any terrain, gaps in sidewalks, or thresholds with increased stability thanks to this innovative new device!

The all-new knee scooter by TheKneeRover has revolutionized mobility on rough surfaces as it can now take up more ground than previous versions due to its nine inch tires that are made from an “All Terrain” pneumatic material making them sturdy enough for anything you put your feet down on whether pavement or gravel paths without losing traction; these tough buddies will never let you go astray!

These amazing knee scooters provide a steering system that will keep you upright no matter what terrain is in your way. This adult knee scooter tie-rod mechanism means these can be maneuvered on any surface and come equipped with an adjustable handbrake to ensure safety when needed most!

The best part of this design? These steerable, ergonomic devices offer advanced automotive-style features not found on other models like the ability to maneuver anywhere and lock it down for added security.

Vive Mobility Knee Walker
The improved steerable knee scooter is the perfect alternative for those who are recovering from MCL injury or surgery. The adjustable height of this mobility device makes it a better choice than crutches, which can be uncomfortable and awkward to use indoors while also being too tall for indoor use.

This medical equipment knee scooter is great for outdoor activities as well because there’s no need to worry about leaving your belongings behind thanks to its convenient storage bag that attaches right onto the orthopedic knee scooters!

The four 8-inch polyurethane wheels provide an exceptionally stable base for easy maneuverability. The dual rear brakes ensure superior stability and control, so you’ll be able to quickly change directions as needed with just a little pressure on the brake pedal.

The vive knee walker mobility scooter for outdoor has a foam knee cushion that provides extra stability and support for those who work in the kneeling position. This knee cycle scooter offers comfort while also reducing fatigue, allowing you to do your job with ease!

The Knee Cushion orthopedic knee scooter helps provide an ergonomic working environment by giving more stability and support when one kneels down on it; this reduces the strain of pressure being uneven across different parts of our body such as your hip or leg.

Roscoe Economy Knee Scooter
The knee scooter is an ideal alternative to crutches if you’ve been injured and are in need of a temporary mobility solution. The padded one-knee design makes it comfortable for anyone recovering from foot, ankle, or leg injuries while oversized wheels make them great both indoors and out!

This adult knee walker has everything you could want: Padded One-Knee Design which provides comfort during recovery, Oversized Wheels perfect for all sorts of environments like indoor or outdoor use – the possibilities are endless with this product!

The Roscoe orthopedic knee stroller is a fantastic alternative to traditional crutches for those with foot or knee scooters for ankle injuries who want to remain active. It easily maneuvers around tough terrain and offers stability when rolling over uneven ground while maintaining comfort.

Thanks in part to its 7″ wheels that provide smooth movement with this leg crutch scooter. This medical scooter also maximizes mobility by being collapsible for easy transportation and storage–making it the perfect travel companion!

Roscoe’s foldable knee walkers are not just for adults. Anyone and everyone can enjoy the variety of different rides that this scooter has to offer. From kids and teens who want a more grown-up ride or an adult with limited mobility looking for something easy to operate while still being free enough on their feet!

The hand brake allows you to use your hands without worrying about braking in case of emergency because it is so reliable. But where to buy a knee scooter? Amazon is one of the best places for you!

Swivelmate Knee Walker by TKWC INC
Do you want the best knee walkers on the market? The Swivelmate is a leading choice for people with limited mobility and who suffers from disabilities that restrict their ability to move around. With its patented belt drive steerable knee walker, this kneeling scooters offer one of the most ergonomic designs in comparison to other products out there today.


And this scooter for ankle injuries is perfect if you’re looking for something compact; because at only 27 inches wide when folded up, it can fit through doorways without needing any help!

The Swivelmate is great for all types of indoor and outdoor adventures. With it’s five 7″ wheels, it can go just about anywhere with ease. If you’re a really tall person who has trouble finding the perfect fit- The adjustable steering column allows your knees to rest in any position from 4’9″-6’3″.

This orthopedic scooter is the perfect bike for riders who need a bit more control and want to be able to brake quickly. The disc brakes on this model are great for controlled stopping, so you can take hills or slopes with ease in one of these bikes!

This knee roller walker even has dual handbrakes that clip onto your seat post when parked, so there’s no coasting while stationary.

This best knee scooter is a perfect companion for all your family adventures. From the old-fashioned fishing trip to going out with friends, this tool-free assembly makes setting up and storing incredibly easy!

All you need to do is unscrew the large black thumbscrew on top of the steering column by turning it–and then just fold down in order to store or transport. However, you can also buy some used medical knee scooter from the local market.

Best knee scooter for kids
KneeRover Kids Knee Walker Child Knee Scooter

As a kid, you may have whined about walking. As an adult recovering from injury or surgery on the foot, ankle or lower leg as well as below-the-knee amputees, it can be hard to even walk without pain and difficulty.


The KneeRover Jr Steerable Kneewalker is designed for kids with small adults in mind who are recuperating after injury or need assistance when getting around due to their injuries and surgeries that affect mobility like this knee scooter medical does not slow them down!

It’s steerable so they don’t have any trouble maneuvering through tight spaces too! Now available in light blue colors – your child will love being able to choose between two fashionable hues while supporting.

You will be feeling better in no time when you get your hands on the fully adjustable handlebars and knee platform, perfect for anyone from a small child to an adult. The weight capacity of these knee scooters for foot injuries is 160 pounds so it’s safe for everyone!

The knee rover scooter is a knee scooter for kids that has been designed with the needs of its users in mind. The product features four 6″ non-marking foam-filled wheels, and 3″ contoured platform to provide comfort while sitting on it. It also comes with quick handlebars which make transporting this device an easy task!

Parting Words
The best knee scooter is an amazing aid for those who happen to be in a situation where they need extra help walking. There are many different options available, so you can make the decision based on your individual needs and preferences from our knee scooters reviews.

One of these things that sets some apart from others is whether or not it has a basket attached at the front – this could come in handy if you have any items with which to carry around!

Another good feature would allow them to fold up easily when storing after use; transporting one of these will be much easier than carrying around something as bulky as other devices may require. Keep all features like this in mind before making your purchase, because there’s sure no shortage out there!

FAQs of best knee scooter
Is a knee scooter worth it?
Doctors recommend a knee scooter for patients who are unable to bear weight during injury recovery. Though benefits of using one exist. There also drawbacks that come with it as well such as pain and difficulty moving around objects in the way. However, when someone is too injured to move on their own or get up from sitting down without discomfort but still wants mobility, no perfect option exists outside of this device. So doctors will often prescribe them if needed.

Are knee scooters better than crutches?
According to different knee walkers reviews, they are a great alternative to crutches for those who need some assistance but do not want the strenuous upper body workout that comes with using traditional arm braces. Unlike their more cumbersome counterparts, drive knee scooters offer mobility without compromising comfort and provide reliable support throughout all of your movements.

Knee walkers are preferred over crutches because they allow for greater mobility, making it easier to get around and travel further distances. Unlike crutches, knee scooters do not require upper body strength nor do they put strain on the hands or wrist area.

What makes a good knee scooter?
As you start to consider your options for steerable knee walkers, there are many factors that make some models more appealing than others. One of these is maneuverability – how easy it will be for you to use the walker in tight spaces and on elevators.

The weight capacity can also play a role, as well as whether or not it has a built-in brake system which may come with extra features like accessories such as carrying bags or storage cases.

Some people find that they need an indoor model due to their situation while other users have no preference between indoors/outdoors because this equipment does what’s needed wherever life takes them!

What is the lightest weight knee scooter?
If you’re looking for something to make your life easier, this is it! The ULTRA Knee Scooter kneeling walker offers a lightweight knee surgery scooter solution for those who are recovering from knee surgery or just want to get some exercise. It’s compatible with both the right and left leg and features four 7-inch diameter rubber wheels that roll easily on any surface indoors or outdoors. At only 20 lbs., it’s ultra-light – making mobility easy when going upstairs or playing games in public places without harming yourself too much because of weight restrictions.

Is a knee scooter better than a walker?
A knee scooter has the advantage of making it easier to get around, limiting your need for upper-body strength. It is also much more convenient than crutches and can be used in a variety of settings including inside stores like Walmart or Target which are usually hard on people with injuries due to their high ceilings and wide passages.

Can you use a knee scooter for a broken leg?
If you suffer an accident or injury like a broken leg and are looking for the best way to get around, consider using one of these. One-leg scooters can be used while sitting up straight as well as lying down in bed!
They make it much easier than crutches because they allow your hands to remain free by supporting all weight on just two wheels.

Also, some have hand brakes so that your feet always stay securely placed on both pedals at once- best knee scooter if you’re trying not to slip off them when walking downhill.

A word of warning: If purchasing this item online, don’t forget about shipping fees and taxes which could potentially be added onto the price listed for purchase depending on where it’s being shipped from (also remember sales tax may differ per state.

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