Although Broadup is basically a longboard brand, the product is a unique creation. It is not enough to fold by hand! Board up ​​is a startup that can claim to be the first of its kind in the world. The world’s first self-folding longboard in board-up ​​production. It all started with Kickstarter and has since become one of the most successful new longboarding brands in recent memory. It encourages you to stand instantly in any place you choose.

If you are looking for folding longboard, then this board up longboard is a nice foldable longboard. You can take a look at this review.

If you have an idea how do I know about board up longboard? Our friend and I want to learn how to ride a longboard since we are tired of going from the parking lot to our workplace every day. Our worst fear is the bay in folding longboard.

We feel like we have to push for a decade before we touch the office door! We would like to find a machine thanks to this kind of “beautiful situation”. Since it’s huge, a bike isn’t really easily accessible. Then the foldable longboard comes to mind!


History and CEO of folding longboard

When we first learn about the roots of this foldable skate organization we will probably discover another incredible story. This is how the creator as well as the poet tells his story…

In the Year 2015—for the first time in the UK the concept of a foldable electric skateboard was established for travel longboards. His family spent their summer in Hawaii.

When they arrived at the airport, his son was trying to get a huge, giant longboard (3 36 inches) on a passenger plane.

He and his son then created a remedy: a cruise boardup review. Alan showed the effectiveness of using longboards for travelers.

In the Year 2016—this is how the foldable longboard is made and the company is made He and his son congratulated them on the popularity of their early launch. In December, they attracted lots of new followers.

If you are looking for folding longboard, then this board up longboard is a nice foldable longboard. You can take a look at this review.


Finally, they paid too much attention to the YouTube effect of Casey Nishat. This person has the following ten million people. He has presented a positive hand, including a funded analysis of board-up ​​longboards.

In the year 2017–Now it’s time to start working on new products. Because of the first base, it now has a smooth body.

In general, the concept originates from a small child, who also plays an important role. Then, this executive first passenger is based on his son’s idea about the longboard. They have also changed the features of several products, especially electronic products, over time.

The Board Up folding longboard Design’s Unique Features

Many of the items are foldable and portable. The measurements are still small foldable skate, so you don’t have to worry about this. Each diy folding longboard enough to fit with a locker or backpack.

When folded or uncovered, it is safe for your paws. A handle is designed in the middle of the deck so that the hands do not get involved. The line measurements of each model are completely unique.


The self-folding process is an obvious function that demands discussion. Board up longboard is not just a board-centric charm. This is a complete process that automatically locks the holder when opened. This gives a potential weak spot plenty of strength and consistency. Press use on the front and back of the board to close it.

It functions like a switch, unlocking the locking mechanism with a cord and allowing the board to be folded. The front of the board will be pushed down by the same movement, which will bring the back of the board up and fold the board. This really bright design makes it very easy after a few attempts and the whole motion is so smooth that it becomes really fun.

If you are looking for folding longboard, then this board up longboard is a nice foldable longboard. You can take a look at this review.

But now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s worry about the rest of the board. Eight layers of Canadian Maple and a sheet of fiberglass make up the board-up bolt+ deck. This results in a really sturdy longboard that can withstand a lot of punishment. A metal plate on the underside of the deck on the most recent edition adds weight to the middle of the board up longboard.

The trucks have a good set of 51-degree tilt 6-inch Kingpins. These can be replaced, but since the cable is built into the front truck of the electric skateboard, more effort will be taken towards the front. However, you can also buy a folding electric skateboard.

Even now, there are some foldable penny boards are also available in the marketplace.

Also included are 70mm x 51mm high re-bounce wheels. These can be replaced by 75mm, 83mm or 90mm wide wheels. To make more space for the 90mm wheels, you need to move the reverse truck.

The BoardUp can fit into a somewhat larger than average backpack due to its superior size, but the built-in carry handle means you won’t even need a bag and can comfortably carry it around like a carrier bag.

We don’t really talk about packaging on items like this, but the packaging on the BoardUpfoldable skate is fantastic. It comes in a classy package with sturdy inner wrapping.

Solid Construction

The majority of BoardUpfolding longboard have a solid frame with a carbon fiber covering on the exterior. A glass fiber overlay has also been added to the unit to make it brighter. When it comes to the wheels, they’re just as good as the rest of the vehicle. The central material in the wheels is elastic, which makes the bearings run more smoothly.

If you are looking for folding longboard, then this board up longboard is a nice foldable longboard. You can take a look at this review.

Design and Build Quality

As previously said, the entire board’s architecture is simple, elegant, and bordering on ingenious. The hinge and self-folding mechanism perform brilliantly, are surprisingly simple to use after a little practice, and even look amazing when folded.

The board is very thin, which is a little nitpick. Obviously, certain sacrifices had to be made in order for it to be so light. The width of the board was one of them. It’s still very sturdy and can accommodate many fully grown people, but if you’re planning on doing some heavy downhill riding or even easy jumps, we suggest getting a different longboard.


When surfing, the board up longboard feels very similar to a traditional longboard. Thanks to the flexy deck and soft wheels, it has a good smooth ride and can carve and cruise just as well as any of the boards we described in our Best Longboards for Cruising post. I believe it will profit from being a little longer, but I recognize that this isn’t feasible given the board’s purpose.

I think it could use a little more duration, but I realize that this isn’t possible because the ultimate basis of the board is to keep it compact and lightweight for commuting. Even, foldable electric skateboard shark tank is another great option.

If you are looking for folding longboard, then this board up longboard is a nice foldable longboard. You can take a look at this review.
If you are looking for folding longboard, then this board up longboard is a nice foldable longboard. You can take a look at this review.

One of the best features of every commuting device we’ve featured is the fast, flawless transition from riding to moving with this in your hands. This allows moving with it a dream come true. It may not be as fast like some longboards, and it sure isn’t as fast as most of the other hybrid bmx bikes we’ve tried, but the sheer convenience of being so lightweight makes it worth considering.

Longboards are heavy and inconvenient to transport

Standard longboards are a lot of fun to ride. Because of their long lengths, they are quick to skate, secure to drive, and very sturdy when heading down gentle hills. However, because of their size, they are more difficult to transport and store. Anyone who owns a longboard with a width of 36 inches or more understands how aggravating this is.

They’re difficult to fit into a desk and almost difficult to fit into a locker. When walking through a crowd, you must keep them straight and vigilant so that they do not collide with others. A folding longboard could potentially mitigate this issue quickly and effectively.

But that is what boardup skateboards has accomplished. They’ve achieved something no other longboard company has attempted to do.

What does the Boardup skateboard collapse while still being solid enough for it to hold someone who is extremely heavy?

Each longboard can be folded into two pieces. It then joins the two parts together with an aluminum alloy hinge. The hinge may be folded or locked out, allowing you to balance on it. The metal hinge is an extremely heavy folding longboard, supporting up to 400 pounds (181 kilograms), so heavier riders need not worry.

The hinge is light but solid thanks to the use of an aluminum alloy. It’s the same stuff that’s found in spacecraft. Iron would be much too hard for everyday use if it were used.

The hinge is attached to a convenient wooden handle that can be used to grip and transport the board. It’s the ideal size for a typical person’s palm. Stepping on a pedal at the back of the board may be used to control the hinge. The board folds up as you step on the accelerator, and you actually lean down and pick it up. It’s that easy.

The hinge on the first few models of the folded skateboard had several concerns and was not very long-lasting. Even so, due to the extreme metal hinge and how well it bends upwards when riding, many people can think it’s doesn’t look as good as normal longboards.

There is no compromise in terms of continuity.

Length 32 inches and width 8.25 inches. The board is a decent size to provide support and warmth for both running and running. The width makes it possible to stand for long periods of time, which is a great feature if you plan on skating a lot. This size is ideal for longboard campus cruisers.

Orthodox kingpin trucks are used (tkp). These are gradually coming to the end of their lean. They’re not perfect for moving far, but they’re fantastic for carving and pushing.

The tyres are 75mm tall. If you’d like a board to travel smoothly, this is a must-have feature. The tires’ tall height allows them to easily roll over bricks, holes, and holes throughout the asphalt.

It used to live in many places because it is so long (or really fleshy). This helps prevent significant amounts of road vibration when skating on rough surfaces. Skating on small wheels on rocky roads can cause pain and irritation in your legs. The advantage of large wheels is the maximum.

Finally, riser pads are installed at the bottom of the truck to increase the height of the board to protect the kick pad from colliding with the ground. It avoids the wheel bite, lets you tilt and convert to the contents of your heart. It weighs about 7 pounds in total.

BOARDUP: The Portable Mini Skateboard Longboard for Commute and Travel

If you are looking for folding longboard, then this board up longboard is a nice foldable longboard. You can take a look at this review.


It is secure since the foldable longboard deck is secured by a latch when riding. When the front kick pad is squeezed, it could only be unfolded. Cable ties at the hinge prevent finger pinching. It’s designed to last. One sheet of glass fiber and seven layers of Canadian maple. The hinge is made of aluminum alloy.

Each board is reasonably priced (check it out on Amazon here) and therefore can comfortably compete with other elevated boards. Given the equipment used and the high quality of the pieces, this is shocking. They might have easily increased the price, but they didn’t.

Final Thoughts of folding longboard

If you need to save effort and time while catching your goal points at the very same moment, the longboard is a decent option. Some parking spaces are so far out from a school or an office tower that you have no choice but to…climb it! Let’s get back to our adventure! We will complete the workout by walking this distance. When we have more time and an immediate subject to explore, though.

FAQs of folding longboard

Is it easier to skateboard or longboard?
Skateboarding is more difficult than longboarding. Longboards are larger and longer than skateboards, and their wheels are softer, making it much easier to maintain the balance. Skateboards are more difficult to master because they have small wheels and little space for the feet. If you apply the correct wheels on both, you can do a little sailing.

Is a cruiser or longboard easier?
A longboard is usually more maneuverable and stable than a cruiser. If you are a novice, you will find that riding a longboard is much better than riding a cruiser. One of the key advantages of a cruiser over a longboard is the speed at which it can be transported from one location to another.

Is it cheaper to buy a complete longboard?
Some longboard shops do not have any modifications. “What you see is what you get,” as the saying goes. This can be advantageous in that you save money because the whole package is less expensive overall, but you will have less choices before making the final purchase.

Is Downhill longboarding dangerous?
Longboarding is not a sport that is necessarily risky. It is, though, essentially as clean as you make it! Any longboarding disciplines require faster speeds and, as a result, greater risk than others. However, you cannot go downhill with electric longboard.

What do you do if the deck has damaged due to heavy use?
Don’t be concerned! The BroadUp offers a 3-month money-back guarantee that starts the day after you place your order. Buyers have the right to return the goods to the vendor or retailer under this guarantee. You have the option of contacting Customer Service and completing the Support Form. They will get back to you as soon as possible.
However, certain products, such as cosmetic damage from use, malicious loss, missing or stolen items, and other problems from personalized modifications and stemming, are not covered by the warranty.

How could I deal with the cable issue?
If you discover that the cables aren’t working, you can call the company right away. While this is not a common concern for most BroadUp longboards, any issues with the locking hinge or other parts of this component will be quickly resolved under their 1-year warranty.

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