Do Skateboard Wheels Come With Bearings

A good bearing is needed to keep the wheel of the skateboard moving. However, skateboard wheels are usually made with two bearings. You can also fill their spaces with spacers.

Besides, you can insert the bearings into the center of the wheel through some technique. It will help your skateboard wheel run smoothly.

Moreover, people are confused, do skateboard wheels come with bearings? Bearings are not included in all types of skateboard wheels.

However, the majority of the wheels come with bearings. Some come without bearing. You can purchase bearings. Without bearing, you cannot run your skateboard smoothly. Because bearing provides you some additional benefit.

Do Longboard Wheels Come with Bearings

Bearing is an essential element in skateboarding. Because you cannot smoothly run your skateboard without bearing. However, it is crucial in longboarding. First, it makes your wheel round. It also works with a combination of stationary axles and internal hubs of the track.

Moreover, bearings are usually attached to all types of longboards. And all of them typically fit in a standard size. So, you don’t need to take pressure to buy separately. Because a longboard can attaches the bearing.

Are All Skateboard Bearings the Same Size

Before buying any product, size is an essential factor. You shouldn’t buy any products without knowing the size and requirements. When it comes to skateboard bearings, size is one of the big factors. People are very confused, are all skateboard bearings the same size or not?

Skateboarding has five significant parts. However, a skateboard needs eight bearings. And two for each wheel. Besides, every skateboard bearing is the same size. It is not different.

Moreover, it is fitted on skateboard wheels and trucks. So, there are no varieties of size, and it comes with an automatic set up skateboard.

Do all bearings fit all skateboard wheels & longboard wheels

Firstly, the bearing is an essential element in skateboarding. It can make your skateboard wheel more durable. However, if you are tense about your skateboard wheel, run smoothly. Then skateboard bearing will solve this problem. With this bearing, you can run your skateboard more smoothly.

Moreover, most of the bearings fit all the skateboard wheels and longboard wheels. This bearing comes in the same size. And also, it comes with fitting. So, you do not need to set up these bearings.

Besides, Some are exceptional. These do not come with a bearing fit. But it is not mandatory for you. Because this type of skateboard is not conventional. You can more about skateboarding from RiderIntro.

How to put bearings in wheels

There are some easy steps to put the bearings on wheels. First, you need some components. That helps you with the installation process. It would be best to have bearings, trucks, washers, spacer, axle nut, skate tool, etc. So, let’s know the installation process:

1.Prepare the trucks of your skateboard
First, you have to prepare the two parts of the two skateboards. You must prepare the base plate and also the hanger. However, the bearing must be attached to the hanger. And the baseplate is screwed to the deck of the board.

2.Put the washer and bearing the axle
First, remove the axle nut. Now, slide from the washer to the axle. Place the bearing on the axle. At this point, attach the washer as well.

3.Equip the bearing with a spacer
Now you have to equip a spacer. You must remove the axle nut first. Then, go to the washer. And slide it to the axle. This time load the bearing on the axle. Now, attach the washer.

4.Put your skateboard wheels into place
Now, put one skateboard wheel on the top of the bearing. Then, take another bearing. And place it on the top side of the wheel. Press the bearing using your palm.

5.Finish with a washer
When the wheel is fixed with the two bearings, leave the washer and axle nut. Now Use the skate tool to tighten the axle nut. If you use a skate tool, then release it clockwise.

6.Repeat the process for other wheels
You have three more wheels. Follow the above steps to put bearings on that wheel. This bearing will enhance your skateboard speed. And also get smooth turns. You will get a fantastic experience on your board.

      How to remove bearings from wheels

      Most of the time, you need to remove the bearing from your skateboard wheels. Now, you know the installation process. You also need to learn the removal process of bearing. It would be best if you want to remove it for any cause. So, let’s know the removal process.

      Remove the wheels

      Removing the wheels is the first work of removing the bearing. You can use the skate tool or socket wrench to remove wheels. Many skateboards have special bearing shields. Then, you also need to remove it. Be sure to check it out when using the skateboard spacer.

      Glide the Wheels to the Axle’s Tip

      You can use the axle to open the bearings from the wheel of the skateboard. And must not glide the wheel from the axle. Now move the wheel to the front. Because it holds the load with an axle. If the skating tool comes with a bearing puller, then remove it.

      Slowly Pry the Bearings from the Wheel

      Now, slowly and gently press the wheel to the bottom corner. At that moment, the bearing should come out from the wheel quickly. However, it may take some time. Do not rush. Otherwise, it may break. Now, it will come out perfectly and slowly.

      Remove your second bearing from skate Wheel

      It’s time to remove the second bearing. First, turn the wheel of the skateboard. Now insert the ending rod axle of the second bearing. At that moment, repeat the prying procedure. And take it bearing from the wheel slowly. After installing the bearing on your skateboard, discard the dirty bearing.

      Maintenance Tips for Skateboard Wheels & Bearings

      Maintenance is essential in every tool and work. You must maintain your skateboard wheel and bearing. However, there are six steps for cleaning your skateboard wheel and bearing. In this process, you can easily maintain it yourself. So, let’s go:
      Some materials for maintenance

      1. Skate Tool

      2. Safety Pin

      3. Tray for store your hardware





        Now let’s talk about maintenance tips for skateboard wheels and bearings:

        1.First, you need to remove your skateboard wheels.. You can remove axle nuts through your skate tool. And also the wrench. Now turn off the side wheel of the truck. Don’t forget to put your washer into the axle nut and bearing—store axle nut and washer into the small tray.

        2.Now remove bearings from skateboard wheels. Here it would be best if you pried out of your wheel. For this work, you must have used your axle truck.

        3.Now, you need a cleaner that is not water-based. Which is a kind of solvent. Must wear gloves when using a solvent. However, soak the bearings for a while. After that you can clean it through a toothbrush.

        4.When the dirt is removed from the bearing, take it out. Now, dry it quickly. You can also add lubricant oil so that it can cause more friction.

        5.In the final steps, you need to place your bearing shields. So, set the bearing gradually so that it does not come out again. So, now this is ready to ride.

          When should the bearings be replaced?

          Bearings are not a permanent thing. From time to time, it will be damaged. Even skating for a long time causes it to lose its previous strength. At that time, you have to replace your bearing. Because it hampers your skateboarding.

          Moreover, you can feel bad on your skateboard wheel while skateboarding. In that time you can replace it. Every six months, you can change your bearings. That will give you a better experience in skateboarding. So, change it from a specific time.

          Skateboard Bearings Are Made Out Of What?

          They may be little, but skateboard bearings are sophisticated. Initially, you may think of skateboard bearings as a single component of your skateboard. The only time you’ll have to open your bearings is if you need to do maintenance on them. There are seven pieces to a skateboard bearing:

          Bearings and other skateboard parts

          C-ring: Ring that fits into a groove on the bearing’s outer surface to keep shields in place.

          Shielding: Large rings on the side of each bearing prevent dirt from getting into its ball bearings.

          The ring outside the inner ring: the outer metal ring around which the other components are housed.

          Ring: the innermost metal ring that surrounds the outermost ring. The inner ring is what the axles move through when you mount your bearing/wheel assembly to the axles.

          Steel spheres: The ball retainer holds a set of six or seven steel or ceramic balls. Because they enable the bearing case to revolve around them, they are undoubtedly the most critical components of the bearing.

          Retainer for Balls: ball retainer, also known as a Delran crown, keeps the individual ball bearings in place while enabling the casing to revolve around them.

          A rubber seal: Protects the bearing inside from dirt and debris with a soft rubber ring on the exterior of the bearing

            Skateboard bearings work best when all of their components are operating at their optimum level. The wheel will not be able to revolve if dirt is allowed to build up in the bearings, which means frequent cleaning is necessary. You’ll need to clean your bearings twice as frequently if you skate street. Bearing maintenance 101 may be found at Cleaning and Lubricating Your Bearings.

            Last Word

            I hope you got your answer, right? Most people are confused, do skateboard wheels come with bearings? It is a confusing question. But you will get this bearing in your wheel.

            Moreover, all the skateboard wheels come with bearings. Some are not coming. But not a necessary amount. It also comes in a standard size. So, you don’t need to purchase it individually.


            Do skateboard wheels have bearings?

            The speed and smoothness of your wheels’ rotation are controlled by the little circular components known as skateboard bearings. Among the most important features of a skate, the bearing is a shield that covers the inner race, a retainer that holds the balls in place, and an outer race. There are two bearings per wheel on a skateboard, therefore a total of eight are required.

            How much do skateboard bearings cost?

            There are several different types of skateboard bearings, each with a different cost. A good set costs approximately $40 and may cost anywhere from $8 to $150 on average. High-quality bearings are, of course, more costly than low-quality bearings.

            Is it OK to skate on the road?

            Unless there are no sidewalks, all pedestrians (including skateboarders) must utilize the sidewalks. There are no sidewalks in this area, so skateboarders must use the left-hand lane and keep an eye out for incoming vehicles before crossing the street.

            Can I reuse skate bearings?

            Remove the skateboard bushings from your old rims and put them in a bearing puller to avoid damaging the bearing shield when reusing them. Only use your instrument to grip the bearing’s edges, not its surface. After removing your bearings, you’ll probably want to clean them.

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