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Skateboard buying guide 2019

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How to choose a Skateboard ?? How to choose a Skateboard ?? It’s a common question now in this era. Skateboarding is one of the most unique sports out there compared to other sports. Originating in the 1950’s skateboarding has come a long way, today millions of people skate from all age groups. Doing it on a regular basis keeps your body healthy and fit and keeps your mind fresh and stress-free. The advantage of having a skateboard includes traveling distances, street skating or skating in the skate park. Anywhere you’ll learn to do those crazy tricks. Now skateboards may…

Top 10 best skateboards for kids

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Best skateboards for kids  Top 10 best skateboards for kids.Skateboarding has become such a popular sport as millions of people skate. Nowadays both adults and kids are skating. There will be a point in your child’s life where they’d really want to learn how to skate and this will bring your child benefits. Skateboarding is not just fun but also an effective way to improve your child’s physique. If your child has not tried skateboarding before then fear not, there are tons of skateboards for kids and well made protective gears for kids. Some skateboards are expensive and most parents…

Best Skateboards for Beginners

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Best skateboards for beginners Best skateboards for beginners. Skateboarding is such a unique sport and watching the professionals do tricks with a skateboard almost seems magical. By now you’ve made up your mind and decided you want to give it a try but you don’t know where to start and what type of skateboard to buy. In this article we’ll help you decide which skateboard to buy. Skateboards vary in shapes and sizes, the typical skateboard consists of 3 main parts which are, the deck which is the actual board, the trucks which hold the wheels to the board and…