The BMX bike originated in the early part of the year 1970. At that time, kids started following the motocross race with their bicycles. Gradually, its popularity continued to grow and companies began to meet those needs in ever new ways. Due to this high popularity, freestyle best BMX for Kids have started to form quite naturally! If you are looking for the best BMX bikes for adults, then you should consider another article.

We have made a shortlist after long research on many BMX bikes in the current market. So that you can effortlessly buy your preferred bike from this list. Hopefully, this list will help you a lot.

But at the outset, let us say that the best bike on our list is “Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner-Level to Advanced Riders“. This bike has been selected as the best on our list due to its own quality. If you take a look at this bike, you will understand that for some reason this bike is better than other bikes!

You might be able to get down the road with cruisers or road bikes, but they are not the perfect fit for motocross. The name BMX originates from Bicycle Motocross. These BMX bikes are quite different from other bikes for a number of reasons.

One of them is the front handle of this special bike that you can rotate around. Also, riders will be able to stand and ride bikes on different high-low roads. And so, when you go to buy a BMX bike, you must buy the bike according to your own height.

BMX bikes explained

BMX Bikes are very durable and sturdy bikes that are used for stunts. It comes with twenty inches wheel and the tires are quite wider. The design of this bike is quite steep and it has a slightly upright head angle. There is also an abrupt handlebar so you can turn the steering faster.

The bike is quite a bit smaller in size, making this bike quite ingenious and perfect for jumping and showing off various tricks. This bike only has one gear and is used to display stunts on skate parks and on the street.

What to Consider Before Buying best BMX for Kids

Top Tube Length

The smaller your child is, the smaller the upper tube will be so that the tube fits with your child. In the same way that your tube should be as big as your kids. However, there are some differences between the geometry and frame size of different 16-inch BMX bikes so you should take this into consideration when purchasing.


Additionally, how much your child enjoys riding a bike depends largely on the weight of the bike. Weight is not as important in this type of trick bike. So, whether BMX bike race or pedal, this kind of bike will more comfortable as light as it.  Because with a heavy bike your child will not be able to learn jumps and tricks very easily.

Frame Material

Most BMX bikes are made of a steel frame. Nevertheless, buy bikes that are made of chrome steel. Because of the quality, these unique stones are very strong. And so, you can use this kind of steel bikes with the best BMX frames 2019 for a long time.

Other types of steel are heavy in weight but you will not be able to use them for long. But if your child wants to race with BMX bikes, then buy him a BMX bike made of an aluminum frame. Because the frames made of aluminum are much lighter than steel.


Usually, BMX bikes come with one, two, or three-piece cranks. Avoid bikes that come with one-piece cranks, as they are quite less expensive and you can’t use them for very long.

However, the bikes with three-piece cranks are very strong and sturdy. And you can use these types of bikes for a long time. It is through cranks that you can basically separate good bikes and cheap bikes.


The measurement and tread on the bikes should be matched with the purpose of your children. At first, you need to consider what your child is going to do with the bike. If you want to change the purpose, then don’t worry you can alter the tires later on. When your child is going to ride on the skate park and street riding, you need tires that are quite wide.  Apart from that, you need to tire with more tread when you want performance something similar to a mountain bike.

As formerly stated, if your child needs to ride the bike for some BMX racing as well, you can alter the tires at any time.


You may notice that the bike uses two types of U-type and V-type brakes. If you want a freestyle ride, you need to install a U-type brake. This type of brake is installed in the rear triangle. On the other hand, if you want to use a bike for racing, you must install a V-type brake.


Best BMX bikes for beginners


This popular freestyle bike is made with very strong material. Since it is a freestyle bike, with this bike you can easily do all the nice tricks because in this bike you will find pegs and twenty-inch wheels. Also, for good control, the hand brake is installed on both the front wheels and the rear wheels of this bike.

Again, when talking about its quality seat, it is to say that this bike seat is made with good quality alloy.

This best BMX for Kids is quite different from other bikes, as you will find with the A freestyle Rotor. If you think you will buy this bike then the rotor will be very helpful in tightening the hardware.

One more thing to keep in mind, that this bike requires professional hands to assemble and install. And so, if you are not experienced in installing such a bike then definitely contact someone who is experienced.

These best BMX bikes for street riding are a perfect fit for young boys. This bike is suitable for children ten years of age or older.



The amazing performance of this Mongoose Legion L80 at mid-range prices will surprise you! And of course, thanks to this great performance the bike has to have quality components and outstanding craftsmanship. And because of the quality of the bike, this bike is in the same position as other modern bikes.

No matter where you ride this skate park, jungle, or dirt track, this bike will always satisfy you with its own performance. You can ensure a very comfortable ride without compromising the quality of the bike.

In addition, this Mongoose 4130 BMX frame is made of chromium steel alloy, which safeguards your bike’s exceptional enactment because this substance is very robust and lightweight equated to other materials. And so, with this bike, you can effortlessly jump without any kind of stiffness.

The L80 is a fanciful valuation for money because you are receiving higher mechanisms construction using lightweight resources at a modest price. Inexpensive bikes can’t contest on superiority while more luxurious models execute only slightly enhanced.


Top 10 BMX bikes


Those who ride regular freestyle BMX bikes must have heard the name of this company as this company is very famous for the best BMX bikes 2019! Not to mention that this particular bike is really nice for a stunt.

Besides, this bike has a special cable part, which makes it possible to rotate the handlebars at 360 degrees. This frame is made of very strong steel, which ensures the quality of the bike. Besides, the bike’s brake is not very extraordinary, but it gives a good performance. The brakes made by Alloy Caliper ensure immediate stopping.

It also has one more brake attached to the rear wheels. And when it comes to freestyle tricks, it’s nice to be able to handle any kind of tricks due to this nice aluminum wheels frame.

You have to assemble after buying the 20″ MONGOOSE MODE bike, but there is nothing to fear because it is not too difficult.


Best BMX brands


This DIAMONDBACK company is famous for producing BMX bikes. One of the specialties of their made bikes is that they are available at very low prices. You are bound to be fascinated by such a beautiful effort to maintain such a wonderful quality at a small price with these best BMX brands. This bike has a crank made of tubular Chromoly. Besides, the spoke rims of this DIAMONDBACK bike are perfect for displaying a variety of tricks. In addition, the bike’s brakes are excellent and standard.

Most of the components of this excellent bike are made of good quality material, so this bike is said to be completely unmatched in quality. Besides, the brakes on the back as a BMX bike do a wonderful job, which plays an excellent role in displaying any kind of tricks.


BMX bikes


This REDLINE ROMP bike is considered one of the best bikes on our list. You can ride this bike on both dry and dart trails for the unique design and structure of this bike. The bike will give you a unique experience on both door trails. If your child just wants to start riding a BMX bike, then this bike is absolutely the perfect bike to start.

Your child will be able to learn a variety of tricks with this bike, with great ease. However, after buying this bike you have to assemble it, and in that case, you do not have to worry because this bike is very easy to install.

The wheels of this kids’ BMX bikes are the Kenda Small Block, which is not easily wasted and can adapt very well to any type of surface. The brakes of this bike are quite nice and effective. Besides, this bike is expected to come as a surprise when you consider the price. It is truly a very difficult task to keep all such quality intact in these prices.

As we stated earlier in this article, if you want us to choose the best BMX for Kids from this small list, then Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike is the ideal choice for you. Even, when you want a bike for popularity then also this bike will come up first! But, Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike is ideal when it comes to the price. This bike is one of great quality in this price range, without compromising the quality.

Finally, we hope that our article plays a very effective role in choosing your bike. We want you to have a wonderful and unique experience riding a really nice bike. Best of luck with your buying!

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