Not long ago, the santacruz skateboard and the NHS celebrated their forty years together. The popularity of skateboarding today would have been different if it had not been for the Santa Cruz Company. As one of the oldest skateboard companies in the industry, their names are now very well-known. Have a look at Top 5 Santacruz Skateboard.

Most surprisingly, this forty years old company has managed to adapt itself to the modern era. Though established in a simplistic way, the company is currently contributing not only to skateboards but also to make more products. Santa cruz skateboards history is quite amazing tells to tell!

Forty years of a success story

Forty years! A long time and sustainability in the market for such a long time have also become a qualification. Today, this multi-million-dollar company is the most popular of the skateboard companies, needless to say!

But as everything goes into a bad time, it can be said that at one time the company was shaking because it could not work as per customer’s demand. But the most wonderful thing is, they took a lesson from their bad time, and currently ruling the skateboard industry!

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Although they currently have about thirteen products, all products are related to skateboard! That is, they still retain their main focus. In addition to making clothes, they are now making several more essential things.

Besides, as the company expanded, they started producing all kinds of snowboard, longboard, and other Santacruz skateboard accessories, including surfboards. In this case, it was a wonderful decision to make new boards on a regular basis.

This is how the legendary skateboard maker company, santacruz skateboard, started!

The skateboard company was originally created by the efforts of three friends – Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman.

Earlier in the year, these three friends used to supply skateboarding in an area of ​​Santa Cruz, California. There were no santacruz skateboards on sale, at that time.

However, three friends created a company called NHS with its own name. Their company name was widely spread locally due to a clash with a customer.

Later they received a historic phone call from a bike shop in the Hawaii area. Today this phone call is called historic because it was the first order of the Santa Cruz skateboard. In 1973, they completed the order for making 500 skateboards called the Santa Cruz Skateboard. And that is how the company officially formed.

Santacruz skateboard

The first Santa Cruz skateboard made was somewhat like a mini-cruiser. The skateboard decks were quite small in size, and it looked somewhat like the current Penny skateboard. The trucks on that skateboard were quite narrow and the wheel bearings made a lot of noise.

But at that time, the skateboard was quite standard. Because there was nothing but a little trick showing through the skateboard.

Skateboard has not been developed yet. However, it did not take long for the skateboard to gain its own popularity. Within a short time, many other types of skateboard backyard pools, including bowls, began to be used. And just as skateboards began to grow in popularity throughout the United States, Santa Cruz was spreading nationwide.

The Santa Cruz Company was also slowly evolving more than ever before and was becoming popular by creating wonderful and aesthetic products. Towards the end of the ’70s, the company focused on creating a wonderful logo and brand value.

In addition, they began to bring in a unique artistic touch to all the skateboards they made, including graphics Based on all these developments, so many beautiful and beautiful design skateboards are now made.

The way Santa Cruz went through their hard times!

They could not hold on to the success of the success that Santa Cruz was making at the time of the 1980s. At that time, Jay Shuirman, one of three friends, died of leukemia.

His sudden death had a devastating effect on the entire company. Their skateboard magazines became closed, and interest in people’s skateboards has also downgrade.

But the other two founders did not stop, they started trying to launch magazines on their skateboards. And this effort began to tell them success stories again.

This new magazine, “Thrasher”, may be said to have given the deadly skateboard industry a fresh revitalization. As a result, Santa Cruz once again started climbing the ladder of success.

In love with a skateboard, Santa Cruz unveils a new horizon!

Richard Novak, a founding member of Santa Cruz, said that Santa Cruz does not just work for money. The company has been ruling the industry for so long because of its intense love for skateboarding. And gradually from a little name, Santa Cruz became a legend!

Santa Cruz skateboards on sale

About 1969 three of the Founders of santacruz skateboard were selling skateboard-making raw materials. From then on, skateboarding became their love. And from that love, they started dreaming about skateboards and thus established a company of their own.

After selling raw materials to the industry for quite some time, an order of five hundred skateboards started giving them a new dream. And from that order and intense love established a legendary name, Santa Cruz!

Santa Cruz – a legend of skateboard art

Not long ago, the Santa Cruz Company in California did an exhibition of skateboard art they had been doing for the past forty years. The way they added an artistic touch to their wonderful history and skateboard art is absolutely unique!

Skateboard artists who have worked with them at Exhibition for a long time have been prominent. Some of them are skateboard artists.

Santa Cruz Skateboards history

There are even some skateboards from 1973 that are kept in the California museum! Because of those skateboards created by Santa Cruz, a new horizon has been unveiled in the original skateboard industry.

And with the history of the skateboard years past, the history of Santa Cruz is completely united. Because Santa Cruz is one of the oldest skateboarding companies that has survived long reigns and is still legendary!

Santa Cruz Merchandise

Currently, Santa Cruz is not only famous for making skateboards, but they are also proudly producing many other related products. The company even has a number of other aesthetic products, including skateboards and T-shirts, jackets, santacruz. We’ve put together a list of their products, and they are:

*Safety clear
*T-shirts and Tops
*Santa cruz shirts
*Bags and Packs

Current situation of Santacruz Skateboard !

At present, Santa Cruz manufactures excellent design and quality skateboards. Santacruz skateboard review of the customer is quite amazing! The design of the skateboards, that is, their graphics are quite different, different and aesthetic, which really demands praise. Several designs and graphics made by this company in the past are still very popular!

Those arts evolve into a more sophisticated modern skateboard and present aesthetics touch.

Santa Cruz skateboards review

Now as more and more companies are working with beautiful graphics like this company, it is just as true that this company has past experience. The way this company has integrated itself with modernity over time is a little difficult for others.

And so santacruz skateboard reigning in the skateboard industry by becoming a legend with its amazing capability and aesthetic touch.

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