In severe winters you may want to go out for snowboarding, but the hostile weather outside is not in your favor. Only then can a good quality snowboard become your reliable companion. There is also no substitute for purchasing the best snowboard jackets that can keep you safe from freezing while snowboarding. Plus, if you want to know about the difference between skateboard and snowboard, then you might take a look! 

Snowboard Jackets can save your life in winter.

If you are passionate about snowboarding then you must find good quality best snowboard jackets. And here we are to help you.

Here are our best men’s snowboard jackets of 2021. If you are involved with ‘Lift Lap’ or ‘Split boarding’ or are looking for materials to accomplish these tasks, this list of snowboard jackets is for you.

Let’s talk a little bit about the products we have chosen as the best jackets of this year

Top 8 best snowboard jackets

1. Mountain Hardwear Boundary Ridge

Mountain Hardwear Boundary Ridge is a snowboard jacket with HELMET-COMPATIBLE HOOD, EASILY ADJUSTABLE, LOTS OF STORAGE and many other facilities .


The Boundary Ridge jacket from the Mountain Hardware brand we’ve worn more or less all season. The jacket can be easily folded or twisted, with a slightly extended tail-like part at the bottom that presents the jacket as elegant and suitable.

We liked the purple jacket which was very bright to look at. This jacket will protect you from storms. As well as the outer material of the jacket is very thick so you can worry about it being damaged or torn.

Outside the jacket, there are a total of four pockets, two for storing the best snowboard gear and the other two large pockets for carrying other things. Moreover, there is also a media pocket inside the jacket.

All in all, the Boundary Ridge Jacket is unique among mountain hardware outerwear. However, this is the first time the list has been created by the brand!

2. Marmot Men’s Guides Down Hoody Winter Puffer Jacket

Marmot Men's Guides Down Hoody Winter Puffer Jacket is a best snowboard jackets with 100% Polyeste, Imported, Machine Wash benefit.


The Marmot brand Ascensionist jacket has been nominated as the best jacket of the year. This jacket or shell tends to be extremely lightweight. This jacket is perfect for those who spend a long time of the day doing skin track work.

A jacket of 5’11 pounds was appropriate for me. Marmot designs these jackets with athletes in mind and in fact, they evoke different parts of the mountain in the design.

Since these best snowboard jackets women’s and men’s are widely used, ‘Marmot’ has taken the initiative to use Gore-Tex Active Membrane in this jacket which will provide all the benefits or the best gore-tex snowboard jackets, waterproofing, air circulation.

There are 3 pockets on the front of these Best snowboard jackets. 1 book pocket and the other 2 big pockets (although these skins are not well absorbed). Also comes with an internal mesh pocket.

All in this entire jacket is on my list of favorite split boarding jackets. One of them I will save for the future.

3. NorrLofoten Gore-Tex Pro Shell Jacket

NorrLofoten Gore-Tex Pro Shell Jacket is a best snowboard jackets with Seams: fully taped (13mm Gore-Seam) and many other benefits.


When I manage to hike people around the mountains in the winter or plan to climb in the snow, I place the most importance on wearing a ‘scarlet snake’ colored (bright red) NaronaLofoten jacket.

You may be wondering – ‘NoronaLofoten’ – what brand is this again? Have a blast feel with the best snowboard mittens alongside snowboard jackets.

The front of the jacket has two large chest pockets capable of carrying skins and the bottom of the chest also has two extra pockets so that light snacks can be carried effortlessly.

The NaronaLofoten Gore-Tex Pro jacket has two types of pit-zips that are very easy to use even if you hang a bag on the back.

This is the best snowboard softshell jacket so you can use it effortlessly on cold days. The jacket is one of the active GORE-TEX Pro featured products on this list that will be equally useful everywhere you skin track at home or wait in the tram line.

4. Mammut Nordwand Pro Jacket

Mammut Nordwand Pro Jacket is a best snowboard jacket for using comfortably .


The Mammoth brand has brought you the Nordwand Pro jacket for light and fast running in huge mountainous areas. This is one of the jackets featuring Gore-Tex Pro Membrane on this list.

In this jacket you will get all the benefits of Gore-Tex without any kind of wrinkle effect; Such a jacket is not easily found. In terms of fit, the MamutNordwand Pro jacket is a very thin European style. Think about it, who designed such a jacket for skinny, athletes and mountaineers?

I liked a 5’11 pound jacket, it fitted me well even though it was hard to carry a ‘puffy’ under the jacket.

On the outside of the jacket are two types of pit zips that are easy to open. There are also two extra book media pockets and two large pockets on the front that can easily carry skins, radios, or other such devices.

The latest update is the MamutNordward Pro jacket with a removable powder skirt for 3-4 seasons shell. Since Mamut has included a bright orange high-visibility backer inside this jacket, if there is ever a problem, open the jacket.

5. The North Face A-CAD jackets Insulated Jacket

The North Face A-CAD jackets Insulated Jacket has WATER-REPELLENT FINISH, STANDARD FIT benefits.


In the outdoor industry, Futurelight technology is used to make large weaves from TNF. North Face has created its own waterproof membrane and installed it in 3L Futurelight A-CAD jackets.

Who is this jacket made for? I would say it is not made but designed as it is very nice to look at and the fat fit jacket attracts free-skiers as it is huge in size.

The best-insulated snowboard jackets I liked were big in size, even in other brands the size of this jacket was XL. You can also try it once.

Once you dial the fit, the text ‘Mountaineering’ will appear on the ‘North Face A-CAD Futurelight Jacket’ at the top. This jacket has numerous pockets including two book pockets. There is also an extra set of cargo pockets in the jacket that can carry two pairs of skins. There is also a helmet-like toss.

6. MOERDENG Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket

MOERDENG Men's Waterproof Ski Jacket Waterproof, Adjustable cuffs, Professional water repellent coated and more comfortable which is the best snowboard jackets.


If you want to collect MOERDENG ‘s outerwear Best snowboard jackets in your own collection at a lower price, you can buy their Snowdrift jacket.

MOERDENG uses its own waterproof membrane known as H2No. Just as it helps reduce licensing costs, it also serves as an alternative to Gore-Tex. H2No plays a more important role in air circulation than Gore-Tex.

MOERDENG offers you the most suitable jacket out of all the jackets on this list. Another medium is medium! Isn’t it?

If you have a penchant for athletics, you can take this jacket without hesitation.

These best ski jackets have two types of great pit zip. There is also a helmet-like hood or hat, an inner pocket with an internal media pocket. Although my favorite feature of the jacket is the powder skirt which has two sets of snow caps with its own sink.

7. 686 Men’s Waterproof Anorak Insulated Jacket

686 Men's Waterproof Anorak Insulated Jacket has ADVANCED OUTDOOR 686 GEAR benefits.


Who is this pack light jacket designed for? For snowboarders and split boarders who plan to hike in groups all day.

One of the packable jackets in this list is the pack light jacket. The jacket I liked was, at 5’11 pounds, it fit me.

The Packlight Gore-Tex jacket has two large ‘vents’ on the front and a media pocket inside the coat as well. Not only does this jacket have so many distinct advantages, but it is also very good as a lightweight packable jacket.

Moreover, since it is a gore-tex snowboard jacket 2022, it is not only able to withstand snow, but also rain. This nice jacket will keep you safe and comfortable even in the most barbaric weather.

8. UnderArmour Men’s Storm Chugach GORE-TEX Jacket

UnderArmour Men's Storm Chugach GORE-TEX Jacket is the best snowboard jackets.


This jacket is good for the opposite condition of getting warmth and comfort in winter. This Motasota winter jacket is a perfect outfit for snowboarding and night walks in the city.

The work of making goggles wipes on the sleeves of jackets so beautifully from a brand that doesn’t make ski or snowboarding jackets is really commendable. A removable powder skirt in the Storm Chugach jacket in the UAE, huge book pockets with media storage.

There is an inner pocket and two brands of traditional pockets on the outside. This jacket will accompany you as a suitable outfit for riding and walking in windy weather.

Instructions for purchasing the best snowboard jackets of 2022

How to buy a ski or snowboard jacket

Although it is clear that staying warm is one of the most important aspects of a pleasant, comfortable snowboarding experience.

A flawed jacket that fails to keep you warm or comfortable will make your snowboard expedition ponder as much as any other error or deviation will stand in the way of your snowboard expedition.

These guidelines will help you find a stylish jacket that will always keep you warm and dry in the mountains.

Types of Best snowboard jackets

The first step in choosing a jacket from ‘Ski Left’ is to choose which type of suit is right for you. There are mainly two types of jackets.

1. Insulated snowboard jacket: As you can hear, this type of jacket is made by an ‘insulating layer, and this layer is located inside the jacket. The outer part is ‘waterproof’ or ‘waterproof’ as well as ‘airproof’ or windproofs where the insulator is made of a synthetic material like microfiber called ‘primalfoot’.

The insulator is mainly measured in ‘gram’ units. The higher the measurement, the higher the temperature.

A best snowboard jackets can help you to feel comfort on winter season.

Mild warming is usually obtained if it is within 60 grams as an ideal measure of insulation. And for severe weather, insulators above 100 grams are made. burton snowboard jacket has quite amazing insulations!

2. Shell snowboard jackets: These types of jackets are very suitable for breathing and are dynamic. Because this shell jacket is waterproof and windproof.

The difference between these two types of jackets is that the shell snowboard jacket does not contain any type of insulation to create your temperature control layer. If you like or choose a shell snowboard jacket, you need to know how to properly keep your body warm using your ‘base’ and ‘mild layer’.

Also, keep in mind that no matter how good you are in extremely cold weather, a shell snowboard jacket won’t keep you warm all day.

A best snowboard jackets can help you to feel comfort on winter season.

Choosing your jacket from those two types of jackets depends entirely on your natural body temperature. If you are usually a person in cold weather, then a jacket with an insulation facility will be suitable for you.

Conversely, if you are snowboarding or snowboarding in warm weather or if you are usually accustomed to feeling warm from the east, choosing a shell snowboard jacket would be the right decision for you.

What is snowboard cross-All you need to know ??


Determining to be waterproof is the most important quality of your jacket as it protects your jacket. The easiest and quickest way to get cold is to get wet which is why it is better to buy a jacket at the right rating.

The rate of waterproofing is expressed in millimeters. The water is transferred on an a1 “x1” tube or tube shell and the water is passed through that tube.

Usually, the range of snowboard or snowboard is between 5000-10000 millimeters. We suggest that if you spend most of your time outdoors, you can set a minimum rating of 5,000mm.

If you spend the day in windy or humid weather, you should set a rate between the possible 15,000-20,200 ranges. The higher your rating, the higher the price of the jacket. But sometimes a little extra cost brings good results.


Determining breathability is as important as determining the waterproofing range when buying a jacket. Breathability is measured in grams per unit by the ‘Moisture Vapor Transmission Test’ (MVTR).

In short, breathability helps sweat and moisture to escape through the lining of your jacket and maintain warmth. Although it is difficult to determine the right breathability rate for each person individually, we can suggest some of its ideal values.

Best snowboard jackets article can help you to know about the best quality jackets.

For example, if you are not a regular skier or snowboarder, you can take a breathability scale of about 5,000-10,000 grams. And if you are a regular, you can get a rating of around 15,000 grams. However, the higher the rating, the higher the jacket price.

SIM or layer tapping: (JACKET SEAM TAPINGS)

Seam tapping is associated with waterproofing. The sewing of the jacket has tiny holes that are made during sewing. So ‘waterproof tapping’ seals the inside and outside layers of the jacket so that no holes can be made in the jacket.

There are usually three types of SIMs

1. Fully taped SIM: Each SIM is covered with ‘waterproof tape’. If you want to do ‘cross country trails’ or split boarding in cold weather, you can consider this option.

2. Critically taped bean: This bean is suitable for those parts of the body which are already marked as moist. These sections are around the neck, shoulders, and the middle of the body;

3. Welded SIM: Known as the most expensive and efficient SIM. Welded SIM does not have any stitches. Instead, the jackets are glued together.

Although it is easy to buy a fully taped SIM jacket, it does not last long. If you are not a regular snowboard rider in dry weather.

Critically taped seams will protect you from moisture and also help you save money. And if you are on the opposite side, it is better to choose a complete tapping or welded SIM at some extra cost.

Special features of the jacket

When you shop from ‘Snowboard Left’ you will notice that there are many add-ons or alternative products to our jackets. Picking out which jacket you need and figuring out which features of the jacket you don’t need will help you save some potential money. Will. Some features of the jacket:

1. Hood: You will find many options for choosing a hood. Detached hood you can easily separate it from the jacket whenever you want. And the hood attached to the jacket (attached hood) you cannot separate from the jacket, it will be permanently attached to the jacket.

There is also another type of hood called ‘Steway Hood’, which is also permanently attached to the jacket but in this case, the jacket has a separate pocket where you can store the hood, there is no chance of losing the hood.

2. Storm flap: It can also be referred to as a front zipper or front chain cover. There are many gaps in the jacket chain through which moisture can easily enter. This flap covers the jacket chain and protects the person from air and water intrusion when the chain gap melts. So it is mentioned as a very important feature of the jacket.

3. Powder skirt: It is a buttoned detached piece of cloth that has to be worn at the waist. This skirt has many uses.

Its main function is to prevent snow from entering your front or back. However, it can increase the heat to ensure your warmth. Alternatively, you can open the skirt if you feel warm enough or if your body feels at a comfortable temperature.

4. Pit Zipper (Chain): This zipper can be said to be one of the advantages of maintaining your warmth balance. The zipper is located near the armpit or armpit which allows you to increase or decrease the heat in a very simple way depending on your feeling.

5. Wrist brace: A wrist brace will help you to block the entry of air and water in your arm (hand). Your hand and wrist are likely to cool down quickly. So it is very important for you to have this advantage in the jacket. And using buttons, velcro or elastic can be easily adjusted with this captive body.

6. Chinese cord (ribbon): This cord or ribbon at the bottom of your jacket will protect you from water and air entering your body through the bottom edge of the jacket.

7. Pockets: Jackets have many pockets for you. We live in a modern age and so electronic pockets are very suitable for carrying iPads, smartphones, or small electronic devices. If you like to listen to music while snowboarding, this option will be suitable for you.

If you don’t want to wear goggles or keep them temporarily open, a Google pocket will help you save your goggles. With the best snowboard, you will need the best jackets to have a nice blast!

You can easily see all these options when you enter our website. Your jacket must be your choice.

So when shopping with Ski Balm makes sure you choose the Best snowboard jackets of your choice. You will see endless options here when choosing a jacket. So hopefully our guidelines will help you a lot in your next steps and travel.


What is the best snowboard jacket brand?

There are lots of the best snowboard jacket brands are available in the marketplace! We’ve compiled the best brand in the market in our top list. Let’s take a look at those:
1.       Mountain Hardwear
2.       NorrLofoten Gore
3.       Mammut Nordwand
4.       The North Face
5.       MOERDENG Men’s
6.       686 Men’s
7.       Under Armour Men’s Storm

Are snowboard jackets waterproof?

Some of them are waterproof, not all of them. It actually depends on your needs. You should buy the best snowboard jackets as per your necessities. If you really need a waterproof jacket then you should go for it!

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