Snowboard cross (boardercross) was added to the 2008 snowboarding Olympics as a new event. By participating in this event you can further enhance your skills and it is very challenging.

If you love sports, especially snowboarding facts, then this article is for you. You will get to know what is a snowboard cross!

what is snowboard cross

What is snowboard cross?

Snowboard Cross is a timely snowboarding event. Those who are comparatively skilled and experienced in various courses like Snowboarding such as Jump Burm, Drop and Turn take part in this event.

They try to complete all the courses as soon as possible. The purpose of the snowboard course is to test the skills of the boarders – how fast they can get from one place to another.

From the 2008 Winter Olympic Games in Torino to Snowboard Cross, other events such as tip pursuit, speed skating, team sprint cross country skiing and the Mass Start Biathlon are official Olympic events.

Even snowboard cross 2022 Chang is one of the top 10 events of snowboarding in the 2018 Games. In the event like this, you will need some protective gears alongside with the best snowboard mask!

Snowboard Cross History

While this new idea for the Fox TV channel TV show Greg Stumps World of Extremes produced by Steven Rechtschaffner and his partner Greg Stamp, it is clear that Rechtschaffner has been thinking about this plan for a long time.

The hobby snowboarder for the segment’s finals, Rakhtshafner, gave Stump the idea, liked the stump idea, and created the first course at Blackcomb Mountain in 1991 with a timely with prize money.

John Graham, Stan’s business partner, named it Border Cross. . After watching the show on Fox TV and its re-broadcast on MTV Sports Channel, the general public in the US, Canada and Australia also started hosting the Border Crossing event.

Rakhtshafner has been a guest at many events so that others can learn and learn about this Border Crossing event.

Radhakhtshafner trademarked the name Border Cross. So that historians can properly preserve the history of this sports and secure the future advancement of snowboarding.

For the same reason, he forbade FIS to use Border Cross Monica. And no ski organization can be the host of a snowboard event.

That’s why the FIS refers to the Border Cross as a “snowboard kr” at the Olympic event. Although most boardcross racers consider their sport to be the main sport of snowboarding.

In 200, he created a Border Cross series game for an electronics arts gaming company, which later sold nearly 7 million copies.

In 2006, the Border Cross (referred to as the Snowboard Cross) was recognized as an official Olympic event at the Turin Olympic Games. . It is also included in the next Winter Olympics.

Now it is high time to arrange and snowboard cross world cup!

What is snowboarding?

You might know what is a snowboard cross, but then what is snowboarding might make you confused, right? And you might want to know the difference between snowboard and skateboard.

Although the snowboard was invented in the 1960s or 70s, it is new to the public compared to other sports.

This game is getting acquainted very fast. For example, it was the opening game of the X Games in 1986, and a few years later it hosted two huge events, the Giant Slalom and Halfpipe of the Nagano Games.

In these types of sports, you will need some best snowboard jackets obviously!

Different names for snowboard crosses

Outside the Winter Olympics, some events are hosted by the Snowboard Cross Border Cross and the International Ski Federation. It was first televised in 1990.

snowboard cross boards

Thanks to Steven Rechtschaffner and Greg Stamp for their collaboration. In 1991, there was a 6-episode TV series about Extreme Sport.

The stamp was also the host of the Greg Stamps World AG Extreme series. And the last episode of these two TV series needed an adventure game for both teams.

Rechtschugner’s idea was that all motorcyclists in motocross sport would have to drive through a sharp turn and bump with a dirt cord.

How do you see the combination of a motorcycle and a snowboard?

Snowboarding in this way is a challenge for snowboarders. The winner is the one who can cross the snowboard line.

Eventually, the show ended successfully and gained widespread popularity. He trademarked the Border Cross so that no one could use its name without the permission of Rail Hot Shaffner.

How do I participate in a snowboard cross?

The knock-out round ends very quickly. In the case of girls, 2 out of 6 hits reach the semifinals, and in the case of men, out of 7 hits, 1% hits, the first 3 go to the next round. Then the rest of the girls play the same snowboard cross rules.

With the best snowboard mittens, you will definitely have a blast!

Drafting- You will follow from the very glass of Resay in front of you. As a result, the wind speed will be less and it will consume less energy.

Jumping- Camps of different heights are the most interesting aspect of this event.

It consists of

**Hip jumps (a pyramid-like slope should be raised with it and float in the air to take a 90-degree turn.

**Spine (wide triangular features)

**Step-down (effectively drop-off)

**Table-top (similar to freestyle jump)

**Step-up (more than landing take-off)

Knock: The plane between the take-off point and the landing is called the knuckle. In other words, knuckling is a flat place without a slope for an easy landing.

Overtaking: You can’t push or hold your opponent while overtaking and no one from behind can stop him by blocking him from time to time while overtaking you.

Roller: Riders continue to move like a series wave on a single web. If you want, jump from the place of takeoff and go away.

Starting: This is the most complicated. The upper body has to show a very quick reaction. The hands have to be brought out when the door is opened and goes down. It is best to start with the whole sheet.

Turning – Banked corners are helpful for turning. But when it comes to triangular flags, be careful not to go outside the corner.

Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang is a steep land at the snowboard cross. It is like a quarter pipe and a little bent. You have to go to the curved part and jump to the front.

List of contestants and favorite contestants for medals

There are about 40 athletes in the men’s race, including Team USA, Nick Baumgartner, Mick Dyderdorf, Jonathan Chiver, and Hagen Kearney.

There are about 30 women in the snowboard cross competitions, including Faye Gullini of Team USA, Rozina Mankari, Meghan Tearney, and Lindsay Jacobellis.

Who is the favorite to win a medal?

Lindsay Jacobellis – A famous American snowboarder. The 32-year-old won a silver medal at the 2008 Winter Games in Turin but lost in the medal round at the 2010 Games in Vancouver. Lindsay will be back again to win gold.

Snowboard Cross Event 2019

What is a snowboard cross 9 SBX (like Ski Cross [Essex) is an event with many competitors. Riders will race down a hill using skill and speed to cross cambered turns, various jumps, rollers, drops, and bums, flat and steep parts.

Your job is to control yourself and maintain your maximum speed to overcome all challenges on your way.

The competition was held in 2019 at the Solitude Mountain Resort. The rules of this competition were that the top 2 competitors of the qualifying round would play in the final round.

Here is the Solitude Live event schedule for Snowboard Cross:

**February 1: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm (Snowboard Cross Finals)

**February 3:11:00 am to 12:00 pm (Team Snowboard Cross Final)

Whatever is needed!

First of all, you need a snowboard. Need to take a little heavier and bigger board than everyday freestyle. Because relatively stiff and less flexible snowboard cross boards are relatively fast. And the advantage to control.

Be sure to wear a helmet that covers the entire face. It is because in this game they almost always collide with each other.

When buying tight outwear, buy the kind of outwear that works against the wind. Put on your best snowboard socks for the blast!

You can wear protective gear under the outerwear for more protection which will protect you from danger.

The most important thing is your skills. Although the Border Cross is quite enjoyable, you need to be able to control it well, maintain the pace, turn, up, and down skills.

If you are a skilled snowboarder, you can enjoy jumping at a height of 15 feet with maximum speed.

When does the snowboard competition start and how do I watch TV broadcasts?

snowboard cross world cup

Snowboard events are held from February 10-February to February 23. All programs will be broadcast live on NBCSN and NBC.

The final round schedule is available via the NBC Sports app or live streaming.

Below is the daily list of TV broadcasts.

February 23, 58am (9pm) Male and female Parallel Giant Slalom (NBC, 11.835pm – 1:00 pm)

February 23rd at 9:00 pm, Big Air Men, (NBC, 8pm to 11pm)

February 22 at 10:30 pm, Big Air Women (NBC, 8pm to midnight)

February 15, 10:56m., Snowboard Cross Women (NBC from * 12pm to 12:30 pm)

February 15, 45am, Snowboard Cross Men, (NBC from 12:05 pm to 1:30 pm)

February 13th, 9:30 pm, Halfpipe Men (NBC 8am to 11:30 pm)

February 12, 9:00m., Halfpipe Women (NBC 8pm to 11pm Surrey)

February 11th, 9:06 pm Slopstyle Women (NBC 8pm to 11pm)

10th February 9:04 pm Slopestyle Men (NBCSN 8pm to 9:45 pm)


Where is the snowboard event held?

Most snowboarding events are held at the 16,000-seat Phoenix Snow Park. A special ramp has been set up at the Ski Jumping Center to show off air events only.
It is located in Pyongyang and is one of the tallest in the world (height about 1850 feet and slope 40 degrees).

Is Snowboard Event Like X-Games?

The short answer is yes. However, the field of X games is smaller and brighter. The festive atmosphere is especially noteworthy.

What is a snowboard cross?

Maybe now you can give this answer. It is a sports event whose every moment is quite enjoyable. You can participate in it live or watch it on TV if you want.
Did my post give you the information you need? If you want to know about other aspects of snowboard let us know by commenting in the box below.

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