A surfer always remembers the first surfboard of his life. Because it was through this surfboard that he met a new life. And that is why choosing Best Beginner Surfboards is so important. And so, without knowing too much, just pick the first surfboard in your life that you can write on your memory sheet forever.

In this list, our choice is Best Choice Products 6′ Foamie Beginner Surfboard, when it comes to the best combination between price and quality. And if you are looking for something very popular among kids then, Wavestorm 8′ Brushed Graphic Beginner Surfboard is the perfect choice for you.

Surfboards designed for beginners have some unique characteristics. If you are starting to learn new surfing on your own or help others learn to surf, then, first of all, get an idea of ​​the height and weight of that person. And accordingly, pick the right surfboard.

Surfboards made for beginners should have a lot of endurance, as newcomers make a lot of mistakes in maintaining balance. Apart from that, a newbie must purchase easy top surfboards that will aid them to clasp the highest number of waves in the initial snowy water phase.

Also, a good quality surfboard lasts a long time, which is a must for beginners. Because if you have to buy several best beginner surfboards at the time of learning, then their enthusiasm may decrease. And for beginners, the bigger the board, the more they enjoy surfing.

Things to Consider When Picking the Best Beginner Surfboards In 2022

Since you are a new surfer, you should know how to choose a good quality and accurate surfboard before you learn to surf.

And if you have no idea in this case, no problem, we will help you with that. Let’s not know what things to keep in mind when purchasing a good and good quality surfboard.

Types of Surfboards

Talking about what kind of surfboard should be purchased for beginners, soft and foam surfboards are good for beginners.

Because, compared to other surfboards, these surfboards are relatively more affordable and easier to surf. And so newcomers are much less likely to get injured with such surfboards.

You’re Surfing Skills

Your surfing skill

Yes! You may have little or no experience of surfing. No matter what he says, you should purchase a surfing board according to your experience.

And so if you are a newbie you should buy a surfboard. Even though buying a good quality surfboard will cost you a bit more, in the current market, for beginners, good quality surfboards are available at a price that is within reach.

And if you buy a good surfboard like this, it can be passed down year after year. It may be that you became an expert with the board you started learning on the surfboard!

Your Height and Weight

Beginner surfboard size

It is quite embarrassing to be immersed in the water again and again while learning for beginners. And so they should buy a surfboard that can give them ample support.

And to avoid such embarrassing moments, you should purchase a surfboard accordingly based on your physical structure and weight. There are many size charts in the market, look at them as needed.

Surfboard Basics

The ability to float a surfboard on the water is an important factor. And so if you are lightweight, you need to purchase a surfboard that floats low in the water.

And the amount of lodging is done by liters and a normal surfboard has the capacity to accommodate 5 liters.

It also depends on how wide the surfboard is. The narrower your surfboard, it’s likely it will have less balance in the waves.

And such surfboards are usually used by experienced people. Since you are a new surfer, you need to purchase a relatively wide surfboard.

Surfboard’s Price

Best surfboard for beginner child

Surfboards are available in the market for various types and prices. And if you are ready to buy a surfboard without prior experience, the variety can surprise you. However, since you are new, you should buy a surfboard that is neither cheap nor expensive.

But one thing to keep in mind, you get exactly the quality you want to spend.

We will discuss some of the best Beginner Surfboards 2021 for your benefit. It is worth mentioning that although these are made especially for beginners, even the experienced can use them.

1. South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Beginner Surfboard

South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Beginner Surfboard


When you dive in the waves with this wonderful surfboard, it can provide you with a wonderful experience. It’s lightweight and designed so that kids can learn and do surfing easily with this surfboard. It is a surfboard that is able to float with waves in a wonderful way for young people.

The South Bay Board Co. 6’ Guppy Beginner Surfboard is formed with kids and teens (capable of 150 pounds in weight) keep in the mind. It is intended to be additionally floatable and stress-free to run in slighter waves.

 Its stiff shape allows fresh surfers to absorb to turn up and truly pop up and ride waves down the line. The lenient top surfboards for beginners are tolerant and secure.

This surfboard is not an inexpensive and flimsy type. When it comes to quality, it can be said that this is a top-notch amazing surfboard. The sturdy and durable frame made it stand out from the others.

2. Giantex 6′ Foamie with Removable Fins Beginner Surfboard

Giantex 6′ Foamie with Removable Fins Beginner Surfboard


This board is so nice that you just want to buy it. This surfboard has everything you need as a new surfer.

The surfboard, which is available in several colors, is best known for its designs in blue and yellow. Because these two designs are so nice that you will be fascinated by them.

And when you are surfing the waves with a surfboard made of this wonderful and aesthetic design, it will be counted as a truly enjoyable sight. This is one of the best longboards for beginner surfboards in the present marketplace!

Those who want to see a wonderful and outstanding design in their first surfboard can definitely purchase this surfboard. At six inches long, the surfboard is a bit smaller than the other boards.

Its special shape, however, helps to maintain control over the water itself. And so your child can purchase it as the first board. The board, which weighs 200 pounds, can fit the body just as children can.

The main attraction of this surfboard is its sale value. The board has already gained a lot of popularity because of the excellent design and quality of a board that is within reach. As the first surfing board in life, it is truly outstanding, especially for children.

Do not buy a board for children so that they lose interest in surfing. It is absolutely certain that this wonderful board will be able to hold your children’s fascination with surfing.

3. South Bay Board Co. Soft Top Foam best Beginner Surfboards

South Bay Board Co. Soft Top Foam best Beginner Surfboards


This best intermediate surfboard is relatively unobtrusive and can float in a very nice way. Due to its excellent balance of balance and ability to float, the surfboard can be paddled very easily and the thrill of water can be enjoyed by the bend.

And all of these are very important for a new surfer. That is why this board has proudly occupied its place on the surfboard list for beginners.it is also the best beginner surfboard UK which is quite impressive!

With a capacity of one hundred to two hundred thirty pounds, this surfboard is perfect for beginners. It is a surfboard 8.5 feet wide and has the same shape as a classic board.

Due to its high shape and wide and thinness it can float very easily as well as balance. The capacity of the 86 liter hall is floating. Even being a new surfer, you can mix with waves very nicely.

The shape, strength, and durability of this surfboard made of foam and resin are excellent and it is remarkable.

4. California Board Company 5-Feet x 8-Inch Beginner Surfboard

California Board Company 5-Feet x 8-Inch Beginner Surfboard


Kids love this surfboard and the popularity of this board is increasing day by day. Due to the special shape of this board, it is mainly popular among beginners.

The board, which is five feet long and eight inches wide, can easily be thrilled with the wave, keeping it under the arm. Due to this excellent feature, the newcomers, as well as the experienced, are quite comfortable with this board.

Due to its wideness and volume, this excellent board allows you to balance easily. Apart from this, the front part is quite thin and pointy.

Kids are always happy to surf through this board. If for some reason they lose their balance, then there is no possibility of such pain due to the soft dislocation.

Whether it is young or old, this “best surfboard for beginner child” with a weight capacity of about one hundred ninety pounds is suitable for everyone. Be sure to use this product made of solid foam and plastic for a long time.

Apart from this, the price and quality within reach of our hands are very well planned to ensure a wonderful surfing experience.

5. Best Choice Products 6′ Foamie Beginner Surfboard

Best Choice Products 6′ Foamie Beginner Surfboard


When you are searching for a medium-range surfing board for beginners, then Best Choice Products 6′ Foamie Beginner Surfboard is going to be perfect for you. This soft-top surfboard is designed amazingly which is pretty awesome to play with.

Apart from this, the lightweight construction is quite impressive for the youngster. Even they can carry the board on their own.

It is sufficiently robust and pretty dense so it glides little kids precisely well. When it comes to the width of the board, then it is quite easy for the kids to paddle and plays it.

It clasps surfs just satisfactory and is adequately steady for kids to stand upon. Security-wise, it is an outstanding pick, as the surfboard and its flippers are lenient and forbearing.

Superiority and sturdiness are fully clad and this surfboard has long-lasting features that are perfect for your children to absorb how to surf.

Plus, they can be prepared to progress to some degree more concrete.  However, keep that in mind that this best Beginner Surfboards cannot bear adult weight because it doesn’t have any stringer.

6. Wavestorm 8′ Brushed Graphic Beginner Surfboard

Wavestorm 8′ Brushed Graphic Beginner Surfboard


This is a quite nice pick for the newbie to surfing in the wave. And this is one of the best selling ones which means the popularity of this surfboard is always up on the high lekarna-slovenija.com. This Wavestorm 8′ Brushed Graphic Beginner Surfboard is amazingly impressive!

It is a secure, perfect pick for children and mature novices who are in the limit! This surfboard has up to 200 pounds of mass attitude. Large, inclusive, and stuffing 86 liters in volume, it is precisely steady and floating and pretty comfortable to handle, surf, thrill with waves and have a boom when surfing with it.

This is one of the best stuff from the company named Wavestorm which is quite expert and has long-standing experience in making surfboards in the US. Apart from this, sturdiness and stability are guaranteed with this board.

It is manufactured with a strong EPS core and three marine-ply stringers which makes it quite sturdy enough to withstand the wave jerks for a long time.

This board can aid you abundant enough as an excellent choice suggested for the novice sowing to numerous aims, and for the ones that are picking a board for trainees with an attractive design. Plus, this is certainly the choice that should be bought.

7. Grande Juguete 5’5″ Soft Top Beginner Surfboard

Grande Juguete 5’5″ Soft Top Beginner Surfboard


Being cautious over a small number of things when picking the best appetizer surfboard as a novice can come fairly convenient. Moreover, with the Grande Juguete 5’5″ Soft Top Beginner Surfboard you will have the whole shebang you needed to flow in the wave.

This is manufactured with a top-notch and sturdy construction which includes foam deck and wood support. And this feature makes it quite pliable.

It derives with three receptive lower fins that will assist you to speed up your surfing experience. Owing to its hard-wearing foam, EPE floor, and EPS central, as well as the PP firm slick end, you will be capable to surf with this board. Moreover, don’t worry about normal wear and tear, because it is quite sturdy enough to withstand that.

Plus, as the thruster outlook is quite detachable, you can blast off the tail and even speed up your surfing. However, this feature will permit you to make the best beginner Surfboards enormously comfortable to carry, which is abundant as this is a blast for any surfboard.

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