People get easily confused with penny boards and skateboards. Yet, there are lots of dissimilarities with their size, outlook, and types. Apart from that, they have some similarities too! We are going to discuss some penny boards and mini penny board cruiser boards. Surely we will find the Best nickel boards and penny boards. Brief skateboard history

Both of the best nickel boards and penny boards are quite miniature to the extent and have lots of look-alike features but, they are not the same! When it comes to style, stunning design, and tricks, skateboards are way ahead of others.

However, a penny board can be also called a skateboard. Yet, they are basically one of the types of skateboard with some difference enabled.

Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser is our basic choice when you are looking for an amazing penny board with all the basic features on it.

And the most popular one is Penny Fade Complete Skateboard, Canary, 22″ from the company named penny Australia itself.

Penny board, the name basically came from a company who was specialized in making these types of boards. The company called ‘penny Australia’ stands behind this special name and type.

These types of penny board Australia are manufactured from sturdy plastic and they are quite small in size which is on average 22 inches in long and 6 inches wide. Total, these are abundant for youngsters thanks to their prodigious sturdiness and lightness.Before looking at the list If you are a beginner you can try this article : In 2022 Best skateboards for beginners

From The Below List You Will Find The Best nickel boards and penny boards :

Playshion 22” Mini Cruiser


From point A to B Faster is the main essence of the Playshion 22” Mini Cruiser. Plus, this is absolutely quite amazing at that point. The extent of this playshion is 22 inches long and the width is six inches.

When you compare classic with this board, then it can be said that this cruiser is quite smaller to every extent which makes it a lot quicker and silent. Plus, this unusual size aids you to carry it with you whenever and wherever you want it to be.

Moreover, the wheels and the bearings are quite amazing with high and top-notch performance. The size of the wheel is 59X45 mm and the bearing is manufactured with top-quality materials. These features give you an amazing ride experience with the silent riding aptitude.   

However, another board can be quite louder than this and that’s why this should be your favorite choice when you want something much more silent. For your safety, we always recommend slide g loves.

In the present marketplace, this Playshion 22” Mini Cruiser is one of the best nickel boards and penny boards existing here.

Apart from that, the extent of the deck is 22 inches which gives it a pretty portability touch with the highest performance ability.  If you want a silent and faster riding, then this playshion is the one you are searching for.

Plus, the amazing features enable you to have relied on the board. Moreover, the deck is manufactured with fiberglass for the nice and pretty amazing flexibility.

When it comes to sturdiness and durability, then it can be said that this board ensures you a nice top-notch touch. It is quite safe and demandable also which arrives with pre-assembled and various color options. You can choose the color which suits you the most.


**The size is quite perfect for the best penny board for beginners to have the blast

**Obtainable for Kids 3 years old above, Boys, Girls, Teenager, and Adults

**This penny board weight is 220 pound

**Manufactured from top-notch quality materials which made is sturdy and smooth


**Too heavy to lift up

**Some complaints about the small size

Skatro Mini Cruiser


The extraordinary preparation of this penny board has taken it to a completely different level than all other boards. Because of the excellent technology used in this system, the quality of this board is much higher than that of other boards.

A special type of machine is used when making, which is a very nice way of measuring plastic. And therefore every board is equal in permanence and every board is much stronger. And this is how the cheating company ensures the quality of each board

Because of the plastic variations, the quality of the penny board is deteriorated and may not provide good performance. Also when the board is made, the pressure is checked through another machine, which ensures the stability of the board and whether it is solid or not.

This procedure involves checking whether the board is strong by pressing a certain amount of weight on the board.

The bearings of the other boards are usually made of carbon steel, while this excellent board is manufactured from Abec-7 bearings “bearings steel”. This type of steel is a special kind of hard steel, which ensures the durability and strength of the bearings.

These manufacturing processes and the top-notch materials allow this board to withstand normal wear and tear. Plus, this also ensures the smoothness of the rotation of the wheel. And these best penny board brands can endure usual physical mishandling.

These amazing bearings produce a nice and sturdy rotation to enhance the performance to the optimum level. With this Bearing Steel, you can always have the blast performance and amazing stability with high enduring capacity.


**Aluminum trucks are pretty lightweight

**Safeguards the high and optimum performance

**This board has high-quality flexibility

**The price is also amazing due to the top-notch features

**Skatro Mini Cruiser arrives with a color matching T-tool


**It’s too bouncy

**Board is much skinnier

Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser


The utmost adaptable Penny board ever shaped is here.  The Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser is constructed on misty forms of skateboarding’s terrific ages and is constructed to tatter. 

This cruiser has an entirely illusory front and back, bursting up a restrain or even sloppy chores is accurate in its region of coziness. 

The bowl-shaped provides the receptive spinning of an old-style timber necklace, but the delicate stretch of the clandestine malleable and fiberglass method offers an outing that is entirely Penny!

Whether you are directed to the market, the seashore, or your native booklet pad, get this Penny Nickel Pantones Cruiser.

The deck of this board is specially designed so that you don’t usually go afterward. And this new thirty-two-inch shape will ensure a wonderful riding experience.

The body of this board, with its excellent wheel and bearings, has the ability to withstand normal corrosion damage.

And so through this penny board, you will experience a smooth ride without any jolt to the motion. Due to its black wheels and extraordinary quality bearings, this penny board is smooth, dynamic, and long-lasting.

This ample penny board arrives with our fresh five inches aluminum Penny trucks alongside diverse tinted baseplates and hooks to each design.

They boast constancy and turn aptitude in a frivolous set.  These trucks are manufactured to turn with 83A bushings, effortlessly attuned by narrowing or slackening the kingpin.


**Classic Waffle Top Non-slip Deck

**Perfect for Cruising

**High-Quality Color-Coded Abec 7 Stainless Steel Bearings

**Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty


**Some have an issue with sturdiness

**Not very lightweight

Retrospec Quip Skateboard Classic Retro Plastic 22.5″ & 27″ Cruiser Complete Skateboard


Although the board is small in size, it is solid and sturdy which can give you a wonderful pennying experience. This special shape of the penny board will help you a lot in balancing. Besides, this board is a great product for giving gifts to people you love.

This amazing board is manufactured with sturdy plastic which ensures its enduring capability and pretty nice performance. Apart from that, a small extent ensures transportability. You can take it anywhere you need.  

This board has an excellent quality wheel, perfect for any kind of road. When it comes to withstanding normal bumps, this board can operate very smoothly on any type of high-low road.

This board is quite amazing with the transportability features so that anybody can take it alongside. From the outing to a normal walk with friends, this board ensures all the safety with durability. Hope this retrospect penny board review aid you to choose the best one.


**Top-notch action with reasonable penny board price

**Frothy and Movable

**It comes fully assembled and ready to ride

**Built with injection-molded extremely supple plastic

**Frivolous ABEC-7 quicker carbon bearings


*Hard to Steer

*One customer has risen about some issue with the wheel

*Some say, barring are quite tight

Penny Fade Complete Skateboard, Canary, 22″


Penny Fade Complete Skateboard was initiated from Australia and was manufactured for touring. When the penny board was first created, this penny board is manufactured according to the design and fashion of that initial time.

Wonderful combinations of history and tradition will at the same time give you a wonderful experience and remind you of its extraordinary history.

The plastic from which this board is made is very strong and long-lasting. Also, the excellent shape of this board can ensure you get around the board with ease. Even you can fit this board in your normal backpack when moving around on your feet.

The extent of this board is quite similar to the penny nickel board which is twenty-seven inches long. The additional five inches ensure a comfortable and steady riding experience. 

There are lots of colors and graphic designs available in the present marketplace. Choose wisely with your personal penance.  Apart from that, this model is specially made for the beginner level with safety and top-notch performance.  

Like other penny boards, this one is also pretty silent and quicker with high stability. Not only this style is the trademark option, but it also provides a better grip with the anti-slip deck.

And the amazing thing is this board arrives at a very reasonable price so that you don’t have to worry about your budget.


**Authentic Penny Skateboard

**Great stability

**Good speed

**Top-notch bearings


*Some customer has some issues with the extra lengths

How to choose the best nickel boards and penny boards

Despite the fact, to be precise it is still a skateboard, and the two have some variances. Initially, they are manufactured from sturdy plastic, which can make them more susceptible to breaks and bangs.

Apart from that, the high-quality penny board can withstand normal wear and tear and some additional bumps. Likewise, these are typically castoff for a diverse resolution than from the initial skateboards. They are the finest and suitable for voyaging and are very firm to do tricks with.

So, if you have tricks in your mind, these penny boards are not the ones you are looking for. And, the structure of these two boards is quite diverse. While the penny boards are quite thinner and narrow, the ordinary skateboard has some extra extent.

Moreover, penny boards have much laxer wheels than skateboards, which is why they are more suitable for voyaging. The deck is also fairly smooth and doesn’t have the utmost grasp, and exactly that’s why these boards are not suitable for tricks.

And when the speed is quite important for you, then the smaller one has a higher speed. The one you need is less than 22”.

But the larger boards are more balanced and steady, so you need to make a choice here in between speed and balance. Anyway, both of them are quite safe but the large one is safer.

Other sorts to reflect are the pieces’ superiority, the substance of the surfaces, and the design.

All of the best nickel boards and penny boards on our list are quite amazing and manufactured with high-quality materials. But if you want something really sturdy then, Penny Fade Complete Skateboard, Canary, 22″ should be your choice. We also love Skatro Mini Cruiser for its high popularity among youngsters!

One thing always makes sure you wear protective gear and Helmet .

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