The Best Skateboards for Kids To Buy

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Skateboarding has become such a popular sport as millions of people skate. Nowadays both adults and kids are skating. There will be a point in your child’s life where they’d really want to learn how to skate and this will bring your child benefits. Skateboarding is not just fun but also an effective way to improve your child’s physique. This article write about Top 10 best skateboards for kids in 2020, hope that will help you to find out high-quality skateboards for kid.

If your child has not tried skateboarding before then fear not, there are tons of skateboards for kids and well made protective gears for kids.

In 2020 Top skateboards for kids 

Most of the time Parent face difficulties to Choosing right skateboards for kids. Some skateboards are expensive and most parents would not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a kid’s toy but you should keep in mind cheap skateboards will not guarantee your child’s safety.

You may also think that your child does not need a big skateboard so a small skateboard will do but small skateboards have little decks which means your child will have a higher chance of falling so be sure to chose the right skateboard for your child.

Below we’ve listed the top 10 best skateboards for kids, always remember to buy a good quality skateboard that will last long and most importantly guarantee your child’s safety.

Skateboard Name



1.  Rimable Complete 22″ SkateboardBest skateboards for kids_Rimable Complete 22" SkateboardSee Price at Amazon
2. MINORITY 32inch Maple skateboardBest skateboard for beginnersSee Price at Amazon
3. Krown Rookie Complete SkateboardKrown Rookie Complete SkateboardSee Price at Amazon
4. Merkapa 22″ Complete SkateboardMerkapa 22" Complete SkateboardSee Price at Amazon
5. Roller Derby Street Series SkateboardRoller Derby Street Series SkateboardSee Price at Amazon
6. Ancheer 31″ Pro Skateboard CompleteAncheer 31" Pro Skateboard CompleteSee Price at Amazon
7. Powell Golden Dragon Complete skateboardPowell Golden Dragon Complete skateboardSee Price at Amazon
8. Punisher Skateboards Voodoo Complete 31-InchPunisher Skateboards Voodoo Complete 31-InchSee Price at Amazon
9. RockBirds 31” Complete SkateboardRockBirds 31'' Complete SkateboardSee Price at Amazon
10. Ohderii 31″ Skateboards 

Ohderii 31" Skateboards

See Price at Amazon

Rimable Complete 22″ Skateboard

Best skateboards for kids_Rimable Complete 22" Skateboard

Buy from Amazon

This cruiser is a great choice for kids; the boards are made with stylish graphics that will surely attract you child and good plastic which makes it more durable.

The board comes fully assembled you won’t have to worry about reassembling it. The trucks are made of high-quality aluminum which makes riding very smooth. Also comes with super smooth PU wheels and high speeds bearings.

MINORITY 32inch Maple skateboard

Best skateboard for beginners

Buy from Amazon

A very well made skateboard; this board is made of 7 layers of maple wood making it very durable and long lasting. The five inch trucks are of high quality aluminum equipped with carbon steel kingpin guaranteed to give you a smooth riding experience.

The wheels 52mm 102A PU wheels great for street skating. The boards are made with stylish graphics which will surely win your child’s heart.

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Buy from Amazon

Another great skateboard for kids; this skateboard is very popular among beginners for its lightweight design. The deck is made of Canadian maple with a modern concave allowing for better foot placement and more comfort. Wheels are 52mm Urethane known graphic wheels great for street skating.

The board is also equipped with five-inch aluminum trucks. These skateboards come in various stylish designs and are also assembled so you won’t have to worry about reassembling it.

Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard

Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard

Buy from Amazon 

This popular design is commonly used among kids and teenagers. The decks are made of high quality plastic for more durability and can be purchased in different colors making it more stylish.

To make the board even more stylish Merkapa have added LED lights to the wheels so every time you’re skating the wheels are always lighting up.

The boards are fully assembled and Merkapa offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Roller Derby Street Series Skateboard

Roller Derby Street Series Skateboard

Buy from Amazon

This Skateboard is mainly used in the street for its authentic design. The deck is made of a 9 layer laminated hardwood made to withstand weight and pressure.

A double kick tail has also been added for more comfort and leg room. The board is equipped strong aluminum trucks for a smooth riding experience.

This skateboard is a good choice for kids who are still learning how to ride as it’ll help them balance well and reduce falling.

Ancheer 31″ Pro Skateboard Complete

Ancheer 31" Pro Skateboard Complete

Buy from Amazon

The skateboard is made of 9 layer maple wood making it high density and more stable. The wheels are 55mm 85A anti-shock PU wheels great for the streets and skate parks.

Both the nose and tail have a modern concave with kicktails in both sides giving the skater more balance and a smooth riding experience.

Powell Golden Dragon Complete skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Complete skateboard

Buy from Amazon 

This skateboard is used by beginners and advanced skaters. It’s affordable and is built with quality materials. Trucks are made of high quality aluminum and wheels are hand casted polyurethane wheels great for streets and skate parks.

The decks have a variety of cool looking graphics screen printed on the bottom of the deck

Punisher Skateboards Voodoo Complete 31-Inch

Punisher Skateboards Voodoo Complete 31-Inch Buy from Amazon

Made with 7 layer Canadian maple; the deck has a mild concave for better control while riding and turning. Wheels included are made of polyurethane and bearings are PUNISHER ABEC-7 high speed bearings. Decks come in colorful graphics, a great choice for a beginner.

RockBirds 31” Complete SkateboardRockBirds 31” Complete Skateboard

RockBirds 31'' Complete Skateboard

Buy from Amazon

A great choice for kids; this 7 layer deck is made of Canadian maple; this makes it very durable for long distance riding. A high density non-slip water proof grip tape is attached to the deck.

PU wheels are also added with high quality aluminum trucks for more comfortable ridding.

Ohderii 31″ Skateboards

Ohderii 31" Skateboards

Buy from Amazon 

The last skateboard we have on our list is from Ohderii, The skateboards are made of high quality maple with 7 layers. The board is designed to be lower than some, this offers more stability and control to beginners who haven’t gotten their riding down yet. Ohderii also offers a long term warranty of year.

There you have it, we’ve listed the top ten best skateboards for kids, these skateboards are all made of good quality materials and are widely used by many skaters around the world.

We suggest you buy the proper skateboard for your child, make sure it’s the right size for him/her. We understand that there are a lot of options to chose from but just remember a good quality skateboard will guarantee more safety for your child compared to a cheap skateboard.

Make sure your child is under parental guidance when their out skating and always make sure they’re wearing their safety gears.

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