Skateboarding has come such a long way its opened doors for so many skateboard tricks. There are literally so many skateboard tricks that you would lose count if you tried counting them. It’s amazing what skater can do on a skateboard thanks to the evolution of skateboards. The best intermediate skateboard tricks are very important for any mid level skateboard rider. 

Best intermediate skateboard tricks in 2022

This list is not for beginners but for those who have a little experience on a skateboard ride. If you’re looking for more best intermediate skateboard tricks to learn or you just want to know which skateboard tricks are more popular and cooler then others then you’ve come to the right place.

Frontside flip

The frontside flip is a combination of a kickflip and a frontside 180. It’s a really cool trick to do on flat ground or a set of stairs. To do the frontside flip you’ll have to set your feet in a regular kickflip position with your back foot hanging a bit off the edge to help pop into the front side. Turn your shoulders into the frontside position, pop and flick.

Jump upwards to give the board space to rotate, as the board flips you’ll need to catch the board with both feet. Stay above it and complete the 180-degree rotation, keep your knees bent to absorb the impact land on your bolts, and roll away.

Backside flip

Similar to the frontside flip you flip your board and rotate 180 degrees, the only difference is your body will be rotating the other way. Place your feet in a kickflip position with your back foot in the center on the tail. Before popping rotate your body a bit to the opposite direction, this will help with the rotation of the backside.

Turn your shoulders first pop and flick, this should all be done in one motion. Kick your front foot out and lift your back foot to give the skateboard space to flip. When you’re 90 degrees in the air if you’ve done the steps above correctly the board should have flipped, now all you have to do is catch it with both feet and complete the rotation, and land on the bolts.

Backside 180 nollie

This trick will require you to learn a nollie and a backside first, it’s basically a combination of the two. This sort of trick is also called a blindside trick because you can’t see where you’re rotating. As you pop your nollie you need to turn and guide your shoulders. Just like the normal backside complete the rotation land and roll away.


To be able to do this trick you need to have your kickflips and backsides down really well. Place your front foot in a kickflip position and your back foot on the pocket of the tail as you would for a tre flip. Before popping turn your shoulders first as you would for a backside. Flick your board and start rotating into your backside. Remember to lift your feet when in the air to give the board space to flip.

Tre flip

Also knows as the 360 flip this trick is a very popular trick among experienced skaters. Foot placement is very important for this trick so make sure you have that down. Put your feet in a kickflip position and move your front foot to the centre of the board. Before you pop the board the board should have already rotated 45 degrees. Make sure to pop hard to allow the board to complete the rotation and also pop hard to keep it under your feet.

Flick your front foot as you would for a kickflip but don’t flick too hard. If you did all the steps properly the board should spin smoothly and all you’ll have to do is land on the bolts and roll away.

Laser flip

This trick is a combination of a 360 shuv it and a heel flip. Yes this trick is a very difficult trick to pull off but looks sick when done. Place your front foot as you would for a heel flip but more to the middle of the board. Place your back foot around the middle of the tail, remember that it’s all in the back foot. Pop and scoop the board with your back foot away from you. Flick your board but not too hard and just land the trick.


This trick is a combination of a front side shuv it and a kick flip. This is a pretty hard trick to learn so make sure you have your kick flips and front shuvs down really well. The foot placement for this trick is keep your front foot as you would for a kickflip. Set your back foot on the tail like you would for an Ollie but keep it a little to the side of the tail.

To make it seem more simple your front foot is going up and behind you and your back foot is going down and in front of you. Problems you might face when landing this trick is getting your front foot out of the way.


One of the coolest looking tricks on a skateboard but not an easy trick to do. Keep your front foot as you would for a kickflip and keep your back foot fully on the tail with your toes handing off the edge. This trick doesn’t actually require you to pop the tail, it’s more of a forward scoop. This makes the skateboard wrap around the back foot making a full rotation.

Front foot impossible

Just like the impossible, this trick is pretty much the same except the board wraps around your front foot. Before you learn this trick make sure you have your heel flips down. Place your front foot like you would for a help flip. Back foot stays right on the edge of the board just enough to help pop. Scoop your board with your back foot and let the board rotate around your front foot and land.

360 shuv it

A really fun trick to do but also a challenging trick to learn. Place your foot just like you would for a normal shuv it but this time you have to scoop a lot harder. If done right the board will rotate 360 degrees under you and you should be able to land it with no problems. Problems you might face when landing this trick is flipping the board so just keep your front foot hovering above the board when doing the trick.

These are the 10 best intermediate skateboard tricks that we think are awesome. Their hundreds of tricks out there so let us know what you best and favorite tricks are. If you’re learning how to do these we suggest you wear protective gears as accidents can happen anytime.

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