The Best Ripstiks You Can Buy in 2020

Best ripsticks in 2020

The Best Ripstiks are very similar to a skateboard or snowboard with two decks connected to a pivot in the middle. The two wheels on each deck attached to 360 degree trucks that allow the rider to ride and flow around corners.

Top 10 Best Ripstiks in 2020

Manufacturers have released several ripstiks so it’s easy to find one that may suit your style. They also come in various different shapes, style, colors and a whole new riding experience. Below we’ve listed the top ten best ripstiks for both adults and kids.

Model Image Price 
1. Ripstik Caster Boardbest ripstik for 10 year old_best ripstik of 2018_Ripstik Caster BoardAmazon Price
2. Ripstik Ripster Caster BoardRipstik Ripster Caster Board_ripstik size chartAmazon  Price
3. Ripstik Brights Caster Boardripstik classic_Ripstik Brights Caster BoardAmazon Price
4. Ripstik “G” Caster BoardRipstik G Caster BoardAmazon Price
5. ENKEEO Ripstik Caster BoardENKEEO Ripstik Caster Board_razor ripstikAmazon Price
6. Ripstik DLX Caster Boardripstik mini vs regular_Ripstik DLX Caster BoardAmazon Price
7. Razor RipsurfAmazon Price
8. Ripstik Graphic Waveboardripstik dlxRipstik Graphic WaveboardAmazon Price
9. Razor Ripstik Air Caster BoardRipstick dlx_Razor Ripstik Air Caster BoardAmazon price
10. Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board_Best ripstick Amazon price

Ripstik Caster Board

best ripstik for 10 year old_best ripstik of 2018_Ripstik Caster Board

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A classic ripstik board design mostly used by beginners. With pivoting deck and 360 degree caster trucks to give a snowboard like feel. The ripstik board is designed with traction pads on both decks, kick tail and nose, and a concave for more control.

The board is also equipped with 76mm polyurethane wheels and precision ABEC-5 bearings. Designed for children 8 years and up and supports weight up to 220 pounds. It is one of the Best Ripstiks that you can buy.


  • Construction uses high-quality polymers and removable deck plates.
  • There are 360-degree caster trucks that can bring a lot of comfort to your riding
  • This ripstick has top-notch quality urethane wheels
  • ABEC-5 bearings that will make you’re riding smooth
  • A concave deck that will not slip
  • The steel torsion bar is padded with rubber


  • Consumers complain that long-term service is not available from the wheel

Ripstik Ripster Caster Board

Ripstik Ripster Caster Board_ripstik size chart

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  • Very light in weight and strong construction at the same time
  • It has a concave deck for foot control
  • Caster trucks and pivoting decks can be carved like a snowboard from this ripstick.
  • Speed can be picked up and taken without pushing
  • Smooth riding is ensured through ABEC-5 bearings


  • One consumer claims this ripstick is a little smaller in size than needed

Ripstik Brights Caster Board

ripstik classic_Ripstik Brights Caster Board

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Still the same classic ripstik board but with different vibrant colors. This Ripstik board is made of high tech polymer and also has removable deck plates. The tucks are inclined 360 degree caster trucks and pivoting deck.

The middle bar is rubber padded and steel torsion making it strong and durable. The deck is slip resistant and the wheels are high grade polyurethane.


  • This ripstick is available in all nice and interesting designs and colors
  • The top-notch polymer has been used
  • There are deck plates that can be removed
  • A 360-degree caster truck can make your riding much better
  • There is a slip-resistant concave deck to ensure your safety
  • The steel torsion bar is padded with rubber


  • One consumer claims that the rest of the board is not up to standard

Ripstik “G” Caster Board

Ripstik G Caster Board

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The “G” caster ripstik board is a high quality board made with all high quality materials to give you the best riding experience. The spinning centre tube is made of aircraft grade aluminum for extreme grinding. The trucks are 360 degrees caster trucks with high grade polyurethane wheels giving you a smooth and easy ride. The deck is fitted with spiked traction pads for better grip, kick tail and nose for more control and concave design. Supports weights of up to 220 pounds.


  • This awesome ripstick is a bit of a hybrid with a combination of skateboard and snowboard styles.
  • If you want extreme grinding then there is an aircraft-grade aluminum center tub
  • Great decks and trucks can give you the same carving as snowboarding
  • The deck design is a mostly concave style
  • Weighing in at about 220 pounds, this reps


  • The wheels are not so robust and powerful

ENKEEO Ripstik Caster Board

ENKEEO Ripstik Caster Board_razor ripstik

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A very stylish and well built ripstik board from Enkeeo. The board only weighs  5.1 pounds and can take weights up to 154 pounds making it suitable for both children and adults. The two decks are fitted with anti – slip striped for better grip. The wheels a high quality polyurethane with illuminating lights making it easy for other to see you. The Ripstik board is made of high quality ABS material making it strong and durable.


  • Compacted size, you will get different sizes for both adults and children
  • Weighing 5 pounds, this ripstick is easy to carry
  • It is designed with an anti-slip design for your safety
  • Due to the PU casters, it will be very interesting to see when you ride it even at night
  • Top-notch standard-compliant ABS board
  • You will also get a carry bag to carry with this board


  • Several have claimed not to get many long-term services

Ripstik DLX Caster Board

ripstik mini vs regular_Ripstik DLX Caster Board

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Simple but performs just the way you want it to. With aluminum centre tube for those crazy grinds and better durability. Has a pivoting deck with 360 degree caster trucks giving a smooth a comfortable ride. The deck is designed with a kick tail and nose. The ripstik board is designed with carbon fiber graphics giving it a clean look.


  • Spinning torsion bar which is made by High-Quality Aluminum
  • Nice grinding can be done with this rip stick
  • Can speed up very fast for downhill
  • Different types of land tricks can be done
  • Urethane wheels and ABEC-5 bearings can provide very high performance and long-lasting service
  • The concave deck is made with design
  • The per capita weight conception capacity is 220 pounds


  • Recommended for adults from eight years

Razor Ripsurf

Ripstik caster board Razor Ripsurf

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This ripstik board is designed just like a surf board giving riders a real surfing experience but on land. Made with patented ripstik one piece design torsion technology. The board features a lightweight single piece fiber reinforced polymer construction and textured traction pad for better control. The wheels included are inclined 360 urethane wheels. The board supports weights up to 220 pounds and is suitable for children 8 years and up.


  • Surf patented design that can do an excellent carving
  • You will be able to enjoy the real surfboard in the land
  • One-piece torsion technology whose quality is very good
  • Made with very high-quality industrial-grade polymer
  • Padded decks have excellent traction for your safety
  • The urethane caster wheel can give you a smooth riding experience


  • Made for eight-year-olds
  • On flat asphalt, it doesn’t ride smoothly

Ripstik Graphic Waveboard

ripstik dlxRipstik Graphic Waveboard

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Stylish ripstik board made with ABS metal durable and easy to ride. Comes with polyurethane wheels that light up at night. Board is designed with cool and unique graphics and comes fully assembled with hardware, risers and bearings.


  • Being very light in weight, you can easily carry it
  • This rip stick is made of a combination of ABS and metal
  • You will get a carry bag to carry with you
  • Strongly committed to providing long-lasting performance
  • It has very unique and aesthetic graphics
  • Its wheels are very nice at night


  • The bearings are not very smooth; a little strong push is required

Razor Ripstik Air Caster Board

Ripstick dlx_Razor Ripstik Air Caster Board

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This ripstik is designed for those who intend to do tricks with ripstik boards. Lightweight and single piece construction for awesome air flips and tricks. The board has self centering springs that makes landing easier. Turns and rides just like a surfboard on land. The wheels added are 76mm polyurethane with high performance ABEC – 5 bearings.


  • Although quite lightweight, the construction is very strong
  • An ideal board for displaying all kinds of tricks
  • You can do some carving just like snowboard and surfboard
  • Polyurethane wheels can give you excellent performance
  • Excellent quality ABEC-5 bearing can ensure a smooth riding experience
  • You will get the tutorial DVD with this board


  • One claims to be a bit flimsy when giving performances for a very long time

Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board

Razor Ripstik Electric Caster Board_Best ripstick

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This ripstik board is different from the rest because it’s electric. The board features a powerful 100-watt motor and a kick start, the board can go speeds of up to 10 mph. Since it has a motor is powered by a 22V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Also included with the board a wireless digital hand controller and a battery charger.


  • You can do electrifying curves in a very nice way
  • Best Ripstiks can run at a speed of ten miles per hour
  • The hub motor ensures excellent performance
  • Molded traction deck
  • A wireless controller that you can use with your hands
  • This 100-watt board can be turned on through kick start
  • The deck has very nice traction for your safety


  • One consumer claimed to have suffered from a number of charging problems

These are the best top ten ripstik boards you can purchase for yourself. Keep in mind that there are many manufacturers out there that make different types of boards so make sure you buy one that suits your style. Always remember to wear your protective gear when riding your ripstik board as accidents can occur anytime.

What is Best Ripstiks?

Ripstik is very new to many. It has several names. Namely- Ripstick, Castor Board, Vigor Board, Web Board, or J-Board. These are usually named after the brand. This Ripstik was first discovered in Korea. Many people combine Ripstik with RipSter. Although the two are completely different things.

Ripstik has also the same health benefit like skateboard! It’s a great exercise or cardio for the riders. Plus, you can carry your Ripstik with skate backpacks quite comfortably.

Like a skateboard, it has two wheels. The difference between a ripstick and a skateboard is that it has a “Torson bar” with a deck. It is a kind of metal which is covered by rubber. It has a strong spring.

To run a ripstick, you must first push with your front or back foot. The same is true of skates. When climbing a mountain, you have to push it with your feet. However, when descending the hill, it automatically comes down to the weight of the rider.

Best Ripstiks: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

There are a number of things you should know if you want to buy a ripstick. Also note some features that suit your surroundings, needs, and budget. We have discussed those issues in this article. Let’s find out now.

1. Board weight

First of all, give importance to the weight of the board. If the board gets a little too heavy, then you can’t move this board with ease. Also, if you are a beginner level rider, the whole thing will be more difficult.

This board should be light in weight at all. And since the light board can be moved quite comfortably, you must consider the weight when purchasing the best ripstick.

2. Weight limit

This matter is also quite important. Weight limit, however, does not mean the weight of the board, but rather how much weight board is capable of carrying.

Some boards have only kids’ weight limits. Again some boards are for adults only. So the board should be bought according to the correct weight and age range.

If you purchase a board that does not have the capacity to carry you, then the whole thing will become quite frustrating for you.

3. Dimensions

The issue of dimension is also very important for the board. There are different types of boards for tall or short people. Buy boards according to the correct height.

The size of a board must be according to your shape and weight. If the board is not in the right shape then you will not be able to maintain a normal and smooth balance while riding that board.

4. Wheels

Ripstick wheels should be removable. Because with continuous use, the wheels start to erode. So at the time of purchase 8 extra wheels are given along with ripstick.

Ripstick wheels are also recommended to be of very good quality. Because I said a while ago that these wheels break down very quickly and in that case the better the wheel, the longer it will be able to serve.

There are also many types of wheels available in the market, you can buy and use them if you want. Ripstick may have a long-lasting service, but its wheels are usually not very long-lasting.

5. Pivoting Deck & Caster Tracks

This is for experienced caster boarders. Different types of pivot decks and caster trucks are available in the market. Usually, it is recommended to buy a standard level board.

The whole thing depends on your needs. If you are a very advanced level rider and you need this special kind of board then it is different. However, it is usually better to buy a standard board of normal quality.

6. Speed

If you want a lot more speed, use electric ripstik. However, you must know your technique and experience in using dynamic ripstick.

Ripstick is usually a fast-paced board. And in order to ride the boards that are specially used for speed, you must be well aware of the balance and various techniques.

You can also use the best quality protective helmet and knee pads for extra safety. In addition, a pair of sliding gloves can enhance your safety.

7. Torsion bar

This is also very important for Ripstick. This is the type of bar so that the two decks are connected together. It is made of the metal beam but with rubber coating. Inside there is a very strong spring mechanism for movement.

8. Safety

You must consider the safety aspect before riding. Use appropriate protective gear for this. Be sure to use a helmet.

Also use knee caps, elbow pads, shin guards, and gloves. Models without handlebars can often fall off when in use. This is very normal. Even the Experience Rider falls occasionally!

9. Price

Most RipStik range in price from 40 to 100. You will get a more expensive ripstick. The whole thing is just like buying the best longboard.

Some of these are also custom made. The price depends largely on how custom the ripstick is made.

You need to purchase a Ripstick is a combination of quality and affordable if you have budget constraints.

And if you have no problem with budgets, you can buy one of the most expensive reps in the market.

10. Design

There are different designs according to different variants of Ripstick. Their riding style is also different. Interestingly, Ripstick’s design largely depends on the rider’s personality. Running a uniquely designed RipStik is quite enjoyable.

Also, a nice and aesthetic ripstick can take your personality to an outstanding level. And so buy a ripstick that suits you.

How to Ride a Ripstick

Those who have run the best skateboard or the best snowboard will be able to easily balance the ripstick before. But without experience, it may take some time to get used to ripstick.

First, read the safety material carefully. That means everything from helmets to elbows and knee pads.

Then try running RipStik official in a straight line. It is better not to try to drive on rocky or bumpy roads at first.

Then place the ripstick well on the street. Place the leg with which you will control the back and the other leg in front.

Keep your legs and ripstick straight along where you want to go. Always keep two feet in the middle of the ripstick board. Then push back by the legs. Ripstick will get moving forward.

After gaining full speed, leans your whole body forward. Occasionally push with the foot to keep pace. You do not have to use too much force in this case.

Stopping ripstick is also not a very difficult one. Rather than start running it is straightforward. You can easily stop it in some grassy places. You can also slow it down and stop it.

Ripstick may seem difficult at first, but you will learn slowly. Once you learn it you will be very happy to ride it.


What is the difference between RipStik and RipSter?

Many people confuse these two types of products. Of course, there are good reasons why these two types of boards look quite similar. The type of two boards and the style of riding are almost the same.

This is why many people combine Ripstick with Ripstick. However, there is some difference between these two types of boards.

The main difference is that Ripster’s board is larger. It is 34 inches long and 9 inches wide and 4.5 inches long.

And the Ripstick RipSter is 26 inches long. And everything else is the same. They weigh the same as 4.52 pounds.

How hard is it to ride a Ripstik?

Best Ripstiks ride is quite straight. With proper practice, you can take a turn starting from speed up.

If you practice 30 minutes every day, you will learn very fast. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to ride a ripstick.

But yes! While you may feel as comfortable riding a best carving longboard or the best Drop through longboard, ripstick but not as easy.

But yes! If you already have experience in longboard or skateboard riding then the whole thing will become much easier and smoother for you.

Which is better RipStik or skateboard?

Both are quite nice and thrilling sport. Both types of boards are very popular at present. And so it is not easy to say which is better. In fact, it is important to know which style you prefer for yourself. And so which board is best depends on your own likes and dislikes.

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