You may have been thinking about starting longboarding for a long time, but you don’t know exactly how to start. which one is the best quest longboards. Also, your mind is still hesitant about which longboard to start this new chapter of your life, which longboard to open the new door of adventure with.

So this article is just for you because, in order to get rid of all your dilemmas, we are going to discuss some Best quest longboard of this company that you can rely on for a long time.

You may not find a better longboard to start this new chapter of life called longboarding.

Yes! Talking about the best quest longboard and this nice longboard has a distinct feature that you may not find among other longboards available in the market.

And that specialty is the strange combination of price and quality. This extraordinary combination will surprise you a lot, as the first longboard is going to color your new world called longboarding quest longboard.

In addition to this, you will also find a variety of designs in the design of such longboards, which will ensure you from the quality side as well as bring aesthetics in your eyes. Let’s get to know another detail about these longboards for everyone from the brand new to the professional.

We are going to discuss some of the best quest longboards on amazon available in the market, which will make your longboarding world very beautiful and interesting.

Top 5 Best Quest Longboards

1.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

2.Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

3.Quest Night Fighter Drop Through Longboard Skateboard

4.Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard

5.Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard

Best Quest Longboards available in the marketplace!

1.Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


The 44-inch longboard with this nice and aesthetic design has a very nice unique feature, and that is that the stiff and sturdy deck is also made with a combination of multi-ply maple wood and all the nice bamboo.

At the same time, this product will ensure that you are using an eco-friendly product while giving you a nice riding experience at the same time. And the way the design is painted on this wonderful deck has taken this board to a unique level.

This longboard made of bamboo is made in California And you all know that a company called Quest in California is much more famous for making all the nice longboards. Also, when it comes to hard bearings, ABEC7 bearings will make your riding experience much smoother.

Made with all the nice elements this longboard can give you outstanding performance. And you never have to worry about durability, because this great longboard is able to solve all your worries.

Due to the fact that it is made in its own factory, the company called Quest tries to ensure the quality of this product by keeping a close watch on every part of the production period.

And so you can take your riding experience to an outstanding level by purchasing this product without any hesitation. However, Gravity Skateboards is also another popular brand from California.


**Highly durable for better performance

**Amazing combination of wood and bamboo

**ABEC7 bearing for smooth riding

**Own product own production for better quality


*Some complaint about the sloppy graphics

*Some say wheels are not sturdy enough

2.Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


This nice 34-inch longboard is perfect for becoming the first longboard of your life. You may not think much of it today, but this first longboard will seem much more important to you when you look back on the past long after today.

And so this wonderful maple wood and bamboo deck are able to meet all your needs. As well as being the first board, this longboard is rich in graphics with a very attractive design that will fascinate you.

Also, other components like wheels, trucks, and bearings are all made with very good quality material so you never have to compromise on the quality of this longboard.

This kicktail design product is perfect for your daily movement. Whether you go to school or hang out with friends, this longboard can be your constant companion.

So why the delay? Feel free to purchase this product now as the first longboard of your life. Because you may not get such a good product within reach as well as quality. This product will take your riding experience to a unique level through your smooth and stable performance.


**34-Inch bamboo longboard

**Multi-ply Hardwood Maple and gorgeous artisan bamboo deck

**Rough 6-inch aluminum trucks

**Sturdy 65mm PU wheels

**It arrives with ABEC 7 bearings


*Not for professionals

3.Quest Night Fighter Drop Through Longboard Skateboard


This forty-inch longboard can take all your longboarding experience to another level in a very beautiful way. However, before saying anything about its quality, it is not necessary to say first about the attractive design of this longboard.

Because of the very aesthetic and visually pleasing graphics work in black, it makes your longboard so beautiful that when you ride with this longboard, your friends will be jealous of it, needless to say.

Now let’s know a little bit about the structure and quality of this quest zero dark 40. All parts of this longboard, including wheels, bearings, and decks, are made with great materials. And because of its excellent design, you can definitely expect outstanding performance from it.

This deck made of maple wood is quite strong and durable. For a long time, this longboard can be your partner in an exciting world like longboarding.

With the ability to keep you satisfied for a long time with stable and smooth performance, you are going to get this longboard at a very affordable price. In addition, this wheel is specially made so that you do not have to suffer any kind of wheel-bite while riding.

So you can understand the quality, aesthetic design as well as safety issues, you can have full confidence in this Quest Night Fighter Drop Through Longboard Skateboard.- Sturdy 7 ply all cold Climate Hardwood Maple deck. Also, for safety issue you can always wear some Best Skateboard and Longboard Helmet till 2021.


*Precision ABEC 7 bearings

*Durable aluminum trucks

*Lightweight and sturdy construction

*Highly durable with top-notch performance


*Quite decent board not so much

4.Quest Tribes Pin Kick Tail Longboard Skateboard


This longboard can be adapted to any type of weather and is made of 7 Ply strong maple wood. You can use this longboard in any kind of weather for a long time.

Its sturdy and compact structure will make your riding experience much more aesthetic. Also when it comes to other components of this longboard such as wheels, bearings, trucks, etc., you can be assured that every part of this product is made of good quality material.

With its outstanding performance and variety of features, this longboard will enhance your riding experience as well as your safety. Because many of us know about wheel bytes that accidents can happen at any time due to wheel bytes while moving.

And when you ride with this longboard, you don’t have to suffer wheel bites because of its tough and good-quality wheels. As a result, most of your riding will be surrounded by safety zones.

Also, this board has a special feature of nice shape that is this product fits very nicely with any type of rider.

Again when it comes to price within reach, you have to be quite surprised at how this amazing combination of price and quality is what this company came up with.


**Durable wheel

**Sturdy construction ensures high-quality performance

**Amazing design with verity fearless enabled

**No wheel bite for better security


*Not expensive and you will get what you pay for

*There are some complaints about counterfeit product

5.Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard


I personally have a slightly different fascination with this Quest 2012 Classic Longboard Skateboard because of the price of this beautiful and nicely designed longboard.

Its wheels, trucks, and decks, in a word, the quality of each part is very good. This longboard with a slightly curved classic style has enough flex that will help you stay stable while riding.

Again the graphics are so beautiful to look at that when you ride with this board your friends will be envious of the skillful work of these graphics. Also, a special type of grip tape on the top of the deck will not let you go down from the deck easily but will help you stay stable.

Again, when it comes to Ashe trucks, it has to be said that these trucks with the quality of murder quality help you more in terms of flex. But one thing is that the trucks are a little tight in the initial stage and so you can loosen the trucks a bit if you want


**40-Inch Classic longboard

**47 ply all Hardwood Maple deck

**4Rugged 7-inch aluminum trucks

**4Durable 70mm PU wheels

**4Precision ABEC 5 bearings


**4Trucks are quite tight


Q: Who should buy the Quest Super Cruiser?

A: Fairly, this Best quest longboard purposes flawlessly as an inexpensive and great outline to longboarding. Generally, if you are searching for a hard longboard that is abundant at carving and unconditionally impeccable for traveling, this is the board for you. For approx. $70, this longboard is a real deal for beginners!  

Q: Which is a better longboard, Quest Super Cruiser, or Quest Native Spirit Kick Tail?

Answer: Well, basically both of them are quite sturdy enough and made for the same purpose to serve which is cruising. And the basic difference lies in the materials; the super cruiser is manufactured with a combination of maple wood and bamboo. On the other hand, Quest native spirit kick Tail is manufactured with maple hardwood.
Understandably, if you want something lighter, the first one can be a little heavier, and the second one can be on your list of favorites. Besides, the performance of the two longboards overall is quite excellent.

What kind of skateboard is for beginners? What are some good brands?

Answer: The first board is important to you as new because it will be your memory later. In addition, when buying longboards for newcomers, you need to keep a close eye on the security issues.
Also, if you want to answer the question directly about the best longboard for beginners, you should say that cruising type longboards should be a purchase for you as a beginner. It is because this type of longboard is quite famous for safety as well as maintaining balance.
Apart from this, there are some good longboard brands in the marketplace, such as Santa Cruz, Churchill, quest, atom longboard, volador longboard, retrospec longboard, etc.

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