The most popular company nowadays is Gravity Skateboards, which always strives to maintain the quality of its products. If you are new to skating and are thinking of buying a skateboard, read this article. Because today we’re going to introduce you to one of the best skateboard brands in America. 

Gravity Skateboards History

The Gravity Skateboard, a skateboarding firm based in Southern California, was founded in 1994. Canada and the United States are the two countries that make up the skateboard. Almost all the popular brands of these two countries have been able to establish their own niche in the skateboard world. Among them, gravity skateboard is on the top, while considering the combination of safety and quality.  

About Gravity Skateboards

Gravity Skateboard is one of the many companies that are at the forefront of making longboards. The most interesting thing is that all of the ingredients used to make this Gravity Skateboard’s board are made in the United States. 

The company, called Gravity Skateboard, is not only focused on creating outstanding quality products but also contributing to the country’s socio-economic development. The company is also generating employment for US citizens on a regular basis.

The quality of the products made by Gravity Skateboard is so high that the demand for these products is increasing day by day. Besides, the company is always playing a satisfactory role in the durability and design of these products, which is also why the demand for the products is outstanding!

The Gravity Skateboard Company focuses specifically on safety. As a result, your skateboarding experience in using these products will be amazing.

Best Skateboard Buying Guide In 2022

The company is far ahead in terms of environmental awareness. Because they are constantly providing products that are environmentally friendly. All of the ingredients that this company uses in making products are safe to use and have no harmful effects on the environment. Even in the year 2016, they were nominated as a top brand in the skateboard industry!  

Shipping Policy

Normally if your order is accepted through the website, your product will be shipped to you via UPS Ground within two business days. However, you can get faster product delivery if you want, and for that, you should talk to a customer care representative. Plus, for faster shipping, you will also need to pay extra shipping charges. 

Gravity Skateboard Company focuses specifically on safety

You must be located within the United States to take advantage of free shipping. If you live in an area outside or in an area like Hawaii, Alaska, you will have to pay extra shipping charges. And in this case, you will receive the product within the next seven to ten business days of confirming your order. 

Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with any reason after purchasing the product, no worries, you can return the product. However, within thirty days of purchase, you must return the product by following the following conditions: 

The quality of the products made by Gravity Skateboard is very high

**Your product has to be in unused condition.

**You will only get the price of the product. The shipping charges are excluded in the time of refund. 

**If you cannot return the product in its original condition, you will not get a refund. 

**You will be charged the restocking fee, in order to return the product which is only 15 dollars. 

Pros and Cons

All the products have some pros and cons, and you need to balance those factors. So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these products’ features. 


Basically, if you want to distinguish bad and good skateboard, you have to depends on four important parts.  And those four parts are the deck, wheel, ball-bearings, and the board itself.

skateboarding firm based in Southern California

Let’s talk about the four factors of the gravity skateboard

The Board

The Gravity Skateboard Company has an amazing combination of motifs and colors. The design on either side of these boards makes them even more attractive. And so, when skating, the boards are always astonishing when players display any tricks. 

The Deck

When assembling the elements of the Gravity Skateboard, all the little things are also monitored in full. And when it comes to the quality of these parts, it can undoubtedly be said that the company plays an unequivocal role. With good quality products, players can speed up their skateboards at their own pace. 

Alongside these skateboards, you can adapt well with different types of terrain. 

The Wheels

The wheels made by the Gravity Skateboard Company have good elasticity. And that’s precisely why you can skate in any kind of rough terrain or grassy area. Also, the wonderful combination between the wheel and the board can bring your skating experience to a unique level. 

The Ball-bearings

Its excellent durable bearings help Gravity Skateboard’s skateboards move at a smooth pace. Also, the excellent coordination between these bearings and the board plays a very useful role when the players adjust the speed to suit their needs.

Whether you are a novice skated or pro, you can tune the board as your skill level with the screw system of these boards. If new, you should set up the screws in such a way so that there will be no accidents at high speed. And so in this regard, we can say that the Gravity Skateboard is quite safe.

Apart from this, skaters who are very skilled and professional will be able to enhance their skills through this board and showcase all the wonderful skills. Because the whole board has an amazing combination that will take your skills to a unique level. 


There is only one bad side to these products called gravity skateboards. And that is the extra cost of these products! Skaters are often seen complaining about these high prices in the marketplace at different times. And so you have to think a little while buying this product. One thing to know, however, is that the price of good quality products may be slightly higher. 

How to Use This Skateboards

When it comes to usage, these products are very user-friendly. But to be safe and secure you need to follow some guidelines. 

we can say that the Gravity Skateboard is quite safe.

**The very first thing is using the right technique. Without the right technique, you are not safe on the run. 

**You have to be in balance as soon as you step on the board, otherwise, an accident can happen at any time.

**These boards are a lot smoother and therefore you should always be attentive.

**You can go on the run from fifteen to eighteen km with a full battery. 

**battery takes two to three hours to charge. 

**When it comes to storing, you need to keep them in any type of dry area.

Final Words

If you are interested in skateboarding, definitely check out the boards from Gravity Skateboard. These skateboards are counted best among the best, and that can take your skating experience to a unique level.

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