If you are a skateboard player, you must love your board. A proper rack is one of the amazing ways to show your love and care to your board. Because a dependable rack can assist various drives and will frequently impact your skating in an actual reflective way. In this article your you will find the way to choose best skateboard racks.

Also, when your skateboard hangs on the wall within the rack, it will also look great. Apart from that, now that you are a skateboard lover, everyone can easily understand.

On the other hand, the best skateboard racks are very useful for your skateboard, because if the floor is wet or damp, the skateboard may get damaged.

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Moreover, if you have a lot of skateboards, then you must use a rack. Because it allows you to arrange all your skateboards.

Finally, to help you out, we’ve come up with a list of the top ten racks, so you won’t have to find the best one among the thousands of racks on the market.

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Here is the list : Best Skateboard Racks

1.Store Your Board Skateboard Rack


Store Your Board’s rack makes its own space in our top list for its amazing fashionable design with a top-notch quality touch. Moreover, these products are manufactured from ABS plastic and provide the I-beam structure.

If you are only not buying any racks because you think they are not durable, then you might think otherwise after seeing these skateboard racks. These racks are pretty much durable and sturdy. Apart from that, the versatility is another feature of these racks, you can either hold your skateboard or put them on the rack.

2. 212 Main Wooden Angle Skateboard Display Rack

212 Main Wooden Angle Skateboard Display Rack


When you want to put your board or riding gear on, you can use this rack quite comfortably. In this rack, you can place a maximum of three skateboards if you want. Or, you can also arrange your riding gear with a skateboard with this rack. With just a few screws you can set this board into the wall. So, you understand, you don’t have to work that hard to install it. If you want to get an excellent design, advanced quality, and abundance of use together, this board is for you.

The whole wood structure of this 212 Main Wooden Angle Skateboard Display Rack, took the beauty of this rack to another level. Being made of whole-body wood, the rack has added beauty to the look. And these wooden pegs can easily hold your skateboard or helmet.

This rack, specially designed for mounting on the wall, can be easily installed on the wall. And you only need two screws. So, you understand, this rack can easily enhance the beauty and decoration of your home to look great. When it comes to safety and constancy, you need to embed the screw in the wall stud. Thus, you can ensure the safety of the rack.

To ensure the long-time durability and amazing performance, the manufacturer made the border and rods with sturdy birch. Moreover, this frame and rods also enhance the beauty and gives a professional look.

You can easily put four skateboards in this rack, which is quite spacious for this type of rack. Plus, you can also put your board and riding gear combination together with ease. Moreover, boards can be put in these best skateboard racks with or without trucks and wheels.  

3. Skateboard/Snowboard Longboard Floor Display Rack

Skateboard/Snowboard Longboard Floor Display Rack


This rack is designed so that you can place any type of skateboard/snowboard/longboard. Another unique thing is that the rack was designed and built in Colorado. Because of all of these excellent features, no matter what type of player you are, this rack will suit your board very well.

Besides, if you keep this rack in your room because of its excellent design, it will enhance the appearance of your home.

The rack, on the other hand, is designed in such a way that you can leave the rack on the floor.

You can put a rack in one corner of the room beautifully without having to dig the walls of your room. You can easily install the entire rack without any hassle.

But one thing you need to keep in mind is that since this rack has to be installed on the floor, you need to have enough space on the floor so it can be installed in a very secure manner.

4. StoreYourBoard Longboard Wall Rack

toreYourBoard Longboard Wall Rack


This rack is primarily designed to hold longboards and can store up to three boards. Like many other racks, this StoreYourBoard Longboard Wall Rack is made from powerful ABS plastic. Plus, the I-beam structure and outstanding heavy-duty construction ensure sturdiness and toughness.

With just two screws and a little trouble, you can easily install this nice rack. Besides, you can get everything you need to install these best skateboard racks.

You can place up to three boards in this rack, but you can also use the rack to hold your riding gear and helmet if you do not have extra boards.

But keep one in mind, and that is because I said this rack is specially made for longboard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put it on any other board.

Rather, since longboards can be placed in it, any other board will fit in very easily. It is possible to keep it in the rack, both with and without wheels and trucks.

5. Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack Mount

Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack Mount


Do you do different types of boarding? Not only a skateboard but you also have a longboard and snowboard? So, this Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack Mount is perfect for you.

Because there is enough space in this rack so that even your biggest board can be easily put into it. Another notable aspect of this rack is that it allows you to maintain a maximum of five boards, with or without trucks and wheels.

As you know, American brands have long maintained their reputation in making these products. And one such brand is the manufacturer of this rack. Because these racks are designed and made in the United States, Colorado.

One of the reasons behind the excellent structure and durability is that it is made with Southern Redwood, and as a result, they are also very beautiful to look at. Moreover, you can use it with natural color or you can even pain it as you like.

6. Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack is one of the best skateboard racks

Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack is one of the best skateboard racks


Simple things always carry a unique value. And if you have questions, this Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack will answer that question. It is through this rack that you can understand how even a very simple rack can play a unique role.

With this rack, you can keep your boards in various ways. This means that the rack will be able to bring a much simpler solution to everything. Moreover, this bamboo rack will provide you with a lifetime warranty.

Besides, you can mount the Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack with only two screws mounted to the wall. The design of this rack is also very simple, just like I said earlier when the quality of the simple product is extraordinary, the simple design also provides a unique attraction. In addition, the rack will have everything you need to mount the wall with the rack.

7. Source One Deluxe Tier Skateboard Storage Display Rack

Source One Deluxe Tier Skateboard Storage Display Rack


Just earlier, we’ve been talking about racks made of wood or ABS plastic, so let’s talk about something a little different. This rack is just as smooth as plastic and wood, but this Source One Deluxe Tier Skateboard Storage Display Rack is made of translucent acrylic. This is why it’s as durable and aesthetic as any other rack.

This rack is perfect for you if you want a different product out of the ordinary. It should be noted that the slots of this rack are quite wide, which allows any type of board to fit with this rack. You also do not have to spend more than two to three minutes to install the board.

You can store all types of boards, from small to large, in this Source One Deluxe Tier Skateboard Storage Display Rack, and it is possible to hold up to four skateboards in total.

However, if you do not need extra space, you can buy other smaller boards of this company. The manufacturer is willing to provide the highest level of service through their own products, making the company say that they are 100 percent guaranteed that you will like this product.

8. Naked Skate Skateboard Storage Rack

Naked Skate Skateboard Storage Rack


Your skateboard may have been a very nice and aesthetic design that you always wanted to show off to everyone. Also, if a wonderful board is in your room, then your personality will increase quite a bit.

In most of these cases, most racks can ruin the beauty of your board, because of those racks, the outstanding design of your board may be covered. Although the problem may have made you a little worried, this rack has come up with a solution to your problem. Because, this board is designed so that it does not cover your board, it enhances the beauty of your board.

These best skateboard racks are made of 100% powder-coated aluminum, making the racks strong and sturdy enough. You don’t even have to worry about installing this rack, and you’ll have everything you need to install the rack. Also, keep in mind that you can place boards in the rack, both with and without the trucks or wheels.

Another feature of this product has brought the product to a unique level. And that is, the product is made in America. People’s attraction to these brands is somewhat higher because of the fact that American brands keep their standards intact.

9. Source Clear Acrylic Skateboard Rack

Source Clear Acrylic Skateboard Rack


With this Source Clear Acrylic Skateboard Rack, you can keep or display your skateboard if you want. This rack is designed so that any size board can easily fit in with this rack. This rack is so nice to see that it looks like the rack is floating on your wall.

Besides, this rack allows you to install the wall in a variety of ways, and the installation is quite simple. All the materials to install will be available when you buy the rack. Each of its edges has been polished in a very nice way, which is what makes it unique. As a result, this rack can bring a wonderful view into your home.

10.San Diego Woodworking Sk8 Rack Skateboard Rack

skateboard racks


This amazing San Diego Woodworking Sk8Rack Skateboard Rack is manufactured from birchwood which made this very unique. This rack was designed and built in the US state of California. As you already know from other reviews, such well-known American brands always seek to maintain their own identity and product quality. Note that this company has racks of different sizes, so you can buy racks as per your requirement. The rack also has two hooks, so you can hang your helmet as well as your board.

This rack is easy to mount on the wall so you will need a Philip head screwdriver. Note that in this rack you can place both your longboard and shortboard.

Besides, the finish of this product is so wonderful that it will bring a unique aesthetic to the decoration of the house.

Skateboard Buyer’s Guide

As you can see, all kinds of skateboard racks are available in the market for your needs. And so even if you have one or many boards, these racks are able to meet your needs. However, if you are still confused about the decision, know the following. Then you can easily pick up your favorite and best skateboard racks available on the market.


Maybe capacity is the most important thing that you need to look after. Because you bought a rack, you couldn’t put your skateboard on that rack.

So, your whole decision was in vain, right? On the other hand, you need a rack to hold a skateboard, while you buy a rack that holds five skateboards! And that’s exactly why you need to buy a rack as your requirement.


Exactly what material your rack is made of is very important. Because a lot depends on how strong your rack is going to be. Besides, different types of materials offer different benefits.

Therefore, it is very important to take into account the size of the rack as well as the material made with it. As an example, ABS plastic, this material is very strong and at the same time, its price is relatively low.

On the other hand, the racks made of wood are so beautiful to look at and bring with it the beauty of the home. At the same time, the materials made of wood are stronger and comparatively less expensive than plastic racks.


Do you want to mount your rack on the wall, or to put it on the floor? Yes! Someone wants a rack of some kind. Something may not be mounted on someone’s wall, so it requires a rack to be placed on the floor.

On the other hand, some may not have enough space on the floor when they need a rack to mount on the wall! Also, floor-mounted racks require a lot of floor space. And so, buying racks is very important as you need them.

A skateboard rack doesn’t have to be just for home or shop. Because in some schools or super shops there is a skateboard rack so that everyone there can arrange their own skateboard racks.

Anyway, we hope that our skateboard rack buying guide can assist you to choose the best skateboard racks available. And, best of luck with that!

Editor’s pick—Top 3 Best Skateboard Racks

Though we’ve compiled the top 10 racks, however, here are the top 3 compilations. If you are in a hurry, then this list will come in very handy for you.

Most Ergonomic: Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack Mount

Most Ergonomic: Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack Mount

Do you own a longboard and want to hang it up on the wall? If you do, you’re going to need a good rack. Pro Board Racks have become increasingly popular because of their high quality and versatility.
The Pro Board Racks Longboard Wall Rack Mount is an essential addition to your longboard collection. It allows you to safely and securely store your longboard while it’s not in use.
The mount also prevents your longboard from damage while it’s hanging on the wall. Not only can they hold your board securely, but they also come in a variety of styles and colors to match your home decor. So why not buy one today?

Best for Skateboard Count: San Diego Woodworking Sk8 Rack Skateboard Rack

Best for Skateboard Count: San Diego Woodworking Sk8 Rack Skateboard Rack

If you’re looking for a way to store your skateboard, there are plenty of options available. However, not all of them are ideal. If you’re looking for a storage solution that’s both functional and stylish, then you should consider buying San Diego Woodworking’s Sk8 Rack Skateboard Rack.
This rack is made from high-quality wood and is designed to fit most boards. Plus, it’s easy to install and can be customized to fit your needs.
Also, this rack can accommodate almost 8 skateboards at a time. And for this most skateboard accommodating number, this rack becoming popular day by day.

Best for Small Size: Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack

Best for Small Size: Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack

If you’re like most skateboarders, you have a few boards that you rotate between. But if you have a single board, putting it on the wall is an awkward process. That’s where the Bamboo Skateboard Wall Rack comes in handy. This rack is designed to hold your board securely so that it’s easy to grab and go. Plus, it’s made from bamboo which is a sustainable wood product.
A bamboo skateboard wall rack is perfect for storing your single skateboard. It is a stylish and affordable way to store your board and it will look great in any room. The bamboo construction is strong and durable, so you can rest assured that your board will be safe and protected.

Final Words
The best skateboard racks are versatile and can accommodate a variety of boards. They are also durable and can support a heavy load. One of the best skateboard racks includes the 212 Main Wooden Angle Skateboard Display Rack due to its versatility.
There are times when you don’t need your skateboard, but you still want it close at hand. The Wooden Angle Skateboard Display Rack is perfect for storing your skateboard while freeing up some space in your closet or room. The rack also doubles as a place to store your helmet.

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