Gotway Msx Unicycle Review

One Gotway MSX Pro (also known as the gotway msuper pro) comes with two motor options and a long list of specifications, making it ideal for riders who want it all. You’ll enjoy what the MSX Pro has to do, if you prefer to conquer hills or zip over flat ground at a fast pace.

This gotway unicycle also comes with a wide variety of options and functions, such as vibrant lighting and high-quality speakers. I’ll go through some of the functionality as well as some PROS and CONS from my point of view.


Specifications of gotway msx

• Range: ~65Km – 160 km (depending on battery size)
• Maximum speed 25 km / h, unbridgeable 40km / h after 200km
• Battery: Lithium Ion 84V 1600Wh or 100V 1230Wh (NCR18651 GA)
• Charge Time ~15 Hrs depending on battery size
• Max Loads: 120 KG
• Motor Power: 2000W (nominal power)
• Dimensions 546 mm (H) x 490 mm (L) x 266 mm (thickness)
• Weight 23.5 KG
• Slope max 25 °
• Wheel / Tire Size: 19 inch tires
• Connectivity: IOS Android ANDROID Bluetooth gotway app

Who would be in love with it?

Hello, everybody! All, indeed! The MSX can appeal to both novice and experienced riders, and here’s why:

I can claim about this gotway unicycle with absolute certainty and evidence because I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t fallen in love with a gotway msuper 18. My mate, who may never have rode a EUC before, hopped on and took off as though he had rediscovered a lost love from a former existence.

After moments, he began carving turns and then took out his phone to take a short “video for the gram.” That’s right, he’s that man. How did he recognize it as quickly as a pro unicyclist?
The engine and the generator.

The Gotway MSX Pro comes with two engine choices: a 2000-watt motor and a 2500-watt motor. The 2000-watt motor achieves a marginally higher speed of 45 mph, whereas the 2500 achieves a speed of about 37 mph

That torque provided by the 2500-watt motor is advantageous for hills. The 2500-watt engine is the best option if your mass is similar to or equal to the 325-pound maximum rider weight.

All units have the same battery. It has an 1800Wh capability and can travel up to 60 miles on a single charge. Often top off the charge after each trip just don’t let it go below 30% to hold your batteries in perfect shape. With either a 4A fast-charger, it will take about 3 hours to get back to 80 percent charge while the battery is down.

Putting up a house.

The development of the Gotway MSX Pro impressed us greatly. This pro unicycle one has a wide 19-inch tire with a 3-inch width. It’s ideal for rougher terrains like grass and gravel because of this.

It also has a new function of being skid-resistant. Other unicycles in this sequence have updated brakes like an electric skateboard.

They’re XL Nikola pedals with better grip-tape, so you’ll be able to maintain control at high speeds. The self-standing clip-on fender prevents the muck from splattering up as you ride in dirt. This bumper also aids in keeping the wheel balanced.

They can shift the wheel about with the retractable trolley handle while you are not really riding it. A unicycle is 52 pounds in weight and can carry up to 325 pounds.

Are you worried about the availability of water? Since the wheel housing is sealed, any water that enters from the handle chamber exits quickly. However, you cannot just put it in an electric skateboard backpack, as it is quite heavy and large.

Epoxy coating is often applied to the processor, which protects it. And if you can stop riding your unicycle in the storm, if you do, make sure it is just light rain with this gotway msuper 18. Often store the Gotway MSX Pro indoors and avoid cycling over puddles.

Speaker system, illumination, and an gotway app

On such a unicycle, illumination is important. You want vivid, rising illumination that makes you healthy in low-light situations. The headlight on the Gotway MSX Pro is a Double T6 with intelligent brightness. There’s even backlighting and RBG accent LEDs. You should feel secure about the exposure.

The speakers may be used for playing music as well as sounding warnings. Two 35-watt Bluetooth speakers are included. In addition to the protection alert system, the gotway msuper pro software allows you to make modifications. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Examine the battery power, internal temperature, and voltage. You may also use the software to adjust your ride mode and pedal calibration, as well as update the firmware.

Security measures are included.
Powered unicycles have a learning curve as with most people, so taking things slowly is the safest way to remain healthy. There are also automated safety features, such as intelligent speed limiting defense, that keep you out of harm’s way.

Also, there’s security against reactive power short circuits, overload, and battery Undervoltage. Powered unicycles have a reputation for being a fire threat when they first came out, but protection features have improved dramatically since then. The riskiest part of a EUC is crashing and dropping.

However, for extra safety, you can always use some best protective gears.

Customer experience is really important.

A one-year parts guarantee is included with the Gotway MSX Pro. That battery is covered for six months, whereas the tire, hose, and parts are covered for three months. That labor warranty is restricted to one year. The harm caused by abuse or negligence, as well as water, salt, or an injury, is not protected. Keep in mind that whether you don’t have a warranty slip or the initial invoice, the warranty would be void.

Is the MSP water tolerant, and may I use it in the rain?

Since the Wheel framework is fully sealed, any water that reaches the retractable handle chamber will drain harmlessly. For the circuitry, an epoxy film coating is added to the control surface, which adds another layer of weather safety.

Withstanding these design elements, it is generally advised that running the motor in the shower, excessive exposure to damp, and avoiding puddles and stagnant water, which can reach the motor through the axle aperture, triggering bearing corrosion and premature wear to the internals of the motor, is not a safe idea.

How challenging is it to keep the MSX in good working order?

The internals of the Wheel may be revealed in only few other minutes after the three sides panels are withdrawn. On the MSX, changing an innertube could take about 30 minutes, while on a Tesla or MCM5, it would take approximately exactly as expensive.
Other than tire/innertube replacements on a regular basis, no other maintenance is required. If it develops a defect and has to be sent back for repair, we have a warranty support center in Tucson, Arizona.

Who can be purchasing Gotway MSX Pro?

The Gotway MSX Pro is a powerful electric unicycle that every user can enjoy. It appeals to two groups of people because it has various motor options: those who want torque and those who want power.

The 2500-watt engine has a higher protection buffer and can accommodate heavier passengers. The Gotway MSX Pro is definitely a safer option for more seasoned riders who feel they enjoy unicycles because of its price. If you’re not positive, you can get a good wheel for a reasonable price.

Final word

If you want the torque-forward engine or the quick motor, the Gotway MSX Pro offers you both high speed and a long-range at an affordable price.

The quick engine, if you’re willing to spend a little more, can get you up to 45 mph. Both vehicles have excellent protection equipment, a large tire, excellent lighting and speakers, and an interface to keep track of your stats. Once you’re on this EUC, you’re primed for the open lane.

The Gotway MSX Pro is the best of the best. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest luxury e-unicycles currently available. It comes with a hefty price tag, but the quality of the commodity you’ll get more than makes up for it.

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