king Song Unicycle Detailed Review

The king song unicycle 14D is the ideal mix of portability, versatility, and value in an electric unicycle for students, travelers, and newcomers searching for a safe “last mile answer.”
It’s also ideal for teenage riders who need a wheel to move around because it’s not too hard to hold and has a built-in trolley handle of king song electric unicycle.
If you’re looking for an electric unicycle with a long range, the king song unicycle 16X is a great option.

king song unicycles

On a full charge, the massive 1554Wh battery offers 65 miles of range. The 16X’s pace is incredible, and the architecture and enhancements over previous King Song goods make it an excellent pick for those searching for a thrilling journey. Let’s have a closer look into what this unicycle has to do!

What I believe about king song unicycle:

Let me continue to be a spokesperson for the little guys in an environment whereby new networking is attempting to persuade us all that we’ll need to waste a lot of money to move quicker and further.

Yes, modern wheels are on the way that will travel far quicker than any person on a kingsong unicycle can ever ride, and the ranges on these latest kingsong EUCs will surpass my neighbor’s Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.

I believe the majority of people require a compact wheel than those who require an extremely powerful wheel.

If you’re a traveler or city dweller trying to move around quickly, an EUC that can comfortably be carried up and down stairs, such as the 30 pound king song electric unicycle 14D, would come in handy. When taking your KS14D upstairs, it looks like you’re carrying a full briefcase/messenger pack.

How many individuals, outside of kingsong EUC diehards, need an almost 80-pound behemoth to crack their backs whilst lugging it up and down stairs or wrestling it into and out of their car trunk?

Although it’s cool to boast about having an electric unicycle that can fly a million miles on a single charge, can your body handle riding an Electric Unicycle for that long?

The king song unicycle 14D isn’t designed for trail cycling or tempo. It is the best value 14 inch wheel on the market, with a cruise speed of 18 miles and a range of 15-20 miles. It seems to have a lot to give at a really competitive price. Test out such a page for the latest up-to-date prices.

That KingSong 14D is designed to be secure. Users should be aware that this is not a racing wheel. It reaches a maximum velocity of about 18 mph, or below 50% power, the top velocity is curved to make you healthier.

The motor and the generator of king song unicycle

What kind of unicycle is this? Is there any limit on how deep it may go? A 2000-watt engine is included with the King Song 16X. That’s a lot of electricity, so anticipate speeds of about 31 mph. That speed is restricted for the first ten miles of cycling.

It’s better this way because you’ll have more time to get to know the unicycle and feel at ease until unleashing its maximum potential. Do you live in a hilly area? You’ll be perfect climbing hills with a 35-degree incline.

The battery has a power of 1554Wh, which is very remarkable. This is what makes the king song electric unicycle to fly 65 miles on a single charge (depending on conditions).
If the battery is fully depleted, it can take a long time to charge to the recommended 80 percent.

Get one of the slower charging stations; kingsong 16 might take up to 14 hours. Which takes around 4 hours with a 5A quick charger, and that’s not terrible. The smart battery control unit is also included with the battery.


The King Song 16X comes with a number of updates. Compared to previous versions, the kingsong unicycle software and device are a little unique. Since all electric unicycles are powered by a gyroscopic detector and configuration, the software of each device has an impact about how the ride feels.

One may choose between mild, medium, or hard for the unicycle’s balance. The additional tire will also give you a sense of protection. Its dimensions are 16×3 inches, allowing you to fly on a number of surfaces.

It’s normal for it to want to stay upright.
The kingsong electric unicycle remains flexible when you ride and transform. When riding at high speeds, you may need to change your weight slightly from side to side like got way unicycle.

The king song unicycle 16X isn’t necessarily light in terms of weight. It weighs about 52 pounds, but it has an incorporated retractable push handle for easier transport with kingsong 18s. 52 pounds isn’t that terrible considering the unicycle’s strength and range. The unicycle’s product page claims it will handle up to 330 pounds, although the user manual suggests 265 pounds.

A seat choice, and that is very handy if you intend on taking the wheel out for long walks, and good water safety are also included in the development. Inside a thundercloud, a unicycle are not included, but in a light shower, it should be perfect. Still keep your unicycle indoors and stay away from puddles. Plus, kingsong s18 price is also quite reasonable just like inmotion unicycle.

Lighting, microphones, and an interface are also included.

Mostly on King Song 16X, we love the lighting, microphones, and kingsong app. Such as cycling in complete darkness, the elevated RGB (red, green, blue) LED illumination is ideal. When you know you can see and everyone else can see you, you’ll be much better.
Cruising at night is far highly risky than driving daytime, so stop it if at all necessary. The quad-5W speakers and 10W subwoofer are also appealing for scooters song. Are you unsure what the distinction is? It’s just about the frequency. Sub-woofers have the low – frequency range of music, so if you like strong bass, you’ll be pleased.

The King Song app is the other function we’d like to discuss. It monitors a variety of metrics, including your pace, range, and remaining battery power.

Inside the software of kingsong n10, you can even adjust your ride mode and configure your lighting. The software also allows you to download firmware patches, so King Song advises that you use it on a daily basis to maintain your kingsong electric unicycle in top shape.

Features that ensure performance

Electric unicycles are by far the most dangerous drives available, so choose one with as many safety features as possible. There are a few on the king song unicycle 16X. When you raise the unicycle whilst it is still on, the lift stop rotation prevents the engine from activating.

If indeed the item leans 45 degrees to the opposite side, the tilt stopping movement will detach the engine. This function assists the engine in turning off as quickly as possible in the event of an accident.

There’s also over-temperature safety, posted speed safety, and low voltage protection (which kicks in when the battery is at 30%). While you are solely responsible for a smooth journey, it is helpful to provide built-in functionality that fix potential unicycle problems.

However, if you want to extra safety then you can go with some protective gears like helmet and sliding gloves to protect yourself from normal accidents.

Customer support is essential.

Ask the nearest supplier or distributor for assistance. You may even call King Song directly for general service or maintenance if you’re in the United States. You’ll need to call the person that initially offered you the unicycle for warranty assistance. The engine and motherboard are protected by a 365-day guarantee from the time they leave the plant.

The battery kit comes with a 183-day warranty. Sole construction flaws are covered by the restricted warranties. This ensures that if anything goes wrong with the unicycle when it is in your possession (including regular wear and tear), the warranty would not protect it.

Some Drawbacks

That King Song 14D has a little shortcomings until you grasp the intended audience and use of this wheel.

Then king song unicycle 14D has a nimble flight, but its maneuverability is hampered by the large foot pedals. I like the large foot pedals because they add stability, but they can easily scratch the road on really close curves. The Mten3 avoided this by angling the pedals upward to have a little more clearance on certain very close turns.

On my EUCs and the 14D, I do not even care for the lighter shade. This same wheel’s glossy finish looks nice out of the packaging, but bumps and dust seem to be magnified until my kids get their hands on it.

This same flashlight is adequate, but I would consider taking a second light source for night riding.

I might go on and on about how bad the software is all day. I consider using EUC world or Darknessbot rather than the authorized King Song EUC software. It can be difficult and annoying to open a completely new wheel and set the pace and tilt back warnings.

If you’re a heavy user who runs on hills and mountains roads, the 14D might not be able to keep up with you on long climbs. Under that case, I’d consider switching to a 14S, and it has a larger battery and a much broader and stronger compact form factor than the 14D. Alternatively, you might go for a 16-inch wheel.

Final Word

In this collection of unicycle accessories, the king song unicycle 16X is an exceptional piece of equipment. It also has several noteworthy improvements, including a more powerful motor and battery to provide increased speed and range. We are grateful for the protection features, the bright lights, and the speakers if you’re on the market for a reliable performance trip with scooters song, you may want to consider this unicycle for you. If you’re still into better unicycle riding, we urge you to move up to this one.

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