In 2020 Best skateboards for beginners

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The Best skateboards for beginners of 2020 that anyone can buy. Skateboarding is such a unique sport and watching the professionals do tricks with a skateboard almost seems magical.

By now you’ve made up your mind and decided you want to give it a try but you don’t know where to start and what type of skateboard to buy. In this article provide you right information that will help you decide which skateboard is compatible to buy.

The 5 Best Skateboards For Beginners In 2020

Skateboards vary in shapes and sizes, the typical skateboard consists of 3 main parts which are, the deck which is the actual board, the trucks which hold the wheels to the board and the wheels.

The deck is made of maple wood, the trucks are made of aluminum and the wheels are made of polyurethane. Skateboards usually come in different shapes and sizes (7.125” – 8.5”) depending on where you ride it.

A wide deck is best for balance and is good to ride in skate parks. A slim deck is good for street skating, the slim design makes it easier to do flip tricks.Skateboards tricks for beginner 

Buying a good skateboard can help a lot in learning how to ride the skateboard and landing your new tricks faster. A good skateboard must have a strong deck which can withstand pressure and weight and a good concave to make those flip tricks easier.

A strong deck isn’t the only thing that makes a good skateboard, a good pair of trucks is necessary to maximize comfort and help with those sharp turns.

If you want to ride fast on your board you’ll want to get good bearings with speed cream, remember doing tricks in high speed always makes the trick look more steezy and you’ll look like a skate God. Top ten best skate shoes

Below we will list the top 5 best skateboards for beginners which will help you start your skateboarding journey

1.MINORITY 32inch Maple skateboard

Its is the on of the Best skateboard for beginners


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This skateboard is a very good choice for beginners. The deck is made of maple wood with 7 layers and is a 32 x 8 inch deck with mediate concaves to help with any trick done on it.

The 5 inch trucks included are genuine aluminum alloy with carbon steel kingpins and PU bushings. The ABEC-9 precision bearings are also included, these bearings are great for those who crave speed.

The skateboard is very smooth and comfortable while riding and can also maneuver turns and corners like a breeze. Boards come in various stylish graphics which can also be a great choice for a gift.

2.Cal7 patterned Complete 7.5 inch popsical double kick tail skateboard

Very strong and Good skateboard for beginners

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The skateboard is a 7.5×31 inch with 7 layers of maple wood with medium concaves for good foot placement and comfort.

The wheels are 52x31mm 100 shore PU wheels, these wheels are great for the streets and are also very durable. The bearings included are ABEC 5 bearings great for speed and are really smooth when riding on the skateboard. 5 inch aluminum trucks added with the deck for better control.

This skateboard also comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

3.Roller Derby Street Series Skateboard 

A Great Choice of skateboard for beginners

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Also a great choice for beginners, this skateboard is mainly used a lot in the streets because of its authentic design. The deck is a 9 layer laminated hardwood made to withstand pressure and weight and also has a double kick tail to help get that perfect pop. 5-inch aluminum trucks added with the board, these trucks are great for turning and strong enough for the streets.

The wheels are 50m x 30mm injection PU wheels great for the streets. The Bevo silver 5 race rated bearings included are great for speed and are long-lasting.

4.Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard

Widely used skateboard for beginners

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This rookie skateboard is widely used by beginners for its narrow and lightweight design. The deck is a  7.5 x 31.5 inch with a modern concave for comfort and more pop making it easier to land tricks.

The wheels are 52mm urethane Krown graphic wheels great for street skating and come in various designs and graphics. Also comes with 5 inch aluminum trucks strong and durable and great for corners and turns.

5.ENKEEO 32″ Double Kicktail Skateboard

very Ideal Skateboard for beginners

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An Ideal skateboard for beginners the deck is a 9 layer made with maple wood made to withstand pressure and weight. The double kick tail design helps to get that perfect pop and land tricks better.

The wheels added are silent ant-shock 85A PU wheels great for cruising on the streets. Wheels are equipped with ABEC- 9 high speed bearings great or those fast skaters. Enkeeo also offers a long term warranty of 24 months.

There you have it, we have listed the top 5 skateboards that we think are best for the beginners to start of with, these skateboards all come in complete sets so you wouldn’t have to worry about assembling them.

The prices are also very reasonable and the boards are of good quality. Remember a good skateboard will speed up the learning process and help you land tricks a lot faster. Make sure to always wear your safety gear before you start riding board.

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