How to choose a Skateboard ?? It’s a common question now in this modern era. Skateboarding is one of the most unique sports out there compared to other sports. Originating in the 1950’s skateboarding has come a long way. Today millions of people skate from all age groups.

Doing it on a regular basis keeps your body healthy and fit and keeps your mind fresh and stress-free. The advantage of having a skateboard includes traveling distances, street skating or skating in the skate park. Anywhere you’ll learn to do those crazy tricks.

Now skateboards may seem pretty simple to someone who is new to the sport. Did you know that there are more types of boards out there in 2021? Below you’ll get to know about types of boards such as longboards, caster boards, cruisers, and other important parts.

How to Choose Best Skateboard?

A skateboard doesn’t always come fully assembled. There are many different parts on it such as the hardware, wheels, grip tape, and more. We’ll also be talking about where it’s best to ride each type of board. Most importantly what shoes to use when skating on your skateboard. For sure this guide will help beginners who want to start skating. Finally, we’re going to try our best to clarify everything you need to know so let’s get started!


  1. What is a skateboard?
  2. Types of boards.
  3. Parts and sizes of boards.
  4. Basics on how to ride a skateboard.
  5. What gears are needed such as shoes, helmets, pads?
  6. Types of tricks to do on a board.
  7. Which places are suitable to ride the board?
  8. Similarities between the boards.
  9. Which board is the best choice for you?
  10. Health benefits of riding a skateboard every day.

    What is a skateboard ?

skateboard buying guide

Inspired by surfboards a skateboard is either made with seven layers or nine layers of wood. Those woods are then pressed together to form the shape of a skateboard. It is also known as a deck (only the top wood excluding wheels and trucks). Usually, they are made from strong and durable maple wood. It can absorb a great amount of strength before breaking.

This is important because skaters do tricks off of stairs and gaps or big drops in the skate park. Thus it is important that the board can absorb a good amount of force and not break in one go. However, they’re not invincible and do break but after it’s been used a lot.

what is skateboard


Most skateboards have the same design all around; the board will usually have a nose and a tail which is also the front and back. If you look closely the nose is always a little longer than the tail. The reason is when popping into a trick, the board needs to hit the ground faster. We will discuss this issue in the latter part of this article. Every board also has a concave on each end namely the kicker. This helps the skater balance himself on the board and also helps with certain tricks.

Skateboards also come in different sizes starting from 7.5″ to 8.5″. It depends on how tall you are and what the size of your feet is. If the skateboard is too small for you-you’ll have a hard time balancing and learning tricks. Most likely you will fall more since your feet won’t have enough space to work with. Now if the board is too big for you then you’ll have a hard time turning it. Also, due to its big size doing tricks will feel more tiring and will feel heavy.


If you’re a beginner always make sure you get the right size board for yourself. Also, make sure the board is of good quality as this will help you to learn how to skate faster and to build more control. Skating won’t always be done on a flat smooth surface so having control on your board is necessary. It’ll also help you reduce the number of times you fall from your board and prevent bad injuries.

For a beginner, it is always hard to balance on a skateboard. We’re sure you always ask yourself how a skater keeps his balance easily on the board without holding anything. All it takes is some practice and you’ll be cruising on your board in no time. The skateboards with kickers are mainly for tricks but can also be used for cruising around. There are other boards with flat shapes such as longboards and cruisers. Want to know about them? Go through and you will get to know about them soon.

Types of Boards

As mentioned earlier there are different types of boards, not skateboards. Different boards with different shapes serve different purposes. There are other types of boards such as cruisers, longboards, caster boards, and electric boards despite the skateboards. Mainly, they have usability for cruising and traveling short distances. Below we’ll discuss each of these boards, what they’re made of, and the design of the decks.


skateboard Cruiser

The cruiser is mainly used for traveling from one side of the town to another easily, it has two kickers just like the normal skateboard deck but the kickers are deeper and wider, this helps the skater to place his feet comfortably while cruising. It also has soft wheels which make skating smoother through some rough terrains. These boards are very fun to ride and can pick up speed easily without a hassle. 

Literally, we’d do bombing hills with these all day. It’s nimble and can go through turns and traffic like a breeze. Also, they are very convenient as a daily commuter. It saves money and does not emit any gas or harm full toxic fumes. A great choice for those who love traveling little distances from one place to another.


It’s easy to carry around for its size. While going into vacation anyone can put them in a mid-size bag easily. Riding this board is easy, in fact, it’s very similar to riding a skateboard. If you’re a beginner we actually recommend you try out a cruiser first as these are easy to learn.

They are well balanced and require very less effort to balance on it when attempting to stand on them. Chances of falling are also reduced to a minimum as you won’t be doing any tricks on these. Again, falls may occur from time to time because skating is all about falling, but don’t worry you won’t die.



A longboard has a totally different shape and is sometimes designed in different shapes like pintail which looks exactly like a surfboard. These boards were originally created by surfers to practice on them when the waves weren’t good on that day.

Today longboarding has become a very popular sport among all age groups. These boards aren’t meant for skate parks and you do not do any tricks on these but instead, they are quite similar to cruisers. These are meant for skating long distances with long empty roads that have curves and long wide turns. These do not require much energy to get them moving, they have wide trucks and soft wheels which make it easier to travel on the roads. Can also be used daily for going to work or school or in general just for fun and trust us it is a lot of fun!


These, on the other hand, are a little bit difficult to carry around for their big sizes and cannot be stored in a suitcase unless it’s a big suitcase. However, they are still manageable and a lot of die-hard longboarders would rather take these boards around then they’re personal belongings.

You can also use these to learn how to skate if you’re a beginner but we don’t recommend you try these first as longboarding uses different techniques like the movement of the body on the board and body positioning, leaning left and right when turning on curves. On the right road, these can go super fast and that’s a lot of fun but also dangerous if done improperly.

Caster board

caster board

Caster boards or rip sticks are the modern-day skateboards with a unique design to them. Commonly popular among young kids and teenagers these boards have recently started making a name of their own as kids have been purchasing these a lot more. Now you must be thinking how the hell do you ride one of these? Well, these are relatively easy to ride actually.

What will surprise you more is that you only need to push once and the board will go on its own. Yes sounds very weird but it’s true and many kids and teens have been skating on these things around the streets and skate parks. These boards come in various shapes and designs and some also have four wheels rather than two but are placed in the same line, not like a skateboard or longboard.

They also come in many different colors and graphic designs some also have glowing lights on the wheels that trigger when the board is in motion. All in all, these are mainly for having fun and not for traveling distances. Whip your crazy-looking lipstick out on a weekend and shred at the skate park make those skateboarders jealous, yes I think that’s what these are for.

Electric boards

electric skateboard

If caster boards are the modern-day’s skateboards then electric boards in the future. These boards are different from all the boards mentioned above. They are only used for traveling whether it’s a short distance or long distance these can take you there at a push of a button, literally. There’s not much to learn about these you just need to have good balance and get used to standing on them while they’re on the move.

These run on batteries that last for a fair amount of time if fully charged and comes with a remote control that controls the acceleration and stopping of the board. More will be discussed about the parts later on. You do however need to get used to the motion of the board and learn how to keep your body positioned when the board is on the move. If you already know how to skate then riding this is a walk in the park for you. But if you’re a beginner and new to the world of skating we suggest you learn how to adjust yourself on it. Once comfortable on it it’s actually a whole lot of fun with no effort required to make it move.  


There are a variety of electric boards to buy which are made in different shapes and sizes. Many companies have started making electric boards and these are also becoming popular as it makes life a lot easier and cheaper when one intends to travel from one place to another. It’s user-friendly and does not pollute the environment, they can be carried as well which makes it a lot easier to take them on trains if they’re not needed.

Parts and sizes of boards

Skateboards seem like simple sports goods with just the deck and some wheels, but there’s more to it than just that. Like we mentioned earlier a skateboard is made of a number of layers of wood pressed together to make a deck. Mostly seven to nine layers of wood called maple which is mostly used to make boards. This wood is strong and durable which makes the skateboard deck last longer and absorb more impact when doing tricks.

Other boards such as longboards and cruisers are also made out off the same material but in different shape, as they are used for traveling only. Caster boards are made of plastic materials but with good quality so that the board can last a while.


Most boards share the same idea and have similar parts and designs, all skateboards have the same design with just different length and widths. Some have bigger concaves others have smaller kickers, always remember a board with high-quality parts will help you learn tricks and learn how to skate faster and better. Below we’ll discuss about parts found in board and which board utilizes these parts.

Electric boards are very similar to longboards as they have the same shape and designs. The only difference the electric board has with the longboard is that the electric board has a battery powered motor and does not require you to push.

Board size

skateboard board size

Size does matter when it comes to skateboarding, you have to get a board that fit your feet well. Too big and you won’t be able to control it, too small and you’ll fall more easily. Having a board bigger than your size will just make learning tricks ten times harder. Having a smaller deck will only make it harder for you to place your feet where it needs to be and you’ll end up falling. But having a bigger size deck can help at times if you’re a beginner and you haven’t learned how to ride a skateboard yet.

A bigger size board has more room on it and with the big size, it’ll be easier to keep it on the ground. You can also learn where to place the feet on the deck without it slipping off from under your feet. This step is very important because foot placement is what helps you stay comfortable on your board and this varies depending on the size of the deck.

Now some boards are different, we talked about a skateboard and most skateboards have the same shape but other boards such as longboards and cruisers are made in different shapes. As the name says longboards are meant to be long but there many shapes of longboards like pintails. These have the exact shape of a surfboard and also feel like it too when cruising on it. Sometimes some longboards decks are made with different materials such as bamboo.


Cruisers have a totally different shape from skateboards and longboards, a skateboard curves from one end to another and a longboard is straight up flat. Some cruisers have a short nose and a long tail for which allows for better feet positioning and foot placement. It also helps with control and turning the board.

Caster boards are totally different from the rest, these boards are made with high-quality plastic and are pretty durable. Riding a caster board is different from the how you ride other boards as the design and shapes are different. But they do also come in various shapes and sizes and while other have two wheels some are even made with four wheels. Electric boards have the same shape as longboards and pretty much does the same thing a longboard does except for its motor.

Grip tape

skateboard grip tape

Grip tape is a very important part of the skateboard, it keeps your foot stuck to the board and it plays a big part in helping you do tricks on the board. Without a grip tape, you wouldn’t be able to do a kickflip or a frontside 180 the board would just slip off from your feet. A good grip tape can last a very long time as long as the skateboard is still intact.

Grip tapes can also be cleaned by rubber cleaners sold at skate shops. Grip tapes need to be attached to the deck correctly, if not it’ll start peeling off from the side and that’s not going to be an issue but it’ll just make the deck look horrible. Make sure you get it set up first at your local skate shop and then try I yourself later on.

Longboards have the same grip tape as skateboards but they come in a bigger size. They are pretty much made the same way and serve the same purpose. Just like on the skateboard the grip tape on a longboard deck needs to be placed correctly or else it’ll have an uneven finish on the sides and will look like a dog clawed on your deck.

Cruisers also use the same grip tape, as you know it provides grip between the board and your shoes. Without the grip tape turning a board would just make it more harder and the board will slip out and you’ll have a nasty injury.


Caster boards do not have grip tapes but the top of a caster board deck is designed with lines that act as grips to keep your feet in place when riding on them. These lines are made of the same material as the deck but some are also made with rubber. It may sound absurd how a caster board doesn’t have a grip tape but can still work normally like a normal deck but it really does work just as a skateboard with a grip tape.

Electric boards have the same grip tape as longboards and they come assembled with the deck when purchased. Also very important to have grip tape on an electric board as it’ll control it better. The electric board helps you go front and back without having to push but you still need to use your body to turn the board. So never ride your board without grip tape as it is risky and you could easily slip off the board.


skateboard bearings

Skateboard bearings are the round metal rings that fit into the wheels of the board. Each wheel has a pair of bearing that fit on each side. These bearing attach the wheels to the axel of the trucks and these bearings are the reason why your board can move at all. Without bearings, the board would still move but it’d feel very stiff and a lot of force would be required to get the board moving. The bearings have a universal measurement of 22mm which fits in almost all types of skateboard wheels.

Bearings are measured with ABEC rating system, these ratings start from ABEC 1 to ABEC 9 so the higher the rating is for a bearing the more accurate and precise the bearing will be. There are hundreds of companies out there that make high-quality bearings and some companies such as BONES have their own rating system as they’re bearings are superior and one of the best for skateboards.


Bearings have different qualities and are usually made with two materials. A lot of skateboard bearings are made with steel. Of course, the more expensive bearings will be made of high-quality steel and will last longer whereas the cheaper bearings will have low-quality materials and will break easily. Some bearings are now made with ceramic and are very smooth. They are more expensive than your normal steel bearings but there’s still a long debate on whether the ceramic bearing is better than steel.


Ceramic bearings do have ceramic balls inside but the outer part is still made of high-quality steel so that doesn’t really make as much of a difference if you compare them with expensive steel bearings. However ceramic bearings require less maintenance and still provide the smooth and fast feel when used in the wheels of your skateboard.

Bearings often come with speed cream already installed in them but can be found separately sold at skate shops. Depending on the quality of your bearings they need to be cleaned from time to time, every steel bearing has a plastic shield on one side which can be popped out. This shield prevents dust and little particles from entering but somehow some still manage to get in. These also need to be cleaned to always keep the bearing smooth. Also never wash your bearings with water or rust will develop on them and they won’t be as smooth as before.

The same bearings are used on all the boards we know of, longboards, cruisers, caster boards, and even electric boards. Make sure to always pick a good set of bearings if you always want to have that smooth riding experience on your board.


skateboard wheels

The wheels are also a very important part of the skateboard, I mean they are the reason why your board moves. Wheels come in different sizes and are also made to be soft and hard. Soft wheels are great for tough terrain and can easily go over tough tarmac but are slower. Hard wheels are normally used on smooth surfaces or in skate parks and are faster.

Basically, they are measured with diameter and durometer. Diameter is how big or small your wheels are and durometer is the hardness and softness of your wheels. Smaller wheels are better for street skating and bigger wheels are mainly used on longboards and cruisers for fast traveling. Larger wheels can be used on skateboards but only if you’re a beginner and you’re learning how to ride the board.

Durometer, measurements start from 73a (soft) to 101a (hard), the softer the wheel is the more grip it will provide and the harder the wheel is the more it’ll slide, these are fun for power slides. The skateboard wheels are usually made of Polyurethane materials and are built to last for a while.


The wheels nowadays all come in various different colors and vinyl, Wheels for longboards, electric boards and cruiser are usually bigger and harder than your average skateboard wheels. These big wheels help gain speed and also help do power slides on smooth roads which is a lot of fun. Caster board wheels, on the other hand, are different in shapes, they’re very thin in width but long in length, they have the same bearings as the rest and pretty much do what the other wheels are supposed to do.

Know which wheels you need before you go out skating, it is important to know this because they are very important part of your board and they make a big difference on how you skate and feel the board. Wheels don’t have to be cleaned as they’re always on the ground but do check them regularly as sometimes the back wheels do tend to reduce in size due to excessive riding and power sliding.


skateboard truck

These are the two metal pieces found under the skateboard that is connected to the deck and also the wheels. Trucks play a big role on your skateboard as they make movement and turning possible and keep your board centered when stationary. Most trucks are usually made of high-quality aluminum metal and are built to last. A truck has different parts starting from the hangers, kingpins, axels, and bushings.            

Trucks come in different sizes too and this is important because your truck needs to level out with your skateboard, if the truck is smaller than your board then you’ll have chances of getting wheel bit when attempting tricks and also when turning the board. They can easily be tightened and loosened to your preference and your skate style.

Some skaters skate loose trucks, this helps the skater have more control and makes turning a lot more better and smoother. Other skaters skate tight trucks when learning new tricks or doing a big gap or stair set to avoid the trucks from touching the deck when landing hard on the board. Some trucks have distance from the hanger to the deck this is called truck profile.


The measurements are low, medium and high. Low trucks are best for small wheels and they provide more stability when doing certain tricks. Medium trucks are best for skating in the streets and skateparks. High trucks are best for bigger wheels and are mainly used for cruising streets these trucks are mostly found on longboards and cruisers.

Longboards and cruisers have a different and bigger size truck which can support big sized wheels for cruising and turning. These trucks help turn more and make the board feel smoother than ever when cruising with longboards your trucks have to be even on both ends to make easy turns and not stop because of wheel bite.

Caster board trucks are different though, they don’t turn side to side like a skateboards truck, the wheels, however, can turn 360 degrees which helps the board turn from left to right. They’re always stiff but surprisingly do get the job done. Most of these are made with metal and steel and rubber bushings.


Electric boards have the same trucks as a longboard except one truck is modified and connect to the motor the keeps the board moving. This, however, does not interfere with the turning of the board and the board just as smooth as a normal longboard.

Trucks don’t usually need any maintenance but it is always good to check if your trucks are still in their usual shape and if the bushings are still in good quality. Make sure to pick the right truck for your board and also make sure they are high-quality trucks.   

4. Basics on how to ride a skateboard

How to ride a skateboard

Riding a skateboard is really easy if you follow the correct steps on how to get started. Anyone can easily just get on a board ride it but a skater’s posture and foot placement tell you a lot about how good of a skater he or she is. First, of before, everything else makes sure your board is in perfect shape and all the parts are working well. Make sure your trucks are level with your board to avoid wheel bite and also be sure to wear the correct gear before starting off.

There are only two stances in skateboarding which is regular and goofy. For regular you have your left foot in front and your right foot on the back close to the tail and your whole body facing to the right side of the board. For goofy it’s the total opposite of regular, your right foot is going to be your front foot and your left foot will be close to the tail and your whole body will be facing on the left side of the board.


Usually, a beginner will figure out his or her stance by just stepping on the board first and positioning his body. As we mentioned above if the body is facing on the right you’re a regular but if it’s facing on the left then you’re a goofy. If you still have doubts about your stance you can try these little tricks to figure it out. Say you’re about kick a football which foot would you use first?

That foot will be your power foot and will be close to the tail. You also try this on a set of stairs, approach the steps and attempt to climb it, the foot you first used to climb is your power foot and will be close to the tail. By power foot we mean the foot you will be using to pop the board for a trick which we will discuss later.


Now that you’ve figured out your stance the first thing you should learn is balancing on your board. A lot of beginners miss this very important step and just get on the board and try to ride it around. Learning how to balance on your board is very important and will reduce the risk of falling on your bottom every time.

Learning to balance is easy but you need to give it some time and practice. First, step on the board with your front foot and then followed by your back foot. You’re on the board but that’s not all, you need to place both your feet on the four bolts located near the nose and tail. Your toes should never cross the tip of the board and should always be inside.

When you feel you’re ready to skate now first place your front foot on the board on the front four bolts and stand over the board with your back foot still on the ground and your board under you. Push slowly with your back foot and put it on the board and you should now be standing just as how you learned how to balance.


Practice this for a while and try to push harder each try to gain more speed, once you’ve gained confidence the best place to practice more would be the skate park. It’ll have everything necessary for you to learn more on how to skate and you’ll probably make new friends who are also learning just like you.

Make sure you follow these steps and keep practicing, ask help from a more experienced skater and just have fun, the more fun you have the faster you’ll learn. Don’t worry if you take a few falls it’s all a part of skateboarding, get back up and try again and trust me you’ll get your tricks down. Skateboarding is such a rewarding sport once you work hard and give your time and become consistent with all your tricks one day you’ll look back and say it was all worth it.

5. Gears needed for skateboarding

gears for skateboarding

Skateboarding is a fun and exhilarating sport, there are so many things you can do with unique tricks on a skateboard or long power slides with long boards the fun is just never-ending. With all that, there are always risks of accidents and bad slams. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional skater there’s no telling when you might take a bad slam.

Slams and falls can sometimes cause bad injuries which would have to be treated or hospitalized and then you’ll end up sitting at home while all your friends are at the skate park having fun.

You can’t really avoid slams it’s a part of skateboarding but you can minimize the risks of getting injured badly from one by wearing a few protective gears. Protective gears involve the use of helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and good quality shoes. It’s very easy to fall on your head when skating and we all know falling on your head isn’t all that good. Injuries to the head can be very bad for a person so that’s where helmets come in.


It’s also very easy to fall on your elbows and knees and cruising around or trying to learn a new trick. That’s where elbow pads come in, these pads protect your elbows and knees from bruising and getting all scratched up. Below we’ll look at each of these protective gears and talk about how these can save you so that you can skate the next day.


skateboard helmets

This is what a normal skater helmet looks like but it is also used for cycling and other sports activities too. These are very well made if it’s bought from the right brand, these can literally save your life and will protect your head from injuries and concussions. The outer part is made with tough plastic and the inside is heavily padded for extra protection. A Velcro strap is also added around the bottom to hold the helmet against your head.

The helmet also has a few holes on top to allow air to pass through your head and prevent sweat. These are also very useful when you go longboarding or when you’re traveling on your electric board, accidents tend to occur more on the main roads as cars are always traveling on them. Make sure to get a good tough helmet for yourself before going to a skate park or traveling with your board.


skateboarder handgloves

Gloves are very important especially when you’re cruising down long downhills and roads with your longboard. These will help protect your wrist and fingers as they are really fragile when falling off your board sometimes our bodies tend to fall forward and our hands automatically come up and stop our fall halfway. Now without gloves, you have chances of bruising your wrist and fingers really badly or worse break your wrist and that’s no good. Gloves are also useful for beginners who are new to skateboarding and are still learning how to skate.

Knee pads and elbow pads

skateboader elbo pads

Knee pads and elbow pads are very important for both beginners and experienced skaters. These can be used anywhere from skate parks to the streets, while you’re doing tricks on your skateboard or cruising down the road with your longboard. These play a big role in keeping your knees and elbows safe. 80 % of the time you will be falling on your knees or your elbows when taking a slam or slipping off your skateboard.

Nobody wants a broken kneecap or a broken elbow, those take forever to recover and that’s no fun considering you just started learning how to skate. Please do not sleep on these just go out and buy some protective gears such as these and trust me you wouldn’t have to be worried about getting hurt. Wearing protective gears will also boost your confidence because you’ll know you’re not going to get hurt as much and you’re going to try to push yourself harder to learn something new. Take a look at our article on Top ten best protective gears for skating.

Skate shoes  

skate shoes

I cannot tell you enough how important skate shoes are and what a big difference a good pair of skate shoes can do to your skating. There many different types of shoe designs, colors and thousands of companies that make shoes, honestly you’d never run out of choices for skate shoes. Some skate shoes are made specifically for flat ground skate tricks, some are made for doing big gaps and stair sets with your skateboard and other made for cruising down roads with your longboard.

Most beginners face a lot of difficulties when they start of skating first, mostly because they’re not getting the feel of their boards. Wearing a good skate shoe can make such a difference that you’d be surprised yourself on how fast you are improving. A good quality skate is always built to last and they should be seeing how vicious our grip tapes can be.

A good skate shoe will always provide protection for your feet and should give you the necessary comfort needed when skating on your board. As mentioned above some skate shoes are made to absorb impact from when a skater attempts to do a stair set or a big gap. These shoes are made of leather and abrasion rubber outsole which provides maximum grip. The shoe is also heavily padded on the inside to give you comfort when skating on your board.


Some shoes are made for skaters who love doing tricks on flat grounds and in skate parks, these shoes are sometimes made in capsule fashion with suede or canvas material. These aren’t as thick and well padded on the inside as the above-mentioned shoes but these provide great board feel and also last long if used daily.

When it comes to skating on your longboard down roads or cruising with your cruiser the suede or canvas shoes should do just fine as they’re comfortable and will allow you to feel your board all around. Thickly padded shoes wouldn’t be necessary as you won’t be attempting any crazy tricks with your longboard or cruiser. Check out our other article on Top then best skateboarding shoes.

Always remember to buy shoes that are made of good quality, an average quality shoe will do okay for a few weeks but will end up tearing and could cause damage to your feet. And always remember a good quality shoe can make a very big difference in your skating. So we recommend you to go take a look at some awesome skate shoes after buying your skateboard.   

6.Types of tricks to do on a board

skateboard tricks

At first when you get a skateboard you tell yourself I’m just going to learn how to ride it, once you learn how to ride it trust me you’re going to want to learn the first basic tricks and then you’re just going to want to learn more and more that’s just the beauty of skateboarding.  But before getting to that phase you have to get good at riding your board around.

How do you do that? Ride it to school or ride it to the store whatever excuse you can have for riding your board do it. The more you ride your board the more control you’ll build and the better you’ll get at it. Trying to learn a new trick just by riding your board for a day will only make the trick harder to land because you don’t have the board control to be able to do it which is why getting comfortable on your board is very important.

Before learning a trick you have to learn how to fall off your board, if you look closely at the experienced skaters, when they miss a trick and take a slam they get back up and act like nothing really happened. Well, that’s because they have gotten used to falling and actually know how to position their body before it falls on the ground.

Do not fall straight down on your hands you could end up injuring your wrist, always try to fall on your back. Practice this on some grass or get a mattress to try it and get used to that motion because you’ll be falling a lot in your learning years while skating.


Below we’ll discuss the few basic tricks beginners should learn when they’re ready for them, these tricks a pretty easy to do if you follow the right steps on how to do them. You won’t learn how to do them overnight you’ll have to practice a lot but just remember hard work always pays off and if you keep practicing you’ll soon be able to shred in the skate park like the pros. Let’s discuss the very basic tricks in skateboarding and how they’re done.


Good skateboards for beginners_best skateboard for beginners adults_types of skateboards_skateboard decks_complete skateboards_skateboard size chart_how to buy a skateboard_skateboard buying

The most basic trick in skateboarding is the Ollie it’s pretty much the first trick every skater learns for their first trick. It is important to learn this trick because it teaches you how to pop your board in the air and you’ll have to pop your board to do almost every trick on a skateboard. It’s an easy trick if you follow the correct steps to do it, this trick can help you get over obstacles and up or down a curb. You’ll need to stand on your board as you would stand when trying to balance on it.

Keep your back foot on the tip of the tail and your front foot a little below the front bolts and between the center of the deck. Bend down straight as if you were to sit on a chair, jump upwards and as you’re jumping push down with your back foot so that the board pops o the ground and rises with you as you’re jumping. Slide your front foot towards the nose to level out the board. Bend your knees and land to absorb the impact. Follow these steps and if you can’t land it try and figure out which step you’re missing.

Frontside 180

skateboard frontside tricks

A front side 180 or fs 180 is very similar to an Ollie the only difference is your body turns 180 to the opposite direction along with your board, I know that sounds complicated but let me make it simple for you. To be able to do this trick you have to get your ollies down well, this trick is all in the Ollie.

Place your feet as you would for an Ollie do the steps on how you would pop and Ollie but before you jump you want to turn your head and shoulders behind your, so basically half of your body would have already turned, while you’re in the air level out your Ollie and if you did turn your body correctly your feet should follow automatically. Once you’ve completed the 180 rotation bend your knees and land.

Backside 180

backside flip

Similar to a frontside 180 the backside 180 follows the exact same steps except your body turns the other way. Place you feet just as you would for an Ollie, this time turn your head and shoulder the opposite direct as you would for an fs 180. Turn your body half way and pop your board, level out your Ollie and your feet should follow. After the rotation bend your kneed and land on the bolts for a clean landing and roll away like a boss.


kickflip skateboard trick

Kickflips are really fun to do and one of my favorite tricks to do on a skateboard. A kickflip may seem hard but trust me it’s actually pretty easy if you follow these steps. Of course for this trick, you have to have a solid Ollie as you need to pop the board to begin with it. Place your front foot below the bolts but tilt it a little to the side. You have to do this because for an Ollie you just have to slide your front foot straight, for a kickflip you need to slide your foot off the side of the nose for the board to flip.

Once you got the foot positioning bend and jump while popping your board and sliding your front foot off the side of the nose. All this has to be done in one motion. After sliding your front foot off raise both your front foot and back foot to give the board space to flip under your legs. Once the board has flipped a whole 360 degrees catch it with both your feet, bend your knees and land.


heelflip skateboard trick

A heelflip is very similar to a kickflip but the only difference is you’re flipping the board with your heel rather than the side of your foot. For this trick, the foot positioning is a little bit different compared to the other tricks on this list. Place your front foot a bit forward with your toes handing off the side of your board and your heel near the bolts Place your back foot on the tip of your tail but a little close to the edge this time.

Pop the trick and slide your front foot forward with your heel sliding off the edge of the nose. Raise both your feet to let the board complete the rotation, after the rotation catch the board and land on the bolts. This trick is a little bit tricky in the beginning and can be frustrating to learn as it’s a little bit different from the others but with enough practice, I’m sure you’ll be able to nail it, I mean if I can then why can’t you?


These are the first few basic tricks you must learn as a beginner, these tricks are the foundation for the advanced tricks that you can do on the board. Once you get good at these tricks you can combine them together to do another trick such as the fs180 and the kickflip combined makes a fs180 kickflip.

Keep practicing these steps and figure out your mistake if you’re not being able to land a trick. If it gets too frustrating to take a break and try again later on, you won’t learn these in one day but once you’ve landed each of these it’s going to feel very rewarding.

 7. Which places are suitable to ride the board?

which place is suitable for skateboarding

Skateboards are normally used for doing tricks in the skate park and traveling little distances like from home to school or to a friend’s place. Skateboards can be used for traveling if you put big wheels on them but you’d have to get high trucks to fit those wheels. In my opinion, I believe skateboards belong at skate parks and on the street for street skating on smooth roads of course.

Street skating is fun but in some cities, you’re not allowed to skate around as cops and guards are always on the lookout for skaters. The skate park is pretty much your playground and I suggest skating in the skate park more and getting comfortable on your board before hitting the streets.

Cruisers were designed to cruise around anywhere, they have the big wheels with the big trucks it’s the perfect combo for traveling around town and on the city streets. They’re also compact in size just like the skateboard and are easy to carry around. They are very convenient and can be taken anywhere or packed in a small suitcase if you decide to travel somewhere far.

Longboards are meant for the streets and long roads into the countryside or down long hills you can bomb. Lots of fun to skate around with your friends on these, with high trucks and big sift wheels you can skate these on any terrain and not worry about having an uncomfortable ride on the road. However, these are not meant for skate parks and I’m pretty sure you can’t do tricks on these unless you’re a god.


Caster boards are also mostly used on the streets and in skate parks, a lot of kids and teenagers ride these nowadays to school or in skate parks or just for fun. Almost like the skateboard, the caster board can also be used to travel short distances and it’s just fun to ride around and spend a little free time catching some air on the streets with these bad boys.

Electric boards are for the travelers and these boards belong on the road only. Obviously, you can’t do tricks with these, all your money would go down the drain as these are quite expensive. Getting to the point the electric board is the perfect transport who want to save the environment and save money on daily transport.

8. Similarities between the boards

similarities between skateboard boards

They have different names and come in different shapes and sizes but they do have a lot of similarities. Some are used for traveling while others are used for doing those cool tricks, yes those tricks that inspired you to skate. Since they do share a few similarities we’ll talk about just that, the reason being so that you can own more than just a skateboard. There’s no rule that says a skateboarder can’t ride a longboard or cruiser. One day you can skate and shred at the skate park doing cool tricks, the next day you can just go for a cruise and chill out by the beach.

Let’s talk about the similarities between a longboard and cruiser board. They pretty much play the same role as they’re used only for traveling around and cruising around on the streets. The only differences you’ll find in these two are the shapes and sizes. Most longboards are long in length and have a few different shapes. Cruisers are smaller in length and have many types of shapes as well. Other similarities they share is the trucks and wheels, you’ll find cruisers and longboards have the same type of truck and wheels attached.


Here’s a crazy one did you know the caster board and skateboard also share a few similarities? Yes I know that sounds crazy because the caster board does not look like it’s of this world. Before the skateboarding fanboys kill me I’ll explain why they’re similar. The caster board can also be used as a skate park and you can also do tricks on a caster board just as you can on a skateboard but you can only do a limited number of tricks on a caster because of its shape. So don’t have the freedom on a caster board as you do on a skateboard but the same tricks such as an Ollie or a kickflip or a shove-it can still be done on a caster.

Electric boards share a lot of similarities with longboards I mean they’re pretty much the same thing, the electric board only has a motor on the tail side of the board. Other than that electric boards are obviously more expensive and fragile compared to longboards so don’t go off a ramp with your electric board because you’ll only be able to do it once and then it’ll be time to buy another one.

9. Which board is the best choice for you?

Let’s get to the main point after reading all the information we’ve provided for you you’ve finally decided you want to start skating but maybe you’re still quite not sure which board to get. It all depends on what exactly you want to do with the board. If you’re young and have a lot of time on your hands to spare you should go for the skateboard or caster board depending on which one goes with your style. The tricks that can be done on these is the reason why one must buy these.

If traveling is your thing then there’s no question you should get the longboard or electric board. These are so convenient and can save you a ton of cash that you would’ve spent if you were to take the daily transport. The other great thing about these boards is they’re friendly to the environment and do not emit any toxic gas that pollutes our beautiful nature.

Cruisers are always for fun just going out on a cruise with friends not having anything to worry about is always the best part. After all, skating is always fun whether it’s on a skateboard or an electric board. These cruisers are also very convenient and can be carried around anywhere you go because they’re not as heavy and big as longboards.


It’s all up to you and it all depends on which one you plan on using, you don’t have to own only one you can have the others too. You can have a skateboard for when you want to learn cool tricks at the skate park and have a cruiser just to travel to spots. You can also have a caster board for killing some time and have a longboard to take you to work daily. It all depends on how you intend to use them. They’re all fun in their own way and if good quality boards are bought they will never disappoint.

Before buying the boards we do suggest you try the others out first, ask a friend to borrow you their board or go to a skate shop and ask if you can try all the boards they have and just skate them all until you find which one feels more comfortable and suits your style.

10. Health benefits of riding a skateboard every day

skateboarding health benefits

It’s a fun and exhilarating sport with so much do and so much to learn its actually never ending fun. With all this fun comes a few benefits too. Skateboarding isn’t all about getting hurt and breaking bones it’s also about getting your body fit and in shape. It’s very good exercise if done on a daily basis. It helps you lose calories faster than you would at the gym. Below we’ll talk about the many few health benefits skateboarding has to offer.

Keeping the body fit

It is the best way to lose all your stubborn calories and keep your body in tip-top shape. How much calories you burn can’t be estimated as some days you’ll skate like a beast and other days you’ll be cruising around town. But the guy’s it sure as hell beats running on a treadmill at the gym looking at a little screen or blank wall.

Getting the body flexible

So much is done on a skateboard when you try to learn a new trick or even attempt a trick. We have to use almost every muscle in our bodies in order to do a trick on the board. The same goes for pushing on your board. Always pushing to go on your board and getting it moving is like jogging the whole time. As a beginner, you’re always practicing how to learn a trick so just imagine in a day how much movement you do with your body to learn the trick.


If skating is a daily thing for you and runs in your blood and you see yourself skating for so long in the park and putting so much work you have to ask yourself where all this energy comes from. It’s because of all the work you put in when learning how to skate or skating in the park it helps build your stamina and makes your body stronger. If anything it’s also always the fun in the sport that just keeps pulling us to it even though we all getting a beating from it.


Always keeping the body moving and actively reduces the chances of having heart disease. With all the fast and hard body movements involved in skateboarding, it always gets you hyped and keeps your heart beating fast. This is essentially good for those losing weight because you’re constantly burning all the cholesterol around your body.

Having good sleeping patterns

A lot of us young adults have trouble sleeping at night end up feeling horrible the next day at work or at class. If skateboarding is done on a daily basis you’re always putting in work and using up all the energy in your body. At the end of the day, you’ll be tired and your body will have no energy left, this will help a lot in getting a good night sleep as the body needs to recover. So you’ll wake up the next day feeling fresh and good and you won’t look like you hard the worst night.

That’s everything you need to know about skateboarding and we hope we’ve listed every important detail for the beginners who are dying to start their skating days. For a beginner, it’s always tough getting used to the board and balancing on it or learning how to ride it. Learning new tricks can also be frustrating because it may take time landing it.

If you feel angry and upset you couldn’t land a trick don’t worry about it always have a positive attitude towards the sport and always have fun. Also don’t feel bad that other people at skate parks are a lot better than you just remember these guys were once where you are right now. Work hard and it’ll surely pay off and trust me guys it’s the most rewarding sport ever.


Mistakes will always happen and you’ll get hurt but don’t let that demotivate yourself, always get back up and try again and you’ll surely get it no doubt. If you ever have any problems lading a trick always come back to these steps we’ve provided and gone through them to correct your mistakes. To the beginners, we wish you guys all the best in your skating career, chose the correct board and size for you, wear the right equipment and always remember to wear your protective gears as accidents can occur at any time. Leave us a comment and let us know if this has helped you guys. Also, leave any tips for other fellow skaters who have just started skating.

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