The most interesting thing about Best Longboard Backpacks is that you must have a backpack. Whether you are a beginner or a professional skateboarder, a good quality backpack is a very important product for you.

Yes! You may not have realized how important a backpack was in the early days of starting longboarding, but over time you may now feel the need for a good quality backpack for proper protection of your extraordinary quality longboard. And that’s exactly why you’re reading this article now.

Today we are going to discuss some of the Best Longboard Backpacks to satisfy both your curiosity and needs. Hopefully, you can choose the best of these backpacks according to your needs. It is because our expert team has chosen the backpacks after a long test.

Top 5 Longboard Backpacks for You

The current market is much more competitive and so you may find yourself in frustration with the flattering advertising of thousands of backpacks.

You may not realize which bag is right for you and which bag can protect your longboard in the right way.

Just as a good quality longboard helmet and a pair of nice knee pads can protect you from many types of accidents during longboarding.

In the same way, a good quality bag is important to maintain the quality of your longboard. For longboards, you need to choose a backpack in which you can keep other small items in the backpack.

Not only do you need your Longboard Backpack for your best longboard for college or sporting longboard but now many people also use longboard for going to the office.

And so you must have a longboard that can adapt to any type of environment, including office weather.

However, if you have a question in your mind, why would you buy the best longboard backpack? Then we are going to go into some more details about some more requirements of the backpack.

A Backpack is An Crucial Item for All Long Boarder and Skater

Since you are a longboard rider, you already know that the longboard is quite a heavy type of board. This makes it very difficult to walk continuously for 10/15 minutes with your hands.

But yes! Best Penny Longboard is a lot lighter than that again. Whatever it is, it becomes quite difficult for you when you go out with your friend or girlfriend for a longboard.

And so we think a good quality longboard backpack Reddit will play a very effective role for you. Longboard backpacks are not only beautiful to look at but they can also showcase your personality.

Also, it’s really hard to find an alternative to this type of backpack to turn your longboard sling carrying hassle into a comfortable experience! Evolve backpack review is quite interesting! Let’s jump into the next section!

How can we choose the Best Longboard Backpacks?

Finding the right bag in thousands of longboard backpacks may seem a little daunting at first glance but the whole thing will become much easier if you keep a few things in mind. Always try to buy a good brand backpack first.

Because a good brand makes good quality o bed backpacks to maintain its reputation. And secondly compare with several good quality brands, the internet is now a very convenient place for this kind of work.

And in that case, our article can play a useful role for you. Make a comparison of the best skateboard backpack Reddit from our list and buy the best bag.

No matter where you shop on the internet, check out some of the best five-star reviews. About 40-50% if you have a five star, then you will consider it as a good quality product.

Carrying capacity is also an important factor, depending on how much weight your bag is able to carry, whether your longboard can be carried in this bag or not!

Also, the color and design of the backpack depend on one’s personal preference which type of color and design will be preferred.

1. Nike Embarca Unisex Athletic Gym Cushioned Straps Backpack Black


The first name on our list is Nike Embarca Unisex Athletic Gym Cushioned Straps Backpack Black! With a very durable structure and excellent service, this product has been gaining popularity as a longboard backpack for a long time.

At 19 inches high and 15 inches wide, this bag is perfect for holding a longboard. Made of excellent quality polyester and synthetic leather, this backpack also includes a separate zipper-enriched laptop component. This means that you can easily keep your laptop in this bag.

Also, the nice straps of this bag make it much easier to carry your longboard or skateboard. These straps are also made from quite a strong polyester, which allows you to use the product for a long time without any problems.

Weighing just 1.1 pounds, this lightweight bag is not going to put any extra pressure on your body. This nice and lightweight bag will create a premium feel in you because of its strong structure when you take it in hand. Yes! In fact, this bag of premium quality will serve you for a long time, you can be quite confident about this

2. Mohave Skate Backpack With Straps and Laptop Sleeve


Mohave Skate Backpack with Straps and Laptop Sleeve and this backpack will be your opening choice. You will adore this product at foremost sight since of its eye-watering design and robust structure.

This company is always striving to provide maximum services and products at affordable prices. And in their commitment, you will realize while using this product for a long time.

This product is made from 100% polyester and so you don’t have to worry about the durability and flexibility of this product.

However, the sector 9 longboard is quite impressive, and this could be your sector 9 pursuit backpack! sector 9 commando ii backpack review is also something that you need to check out!

Also, the quality of each zipper in this backpack is very nice. As a result, the bag has become much more comfortable to use.

If you want to know how to carry an electric skateboard, this may be your solution for an electric longboard backpack! Mutt us bag is another best solution for electric skateboard.

And you can wash this element Mohave backpack by hand without any problem. Yes! There are many bags on the market that you need to take care of when you wash them.

This product will keep you safe from there. This backpack should be washed by hand and left in the shade to dry. In addition, this 11-inch wide backpack has ample storage capacity.

In which you can keep and carry your water bottle and laptop if you want.

Due to all the features and affordable prices, this bag is becoming very popular all the time. And with that popularity, you can also buy the product with the wind if you want.

Our expert team loves this product because of its comfortable feel and easy and smooth use!

3. Eastsport Multi-Compartment Skater Backpack with High Density


Another great product on our list is the backpack from a company called Easts port. For a long time, Easts port has been able to maintain its reputation. And as we’ve already said, branded products that maintain such a reputation are usually good.

Because brands never want to ruin their long-established reputation with a poor quality product. Also, the features of this backpack have been designed keeping in mind your comfortable experience and easy use.

Made from the original polyester, this product has a nice inside width; you can also keep a laptop or other useful or emergency items if you want.

And when it comes to the straps of this backpack, we have to talk about its dual Velcro-type compression first of all. This feature helps you to keep your skateboard safe in the long run.

The comfort of your ride is also taken into consideration, as the back is protected by soft cushions.

Weighing in at just 1.8 pounds, you can be sure that this product is not going to create too much pressure on your shoulders.

 Also when it comes to nice yummy designs, there are many colors you can choose a color that suits you and suits your personality.



There is nothing new to say about the brand called Nike. Just like we said that some of the best backpacks will get a place in this list of ours, this product called NIKE SB RPM BKPK has occupied a part of our list through its own uniqueness.

This backpack is very nice and is available in the current market in four colors. From these four colors, you can choose the color of your choice.

Its nice strap is very strong so you will always feel a little bit different safety and security. This product is also considered to be one of the best longboard backpacks available in the market today.

The primary reason is that since it is a Nike brand product; there is no time to talk about the quality and solid structure of this product in many new ways.

Its shoulder straps are slightly curved, and so when you travel with this backpack, this backpack can ensure your comfortable experience.

This backpack also has space to hold your favorite skateboard as well as a laptop.

5. Dakine Mission Backpack


Dakine has long been one of the leading manufacturers of backpacks. And as the last product on our list today, this backpack will get a little different importance.

Dakine’s backpack manufacturer’s Mission Backpack bag is rich in all the outstanding features. And just like the name, the backpack is always trying to ensure the most comfortable feeling as your mission i.e., excellent travel companion. This backpack will never disappoint you.

This bag made of excellent quality polyester also has a separate arrangement to tie around your waist. As a result, you can carry a longboard with this bag and you can use it for other purposes as well.

This bag will be very useful for you to keep the necessary things with you while hiking in the mountains. You can also carry a laptop up to 15 inches in this bag with great ease.

In this backpack with many pockets, you can keep many small things you need.

Our expert team gives this product a five-star rating after considering many things. And we hope that by purchasing this product you are going to get maximum comfort and the best service.

What Makes a Good Backpack for Longboarding?

What bag is suitable for carrying a longboard?

Let’s gaze at the most significant issues to ponder when observing bags for skating drives.


Occasionally your longboarding can become quite thrilling when downhill or cruising. Yes! In the case of expert longboarders, the risk of falling is usually low.

However, those who are beginners can occasionally have minor accidents. In that case, your backpack should be strong enough and rich in padding so that your essentials are not damaged.

Adequate cushioning greatly reduces the risk of breakage or damage to emergency items inside. And so it is very important for you to buy a backpack that is strong enough and has cushioning.

But not only do you need to keep your belongings safe, but you must also buy a good quality bag to keep your bag safe.

Apparently, toughness is constantly somewhat you must ponder when observing for at a novel bag. It all comes down to what kind of things you preserve back there, the mass and susceptibility of the content have a lot of say.

Room & overall space

This feature is important not only for backpacks but also for all types of bags. Because if your essentials do not fit in your bag, it is difficult to know exactly how much you will benefit from that bag and how comfortable your trip will be.

Again, if the bag becomes too big, it can be said that it is very difficult to carry it. And so you need a bag that is neither too big nor too necessary to fit comfortably.

Theft safety

In these cases, since the backpack is not in front of your vision but in the back, it is possible to steal anything from there very easily.

And so for general travel, if you have a lock system in your bag or any lock option, it can play a very useful and effective role.

However, if you do not have a lock system in your bag, then there is nothing to be disappointed about. Because you can buy a small lock and stick it in the bag chain if you want. This way you can keep the contents of your bag safe from theft if you want.

Straps & Comfort

You may have bought the bag after seeing many features of the bag but due to the straps of the bag, it is not at all comfortable for you to carry it. This may be because the straps of the bag play a vital role in how comfortable you can carry the bag.

Especially if there is something heavy in your bag, a lot depends on the straps. If the straps are not good and comfortable then you will definitely not be able to enjoy such comfort while traveling.

External Design & functionality

Functionality is significant, without a doubt. Yet, just as it is with your board, the matter of the appearance, and getting a backpack that synergizes fine with your preferred longboard can make transporting it all that more pleasant.

We hope that our list helps you a lot to find the best longboard backpacks.  Finally, the ultimate choice is yours, and best of luck with that.

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