Today we are trying to present this wonderful comparison called longboard vs skateboard in a slightly different outline. Not to mention that skateboarding is about riding through skateboard riding, and the purpose of this riding can be of many kinds.

But whenever you start thinking a little deeper about skateboarding, thousands of options will come up in front of you. And no matter what type of board you choose between these many options, the difference in the board will make a huge difference in your experience!

And one of the many options for skateboarding is longboarding. However, a question may come up here, since a type of skateboard is a longboard, should you start with a longboard or with a skateboard?

These two names, longboard vs skateboard vs penny board, keep people confused. Because even if there is some difference, the basic idea is the same! Longboards actually come up in front of us a little out of the ordinary skateboard concept.

But the two are the same thing; there is no time to think so. Because in very simple language, if two things were the same thing, then the names of the two things would not be different at all, right? And obviously, there are lots of health benefits of longboarding!

skateboard vs longboards

Although at first glance it may seem that the two types of sports are very close, there are some differences between the two. And today we are going to shed light on all those differences.

There is so much disagreement about the similarities and differences between these two types of boards that it becomes a matter of considerable aesthetic debate. The thing that everyone talks about the most is which of the two types of boarding is best and which is more fun to do!

Yes! This question may seem easy to hear, but the answer is not so simple at all. Because every person is different and there are some differences between their personal preferences. And just like in longboarding and skateboarding, people’s likes and dislikes have always come to the fore.

If you also have a lot of confusion about skateboard and longboard, then you must first know about the main differences between these two boards.

And if you want to choose between these two boards, then this information will definitely help you to come to the right decision.

One thing you need to know though is that although we are going to discuss a detail below, you should read that discussion very well to understand the whole issue. Only then will you be able to have a full idea about the whole thing.

However, first, you need to know how skateboarding got started. And the most interesting thing is that the skateboards were first made to skate on flat ground.

Yes! Those flatlands may be high and low, but those high and low places must also be within the plain surface. The riders later lengthened the deck of the skateboard and added a little heavier wheel.

And just then the door to a different kind of feeling began. Even after that, thousands of variations and many styles have come into this longboard.

Gradually this skateboarding began to transform into a competitive sport and new ideas kept popping up in the longboard. Morph board is now made for even the youngest child, which has the ability to ride even a small child.

So, let’s take this skateboard and longboard today’s journey a little deeper…

Origin of longboard vs skateboard

Skateboard has a wonderful and long history! And this history of skateboard started around the fifties. Surfing in the sea, the surfer began to think that if he could surf in the soil just like the sea, it would not be a bad thing.

And with that in mind, the very first version of the skateboard generation was created. The first skateboard was made with wheels and wooden planks by making the surfboard a little smaller.

origin of skateboard and longboards

Yes! There is a stark difference between the skateboard that was made then and the skateboard that is now available in the market. Yet it was a great start with a new idea.

Almost a long time later, the demand for skateboarders continued to grow and another new type of skateboard began to emerge. The deck was made a little longer and named after several other features.

But yes! It’s true that skateboarding has never brought the thrill of surfing in the mud. The first reason is the material difference between land and sea waves!

Whatever it is, even if it’s not close, the more competitive skateboarding becomes, the more exciting it becomes.

The concept of the first longboard also began in the 1990s. And just then, longboards were created with the idea of ​​both types of people surfing in the sea and surfing in the snow.

They try to give a new kind of shape by putting roller coasters on their boards, and from there we have got longboards to improve.

And now the wheels of the longboard are much softer, which makes skating in the ground a more comfortable feeling. The feeling of surfing in that sea and surfing in the snow, though a bit, is currently being attempted through longboards.

In the late ’90s, new technology came into the trucks, and Kingpin appeared. The result is a new kind of addition to the longboard.

A longboard is a very popular name nowadays, which has been able to meet your various needs with its variety of shapes and types. The longboard for beginners industry has now achieved much more success by using different longboards in different types of places and different longboards for different purposes.

The purpose

This is where the key lies in the purpose of longboards and skateboards. That is exactly what causes you to use a longboard or skateboard. Although there are many similarities between these two types of boards, when it comes to the purpose of use, it has to be said that both are used for different purposes.

Because of the length of the skateboard and its rigid wheels, you may experience some discomfort when riding for long periods of time. When your surface is much flatter, it will be much easier to skateboarding and perform stunts and tricks through it.

Yes! You may be able to do skateboarding on the street, but on the road, you will face a lot of obstacles in performing various tricks. You may have already realized that you must use a skateboard when it comes to performing a variety of tricks and stunts.

On the other hand, when you need a board that you use every day for daily walks, chatting with friends, or going to school, you must think about longboards.

It is because there is no alternative to a longboard vs cruiser for cruising and transport. And that’s why longboards have become so popular nowadays because everyone wants to ensure a nice and cool riding experience for all-around movement.

Size & Shape

All sporting buff needs to select between longboard vs. skateboard, it is essential to know about its diverse forms and dimensions. Well, the utmost ostensible feature of skateboards is their bent form on both verges of the deck. These types of rising curves are finest for users who desire to execute kickflips. While in contrast, longboards are lengthier in extent than the orthodox skateboards and their spans are about up to 130 cm. Contrasting skateboards, longboards have two shreds at each sideways in place of bends.


Numerous surfers favor skateboards over longboards attributable to their lighter mass and comfortable usability. Well, skilled surfers do take longboards of dissimilar pan aches as an opening for surpassing quests. As it has said, individual construction and favorites also show a significant part over here.

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Trucks and wheels

There are some similarities between skateboard and longboard skateboard in this respect, and that is that both have tracks at the bottom. But yes! Although there are trucks, there must be some differences between them.

On the one hand, skateboard trucks tend to be as rigid as their wheels, which make them an excellent tool for grinding. Also, due to the sturdy wheels and tracks, it is possible to easily perform various types of tricks and stunts with a skateboard.

In general, what is seen in the case of the skateboard is that its tracks are very narrow and it uses traditional kingpin.

skateboard trucks and wheels

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Longboard v Skateboard Trucks and Wheels

They derive in a diversity of dimensions and preferably, you must choose the one which is a similar extent to the full breadth of your deck.

For instance, for 6,5” – 7,25” decks you should pick 6”- 7.25” truck axles.

On the other hand, Longboard trucks are suppler which subsidizes the total tractability of the boards. They are the chief cause of why longboard-riding is charming and contented.

longboard trucks and wheels

Longboards trucks are extensive. They have a contrary kingpin (RKP) and hooks are typically 150mm or 180mm.

Like skateboards, you must select your truck in line with the breadth of your longboard.

Again, when we talk about longboard wheels, one thing has to be said first, and that is that longboard wheels tend to be much softer and larger. It is worth noting that longboarding is relatively more comfortable than skateboarding due to its softness and size.

And that’s exactly why you have to survive the longboard for daily movement and riding. On the other hand, you have to choose a nice skateboard to perform stunts and tricks.

Also, the longboard wheels make it possible to ride on any type of road with great comfort and ease. With small wheels, you have to constantly show all the nice tricks by fighting with balance. On the other hand, you can ride with ease while watching the scenery or chatting with friends nearby.


Skateboards are often used for general cruising. If you went to a nearby grocery store to pick up the cost of a grocery store, then such a short ride with a skateboard could be offered.

However, you cannot use skateboards for all types of roads. It is because skateboards are usually much lighter.

longboard cruising

If you want to ride for a long time then you must start thinking about longboard.

Longboards have become very popular as a good alternative to any type of transport from one place to another. There are currently several longboards that are suitable for a comfortable experience on all types of roads.

Balancing Longboard

Skateboards are quite popular for displaying a variety of tricks and tricks in balance. You also have to be quite professional with balance, if you go to perform competitive tricks by skateboarding.

On the other hand, due to the size of the longboard and the large wheels, auto balance is created between them. You don’t have to worry too much about balance.

Even for this, you can easily do some balance stunts with a longboard. Even beginners perform balance tricks with longboards quite comfortably.

It delivers you with the liberty of putting your feet to a broader extent as its breadth is inordinate for bigger size feet. So if you are preparing to study some balancing tricks and amaze your friends, then you rock it on longboards.

Grinding Longboard

Grinding tricks are somewhat complicated and risky at the same time. Because many people get into accidents while performing grinding tricks. Whatever it is, and no matter how risky the grinding is, you can never stop those who love adventure by saying these things.

grinding longboards

And so if you go to demonstrate grinding tricks, you must do the job with a skateboard. Longboards, on the other hand, are never suitable for displaying grinding tricks due to their long size and heavyweight.

Pumping Longboard

Pumping is a method by which you can run your board without stepping on the ground. Pumping is usually not very easy due to the shape and structure of the skateboard.

Pumping, on the other hand, allows you to ride a longboard with great ease.

Pumping is the act of increasing the speed of the board by moving the body balance slightly back and forth.

This allows you to increase the speed of the board by simply moving the body balance back and forth without stepping on the ground. And for this method, a longboard is definitely the best board!

Which One is Easier to Ride?

Which board riding is easier longboard vs skateboard for beginners? The answer to this question is quite simple. Since skateboards are usually for performing tricks and stunts. On the other hand, longboards are best for comfortable riding and movement.

Therefore, it can be said that the longboard for riding is much easier and more comfortable. But the skateboard also became quite comfortable in its own way.

If you are looking for something comfortable to perform various tricks like kickflip then, of course, there is no substitute for the skateboard.

And so it can be said that both are comfortable enough in their own individuality. The main thing is not which is more comfortable at all but what you are going to use the board for!

Which one should you choose Skateboard or longboard for college? There are some amazing longboards for college if you want to check them out!

Anyway, learning to longboard is quite easier than a skateboard!

Longboard or Skateboard—Which One is Safer?

A different types of tricks and stunts are never risk-free and so it would be superfluous to talk about which one is less risky. Longboards have never been made to perform tricks and stunts, and their balance is fairly balanced due to their shape.

And so the whole thing depends on your activity. Longboard to skateboard for stunt performance is less risky and longboard for normal movement is safe and it is quite comfortable.

But yes! There are a variety of risk aids available in the market today, such as some nice skateboard and longboard helmets and knee pads. You can be safe enough if you have these later.


In conclusion, you may have already realized that there are some similarities between skateboards and longboards, but there are differences. And those differences are mainly due to the fact that skateboards and longboards have different purposes.

Skateboards are basically designed to do a variety of thrilling tasks, such as stunts, tricks, backflips, and so on. Longboards, on the other hand, have been made so that you can move from one place to another with great ease.

This longboard is a major alternative to your daily transport. And so you can never think of going a long way with a skateboard. And so there is nothing to like or dislike anyone. Find out your purpose first, find out what you want. And buy a skateboard or longboard according to your needs. If you are a stylish one then choose the right sunglass from here: Best 7 Skateboard Sunglasses for Skating

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