The variety of tricks and stunts in this wonderful sport called longboarding adds a lot of excitement and thrill to this sport. And to continue that thrill, today we are going to discuss a trick called Early Grab.

Note that this trick is currently a very popular stunt or trick among longboarders. If you are a beginner and want to learn some tricks like Early Grab then you must first invest in the best beginner longboard. And there are lots of other skateboard grabs like Indy grab, Ollie grab etc.

early grab techniques

Maintain balance for the early grab and melon grab!

Before learning this trick you must become a master of balance control. You have to sit on your knees completely on the board while performing this trick. And so, first of all, you have to practice standing nicely on the board.

Also if you do downhill riding with the best drop through longboard then kneeling there will also be an excellent practice. Because you have to bend down so much while riding downhill that it’s a lot like sitting on your knees.

Lean on your knees

When you have mastered balance, you are ready to perform this trick. In order to perform this trick, you must first kneel on a moving longboard. But the next step is actually of two kinds. There are basically two types of grab in this same grabbing style, one is early grab and the other is melon grab

Longboard knee techniques

How to early grab

To do this, you must first bend your knees on the skateboard and hold both the face and the tail of the board very tightly. Practice sitting like this first then when you master it you will be ready for the next step.

In the next step, you have to jump on both sides of the board. The longer you jump on the moving board and stay in this position, the more interesting the subject becomes. Melon Grab

Melon grab

The next step is to focus on Melon Grab once you have mastered this backside grab skate. And it is a bit risky to perform this trick, so it would be wiser to wear a good helmet and good quality knee pads at this time.

Then you need to grab the opposite side of the board by inserting your hand by the side of the two folded knees. It’s a bit of a hassle, but when you can hold the board in such a landscape, you have to try to jump into the air.

melon grab

Usually, when descending from a high place, the riders pick up the applause by performing tricks through the melon grab. However, it is very difficult to do and those who can do it can be said to be quite skilled.

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