Are you searching for ideas about how to get the best beginner longboard in 2021 ? We’ve made a list for you right after a long study, so let’s take a look.

Two things to keep in mind are: First, you are a new rider or apprentice. And second, it may be the first longboard of your life.

It may not feel like much now, but later on, you will have a unique feeling with the first longboard. And so it is very important for us to help you choose your first longboard as a beginner.

Choosing the right longboard for you out of thousands of longboards in the current market for learning longboarding can be a very uncomfortable task. And so this list of our selected best apprentice longboards will help you a lot.

Hopefully, we can give you a sweet memory of your first longboard for a lifetime. However, if you are a girl, then you can take a look at Top 5 Best Longboard for Girl.

Yes! There are probably a variety of longboards on the market, and even if we give you a list of some of the best longboards, you will have to make a choice. So take a look at the longboards on our list.

Best beginner longboard 2022

1.  Quest QT-NSC44C the Super Cruiser The Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44″

2. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser (Drop through Deck – Camber concave

3. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

4. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

5. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard (41-inch)

Top 5 best longboard for beginner

1.  Quest QT-NSC44C the Super Cruiser the Original Artisan Bamboo and Maple 44″


The Quest QT-NSC44C made in California is quite excellent in terms of quality as well as service and performance. As much as you like this board in the picture, in reality, this board is much more beautiful.

And the most amazing thing is that you are getting a longboard with such excellent quality and aesthetic design at such an affordable price.

Yes! The company is releasing these quest longboards at an affordable price only for apprentices like you so that your first experience is very nice.

Also, another nice thing about this quest super cruiser longboard deck is that the graphics work on it is completely handmade, which will make you feel even better. Because our attraction towards handmade or handmade designs always does more than one thing.

Within a few days of purchasing this cruiser or longboard for beginners, you will be forced to think that using it, in fact, this product provides excellent service and is also quite comfortable to use.

This deck made of strong bamboo is very light and strong at the same time. Although it is much lighter than maple wood, there is no reason to think that the product is not strong but that you can use the longboard for a long time. This is one of the best longboards for cruising available in the marketplace!


**The deck is ultra-durable and robust

**It can take up to 250 lbs.

**The wheels are pretty shock-absorbing

**The bearings have robust construction.

**Top-notch quality truck ensure the high performance

**For cruising, this is quite amazing!


*It might be large and weighty to girls and kids

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2. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser (Drop through Deck – Camber concave


Many people are overweight and think that longboarding may not be for me! However, this VOLADOR 42inch longboard is one of the few boards that have been created to disprove your misconceptions.

Even if you weigh more than two hundred pounds, you can use this longboard quite comfortably. Also, since this best beginner longboard has been designed with trainees in mind, it is safe to say that you can be sure of the safety of this board.

And the deck of this board is made of two layers, so there is no possibility of breaking easily. This 8-ply hard maple wooden deck is so strong that the board can handle any kind of road noise very easily.

As you may already know, a deck made of maple wood is usually much stronger and more durable, and in that case, this board is no exception. This board will not disappoint you at all in terms of flex, as you can take any kind of turn with this board very easily.

However, if you feel the need for another stable padding, then you have to tighten the tracks a little more. Even you can mount the motor in the deck, but if you like hoverboards, then you can take a look at some cheapest hoverboards.

Finally, the board has to end with the grip. As I have said before, the volador longboard has been created keeping in mind the apprentices, so the grip of this board is quite excellent. It goes without saying that there is no possibility of skidding easily.


**Great for heavy longboarder and rider

**Robust construction

**Wheels are quite top-notch quality

**Sturdy grip tape

**Graphics are quite amazing and lively

**longboard for beginners girl


*Requisite some modification on the wheels

3. Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser


If you are interested enough in longboard, you already know that California vintage design is quite elegant and famous among longboarding.

And this Retrospec Zed Bamboo longboard has exactly the same California vintage look. As a first board or as a learning board, this may be your perfect choice, as this board is unique in its literature!

This board has been at the top of popularity among longboarders for a long time. The reason for this can be said to be affordable. Because of the thousands of longboards available in the market, this product is incomparable in terms of quality.

Also if you are looking for affordable longboards, then you must find such a nice combination of price and quality.

Made from a combination of maple wood and bamboo, this retrospec bamboo beginner longboard deck is long-lasting, which can serve you for a long time. Also, this board has a nice flex for taking any turn, which can bring uniqueness to your riding experience.

Again, you can take this board with you wherever you want, as this board is very light in weight, which can be easily carried.

For you, as a professional longboarder, I can at least say that when you buy this board at least you do not have to fall into any deficit in terms of price and quality.


**Sturdy and robust construction ensures the long-lasting performance

**It can withstand normal wear and tear

**It comes at a very reasonable price range

**Manufactured especially for beginners

**Comfortable to learn with


*Not good bearings

4. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch best beginner longboard


You might be wondering why this longboard costs a little more than the other products on this list? Yes! You might think so, but because of this slightly higher price, you will get a lot more extra benefits from this longboard.

Because this atom drop through longboard made in a very strong way will ensure your most comfortable riding experience. And now maybe you don’t think much about price anymore.

This longboard for downhill riding and carving is personally at the top of our list of favorites. With this nice longboard, you will be able to move daily and non-daily with great ease.

Drop-throw longboard capacity will give you maximum performance, and with this board, you can learn longboarding very well. It is because it has extra stability, a quality that is especially necessary for beginners.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. This company is quite famous for providing excellent customer service.

Although a little is more expensive than the other boards on this list, hopefully, this board will be on your list of favorites.


**Stable performance and smooth riding

**Comfortable to ride and learn with

**Comes at a very affordable price

**Graphics are quite eye-watering

**Solid construction for top-notch stability


*The deck is warped a short time after a long time of usage

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5. RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard (41-inch)


Just as this longboard is designed for both beginners, a professional can also get a good performance from this board.

Because with this RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard you can do very good cruising and frying, which will help you to learn and become an expert at the same time.

The 9ply’s great deck is made of maple wood and has the ability to provide strong and long-lasting performance. And so you can get a very comfortable riding experience from this board, ignoring all the hustle and bustle of any kind of high and low road.

And if you are a little overweight, you can still buy this board without hesitation. Because I have personally seen people weighing about three hundred pounds run this board with great ease. And the reviews about their board were pretty good.

Also due to the ABEC 7 bearings of this board, you can ride the board without any kind of vibration even at high speeds. Again, when it comes to safety as a beginner, buying this board can help alleviate your anxiety.

So it’s too late, share your experience with this best beginner longboard now and start a regular practice. For a long time, that is, when you become an expert, you will see that the longboard is right next to you like your friend.


**Sturdy construction which ensures the long-standing performance

**It can bear up to 300 lbs.

**Fast and smooth riding

**Sturdy grip ensures safety and security

**Amazing flex for sharp carving


*Trucks are a little bit noisy

What Style Longboard Is Best for Beginners?

Generally, those who are new to longboarding often think that all types of longboard are pretty much the same, with a deck and wheels. The only difference is in the graphics because the graphics of different types of boards are different.

In fact, there are many differences between longboards. For example, what material they are made of or what kind of riding they are made for, etc.

So let’s not know about several types of riding styles and do not understand the right riding style is right for you?


As the name implies, this style of board is able to pick up a lot of speed and control it perfectly.

If you want a combination of balance and performance with a lot of speed then you can buy this type of board with confidence.

Drop through

If you are looking for a longboard for regular traffic on a long-distance then this drop-through style longboard is the perfect board for you.

It is also much easier and smoother to operate this type of board than other boards. As a beginner, you may like this board, as this style of board is quite popular among beginners. If you want to learn more, then you can check out the comparison between Drop through Longboard vs Top Mount.


It is possible to learn tricks and stunts with this style of the board in a very nice way while taking any kind of turn with great ease. Basically, these boards are made so that the newcomers can learn to ride very well and easily.

A variety of techniques and tricks are quite easy to learn and demonstrate this style of board. All you need is regular practice and patience.


Cruising is a technique that is just as important as carving for beginners. If you want to learn freestyle riding, you can start your own practice with a cruising style board. Hopefully, in a very short time, you will discover yourself as an experienced rider

Freestyle & Freeride

This type of style is for quite a few experts. Although this style has been suppressed for a long time, it has become very popular due to various competitions in the past.

Freestyle riding is the practice of jumping up and down to perform a variety of tricks and not limit yourself to a particular style but take your abilities to the extreme.

What Kind of Longboard Should a Beginner Get?

In addition to the boarding panaches, you also require to study about categories of longboards. Below is an overall contextual about the types.

Pintail Longboards

Basically, this type of longboard has a quite wide center while the nose and tails are pointy. This kind of manufacturing process does not only enhance the stability but also decreases the touch among wheels and the deck.

Consequently, you can bump up more effortlessly. So what do you think, is a Pintail Longboard Good for Beginners? Yes! These types of boards are quite nice for beginners.

Fishtail Longboards

The fishtail longboard is quite similar to the pintail, the main difference is their split tail and the body is quite shorter than pintail. This compacted classic style for cruising can give you a top-notch quality performance. Furthermore, you can make a sharp turn with this board quite comfortably.

Blunt Longboards

With extensive trucks and robust wheels, rounded longboards are sturdily suggested for beginners who require dependable constancy.

Consequently, the extensive rotund nose and tail make it stress-free to get stable. Though, the boards have a deprived rotating aptitude. When you are used to rudimentary methods, you might need to throw away these dull boards for other selections.

Twin Longboards

When you want a multi-directional board, then this board comes in pretty handily. It also arrives with quite a big and lenient wheel and trucks for amazing and smooth riding.

Cool and steady as they appear, we suggested these boards for ace riders who chase freestyle boarding instead of the novices. It is since you have to dominant some progressive methods to get the board in the correct course you want.

Cut Out Longboards

This type of board comes with drop-through trucks and pretty big wheels to provide you an amazing performance! Also, you can get the top speed with ultimate balance and control.

Furthermore, these wheels are very supportive if you want to regulate direction without any problem. These longboards are perfect for downhill, freeride, and freestyle riding. 

Drop Down Longboards

When it comes to these types of boards, a question always pops up, is a Dropdown Longboard Good for Beginners? To answer this question, it can be said that, yes! Dropdown best beginner longboard is even very helpful for the novice rider.


1. What is the best type of longboard for beginners?

The answer to this question can never be given in one word or two words but you should read this article carefully. Then at least some of you will have an idea about this.
You can also follow our list to choose a longboard.
However, professionals always say that newcomers should choose the cruiser board or drop-down board. Because learning to ride on these is much easier.

2. Are longboards easier to ride?

Yes! Compared to other types of boards, it has to be said that since the longboard is a little bigger, it is also quite easy to control.

3. What is the best brand of a longboard?

Check out our list, here we have selected several boards after long research. This is because certain brands are not really for beginners but there are certain boards that are made for beginners.

4. What is the best type of longboard for cruising?

Of course cruiser types boards.

5. How much is a longboard?

It all depends on what kind of board you want to buy. A typical standard board usually costs between 80 and 100. And there are some expensive boards that usually start at 200.
But the boards on our list between 50 and 150 will never disappoint you in terms of price and quality.

6. What is longboarding?

A longboard is basically a skateboard made in the form of a surfboard which is much larger in size than ordinary skateboards. And they are also quite easy to control. That’s why it’s called the best beginner longboard surfboard. Anyway, there are some Best Beginner Surfboards —to have a blast in the wave! You can check them out!

7. What are the best longboards for heavier riders?

The RIMABLE Drop-Through Longboard on our list is great for heavy riders. It is because this board is able to weigh up to about three hundred pounds.

8. Are skateboards or longboards better for commuting?

It all depends on which one you feel most comfortable with. However, since there is always a need to come and go, there is also a need to carry. In that case, you have to choose which one you really want.

9. How to longboard for beginners?

Longboards are quite easy to learn. However, initially, you get on the board, put one foot on the board, and push the other foot down to the ground to move the board

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Best Longboard Brands

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