There has been a lot of modernization in longboarding these days, and that’s why longboarders are constantly coming up with all sorts of great longboard dancing tricks.

In addition to drop-through longboards, freestyle longboards, and carving longboards, the popularity of best dancing longboards is also increasing day by day.

Today we will discuss some of the best longboard dancing tricks and also take a look at some of the basics for learning these tricks. Note that the popularity of longboard dancing tricks is constantly increasing.

skateboard dancing trick

Longboard dancing tricks

How to 180 No Comply

At first glance, this trick may seem a little difficult but once you understand the whole thing it will become quite easy. The main thing is to slide your front foot without stepping.

And through this, your board will keep moving till the very last moment and the board will pop up due to stopping the board at the very last moment. And just then you have to turn the board 180 degrees with the front foot.

How to bean plant skate

This trick is a lot like 180 no-comply … but you don’t have to rotate the board Instead, you need to hold the board as long as possible after it pops up.

And after floating in the void for a while, you have to put the longboard down again and turn it on again. The longer you can listen to it, the more interesting it will become. By showing this Longboard dancing tricks, you can easily become popular among your friends.

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Skateboard Bowl Tricks

skateboard bowl tricks

Peter Pan

It’s a trick that’s very nice and at the same time quite weird. You have to do cross-leg steps while showing this trick. First, you need to place the right foot on the left side of the skateboard and the left foot on the right side of the day on top of the right foot. In that case, your legs will be crossed.

This is the most interesting thing about this trick. Now you have to turn the right leg in the same way again and put it on the left side with the left leg. Again your legs will move to the cross position. This way you can easily perform this longboard dancing trick.

Ghost Ride

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Move your hind legs to the back of the board and bring the front legs closer to the hind legs. However, keep in mind that both legs will be facing forward.

skateboard ghost ride

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Your front leg will be in the middle of the board and then you will have to lift the hind leg by placing the bodyweight on the front leg. Bring your back foot to the cross leg position with the front foot. But now do not put your feet on the board but on the ground right next to the board. He then has to jump over the skateboard again, turning the front foot over the back foot.

Yes! These Longboard dancing tricks sounds a bit risky to hear, but it looks pretty nice if you can do it easily and fluently. And for your safety, you have the best longboard helmet on your head and the best knee pads on your knees.

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Cross stepping longboard

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