In a sport like skateboarding, you can taste the thrill of every moment. Besides, when it comes to the best skateboard tricks, these tricks can take that thrill to a whole new and unique level. But the most important thing is practice. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you.

The best skateboard tricks are usually divided into three parts. However, there are thousands of such tricks, and not all of them can be discussed in one article. Today we will discuss some of the most popular and best trick skateboards for beginners to pros.

However, it is wise to wear the best skateboard helmet and knee pads while practicing these tricks. It allows you to be sure of your safety.

Best beginner skateboard tricks—bestskateboard tricks

Skateboard Bowl Tricks

These wonderful best skateboard bowl tricks are becoming quite popular all the time. Its popularity is increasing day by day due to its simplicity and attractiveness. This is where you drop in a bowling arena and pick up motion. Next, you will show all the great tricks with the skateboard on the cement coping of the ramp.

Best skateboard tricks

One of them is blunt to fakie. In this trick, you will keep the rear wheel of the skateboard in the cement coping ramp and keep the front part of the board floating in the air. This way the longer you stay, the more interesting your tricks will become.

Shove it trick

In this Shove its tricks, you will rotate the skateboard 180 degrees with your hind legs and bring it back to its previous position. This rotation but must be in a parallel position, never tilting or overturning the board. For this, you have to put your weight on your front leg and keep your back leg free.


Then with the light jump, you have to push the back of the board with the back foot so that it rotates 180 degrees. Remember that your body weight must be on the middle part of the board when performing this trick.

Kick turn skateboard

The basic condition for performing this kick turn skateboard trick is that you must be very good at maintaining the balance of your body. Then when you are riding normally or you may have to change direction quickly. Then the mass of the body should be carried on the hind legs and the front legs should be lifted slightly above the board.

kick turn trick

Then you will see the front part of the board floating in the air. And just when you push a little with the front foot, the board will turn in the direction you push. You can win the admiration of your friends by showing this wonderful trick called kick turn.

Foot brake skateboard

The most important thing to consider when breaking a foot is smoothness. Never be in a hurry. If you hurry, you will have an accident. Therefore, it is wise to wear a good skateboard helmet and knee pads.

foot brake tricks

Then slowly lower the hind legs from the moving board to the ground. Care should be taken before the ankle touches the ground. Then slowly increase the pressure on the ground with the ankle. You will see that you are becoming a master of the whole foot brake skateboard through some practice.

Intermediate skateboard tricks

Old school kickflip

You can surprise your friends by showing this wonderful Old school kickflip trick. There are a few steps to demonstrating this trick. The first foot should be placed in the middle of the board and the other foot in the corner of the board truck.

old school kickflips

Then try to bring the board up in the air by leaning on the back foot which is placed in the corner of the board. Then jump and try to bring the whole board 360 degrees by pushing the front foot.

With regular practice, it will come under your control at some point. So if you can’t at first, then there is nothing to despair about.

Early grab

To perform the early grab, at first you have to curve your knees and lean on the skateboard. Plus, you need to hold both the façade and the end of the board very firmly. Try to lift yourself along with the board little in the air!

early grab trick

Subsequently, you need to jump withholding both sides of the board. If you can stay in the air for a long time, then it will become more attractive. Plus, you will be praised by your friends and others!

Advanced skateboard tricks

Cross stepping longboard

To perform this cross stepping longboard trick you first need to lift the hind legs in the air with the bodyweight on the front legs. The hind legs should be placed on one side of the board at the front. Next, the front leg should be floated in the same way again and placed in front of the hind leg. It will look like you are walking on a board. When doing this, make sure that you do not lose your balance.

The most important thing is that you must be very smooth. There should be no rush to perform cross-stepping longboard. Subsequently, it increases the chances of an accident. And while doing this, you can look down, so that you can understand exactly where your feet are going.

cross stepping longboards

If you are a beginner, you can definitely practice this trick with a good quality best beginner longboard. Also, another important piece of advice for beginners is that you must be much smoother. In no way should you be in a hurry to perform this trick. Doing so could lead to a major accident.

Longboard dancing tricks

These are some of the best skateboard tricks at the professional level in the world of longboarding. Looking at these exercises to keep your body in balance will make you feel like you are probably dancing on a longboard.

To perform these longboard dancing tricks you must invest in one of the best dancing longboards. If your longboard is of good quality then, of course, you can show tricks in a good way.

Also among these dancing tricks 180 No Comply, bean plant skate, Peter Pan, Ghost Ride are some of the most popular dancing tricks. These tricks are described in detail in our Longboard Dancing Tricks article. All of these tricks have a combination of some other tricks with cross-stepping already discussed.

In the end, a lot of people buy the best cruising longboard just to use when traveling to the office, school or with friends. But for those who are looking for real thrills, there is no substitute for learning to perform a variety of tricks and stunts. Hopefully, our little discussion about these best skateboard tricks has piqued your curiosity, albeit a little.

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