Riding a skateboard is a wonderful experience that keeps your body healthy as well as mindful. Skateboarding can be a unique way to get so close to nature! Whether you’re a professional or an amateur, skateboarding can give you a unique feeling.

We’ve gathered some best Santacruz skateboard in our buying guide, and Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard is one of the best on our list! Apart from this, Santa Cruz skateboard accessories are also quite famous in the industry. Before buying have a look at Santacruz history .

Why should you buy Sanzta Cruze?

Santa Cruz is a unique name in this skateboarding world! For more than forty years, this company has not only bloated its popularity but has continued to grow because of its quality. Santa Cruz skateboards history will always boast itself for that amazing long-standing expertise!

Although the company was first established around 1973, they have been able to retain their ownership by succeeding in the business. And in the skateboard world, it is truly unique!

Best Skateboard Buying Guide In 2022

Our Top 5 santacruz skateboard

1. Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate Boards, 8.8 x 27.7-Inch

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta Sk8 Complete Skate Boards


This wonderful Shark Rasta santa cruz skateboards complete is unique and awesome in terms of style! A nice combination of Rasta graphics with Island Style is seen on this board. Speaking of quality and sustainability, this board will have a memorable experience.

Especially the deck of this board is very nice because the beautiful and aesthetic combination of graphics with the Rasta style color brings excellent propriety to the deck, which is not quite seen on other boards.

Besides, the lower side of the deck has been designed with great similarity to the logo, which gives a very smoothed feel to the color. Although the upper side is white, there are also fine carvings. Besides, this board added very good traction without compromising the graphics.

Apart from this, its wheels are also designed to ensure a smoother experience while keeping the quality intact.

2.Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard (9.9 x 43.5-Inch)

Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard


This wonderful board is made in the style of an Island style and with its nice soft wheels, you can win anywhere to get a very comfortable experience. And when it comes to deck-making, this deck is a North American maple deck. And so this board is just as outstanding and lasting in terms of quality.

Apart from that, the Road Rider wheels and the impenetrable bearings combined make for a prodigious journey on walkways and roadways. It’s not only impeccable in design but fresh out the box it will be amazingly smooth!

But keep in mind that this is not a longboard, but such a board can be called a cruiser. Because the front of the board is made like a mini-cruiser. Because of its excellent wheels and bearings, your skateboarding experience will become very wonderful.

3.Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck Roskopp Face X Edmiston 9.5″ x 31″ Old School

3.Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck Roskopp Face X Edmiston


One of the unique features of this skateboard deck is the 7 ply construction, made from bamboo. As a result, you can be very comfortable in terms of stability.

Besides, after using it for a long time, when you understand its quality then you will like this board very much like us. The design of this old school deck is fascinating and unique. You would be really surprised to see the creativity level of the design.

This Santacruz skateboard, which is 1.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall, is available for sale in the market only at one size. However, its size is designed to suit any type of rider. Whether you are a professional or just starting skateboarding, this board will be your favorite.

Having such a great feature means that this Santa Cruz skateboard is also excellent for the pool. Besides, you can easily attach a skate truck to a board that is coming is pre-drilled condition!

4.Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Pintail Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck Complete 43.5″

Santa Cruz Mahaka Rasta Pintail Cruzer Freeride Longboard Deck


This translucent wheel of 68 millimeters can make your skateboarding experience very nice and aesthetic. Besides, you will love using this skateboard because of its B150 trucks.

You can even change these wheels and trucks differently if desired. This board is very strong and strong, which is why there is absolutely no fear of infringement on the skateboard too easily.

These hardware-enhanced performances give you a unique experience that you won’t find very often on other boards. And when it comes to the grip of this board, it is to say that the grip that is not compromised with the design will impress you in the usual way.

5.Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck VX Afterglow Hand 8.0″ Quad X Technology

.Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck VX Afterglow Hand 8.0″ Quad X Technology


With such a remarkable combination of excellence and more than forty years of experience, you can say that skateboards made by Santa Cruz are the best skateboards on the market.

The company is committed to handing over the best and only the best quality product to you. Also, one of the unique aspects of this particular skateboard is its creative design that will make your experience even better.

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Some specialty of Santacruz skateboard

The Amazing Customer Reviews

The special thing you will notice on all boards made by Santa Cruz is these reviews and ratings on Amazon! All these wonderful reviews and ratings will impress you and will make you interested in this product.

One more thing to look at is how many people have used this board. Indeed, you can’t please everyone, so when you see that most consumers are giving positive reviews about a product, you have to understand that the product is qualitatively best!

Apart from that, if you have any problem with their product you can contact Santa Cruz skateboards. They will hear you out!

Santa Cruz board Riding Styles are amazing!  

You might notice that the boards made by Santa Cruz fit the different types of riding styles. And so when you go to search for a particular style, you will see that the Santa Cruz board has that board.

Whatever the board, you can be sure that the Santa Cruz board will be better than thousands of other boards. And so Santa Cruz will always occupy the top spot in your list of favorites, whether it is Island Style or Freestyle.

Design and Color combination of Santa Cruz  skateboard

The outlook structure, style, and color combination in Santa Cruz Longboards are constantly ground-breaking and extraordinary. Santa Cruz is especially famous for its exquisite and aesthetic designs and graphics.

Even a few days ago an exhibit was made with various graphics created over forty years by santa cruz. If you take a look there, you can understand that Santa Cruz was always ahead of its time when it came to the extraordinary combination of style and color.

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Amazing Construction of Santa Cruz Deck

Since one of the main and main parts of a board is its deck, you must choose a skateboard whose deck is good and solid. And from here on out, if you look at any board of Santa Cruz, their quality and durability are bound to surprise you!

santacruz skateboard will find a variety of skateboard decks, including bamboo, maple, and plastic. Of the Santa Cruz boards that have ruled the kingdom of skateboards for a long time, you can undoubtedly be convinced that they are highly standardized and lasting.

Wheels are impeccable

The wheels implanted in the boards of Santa Cruz constantly incomparable and loftier than other products open in the marketplace. The width of the wheel regulates the type of surface on which you can skate.

And when it comes to the quality of wheel, santa cruz’s wheels are quite extraordinary which can provide you an amazing experience! 

Finally, you’ve come to the end of this list of top five santacruz skateboard review. There are lots of santa cruz skateboards on sale. Hope you’ve made your choice about which one you are going to buy! But if still you are confused then we can offer you a more precise projection! Go for the Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard if you are looking for a product that is used and cherished by many people. When it comes to the combination of amazing color and graphics then Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Rasta should be your choice for the best and amazing performance.

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