Top 10 best skate shoes in 2022. A lot of beginners face difficulties when they start skating. Maybe you’re not landing your tricks easily or you’re just not getting the feel of the skateboard.

A pair of good-quality shoes is quite important because you are actually stepping into the skateboard history with them!

There are some reasons why this is happening to you but the most important reason would be you’re not using the right skate shoes. Using the best skates shoes can make a very big difference believe me.

And when you have a best skate sunglass to protect your eye, plus the best shoe to protect your feet, then you will have a blast in the riding experience.

Using the right skate shoes will not just protect your feet but will also help you feel every part of your board, it’ll make riding a hell of a lot easier and you’ll get your tricks down faster. As a skater myself I prefer tight-fit shoes.

If your shoes are the perfect size for your feet or even a little bit tight you’ll get used to the size and shape of your board much quicker, popping and sliding your feet will feel more comfortable and of course, good skate shoes last longer than ordinary shoes.

Below we’ll be listing the top ten best skate shoes you can buy right now. If it’s your first time buying the best skates shoes remember not everyone wears the same type of shoes, there are many types and designs of skate shoes out there.

Re-Commendation (Best Skate Shoes)

I’d suggest the best skate shoes trying a few out that way you’ll understand better which shoe is the best for you.

Brand                                        ImageMaterial          Price
1.DCDC-Mens-Pure-Action-Sport-Sneaker_skateshouse_top-ten-skate-shoesLeather with rubber sole

See price on Amazon

2. AdidasAdidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate ShoeSynthetic with rubber sole

See price on Amazon

3. EtniesEtnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate ShoeCanvas and synthetic with rubber sole

See price on Amazon

4. EmericaSuede with rubber sole

See price on Amazon

5. GlobeATTACHMENT DETAILS  Emerica-Romero-Laced-Skate-ShoeShaved suede with synthetic sole See price on Amazon
6. VansSuede with rubber sole See price on Amazon
7. Nike Sb

Canvas with rubber sole See price on Amazon
8. OsirisOsiris-Mens-NYC-83-VLC-Skateboarding-Shoe_skateshouse_top-ten-skate-shoesTextile synthetic with rubber sole  See price on Amazon
9. Supra Supra-Stacks-Vulc-II-SneakerLeather canvas with synthetic sole See price on Amazon
10. FallenFallen-Mens-The-Easy-Skateboard-ShoeLeather with rubber sole See price on Amazon

Top 10 Best Skate Shoes

There are many different skate shoes on the market, but which are the best? To help you find the perfect pair of skates, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best skate shoes.

From beginner-friendly to performance-driven, these shoes will have your feet moving in all the right directions. So what are you waiting for? Pick up a pair and get skating!

DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker


Get It Via Amazon

These skate shoes are designed to last long. Made of leather and abrasion rubber outsole for maximum grip on the board. The shoes are padded with foam on the inside for comfort and support.

This skate shoe is widely used by skaters. The shoes are plain and simple and look great even though it’s made for skating.

Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe

Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe

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The canvas design makes this shoe good-looking and shoes as this will always give a good tight fit for more comfort on the board.

The vulcanized rubber sole sticks really well to the board and helps do tricks much more easily.

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe

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Etnies best-selling shoe, these shoes are also widely used by skaters because of their look and feel. Very comfortable shoe with a canvas design made of synthetic material with a faux-vulcanized cup sole for added comfort and a thinly padded tongue for that tight fit.

A great choice for beginners and intermediate skaters as well.

 Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe

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Designed by skaters for skateboarding. This pair is tested and approved by professional skater Leo Romero. The shoes are designed with low profile cup sole construction for a better board feel with a rubber sole for better grip on the skateboard and a high-density rubber heel drag for maximum durability.

This shoe also comes with a one-piece toe cap for a little protection and a tongue-stabilizing wing for that tight fit. With so many features who would not want to buy shoes like these.

Globe Men’s The Taurus Skate Shoe

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With a clean and classy look, this pair from Globe is also a pair to try out. A shaved suede design for more comfort and synthetic sole for better grip on the board, this pair is like a skater’s dream shoes.

Globe always implements new ideas to their products so they’ve added an overlay tongue with a gimped edge and a special globe S-TRac grip which is one reason why this pair stands out from the rest.

Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

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One of my personal favorites, Vans has been making skates shoes for as long as we can remember. Made in the United States only, this pair comes in a suede design and a rubber sole for maximum comfort and grip on the skateboard, Vans original waffle outsole for great board feel and traction.

We highly recommend you try this pair.

Nike Men’s Zoom Stefan Janoski Skate Shoe

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This shoe is designed by Nike Sb’s professional skater Stefan Jenoski. Favorite to a lot of skaters including myself it’s a canvas design with rubber sole for great comfort and board feel and Nike Hyperscreen overlay on the toe for more durability.

Also comes with a built-in Nike Zoom unit in the heel for cushioning in case you want to do those big gaps. These look great and are really comfortable, highly recommend you guys try these out.

Osiris Men’s NYC 83 VLC Skateboarding Shoe

Get It  Via Amazon

Designed in New York city this high top design shoe is made with textile and synthetic material making it very durable with a rubber sole for better grip in the skateboard and a removable insole in case you want to try better ones.

Supra Stacks Vulc II Sneaker

   Get It Via Amazon

This simple and stylish design sneaker is a great choice for those who are not into bulky shoes. With a lightweight construction and super foam midsole, it doesn’t get any more comfortable than it is especially on a skateboard. It’s made of leather and canvas for increased durability and a synthetic sole for more grip on the board.

Fallen Men’s The Easy Skateboard Shoe

  Get It Via Amazon

Another great choice this pair is made of leather and fabric sole for great comfort and board feel. An upper layer made slim and casual for a comfortable fit and elastic gussets allow these shoes to be worn without laces and a one-piece toe cap.

Vulcanized construction with the abrasion-resistant outsole for more durability, what more could you want in a skate shoe.

So these are the top ten best shoes we think are great for you. As I’ve mentioned above good skate shoes will make a very big difference and will help a lot in landing your tricks whether you’re a beginner or you have some experience on the board and remember not everyone skates the same pair of shoes so be sure to try a few of them and see which pair suits you best.

Best Skate Shoes (Buying guide)

You’ve maybe come across with the best skate shoes 2021, but it’s 2022, let’s dive into the new features! Which of the many skate shoes on the market would you choose, or why should you choose them? You no longer have to worry about the answers to these questions. In our complete buying guide, you will find this information in a very nice and tidy way.

However, there are lots of health benefits of longboarding that will amaze you! And the right pair of shoes can boost that enthusiasm even further!

What to consider before choosing

First of all, there are some things you should consider before buying a good quality skate shoe. And what qualities should a good quality skate shoe have:


Durability is a very important issue for anything, not just shoes. However, skate shoes, in particular, need to be much stronger. These shoes of yours will go through many kinds of difficult situations. But one thing to keep in mind, it is very important to buy the right size shoes, especially in the case of shoes.

If it is not the right size, the shoes are more likely to be torn or damaged quickly. Your new shoe must adapt to a hostile environment. When you are on the downhill with your best carving longboards, your shoe plays a very important role here!

Because when you do skateboarding or longboarding training, a lot of storms will go on with these shoes.

 Consumer experience

If you take a look at the experiences of other consumers, you can find good quality products in the market now. But if you rely only on reviews then here comes another issue besides quality. And that is the price of the product.

A less expensive product is fairly good but gets a lot of reviews. This is because customers do not expect such a good service at a low price. And so they give a lot of good reviews with excitement.


Quality and good brand! These two things are closely intertwined. However, the reason for mentioning the issue of quality separately is that the issue of quality from the brand is much more important.

Anyway, we’ve put a list of the top ten skateboard brands for you to have a blast in the quick choosing process. From them, Santa Cruz, Atom, landyachtz longboards, sector 9 longboards, arbor longboards are our top favorite of all time.

Even if it is a good quality brand, you should not blindly buy the product! Rather, the product should be purchased only after a good look at the quality of the product.

And when determining this quality, you must carefully observe the experiences of other consumers. Customer reviews, product creation components, and durability are very important.


Yes! Of course, it is. No matter how good the quality is, if a product is not beautiful to look at then why should I buy that product, right? And in the same way, your skateboarding shoes have to be very beautiful and match the thrill of skateboarding. A unique shoe can bring a unique appeal to your entire getup.

When it comes to the design, if you can match your shoe with the best designed Atom Longboards, it will give you an even more amazing look!


Price is a very important issue, especially when your budget is very limited. Then you need to find good quality shoes within budget. But when you never want to give up a bit in terms of quality, you may need to increase your budget range a bit from time to time.

However, there are always good quality products available in the market at affordable prices, just need to find a little better. Our list includes some of the most affordable and good-quality shoes whose quality can surprise you.


Did you like any shoes? And you want to buy those shoes right away? Never do this. Any shoe must be made of a good brand. And when it comes to longboarding then it can be said that best arbor longboards are one of my favorite brands in the industry!

Remember, a brand means a good product. Among the thousands of glamorous best skate shoes Reddit available in the market, you may fall into a lot of confusion. And from there, only a good quality brand can bring you.

But there is another thing you need to be aware of, and that is that the brand must be famous for making good quality skate shoes. Because maybe a shoe brand is much better, but they don’t make good quality shoes suitable for skating. And so you always have to choose a brand that specializes in skating.

It is very important to have these features in the best skate shoes


Exactly what materials should be a good shoe is quite debatable, but shoes made of leather and synthetic materials are much better for skateboarding.

And especially for skateboarding, shoe companies should also make shoes with this kind of material. Because wearing shoes made with this type of material, if you step on the wrong way or on any kind of rough terrain, the shoes will not be damaged.

And if your long-lasting skateboarding shoes have bruises on them at different times, that’s even better. You can proudly say that these shoes are your long rise and fall companion.


The premium quality sewing of shoes can bring a unique look to the shoes. If the stitches on your shoes are so stiff, what else can you expect from those shoes?

In addition to maintaining the design and attractiveness of the shoes, good quality sewing makes the shoes much more durable. And so when buying your favorite skateboarding shoes, you must pay attention to this feature.

The type of shoe sole

One thing you need to understand first, and is that you will not only walk with these shoes. Rather, these shoes have to endure much more persecution.

During skateboard riding or training you may have to jump, you may have a lot of impact on your shoes. And the initial effect of these pushes should not be on your feet, so you should wear shoes with a good quality shoe sole.

Shoes should fit your feet

This is probably the biggest problem when buying shoes online! There is always a hesitation when ordering shoes; will these shoes fit my feet? Will be loose, or will be tighter again!

There is a connection between the fit of the shoe and the durability of the shoe. In addition, for the health of the feet, you have to wear shoes that fit well. Otherwise, it can even affect your spine too!

And there are so many things that depend on the feature that when you buy online, you must see what the company’s return policies are like. If your feet don’t fit, can you return the shoes? And if you do that you will have to bear any additional cost! Also, be sure to match the size of your feet well with the shoe size charts of different companies before buying shoes.

There are several types of skateboard shoes

Hi-cut: Remember the old-school Converse shoes from the nineties? These types of high-cut or high-top sneakers do not give too much movement to your ankles. However, this type of shoe protects your feet from any spills. Even though you have socks, leather protection is a lot better protection, isn’t it?

Mid-cut: There is another condition between high cut and low cut, which is usually called mid-cut. These fit perfectly with your ankles and provide you with adequate protection.

If you are worried enough about balance, be sure to purchase the best protective gear as well as a mid-cut skateboard shoe.

Low-cut: They have a distinct design, which attracts a lot of modern riders nowadays. However, keep in mind that they have less leg protection. And it doesn’t give you any extra benefits when it comes to balance … and that’s why this kind of low-cut is so much more exciting.

And for your added protection, you must wear the best quality longboard helmet and the best longboard knee pads while riding a skateboard.

Hopefully, you got a full idea from our best skate shoes ever review and buying guidelines. Yes! There are thousands of shoes on the market that are specially made for skateboarding. However, our expert teams, who have been involved in the world of skateboarding for a long time, have compiled this list based on their own experience as well as the opinions of a few more professional skaters. But at the end of the day, you have to buy your own things and there are many good wishes to you.


Do skate shoes make a difference?

Skate shoes have been around for over a century, and for good reason: They make a difference. Skate shoes provide stability and support when skating, which allows skaters to stay on their boards longer and improve their skills.
However, there is some debate about whether skate shoes make a big difference. Some experts say that skate shoes are only responsible for a small percentage of the improvement that skaters experience when practicing their skills.

Why do skaters wear flat shoes?

Flat shoes are often preferred by skaters because they allow for better board control. This is because flat shoes create a more stable platform for the skater’s feet and therefore provide more stability when skating. Flat shoes can also reduce the amount of noise that is made while skating, making them a popular choice among skaters who want to stay stealthy.

Are gum soles better for skating?

Are gum soles better for skating? This question has been debated among skaters for years. Some believe that they are better because of the increased surface area, while others feel that they can cause more friction and be harder to glide on. There is no right answer, as the best way to skate depends on the individual.

What’s the difference between skate shoes and normal shoes?

Why do you wear shoes? It’s for walking around, isn’t it? But the funny thing is that the shoes we usually wear and the skate shoes differ not only in name but also in the way they are made. You will even notice a huge deviation in the sensitivity of the two types of shoes when you wear them.

First of all these skateboard shoes have padded collars and tongues. And these two features you don’t usually see in other normal shoes. This cushion will provide extra protection to your feet when you jump.

Also, this collar will give you a feeling of extra comfort. Since you will have a lot of stress on your shoes while skateboarding, the shoes made for this skateboarding are definitely designed with that in mind.

Moreover, your skateboarding shoes are made in such a way that it has a very good grip underneath. And these shoes stick very well to your skateboard. You will not usually find this specially-made group in ordinary shoes.

Skateboard shoes are made in such a way that they fit very well with the grip tape on the top of the board. Also in this type of shoe, you are much less likely to slip.

Last but not least, the difference is the outsole of the shoe. This outsole will help you to better balance the board. The grip tape on the board will hold you much tighter.

What are good shoes for skateboarding?

There are lots of shoes that you can skate with, and we have gathered some of the best of them! Let’s take a glance at our top skate shoes:
1.DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker
2.Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe
3.Etnies Jameson 2 Eco Skate Shoe
4.Emerica Romero Laced Skate Shoe
5.Globe Men’s The Taurus Skate Shoe
6.Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes

Are there any skate shoes made in the USA?

One of my favorite shoes is the Vans Unisex Old Skool Classic Skate Shoes. One of the reasons I like it is because of its quality and at the same time its durability. The shoe is also designed and made with a rubber sole so that you can wear it for maximum comfort.
And another highlight of this shoe is that it is made in the United States. This means that it has taken its place in our list as one of the best American-made products.

Final Words

There are few things more frustrating than trying to find the perfect pair of shoes for skating.

The wrong size, wrong style, or not being able to find the right skate shoe can put a damper on an evening out on the ice. Luckily, there are a variety of great skate shoes available on the market today, so finding the perfect pair is much easier than it used to be.

When looking for the best skate shoes, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair. With so many different brands and styles available, it can be hard to know which ones are best for your feet.

That’s where our compilation of the best skate shoes comes in handy. We’ve included a variety of different brands and styles, so you’re sure to find a pair of shoes that fit your needs perfectly.

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