In the world of skateboarding, this trick called kick turn skateboard is considered to be a very basic trick. However, even if you are a beginner, even if it is very basic, it may be a bit confusing for you.

And so you should buy the best beginner skateboard and practice how to skateboard at first Kick turn skateboard is the balance of your body by leaning on the rear wheel and pushing the board in a new direction. To perform this you need to have a full balance on your body and continue to practice constantly.

Kick turn skateboard and balance

Before you start practicing this trick you need to be quite well versed about your own balance on the board. First, you need to master the Ollie stance. The front legs should be placed on the front trucks and the legs should be kept in an across position on the rear tail.

skateboard ramp

In this way, it became possible to perform thousands of tricks while standing. Then slowly bring the foot forward with a full mass on the back foot, so that the tail of your board will continue to pop up. Try to maintain your balance in this way.

If you feel unsafe, then you can wear best longboard helmet and best knee pads for your own protection!

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Learn to Duckwalk

Hold both feet on the tail and nose of the skateboard. Now try to walk like this, that is, try to move your legs slowly like walking. It may sound ridiculous, but it’s important to keep your balance.

Front side Turns

Now you are ready for kick turn skateboard. Stand on the skateboard like an Ollie stance. Now take full weight on the front leg just like practicing balance.


And slowly pull the legs backward to see the front of your skateboard popping upwards. As soon as you pop up you turn the skateboard in a different direction of the front side kick turn. This is the front side turn. We hope you understand how to turn on a skateboard!

However, you can perform this type of trick with plan B skateboard or best drop through longboard.

Backside kick turn

Just like the front foot, now you practice the same way with the back foot. The back of the skateboard rises slightly upwards and actually turns it around.

Tic Tac Kick turns

When you become proficient at doing the above two types of turns, try to make a combination of the two types of turns. Try to do two kinds of turns at the same time and try to do it very fast. Try to be very slow at first and try to be fast later.

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Mastering Kick turn skateboard

You now know all kinds of basic relationships. Now practice practicing this kind of trick while you are riding slowly. And try to show something more wonderful by mixing this trick with some other tricks and even perform kick turn dance. This is how one gradually becomes a master on kick turn skateboard.

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