Skateboarding is one of the most exciting sports, as you can enjoy every moment of this riding as you see fit. And for a while now when you set foot in this world of thrills, you will be able to perform some easy skateboard tricks like push, tick-tack, and even show some power slides. And now you want to learn some tricks by spinning your board. And Shove it tricks is a perfect trick for you right now. Let us know exactly how you can learn this shove-it tricks in a very nice way.

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What is Shove-it?

Shove it tricks is to rotate your board 180 degrees with your back foot. The great thing is that you have to keep the board under your feet flat.

It can’t be turned upside down, because if you rotate 360 degrees at an angle, it’s called a kickflip. Also if you learn this fakie shove it then you will be able to perform several more types of tricks later like how to ollie.

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How to shove it trick?

This trick is not very difficult at all but intermediate riders can easily perform this trick. Push the tail part of the board backward with the toe of your foot slightly.

How to shove it tricks

Balancing your own body weight at first can be a bit daunting for you to do as well. However, try to keep your body weight right in the middle of the board. Then you will not have much of a problem performing this trick.

 Stance for Shove it trick

Place your front foot on the front of the board and your back foot on the tail. Place your back foot at the corner of the tail and make sure your toe is slightly below the height of the board.

stance for shove it tricks

Bend your knees a bit and get ready to perform this trick. You look down and make sure to look down, so you can see when the board is rotating.

Add Spin

Give a light jump as you push your board to rotate. Remember it is not a game of strength at all but you have to do these skateboard tricks through strategy.

So do not go to spend extra energy unnecessarily. You can see that the board is spinning if you gently push it lightly from the waist down.

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Bring Up your Front foot Right Above

Your front leg may be tied up in the case of board spinning, so as soon as you push the part of the tail, bring the front leg up. Keep looking down so that in time you can stand on the bottom board and balance again.

You may not even have to look down while doing the shove it trick once you practice by looking down at first.Best dancing longboards are quite amazing to perform these types of tricks.

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