When riders go out on the road in the early stages of skateboarding or longboarding, they end up with a variety of problems. One of the problems is that many people struggle to stop the moving board. And so today we are going to discuss a nice trick to stop your best beginner longboard, foot brake skateboard.

When you are in the process to know how to ride a cruiser skateboard! Learning foot brake skateboard is the most important thing for your riding life.

skateboard foot brake

Turn your Toes for foot brake skateboard

First, keep your legs straight on the board. Place in such a way that your finger is towards the front of the board. At the same time, you also have to stand straight and look straight ahead.

However, in the early stages of learning it, if you are wearing the best longboard helmet on your head and the best knee pads on your knees, your chances of having an accident are greatly reduced.

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Weight Transfer

Now you will place the full weight of your body on your front legs. This has to be done because you have to remove the hind legs from the skateboard lekarna-slovenija.com/. That means you have to stand on one foot on top of the skateboard for some time.


Then you have to float your hind legs in the air and bring that foot down slowly to the ground on one side. But you can’t do that right now, because you have to use some strategy to do it. Also, when placing the weight on your feet, make sure that the body does not lean forward or backward.

Easy Pressure

You need to bring your hind legs straight to the ground. Make sure this foot brake skateboard time so that your legs do not bend or bend in any direction.

It can cause accidents. Slowly when your foot is very close to the ground, lightly touch the ground with the sole of your shoe, and gradually increase the pressure.


Don’t rush too much, because remember there is no hydraulic longboard brake on the skateboard like on a bicycle. It is to stop very slowly in the manual method. But the more you practice, the sooner you can stop the board. For this, you have to practice with a lot of patience.

Foot brake skateboard is an important skill to stop your skateboard on the unexpected situation.

The mistakes that riders usually make

When pressure is applied to the ground with the hind legs, many fall in a hurry. The reason for this is to rush and give pressure. Remember to lightly touch first and then gradually increase the pressure for the foot brake skateboard. Your best drop through longboard and you both will be safe doing it.

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