You may want to start longboarding and don’t know much about the basic tricks and tips of longboarding riding. Today we are going to discuss your problem i.e. longboarding 101. If you can’t get it right in the first place, don’t panic! It’s a good time to invest in the best beginner longboard!

Let us know then, the things you need to keep in mind when starting this. In other words, we will have a clear idea and understanding of the details of longboarding 101.

Longboarding 101

Longboarding 101


The first step in longboard riding is to learn to control the balance of your body. In this case, remember to never stand on the board too hard, but you have to be much smoother. If you calm down your body and stand with your knees slightly bent, you will see that you feel a much more stable longboard stance on the board now.

Do not experiment too much with this balance in the early days. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Next time when you can maintain some balance try to push by changing your legs. So that you have full balance and control on both feet.

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Whenever you see someone taking a turn on a longboard, it may seem a bit difficult for you, but when you start practicing on your own, you realize that it is not really that difficult.

For this, you just have to lean forward a little and turn with the pressure of the front leg in the direction you want to move.

Longboarding from skateboarding is much easier and smoother in this type of turn and curve. It is quite easy to maintain balance as it is quite large. It has also become much easier due to some of the best carving longboards in the current market.

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Longboarding turning tricks


The most difficult part of longboarding is stopping the moving longboard. It is much easier to balance on a longboard, but it becomes much more difficult to slow down longboard with foot brake.

For this, you first have to stand straight for a day and put full weight on the front legs. The back leg should touch the ground with the back ankle.

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Longboard foot braking

Remember that the matter should be very smooth; never put too much pressure on the feet. The pressure should increase as soon as the ankle touches the ground very slowly. In this way, you will gradually see that your longboard has stopped.

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