Longboard riding is a thrilling sport, and longboard dancing adds to that thrill. And in the case of longboard dancing, you must first learn cross stepping longboard. This trick is the basic and foundation of longboard dancing.

Those who do longboard surfing are also well aware of this wonderful step. Whether you are Surfing or longboarding is basically the same kind of footwork. Whatever it is, today we will discuss how you can easily learn this cross stepping longboard.

cross stepping longboard

Get rolling for cross stepping longboard

First you have to learn a fair amount of speed, and if you are a beginner you can learn with a beginner longboard. However, in the case of dancing, it would be wise to purchase the best dancing longboard.

Whatever it is, you need to pick up a fairly good speed because cross stepping longboard is very difficult to perform if your skateboard speed is low.

Shift your weight to the tail

The first thing you need to consider when performing this trick of longboard dancing is that your body weight must be placed on the tail of the board. You need to keep your posture strong and in this case you need to balance with both hands.

shift your weight tail

Start the cross step

To begin with, you must first carefully lift your hind legs to zero and release the body weight on the front legs. The work has to be done very smoothly and in no hurry.

However, you can wear the best longboard helmet to take extra precautions, as well as longboard knee pads can give you extra protection.

Walk up the board

Right now your main work will start. Hang your back leg and bring it to the front, and lightly place it on the nose of the board. It should be done very smoothly and there should be no rush.

Then slowly bring the back legs to the front and try to move the front legs a little further back with the mass on both feet without changing the mass. Then do the same again as before with the front foot, your posture will be a bit like walking.

wake up board

Advices for novices

The most important thing is that you must be very smooth. There should be no rush to perform cross stepping longboard. Since it increases the chances of an accident. And while doing this, you can look down, so that you can understand exactly where your feet are going.

But at the same time you have to keep an eye on the road ahead, and you have to bring this balance of vision under control by practicing it.

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