It is possible that you are stepping into the world of skating and not sliding. And so, you need some of the best quality best longboard sliding wheels. The list of best longboarding slide wheels is, therefore, a very necessary and effective thing for you.

Some longboarders are travel objects, meaning they are designed to travel. Others are happy to go down the opal path quickly. For some brave men, however, the murmur of urethane turned to slavery when they went to the side of the river.

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

The freeride longboarding is moving on the edge of the envelope, pushing it beyond the purpose of spreading a board safely and doing it intentionally

The best longboarding slide wheels not only allow this kind of controlled wildness; They make it imaginable longboard slide wheels.

Top 10 best longboarding slide wheels

1. Sector 9 Skiddles 70Mm 78A (4)

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


These best sliding wheels for longboards rich little surprise comes from one of the most established and most trusted brands in longboarding. Area 9’s Skiddle’s is part of the recipe family at the company’s Slide Thane Urethane.

The slides are felt for the margarine slides and, as a result, the skiddles are not stiff. They still join anxious, manageable slides without any problems.

The skiddals are 70 mm long with a 78 A durometer and a miniscule 28 mm contact fixed. The attenuation logic of the contact fix is ​​so effectively a part of the Skiddles slide, yet their urethane equation and the edges of the round lips also take part.

They are not confusingly fragile or tough; Consider a real 78A Hugel how the skiddles feel. They have medium, counter-balance centers that keep clients from rushing to stretch their lives.

The Skidals of Region 9 are accessible during these national tones and the combination of 4 distinct tones also gives the choice the last set leaves a lovely rainbow of Thein and however, any shade will do the same but in unison. Their tendency to go down the white line indicates a short lifespan, however, the skiddles wear equally well and probably climb deeper with good longboard wheels for sliding.

Even with the most expensive longboard, you can use these wheels at ease.

2. Remember Collective Lil’ Hoot Freeride Wheel

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


Remember is a not quite renowned longboard company that delivers access to some of the most important cruiser dimensions available. Corporate similarly makes more common drop-throw and pintail longboard slide wheels for longboards.

Also, to distribute its own parts and frills (below the Luxe brand name) and cushions (below 1 tri mark).

Recall collective works under full circle distribution and imitation skateboard and longboard makers can be a sister organization of Madrid.

Mm5mm long, memory-protecting ill ‘huts are on the minus side for freeride longboard slide wheels. They need a 78A durometer and a 40mm contact fix, adjustable edges and internal lip to kick out the back longboard drift wheels.

As a result of their free urethane recipe, ask Lil ‘Hut to go along with the best longboard wheels for sliding. Long, floating slides directly, in any event, for the illuminated. The slides are fast for the sting of madness.

Lil ‘hut is not early, but suitable for someone who wants to ride downhill. Freeride requires a lot of perception of them, yet it’s hard to believe their hookup once the scene is hidden.

Likewise, they are at different angles from one side to the other; all in all, so that they cannot be bent even to ensure wear. All things considered; their recipe will usually be worn at any rate with these slide wheels for longboards.

However, with best protective gears in your hand, you can cherish the safest riding experience.

3.Orangatang Stimulus 70 mm Freeride Longboard Skateboard Wheels

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


Do something specific, and do it well with these best sliding wheels for beginners. That is the path to prosperity of Orangatang, the best sliding wheels for longboards. The company makes the absolute most well-known best sliding longboard wheels, the most valuable wheel in longboarding.

Its wheels appreciate a spot to give the most thrilling gift in a lifetime and excellence, and most orangutan models are present to meet the prerequisites of some longboarding discipline.

The stimulus is the slider wheels longboarding of an orangutan. It is 70mm long and has 42mm contact stability which results from severely adjusted edges and corners of the inner lip.

The Happy than Urethane equation is intended for speed, however, the stimulus will slide with the best longboarding slide wheels. Durometers are shedding coding and are accessible at 80A (orange), 83A (purple), and 86A (yellow).

The orangutan refers to the stimulus as its handyman’s best longboard wheels for sliding, which is illustrated in an appropriate way. Although this round-down has the largest of these (499mm) spirits, Orangutan uses math and urethane detail to get more wheel confinement.

They provide plenty of hold at quick angles, yet they split into slides with the help of insects. The richer term was established for the type of slides produced by Stimulus, yet it would lead to cruising from Fried without hosting or avoiding any push with this best longboard sliding wheels.

4. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Skate Wheels Set of 4

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


At the moment when the butterballs of Sector 9 are included, the name says it all. Tubes are one of the mainstream sliding wheels in longboarding.

The development of their ability to maintain clarity for their prosperity is necessary but floats away when called upon. sector 9 butterballs deliver with the need to change wheels for different roads or landscapes.

The parts fix the 38mm contact to 70mm long and they have an 80A durometer. These are not too long, not too wide, and not too hard or too delicate – slide wheel Goldilocks.

Center set center points to allow clients to even flip them for wear, which is also aided by plenty of free-freight centers. Round lips and kick out develop a smooth trend, however, more extensive contact fixes indicate that you continue to expect them to be driven on a slide.

The pieces wear freerides roots on their sleeves, yet they do a bit of wheeling while doing a little less than they show. Although their urethane equation makes for smooth slides, there is no bounce back to a really fast-paced?

 Butterballs on long straight roads lag behind more speed-equipped details with this slider wheels longboarding. Still, when it comes to twists and turns, the Butterballs acquire their own.

5. Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Model Longboard Wheels

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


Blood Orange is another of those companies that represent considerable authority in creating quality urethane for insightful longboarders best sliding wheels for longboards. Its Liam Morgan Ace model longboard slide wheels match their names.

Regularly ready to toss long, easy slides at an impressive pace. For these unfamiliar Morgans, check out his scatter ride style throughout this YouTube video.

Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Model Longboard Wheels is 70 mm long and accessible on durometers of 80A, 82A and 84A. As a result of the consistent and opaque edges, they extend from their 46mm to just 32mm patches for contact.

They are equal, but since they need balance centers, they cannot be flipped. However, these huge centers support to wear at any moment.

Morgan’s master wheels will make any longboard bar happily tacky, leaving passivity and undistracted, long and wide thane lines slide wheels for longboards.

However, they are not throwing the best longboard sliding wheels in the strictest sense. These blood oranges climb easily after use in sufficient quantities but provide disturbing and predictable slides on scenic and various downhill roads.

6. Hawgs Wheels Zombie Yellow Skateboard sliding wheels

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


If you want to bring great comfort in your riding like playsionskateboard, then of course this wheel can be seen as the best choice for you. Also, if you are worried about speed as well as safety then this wheel can support you for a long time.

Zombie Hedges has integrated lip profiles and freeride-based recipes to determine how to slip. With 76mm sizes and 31mm contact corrections, they have some of the longest and thinnest best wheels for learning to slide in this rundown, which encourages them to go faster and take simpler steps.

Surprisingly large centers give visibility when they are side by side, but they limit the glory of usable urethane to only 1.5.5 mm. Their length makes them more reasonable for drop-mediation and drop dicks than their top mounts.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these best longboard wheels for sliding can be your companion. These two qualities of comfort and ease can make your riding experience much more wonderful. Hopefully, by purchasing this wheel you will be able to get long-lasting service without any hassle.

7. Arbor tornillo 80 A Ruedas de skateboard

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


It may be repetitive to call Arber’s vice wheels sweet, because they are made with sucrose, yet it is a structure that suits them. These smooth slide wheels are 69mm long with 35.5mm contact patches. Their 80A Durometer can be a bit confusing.

Since they felt a touch of gentleness in the details of their urethane. Anxious and never silent, the vice wheels definitely move inside the new-to-freer longboard. A deficiency in the White Thein line, however, could turn off the experienced freeride slide wheels longboard.

When it comes to having comfortable riding, these best longboarding slide wheels are the perfect choice for you. It can be said here that our expert team especially likes this slide wheel. This is because any type of cruising and slide can handle this wheel very comfortably. This longboard slide wheel can give you a seamless service.

Also, when you are worried about long term use, it can be said that this wheel will be able to give you uninterrupted service for a long time. By purchasing this wheel, you can ensure a comfortable riding experience by coping with any kind of road congestion.

8.Powell Peralta Serpents White / Black Skateboard Slider Wheels Longboarding

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


These top-quality, new Powell Peralta wheels have finally been worked on. The 75mm width and hardness give an amazingly smooth ride estimated at 75m. Whether you’re carrying rocks or recording to smooth out stupid skate videos,

These best longboard sliding wheels will help you achieve your goals as a cunning person. Powell Peralta Snakes Skateboard Wheels are sold in (1) four (4) wheel sets. Note: The title has been omitted.

One of the most established names in skating – and thus a trailblazer of bone items – Powell Peralta snakes are more free-skilled than making freer longboard slide wheels for a reason. Gentle to go.

It creates a grippy slide wheel that operates in a tougher landscape than most, but it is similarly a much slower wheel than others, an amazing wheel for exploring downhill slides, however, they keep pace from going out of power in this light.

9.APPROVED BY Rad Rider Designs Release 72mm 80A Red – Longboard Wheels

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


These best sliding wheels for longboards I really like include a wide range of speeds as opposed to different types of speeds. However, once you break them well inside the handle corners and give enough control to the slides and pre-floats and don’t be thankful for enduring the urticaria there, don’t leave the line at all.

Delivery is an advertisement for RAD. Suitable for the Red Assortment Freeride at 80, the cheddar easily kicks into the missing rich slides. Their mm2mm lengths touch clients more to increase dump speed than many other slide wheels longboard, but the huge centers limit their valuable lifespan.

These centers are extra firm best sliding wheels longboard, but at a slightly faster rate than their RADA opponents, and prevent them from delivering and allowing more reliable slides. This is one of the best longboarding slide wheels for sliding and cruising.

10. Orangatang Keanu 66mm Freeride Longboard sliding wheels

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.


The orangutang slide wheels were actually as I expected. The flaws of the little industrial advantage and what I accept is that the plant curls as well as it goes on the slides are pleasurable but very much without any problems. The equivalent of the mass of the wheels during the aerial stunt makes for a smooth shift in the focus shifts (it appears).

The landing feels tough. Huge/deep brakes are undoubtedly felt more and more because of the humble wheels and it is easy to encourage achievement. This key has changed. Assume they are not for the gratis style.

Simply long, the Keanu is one of the shortest freeride best wheels for cruising of this rundown, yet what a journey it is. Rich Smooth When a line can still be managed on the side while running and has grip, Keanu could probably be the top spot among experienced freeride longboarders. The 38 mm center cutoff indicates a supportive life,

Nonetheless, a solid recipe layer that touches out these features totals like their total amount, adjusting lips to protect against distortion during floating, and joining to provide a reliable feel that keeps these wheels on the map.

Things to consider while buying best longboarding slide wheels

There is nothing to sort by the standard longboard slide wheel basis. For all intents and purposes, a wheel is often forced to slip given sufficient speed and power, but no two wheels slide exactly the same.

Through experimentation, the qualities of some cycles have ascended to fame among freeride longboarders. Assistant is not an agenda. Or maybe, it’s a stock of time-tested features that have solidified themselves in freeride longboarding.

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

They think for the necessary consideration but they are not solved. Drive what you want and fail to remember the values, yet remember those wheel equations or features that work well in one situation but can be dangerous in another.

The region can be similarly hard or smooth; Roads are often straight or serpentine and your wheels can complement or suppress your style. Never make too many wheel decisions.

Which features are important for a great wheel?


This is a quality of longboard wheels that is quite difficult to measure. Each of the manufacturers has a limited urethane (actually: polyurethane) equation for everything about the wheel.

slider wheels longboarding companies add a variety of synthetic fixings to their plans to sterilize or distribute certain features when distributing them to others.

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

Each of these added substances errors in the final properties of a formula and the individual properties determine how the wheels slide. A urethane recipe can create smooth and fast wheels with anxious ice slides in certain landscapes.

Another formula is plastic-rich slides that are not congenitally worrisome to create the best longboarding slide wheels. A patty recipe will then throw a dash on itself when it draws the damp long ‘then lines. No one’s equation is correct or accurate; Landscape and personal trends are all straightforward

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

Durometer and Diameter

Durometer is the strength of the wheel. The developers decided to use it as an obstacle test and they encouraged it to remain stable with a letter with the source.

Width is the length of the sliding wheels. Given just these two numbers, this cycle can be made an effective one but can work admirably in a freeride.

The length of Freud wheels is usually 65 to 70 millimeters but durometers are usually operated from 78A to 82A. Rider trends and board layouts will decide the simplest width of a given application.

Don’t think about the risks for long wheels because they are at the very bottom of the faucet. Decide on the operative wheel of the legal center.

Lip Profile

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

The profile of the lip is the area of ​​the circle where it changes wildly from vertical to horizontal and perpendicular to the vertical wheel.

Typically, the rider will have occasional traction and around lip profile to facilitate kicking the slide.

Compare the lip profiles of the freeride and downhill slider wheels longboarding and you will see that the downhill wheels have sharp edges.

These are stable and they rotate the rails but they put more emphasis on the slides. The rounded edges of most freeride wheels allow them to slip with much less effort and can reduce contact patches.

Contact Patch

the cross-section of the best longboarding slide wheels is called the contact patch which is that really touches the ground. Wheel geometry varies between regularity and each one, but the best wheels for sliding skateboards usually have thinner contact patches than other longboard wheels.

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

The reason for keeping the contact patches of the freeride wheels small is simple: it reduces friction. The wider the wheel, the more likely it is to communicate. Wide contact patches are inherently stable, but they have a much bigger push to keep them side by side.

Core or No Core?

The cores help numerous purposes on longboard wheels and are significant on apiece freeride. Primary, they permit the wheels to run faster and more smoothly while upholding speed for long years of time.

Likewise, they avert the wheel from twisting extremely during slides. The construction they deliver permits the wheels to wear evenly, irrespective of the quantity of ‘thein’ left on the road.

Core Placement

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

Wheel centers can be similarly centered, balanced, or sided. Center set wheels are more constant and grippy and they can be allowed to be worn evenly. Equilibrium centers are only asked marginally.

They consider easy kick-outs on slides and similarly smooth additions rather than center wheels. Surprisingly sides centers are sometimes not objectionable for freeride, as wheels with this arrangement usually wear unevenly but there are similar exemptions for current policies.

Like other wheel qualities, personal tastes and expected landscapes may be involved in choosing the center layout. When there is a straight path on Long Alu Road.

best longboarding slide wheels will help you to find the best longboard wheel.

Equilibrium centers can break the dullness with ordinary slides. At this point when it becomes startling, the extra perception of the center wheels can help them hit the counterbalance wheels.

Yet they are even more careful to kick to the side. Either investigate to find your hilarious spot or set up resources on countless wheels for different regions.

Final Word

Freeride’s best longboarding slide wheels picking is a particularly personal initiative; it is very good for everyone to choose wheels together. There are those slide wheels longboard that support cool slides as it lasts longer but others may find such wheels dangerous.

Similarly, some longboarders have more in it for speed but they need to be prepared to drive a rich slide suns cheddar. It emphasizes the way you understand your own style and the road near you to limit your choice of the wheels.

Do you need special wheels to slide on a longboard?

Yes. When it comes to sliding, you will be needing some special wheels for your longboard. But you can also slide with normal wheels that comes with your longboard. As some of the best longboard comes with best quality wheels. All you need to do is do some tune with your best skate tools.

What wheels are best for power slides?

Diameter 50-60mm, Durometer 95-101a
These firm rolls are the best skateboard wheels when it comes to skating in the park and also street skating since they are frivolous, roll wild on flat surfaces, and slide effortlessly. This brands it calmer to do ollies, flip tricks, power slides, and other practical skateboard tricks.

What longboard wheels are best for cruising?
Here some of the best longboard wheels for your cruising around the city:

1.Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro Model Longboard Wheels

2.Hawgs Wheels Zombie Yellow Skateboard Wheels

3.Powell Peralta Serpents White / Black Skateboard Wheels

4.Orangatang Keanu 66mm Freeride Longboard Wheels

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