Most people are hesitant to buy a longboard for the first time. Since the use of longboards is not as common as skateboards or people know little about the board, it is not easy to get the right direction about the board. But Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard is a good longboard within your budget.

And for this reason, we have come up with a review with a comprehensive Longboard buying guide to solve your problem.

Our idea is that this review will help you find a better and better longboard. So, don’t delay, keep an eye on this Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard review and decide at the end of the full reading whether it will benefit you or not!

Longboarding is a very easy way to ride around the city in cold weather. Besides, longboarding is also very good for health. Because it is the movement of the organs of the body. Moreover, riding from one place to another requires manual labor.

Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard an on budget longboard on the market And it's really affordable.

On the journey to find the best longboard in the world, you will encounter a product called Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard deck cruiser. We have discussed this longboard in detail in this review.

This board is available at affordable prices on the one hand and is easy to use on the other. Cruising, carving, or freestyling This board will help you play all kinds of sports no matter what you decide to do.

Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard Review

Longboarding is a sport that people of all ages love and play. And since this game can be learned very easily and, in a stretch, most people get addicted to it in a short time.

Longboarding is a very exciting and fun sport. And whatever you do commuting or downhill racing with magneto longboard, you need to choose the finest and best longboard to enjoy a beautiful and fun sport.

The Playshion brand 39-inch drop throw freestyle longboard cruiser is one of the best longboard boards on the market. Playshion is a popular longboard and skateboard manufacturer that specializes in making a variety of boards, kick scooters, and other related materials.

Today we will discuss in detail one of the best drop throw longboards made by the Playshion brand. Using this board, you can enjoy riding in any style.

Moreover, this longboard is very popular among those who like to freeride style board. Besides, this board is also considered the best board for children and young players. This is a Playshion longboard pintail that will not leave you unfulfilled with longboarding.

So, read our review of Playshion Longboard and find out why this board is considered one of the best longboards. You can also get some ideas about what to consider before purchasing this longboard.

Features of Playshion Freeride Freestyle Drop through Longboard Skateboard


Drop through longboards for decks used on boards have gained a lot of popularity among people. If the deck of a board is shaped in a drop-through style and all the wonderful features are added to it, then the matter becomes very nice! This type of board is a favorite of any player. With that in mind, Playshion Company makes this type of board.

Let’s talk about the size of the deck of Playshion39 inch drop through freestyle longboard. This board is 39 inches long and 9.1 inches wide. The deck of this board has enough space to keep the feet comfortable.

This longboard 6 ply flax hardware is made of maple wood The design of the deck is just the same and not the same everywhere. This will keep your feet safe and help control the board during turning.

These deck features add flexibility and rigidity to a beautiful ride. The big thing is that the board is designed to support riders up to 250 pounds.

This Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard is great and great for kids and new players alike. This board’s drop through component reduces the gravitational pressure of the board and helps riders make a stable ride. As the gravity of its surface decreases, it can be easily braked or stopped in any situation. This board has one greater feature.

However, Atom drop through longboard is quite amazing when it comes to the deck performance. This can tremendously blast your riding experience.

The drop-through counting technology used on the board attaches a 4-inch ground clearance to the board. Another important thing is that the weight of this board is usually 8 pounds. As a result, anyone can easily carry this board with him anywhere in the best longboard backpack.

The wheel

The second important thing we will discuss in our Playshion Longboard 39 review is the wheel of the board. As a rider, you need a smooth and heavy 60×50 mm board. You can’t help but like the polyurethane wheel at SHR7.

Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard an on budget longboard on the market and it has a best quality wheel to make your ride comfortable.

These Playshion longboard wheels are quite durable and can be used to enjoy smooth and beautiful rides. Its wheels will help you to have beautiful and stable riding. This 50 mm. The width wheels are quite wide which allows you to have better control over the board while riding.

These wheels are suitable for any kind of road and these wheels have sufficient speed. So, these wheels are necessary for enjoying a fast and long-lasting longboard.


This Playshion 39 drop throw longboard has very light but delicate aluminum trucks. Made by a soft bushing, these 6-inch reverse Kingpins help players enjoy comfortable and fun longboarding.

The combination of coated trucks made of aluminum powder and wheels with outstanding features helps a player to do beautiful longboarding. Besides, the bushings of this Playshion 39-inch drop through longboard are of very high quality. They are also made of polyurethane.

Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard an on budget longboard on the market and it has a best quality trucks to make your ride comfortable.

To enjoy a good game, you can combine Kingpin and Trucks if you want. It is better to choose light trucks for taking turns. However, heavy-speed games require heavy trucks to stay stable.


The ABEC-9 bearings on this board are made of bearing steel. These bearings are very strong but work very fast for riding. Moreover, nylon ball cages eliminate friction during the rotation of bearings.


Not without really appreciating the colors the company has chosen for this 39 inch longboard. This board has a lot of great features, so the design of the board does not look big. However, this longboard has a combination of varied colors and elegant designs.

Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard an on budget longboard on the market with it's dashing design.

Coconut Tree, Blue Tear, and Black are some of his designs. The bottom line is that along with all the awesome features, you can choose a longboard that is crafted with excellent craftsmanship.

We’ve come a long way with the Pleasure Freeride Drop through Longboard Skateboard Review, so let’s take a look at some of the details of this board.

The elements and features of the board that we value

Good product

Want to know a few more reasons why Playshion would choose a 39-inch drop-through freestyle longboard deck cruiser? Then note the following:


The price of this longboard deck has established the product in the market. For those who want to buy a longboard at affordable prices, this board would be a good choice.

Ready for riding

You can ride with this longboard as soon as you take it out of the box at the end of the purchase. It is not like other products that are prepared for riding through a lot of hassle after purchase.

Suitable for beginners

If you are new to the world of longboarding, you do not have to worry about this beginner longboard. Because this board has been made keeping in mind the needs of the newcomers. Using this board, anyone can acquire basic knowledge of longboarding.

But you can buy the best protective gear to maintain extra security. Because a longboard helmet and a pair of knee pads can take your safety to a unique level.


The stability of the longboard is also a noteworthy issue. Stability depends on the trucks attached to the board. If you want a more stable board, you need to tighten the trucks. And it will also help you to have control over the board easily.

Don’t forget to take advantage of all these features of Playshion 39 Inch Drop Throw Freestyle Longboard Deck Cruiser!

Some difficulty

There is no denying that the deck of this Playshion freestyle drop longboard is not so good. Also, this Playshion freeride freestyle drop through longboard skateboard complete has many shortcomings. These are briefly discussed below:

The bearing quality could have been better

Bearing is one of the most important parts of a longboard. And the bearings of this board are not so convenient. Unlike other product bearings, these bearings may not run smoothly. So, it may take a tweet. However, using a lubricant can easily increase the speed of the bearing.

There may be strange sounds from the deck sticker

Although this may sound like a minor complaint, many people do not like to have stickers wrapped around them. Because repeated foot pressure can cause bubbles to form there. And you probably won’t like it either.

Things to consider when buying a longboard

Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard an on budget longboard on the market.

Price and skill level

You always have to keep in mind – how much budget you have for buying a longboard. And if you’re new to this ride, purchasing an expensive longboard won’t work.

You also need to consider your skill level when choosing a longboard. You should purchase longboards based on your skill level. And as we have said before, the Playshion Free-Ride Freestyle Drop through Longboard will be very suitable for novice players.

Deck style

How long the longboard lasts depends entirely on the style of deck used. However, there is disagreement as to which item or material to focus on when buying a longboard. However, a decent style deck board is very useful for speed control.

If you are a novice player, you should choose a board whose deck is very close to the surface of the board. This allows you to easily control the board with ease.

As well as it keeps the board stable. However, even if you are a skilled player and want to do fast carving, you need to be careful when choosing aboard.


The durability and quality of a longboard depend largely on the materials used in that board. Consequently, when buying a longboard, check the quality of the decks, trucks, and bearings used in it and then purchase the board.

The shape of the longboard

The size and shape of each longboard are not the same. Different types of riding require different shaped longboards. So, when buying a longboard, choose the best longboard based on your preferred riding style.

Rider style

Like other sports boards, longboards have a variety of rider styles. You need to decide what kind of rider you need. Because different styles of riding require different longboards.


Are Playshion longboards good?

The Playshion 39 Inch Drop Throw Longboard is one of the best longboards in the world used for a variety of riding styles, including freestyle, cruising, sliding, carving, and freeriding. However, it is important to note that this board cannot be used for pooling tricks.

Is Playshion a good brand?

The Playshion brand has proven time and time again that its products are as durable and strong as they are superior to all other boards in terms of flexibility. The high-quality trucks and wheels used in the products of this brand provide durable products. Undoubtedly, these features of Playshion Longboard have brought this board to the market as a competitor to Volador Longboard.

Final word

Longboarding is a very fun and enjoyable sport that many people around the world love. Readers, after reading our placement longboard review, you will understand that the placement 49 inch drop through freestyle longboard skateboard cruiser is one of the best longboards in the world.

It is a versatile longboard and is used for various styles of riding such as cruising, downhill riding, carving, sliding, and freeride. In a word, with the help of this board, you can take advantage of all the benefits.

This Playshion 39 inch drop through longboard with all the above-mentioned features and high-quality material is a longboard suitable for any kind of riding except pulling tricks. We hope you have read our Placement Longboard Review in its entirety and that this review will help you make the right decision by choosing the best and preferred longboard. I wish you a happy longboarding journey.

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