Buying a good quality skateboard is not an easy task at all, we all have an idea. And especially when you have to find a good quality board, even among the best skateboards or the cheapest skateboards, it becomes a lot of overwhelming tasks. We’re going to do a review on the Rimable complete 22 skateboards to relieve you of that frustration. First of all, we have an expert team that has been researching various skateboards on the market for a long time.

And according to our team, we should do a review of the removable skateboard. A review of personal experience and the current market shows that a Rimable complete 22 skateboard is one of the most popular mini skateboards in the current market.

Rimable complete 22 skateboard is one of the best skateboard for beginners.

Especially, if your teenage son or daughter wants to express themselves as a professional level skateboarder, then this board is a must-buy for you. Although this board is quite small in size, basically everything that can be done with a full professional skateboard can be done with this board.

Buy this skateboard now for your teen or young boy/girl who can provide a wonderful and at the same time exciting experience. The popularity of this skateboard is constantly increasing.

Your child will feel the thrill on this board just like a professional level skateboarder. And so your child will take skateboarding a lot more seriously and will quickly become a professional level skateboarder.

Did you know that skateboarding has many health benefits? And because of these benefits, skateboarding will help your child grow up healthy and beautiful.

This skateboard from Rimable Company will hopefully be able to meet all kinds of skateboard-related needs of your child. Let’s see a little more detail about this rimable penny board.

Rimable complete 22 skateboard review

The features of this nice Rimable skateboard are all very attractive and of good quality. However, one of the most interesting features is that the deck of this skateboard is made entirely of plastic and not a22 inch wooden skateboard. As a result, these boards tend to be much lighter.

However, if it is light, there is no reason to think that it is not so durable. This 22 skateboard deck is very strong, even with a carrying capacity of about 90 kg.

And so if your child is a little heavier in comparison, you can still buy this skateboard without any worries.

Rimable complete 22 skateboard is one of the best skateboard for beginners for its quality, performance and design.


About 22 inches long, all the materials used in this skateboard are of top quality. Another nice feature of this mini skateboard is its intense speed, which can give you a thrilling feeling in every moment of skateboarding.

Also, when it comes to 59mm 78A polyurethane wheels and ABEC 7, it is this quality that helps maintain its high speed. And so when you ride with this wonderful skateboard you will experience a smooth experience.

Again, since this skateboard is set up with very high notch quality nuts, screws, and bolts, it is very durable and at the same time, it has the capacity for long-lasting use.

 And this smooth-riding has been made much more interesting and convenient through the plastic deck of the skateboard. As it is light, you can perform various skateboard tricks with it as you wish. Especially Skateboard Bowl Tricks, Kick turn skateboard, and other more tricks you can perform with ease with this skateboard.

Rimable complete 22 skateboard is one of the best skateboard for beginners and kids also.

Made in kick tail style, this skateboard you can gladly use as a cruiser board. This skateboard is perfect for any kind of skateboard turn, tricks, and sliding. However, one thing you must keep in mind is that you must wear sliding gloves when sliding.

Also, the best protective gear and the best longboard helmet will be some of the tools for you to maintain your extra safety.

Rimable skateboard Deck

The 22-inch skateboard deck of this nice skateboard is made of very strong and durable plastic that you can use for a long time. Also, the trucks used on the lower part of the deck are three inches long and very strong.

Rimable complete 22 skateboard is one of the best skateboard for beginners. Because it has a very good quality deck.

All the other components of the deck are also of good quality so above all you will get excellent performance from this deck. You already know that a lot of good quality skateboard decks can be purchased in the market, but the specialty of this deck is that it is much lighter because it is made of plastic.

Rimable skateboard Pros

It is difficult to compare this skateboard in the current market as the best penny board. Considering the quality and professional service, you will not find any alternative in the current market. Let us show you some interesting aspects of this wonderful mini skateboard

Aesthetic design

This mini skateboard is the perfect one for your child, as it is designed with young people in mind. And so, this mini skateboard is available in almost many colors and designs to match their thoughts.

You can purchase a skateboard with color and graphic design according to your child’s wishes and preferences.

Rimable complete 22 skateboard is also a popular fashion item for young people. This skateboard can easily match any kind of street culture.

It can even become a very nice transportation system for your child to come to school or go out for sports in the afternoon. And since this skateboard can carry a lot of heavy children, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Made with durable material

You can get the highest service from this skateboard due to its solid durable three-inch aluminum trucks, a strong deck made of strong plastic, smooth bearing that can provide fast speed, and PU wheels.

Even your child will be able to ride with this skateboard. Even if your weight is less than 90 kg, you can ride with ease with this skateboard.

Rimable skateboard is Very easily portable

As this Rimable complete 22” skateboard (galaxy) is quite small in size, you can easily carry this board with you and go anywhere. Even this skateboard will match any of your best skateboard backpacks.

If your child goes to school, he or she can take it with him or her to school if he or she wants to. Due to its small size, it does not have to face any problems.

Also, when you put this nice skateboard in the skateboard rack in your home, this skateboard will enhance the beauty of your home.

Reasonable price

You will get a lot of good service from this skateboard with all the nice interesting features and quality. But the most interesting thing is that you will get all this at a very reasonable price.

If you are in doubt as to whether or not to set foot in the world of skateboarding due to the high price, then a Rimable complete 22 skateboard will be a perfect option to get rid of that confusion.

Rimable skateboard Cons

This nice skateboard has no cons at all. But two things can make you a little picky. The wheel of this skateboard is not very durable.

However, with this reasonable pricing, it can be said that it is quite right. And there are a lot of great skateboard wheels to buy in the market and they don’t cost much, so you can buy one from them if you need to.

Also, the second problem is that since it is a plastic skateboard, it can easily get scratched in it. Again, if you want to ride on these skateboards on Stony Road then you may not get very smooth riding from them.

Final word

The reason why this skateboard is so popular is not only because of the affordable price but also because it is suitable for any kind of rider. And its popularity is constantly on the rise, mainly because of its rich quality.

Riders of any age can use this skateboard with great ease. You can even ride this skateboard along with your child.

Rich in all the outstanding features, this skateboard is currently one of the best-selling products on the market. This board has a place on the list of the best skateboards for kids. But if you want to buy Most Expensive Skateboard then this product is not for you.

Rimable complete 22 skateboard is one of the best skateboard for beginners.

Also if you are looking to purchase a large size skateboard in big size, this skateboard is not for you. In that case, you can buy the krown rookie complete skateboard if you want. When you want to buy a penny board or a small size skateboard, this quality skateboard will occupy one of the top positions on your list.


Is Rimable a good skateboard?

After reading our full review you may have already got the idea that this skateboard has occupied the list of bestselling in the market.
Also when it comes to this company called Rimable, it has to be said that the popularity of this company is already on the rise as the price of this skateboard is within reach.
If you are a beginner, you can put this skateboard on the list of best skateboard for beginners. Also with this skateboard, you can master a variety of tricks very quickly.
And so, in the end, I have to say, yes! These skateboards are the perfect skateboard for you and your children. However, if you want to buy the best dropthrough skateboard for downhill riding, then it will not be convenient for you at all.

Is a 22-inch penny board too small?

The answer to this question depends on many things. At first, you may have bought it for your child, but it is not a small skateboard at all.
But yes! It’s a little too small for a full-fledged skateboarder. However, even though it is small, this skateboard is incomparable in terms of quality and performance.
If you think about its other qualities, then it is a very nice skateboard. Due to its small size, you can easily fit this skateboard into your backpack.
Also because of being small and fashionable, the scene is a very nice scene when your child will go out riding with his favorite skate shoes on his feet and wearing skate sunglasses in his eyes.

Should I get a penny board or skateboard?

If you want to buy a skateboard for commuting children, you must buy a penny board.
Also because it is quite small and light at the same time your child will be able to carry and carry this skateboard with great ease.Rimable complete 22 skateboards can be a great choice for a penny board.

Also, another nice feature of this board is that you can ride this skateboard with the child if you want because there is no fixed 22 inch skateboard age. This board will easily carry you without any complications, especially if your weight is less than 90 kg.

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