Longboarding has become a popular and fun sport among teenagers nowadays. Even young men and women are getting attracted to these beautiful sports day by day. Many are pointing to the enjoyment of fun and extraordinary sports through longboarding as the reason behind the popularity of this sport and expensive longboards also.

But saying this is not as easy as longboarding. To master longboarding, you need to practice regularly, as well as have a lot of difficulty playing the game without gaining full flexibility. Also, longboarding has a lot of health benefits.

At the very beginning, you can get minor injuries and injuries by longboarding. You can also fall repeatedly! But remember – “No one learns to walk without eating!” After failing this, again and again, one day you will become a skilled longboarded. However, some best protective gear can give you a lot of safety in this regard.

Most expensive longboards

You may have heard the saying, “Practice makes people better!” Yes, your practice will make you a skilled player. So, you need to get an idea of ​​the basic knowledge of longboarding, in the beginning, acquire in-depth knowledge on how to ride a board, then when you are ready to do longboarding you will easily understand how to do it.

So, we always advise you to take the discipleship of a player who is skilled in longboarding so that he can guide you. You need to practice more and more so that you can gradually gain skills and stability. The more you balance yourself the better you will be able to enjoy the game.

There are different types of expensive longboards available in the market today based on size, shape, and shape. The great design of these boards will captivate your mind. The more features you have, the more expensive the product will be. However, the best information about these longboards is that they are safe and long-lasting.

Longboarding is not just a sport. Rather this longboarding is also considered a physical exercise. Doing this makes your body more flexible as your body limbs move and all body movements take place.

People of this age are so lazy that they travel by car even for short distances. And the big thing is that they are addicted to smartphones, televisions, and laptops. The advent of longboarding is considered by many to be a blessing in disguise.

The reason is that riding is no less than adventure. Longboarding is an ideal way of transportation. If you are a skilled longboarder no matter where you go in the office or school, it will save you a lot of time.

Longboarding will protect you from the bad habit of staring at the screen of your mobile or laptop all the time. Aren’t you interested to know about the most expensive and attractive longboard on the market? Of course, interested! And that’s why we’ve brought you the Review of the Most Expensive and Luxurious loaded longboards. Pick the board of your choice from this list and make a purchase.

Top 6 Expensive Longboards in 2021

For beginners, it can be tough to ride on expensive longboards in the first few days but stick to it and I promise you it is the most rewarding sport ever.

For you crazy and professional longboarders out there who love the sport to death, we’ve made a list of the top six most expensive longboards ever you can buy.

Now it’s all up to you whether you want to put the board up on your wall or set it up take it out and ride in style.

Green Double Drop Longboard

2018 longboards_most expensive longboard trucks_best longboard for tricks

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A quality-made longboard designed by the snow life company who has been making longboards for 10 years now. The board has been given the design of a racing pinstripe so you can go faster and take turns a lot better.

The longboard is made of 9 layers of custom-made Canadian maple in a double drop shape, making it perfect for doing stunts.

Identifications of green double drop longboard

Main Measurements: 9.75″ x39.75″
Wheelbase measurement: 30″
The wheels measure 76 millimeters in diameter, and they have a 53-millimeter contact patch.


sector 9 longboards_best longboard brands

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An elegant longboard is guaranteed to give you a smooth riding experience. The deck is a wooden structure made of high quality making it durable.

Also included are the wide trucks with 78A soft wheels which help achieve high speeds, traction, and control. The longboard is also made of compressed bamboo which makes it flexible and comfortable to ride.

Identifications of JUCKER HAWAII Longboard MAKAHA

Length: 1067 millimeter / 42 Inchi, Width: 229 millimeter / 9 Inchi
Truck: 705 millimeter
Truck Mount specification: Top Mount, New school

Sector 9 Brandy Downhill Division

longboard 2017_most expensive longboard trucks

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This one is for you hill bombing lovers, a longboard designed mainly for downhills. It’s designed in a symmetrical drop-through design with gas peddling.

A gas pedal is used for extra grip on the back foot which makes it easy to ride and turn the board. Also added with the deck are 180mm wide trucks with solid pro urethane 70mm 80Awheels.

Identifications of sector 9 brandy longboard

Deck Specifications: 10.2″ x 40″
Black pro-ride 180 millimeter 59 degree
Solid blue Pro thane 70 millimeter and 80a wheels
Dimensions Specifications : 40.0″L x 10.2″W x 30.5″ WB

Hamboard logger longboard

best longboard for tricks_longboard names

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This is a hand-crafted longboard by Hamboards, this model is a great example of beauty and performance.

The simple design makes it reach the top of the list for athletes, the board feels very smooth and the design helps minimize the risk of falling off.

Also included with the board is a pair of custom 180mm reverse kingpin trucks.

Identifications of hamboard logger longboard

Dimensions Specifications : 4’11.25″ x11.25″ x0.7
Weight Specifications: 11.5 lbs.
Deck Specifications: American Black Walnut blended
Hamboards brown Wheels 66 millimeter 78a
Trucks: Custom 180 millimeter Reverse kingpin

Man o’ War Longboard

best longboard brands_best longboard for tricks

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This longboard by jelly is the Man o’ war world’s first recycled and bullet-resistant skateboard.

The deck is made of 100% recyclable polycarbonate. This longboard also comes with a stash drawer and GoPro risers.

Also comes with rugged 9-inch Caliber heat-treated aluminum longboard Rkp trucks.

Identifications of Man o’ war longboard

Dimensions Specifications: 34x9x3 inches
Weight Specifications: 12.8 pounds
Radical concave depth Specifications: 0.9 inches
Durable and rubber smooth 65-millimeter polyurethane wheels.

ICAURUS FLEX 1 complete longboard

best longboard brands_best longboard for tricks_best longboard brands

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A very durable longboard made of bamboo and fiberglass designed in a concave shape to give you a smooth and vibration-free riding experience.

The curves have been placed in the right spots for a comfortable riding experience and its drop-through truck mount positions the deck close to the ground.

The longboard comes with Orangatang Kegel wheels and loaded bearings with hardware.

Identifications  of ICAURUS FLEX 1

  • Weight: 9 pnds
  • Flex 1 is : 170+250+lbs
  • Paris 180 millimeter trucks
  • Orangatang Kegel with Wheels
  • Loaded with Bearings and hardware part

There you have it, the six most expensive longboards you can buy for yourself today. These boards don’t just look good but feel amazing when you’re riding them.

Santa Cruz Longboard Complete Screaming Hand Foil Drop Thru Silver

This board is made by the Santa Cruz brand. And the Santa Cruz brand has been successful in making longboards since 1983. A surfer founded the Santa Cruz Company.

And so, this board has an impression of surfing among the surfers. And besides, you can see the feeling of surfing in Pintail. This board is made in the same way as the best surfboard figure.

The floor of this particular board is made of 100% pure maple wood. This board is advertised as a cruiser. The 43-inch board has gained a good reputation in recent years.

This board is great in a word, its deck is very strong and durable. And in short, this board is very strong and strong. Of course, you need to know this, if you want a more featured board.

Santacruz longboards are very expensive


This board is very good for novice players as well as fairly skilled players. The bearings on these boards are kept separate to increase speed. So if you are looking for the best beginner longboard, then this board is of a great quality board that you can count on.

And this board can’t avoid everyone’s attention from trained players to skilled players. Talking to longboarders about their experience, this board is known to be a great board.

Try longboarding once with Santa Cruz’s Drop Throw Cruiser Shape board! There is also the advantage of new graphics. This Hand Foil model cruiser is known to be a great cruiser for novice and high-speed players. However, if you have any confusion about drop-through vs top mount longboard then this article might come in very handy.

Wear your best skates shoes go riding with this longboard, you will feel the thrill. Plus, on a sunny day, the best skate sunglass can boost your fashion sense in a better way.

Features of this high-quality drop-down cruiser include top mount instruction facility, road rider of 160 longboard Trucks, and 72 mm. Wheel of the Road Rider Sag7A. In a word, this cruiser is great for good and smooth skating with high speed on rough surfaces and uneven surfaces.

Aeroactive Longboard Skateboard Cruiser 45 Inch – Hardwood Maple


This board is the longest on the list. It is known as  Aeroactive Longboard Skateboard Cruiser 45 Inch. This board was originally leveled as a walkway surfer. The result is an argument that the features of this board are similar to those of the most expensive longboard surfboard or most expensive skateboard surfboard. The features of the board are as follows,

The density of this board is high. The deck is very hard and rock hard, as well as it helps to balance the riders who are overweight. Moreover, the main reason why this board is polished is its speed which helps to keep the board smooth at all times.

The speed of this board is not so good. And it is likely to decrease at any time. So if the speed you want to play is the same as the speed of the board, you can buy this board without any hesitation.

You can enjoy longboarding with enough fun and enjoyment with the help of this board. And I have to admit that this board is the best for beautiful and comfortable riding. However, if you want to have some best drop down longboard, then this list might come in very handy.

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard Skateboard


In our last pack, we present a board whose brands prefer to introduce themselves as longboard experts. For 17 years, the brand has focused on research to create a board for riding all the flyers.

They have a great blog site. Anyone can access the blog through the internet. This blog shows that they are very conscious of creating games and sports content.

An important piece of information is that this board is much heavier. It may weigh up to 8 pounds. So, it is better not to select low weight or short people on this board. You can carry this board in your best longboard backpack very comfortably.

However, it should be mentioned that the speed capacity of this Yocaher board is much less as it is heavy. However, it is not so strong that there is a possibility of breaking.

One thing should be made clear, there remains a risk of safety in using this board. Although this board is made wide enough like a longboard! One suggestion to the brand is that the brand should offer something that will satisfy the Yocaher boarders.

The drop-down deck of this board is mainly designed for the convenience of the riders. Low gravity is concentrated on the board to increase the speed of the riders. And that’s why the platform is smaller than the trunks of the board.

It has no flex and is capable of reaching these expensive longboards at high speeds. Moreover, this drop-down facility is also required for downhill riding.

Dropdown longboards have a wide base. And curve the drop-down of this board. These types of boards are suitable for people who want to dance, lean, wave, or slide.

The trucks on this board are top-mounted. And the big thing is that the unnecessary parts are removed from this board so that there is no possibility of getting injured by the wheel.

Quest Super Cruiser Longboard


Made of multi-ply hardwood maple wood and extraordinary Artisan bamboo decks, there is not a single board on the market that offers extra details on the price list.

This original bamboo longboard designed from California’s BoardWalk has gained a lot of popularity from Malibu to San Diego. The brand claims that they are the market regulator of longboards and skateboards.

 The authentic materials used on the board are – Pure ABEC 6-speed bearings, 8 plies super-flex bamboo or bamboo and hardwood maple wooden deck, 8-inch trucks made of aluminum.

The comparison shows that not all longboards are of the same nature. There is a slight difference between one and the other. Note that Quest Longboard is made with more extreme materials and materials.

If you want to buy an expensive pro-style longboard, I think this Quest board is the best for you, you don’t need to look at any other board. This board is quite safe, though the best longboard helmets and knee pads can give you additional protection.

The brand of this board made on Mars says- we make our products 100% designed and complete. The brand has experience working with some of the best and traditional board brands in the world of skate, surf, and snowboard.

And these best longboard brands use the latest and greatest elements of their boards, great new industries, and new technologies to help reinvent those brands.

If you have quality in mind, then landyachtz and arbor longboards are of a nice quality brand that you can take a look at.

How to buy an expensive longboard

Would you like to purchase the most expensive longboard in the world? Longboard has gained a lot of popularity nowadays as the latest version of Dine skateboard. Not without praising the board makers behind it! They make durable and strong boards with the necessary traction.

The construction of the longboard and its varied angle boards make it ideal for crossings over longer distances than skateboards.

The advent of longboarding was when the Hawaiian surfers decided to play their hobby on land instead of water. When the sea waves are low you can’t surf well and at that time they decide to do longboarding.

Be it cheap or expensive, before buying any longboard, it is important to have an idea of ​​the relationship between the things that will help you get a good board and to get a good board, these are the things to consider.

Here are some key points to consider before choosing the best longboard for any buyer.


Not that the brand is good does not mean that the longboard is not good. However, you need to simplify your work and save time as well.

And only when you stop searching for information about top-rate longboard companies will both be possible. And this way it will be easier to choose the best longboard in your market.

Materials and construction

It is very important to consider the type and type of materials and materials used on the board whenever you go to buy the best Longboard brand products.

It is always good to look for a good longboard product that has a deck made of good quality hardwood or bamboo.

Deck Size and style

The type of deck is an important issue. Depending on the style of the deck, which riding style is best for you.

All these longboards can be easily purchased from Amazon or any other online longboard suppliers. Or you can buy it from a beachfront store and store. Or you can collect great boards from anyone accustomed to surfing.

Even young players don’t pay much attention to it. Of course, there is no chance to think so much about the excitement and excitement in this game. If you have kids who are very interested in a skateboard or longboard, then the best campus longboard.

But when it comes to this exciting fun sport, there is no denying that riding is not so easy. A good ride requires a lot of preparation and practice.


Why are longboards more expensive?

First of all, it is better to say that a longboard means a skateboard. The Street board and skateboard are the same. There is no difference even between mini-board and skateboard. The only difference is in their type. However, it is wrong to call the traditional pop cycle board an authentic skateboard.

And secondly, longboards can indeed be misused like other types of boards. However, it does not depend on whether the board is a longboard or a shortboard.

Rather this matter depends entirely on the rider. The board can be misused in the case of freestyle even downhill boards as well as freestyle longboards!

But let’s get back to the main point. Longboards are usually different from other types of boards. Because More materials: bigger trucks and wheels, more wooden piles called.
More technology is used in the construction of boards: flax, rocker, flares, wheel wells, gas pedals, pressurized trucks, various types of wheels using different types of urethane-dependent materials, etc.

Other parts of the expensive longboards such as bearings and truck materials such as pivot cups and bushings are also important components of a longboard. The quality of these is very good and the good things are a little expensive.

Is the longboard quite expensive?

A good quality longboard can cost no less than 90-150. And this type of longboard is great for young players to enjoy fun longboarding and practice regularly.
You will find good quality trusses and wheels on this type of board and if you compare this board with any other board at a cheaper price, the difference will catch your eye very well. So it is better to buy a complete board from all sides.

If you’re new to longboarding make sure you have some practice before buying these bad boys and always remember to wear your protective gears and Best Slide Gloves as accidents can occur at any time. For Best Longboard decks you can check out the article: Best Longboard Decks

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