Whenever we see something new, we may have a negative thought. Usually, a wheel is round in shape. But when the wheel is rectangular in shape, we are a little surprised and wonder how it can roll. This is exactly what we will talk about in today’s shark wheels review.

Once you get out of all these worries and buy a shark wheel, you will realize that at least you have nothing to worry about. This shark wheel, which can give an excellent and good performance, is going to be your longtime companion.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.

Let us know then, from this excellent Shark Wheel Review that you will use this wheel for exactly what reason. Hopefully, after reading our shark wheels review you will be so impressed with this wheel and its features that you will immediately purchase the product.

Because our expert team has created this review in the light of real experience for a long time. Using this wheel for quite some time has created realistic reviews about its qualities and cons everything.

Shark Wheels Review: A Revolutionary Wheel?

How many types of shark wheels are currently on the market?

Shark Wheel Sidewinder

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.


Usually, you can do your general work with this type of wheel. Basically, the main target of this shark wheel is to ensure a comfortable experience. This wheel can serve you very well as a normal wheel when you go riding anywhere.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.


However, if you want to do extreme riding without normal cruising, then this wheel will not play a very effective role for you. In other words, it is better not to use this wheel for your stunts, tricks, free riding, etc.

But there is nothing to be disappointed with, as the shark wheels review has all the other nice wheels that will help you in freeriding and extreme sports.

Mako Shark Wheel

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.


If you are a speed rider in general then this shark wheel review will be considered as the perfect choice for you. You can even try searching shark wheels review Reddit for it.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you want to expect a much better experience from this type of wheel, you should purchase the best longboard bearings. In terms of speed and quality, you don’t have to compromise anymore.

Ghost Shark Wheel

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.


If you are looking for a wheel to ride downhill and freeride, this Ghost shark wheel review may be the best one for you.

But one thing you have to keep in mind in this case, if you keep sliding too much but this wheel will not be able to give you much service.

Again, you need to consider safety while riding downhill. This is because downhill riding can lead to a number of accidents.

In that case, if you are wearing the best protective gear, then there is nothing to think differently. All the nice gear like Best Longboard Helmet, Knee Pad, Wrist Guard can keep you safe.

Skateboard Shark Wheel

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.


There is another type of shark wheel that is relatively small in size. This type of wheel is commonly used for skateboards and small cruisers.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.

You can’t perform such tricks and stunts with this kind of small wheel. These are much more likely to be wheel bite if you want to do these.

With this type of wheel, you can do excellent cruising. This type of wheel is more useful for you if you go around in the afternoon for any work.

Where is the origin of this shark wheel?

Before saying anything about this company, it is better to say that this company is relatively new. Not too long ago this company was launched. But they are also counted as one of the best brands now.

However, because they are brand new, they have started working with some modern ideas. And one of the attempts at modern thinking is to get these four-cornered wheels.

This wheel was first brought to the market in 2012. And from the very beginning, everyone is attracted to the wheel because of its slightly different shape and unique design.

This wheel is quite good and effective when everyone uses it later. Then the popularity of these wheels continues to grow according to the shark wheels review.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.

The company claims they are conducting more research into such uniquely shaped wheels. Not only do they want to be limited to skateboards but they also want to innovate in any other type of wheel.

Their own inventions of this uniquely shaped wheel became quite popular after it hit the market and their discovery was also highly praised in various scientific journals. Even they are now thinking about the shark wheel electric skateboard review.

Shark Wheels Review: How Do Shark Wheels Works?

Instead of taking on the shape of ordinary wheels, the shark wheels longboard created a shape that was completely different, that is, a rectangular or triangular type.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.


The whole world was amazed because it was the first to be described as a “square wheel”, in the introduction patch it actually still works like a sphere.

The corners of the rectangular wheels are again rounded. Otherwise, this wheel will not work according to the laws of physics at all.

However, since it is made a little differently and according to geometric formulas in this shark wheel reviews, theoretically due to its geometry, the wheel has many advantages:

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.

Accelerated: The size of the wheel makes a narrower and smaller contact patch quite a bit faster than their traditional wheels. And this is because there is less friction.

Excellent grip and controlled sliding capacity: Basically, the sine wave design is smoother than the standard wheel near the wheel.

It has three corners as compared to the wheels that are usually available in the market.

You Can Get More Traction in Different Terrain:

This is a nice sine wave pattern. These wheels help to roll over debris like hail and dirt. By “narrowing them down”. Get improved traction between different rain wet and gravel roads:

As an alternative way, the channel helps the fluid from the surface of the wheel to act like this groove. This helps the patch to keep in trace with the ground.

Wheel Range:

The Shark Wheel offers different wheels to choose from with lots of different colors.


The shape of this shark wheel ranges from about 60 to 70 mm. However, the alternative is to provide an array. Wheels closer to Mm0 mm will accelerate faster, but its top speed will be lower, and will not roll over debris.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.


Wheels around 70mm shark wheels will roll easily over the debris and provide much faster speeds.

Durometer: In this case, it is seen that the range is from 78 to 80A. The lower the number, the softer the wheel.

Flexible wheels will grip more on rough terrain, whereas rigid wheels are usually seen to provide faster speed. There are several types of wheels that can be seen (types) such as “mako”, “shark wheel sidewinder” and “ghost”.

What Kind of Riding Should You Do According to Shark Wheels Review?

You can get a quite good service from these shark wheels when you tour the city. But it’s probably for the same reason that experts think something like this might have happened because it takes less friction with the road than a normal cycle of features.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.

While the wheels work quite well, they may not give you the best service for downhill. Because in this case, their traction and grip capacity may be less. Compare with the more obvious corners on the wheels when it comes to regular landings.

If they want to adopt descending wheels like “Kegels”, the shark wheel review needs to be provided with a larger radius and larger contact patches.

Despite this, the shark wheel is shaped just like a regular wheel, so when it comes to very fast speeds. You will not get any obvious benefit in this case.

This word was first mentioned in the “Silverfish Forum”. Someone tested and found this result.

Again, the shark wheels were compared with the average speed of the rain greed wheels. He then noticed that the shark wheels actually gave him a relatively fast speed as well as they did not become as hot as the rain wheels after they ran heavier.

However, there are many issues, so not everyone accepted this test in one go. The matter depends on personal opinion and experience.

These wheels are seen to slide quite well. Besides, traction is also easily broken. However, you should note that most of the wheels are slippery after the bottom of the wheel.

This is often true for notches in shark wheels review. This way the wheel may not be as hard as the others. Still, the wheels slide adequately. Excessive management time.

Rain Sports: Wheel grooves seem to help skating in the rain, as it helps to get water out from under the wheels. This, in turn, helps to produce grip.

There are videos of a user using wheels in the rain show on shark wheels on amazon.

Reason we like this wheel

These wheels have an attractive and unique shape of their own: the wheels have a distinct value to them and it sets a positive attitude apart from other alternative wheels.

And just as it turns out, this wheel is able to make your board stand out because of the optical incident of a “square” wheel. And if you talk about graphics, the “Shark Wheel” can offer a variety of different colors and combos.

Grooves: The grooves and beaks of the wheels seem to help cruise over rocks, stones, and alternative scraps. When providing swish slippery power.

There is even a small advantage once the cycles involve the cruise. Slightly regular wheels move at the same speed.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.

Extra Traction: Wheels provide slightly more traction when wet than regular wheels.

Price: The wheels don’t seem to be as expensive as the fault, and the price is comparable to the price. The “shark wheel” overcharges the packaging and takes advantage of the screen users but it is not seen here.

You can purchase these shark wheels simultaneously as a dance band pack if you wish. It can be a wonderful choice for you. Then there is a group of “Shark Wheels” and a group of “Shaver ABEC-7” or “Abacus-9” bearings.

Sliding: The grooves give a secure and manageable slide.

Carving: Once the wheels are involved in carving riding, significantly in veggies. Compared to most regular wheels.

Good client service: When shark wheels were scattered on the roads in the early days, some wheels could not be made properly due to the “complexity of the molds”.

Some drivers have experienced vibration Lead but unfortunately the “Shark Wheels” were quick to move the “perfect” sets of curved longboard wheels.

“Sure Bearings”: The “City” bearings included in the “Combo Packs” come with inbuilt spacers and speed rings. Makes it easy to avoid losing material.

Although packs can be a touch expensive it gives more value. They appear simultaneously with “high-efficiency lubricants”. Shark wheel net worth 2022 is quite high!

If you decide to travel only with a group of shark wheels longboard according to shark wheels review, another understandable possibility for bearings is “bone red”.

While not a superior roll speed, it is likely to be cheaper when delivering a decent overall. As “Sure Bearings Square Measurement is rated only ABEC-7 or Nine.

Cons of The Product

Not a very revolutionary wheel that can bring about change: where wheels have a fancy and weird look, regular wheels don’t shell too much.

Small advantages subtract the area unit and once it descends all the way, in fact, the wheel is often formed. Therefore, any benefit can only be underestimated by buying a special regular wheel.

For example, if you need to buy something intelligent for cruising, you can only get an external regular wheel with a soft durometer from here.

Rain Table: While wheels can provide some kind of extra traction, they can only be shady. Since regular wheels are often simply cut grooves on the wheels to give extra grip with shark wheels – 72mm.

Lack of downhill wheels:

Lacks larger wheels, with larger contact patches and square lips. So, for those who need a cycle suitable for downhill athletics, they probably don’t realize “shark wheel fit”.

But in the future, a “downhill” shark wheel will return. Except currently restricted to field units.

Should You Really Purchase It?

If you’re interested in touching a wheel completely differently, it lets the shark wheels go value. But once it gets to the very bottom, the shark wheels review doesn’t provide any significant blessings that the standard wheels get out of the water, significantly once it’s involved with the downhill wheels.

This shark wheels review is the right place for you for the shark wheels hunters.

The most important aspect is their appearance. Nevertheless, they still have the potential for cruising in rain athletics and road grooved patches. Wherever they are they are somewhat easier to operate and will be faster than their regular wheel counter components.


What is the point of shark wheels?

Actually, at some point shark wheel is also another wheel in the market. So, if you are interested and want to buy a top-notch product like others, you can buy this wheel. I hope, after this shark wheel article, you got it already that, shark wheel is a premium quality product and can provide better performance.

Are shark wheels good for longboards?

Yes, like another wheel, a shark wheels longboard is also available for a longboard. But if you want the best performance, then with it you can buy longboard bearings.

Can you do tricks on shark wheels?

There are some aspects that you can also perform some tricks with it. Even if you want, You can search videos on YouTube where skaters execute steady tricks like flips and grinds on the Shark Wheels with few glitches and also one of the main admirations to the wheel is the way it engrosses the impact of the fall making you feel like downhill off a curb when jumping a 5 stairway!

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