What can a wheel look like – whether it’s a skateboard or a car wheel? The first thing that comes to mind when we say the wheel is something that has a round shape! And it is very normal for such thoughts to come to mind. But today we will talk about a wheel that is shaped but not round at all! Now you may be wondering how a wheel can turn if it is not round? And this best shark wheels review might teach you to think differently about your skateboard wheels!

You may be surprised by the shape of these best longboard wheels but you are also a bit confused. When we do skateboarding, the shape of our wheels is very normal but round. Now you may be a little curious as to what kind of shape we are actually talking about in our best shark wheels review?

Yes! Reader, the surprising thing is that the shape of the reinvented wheel we are reviewing today is rectangular! Are you a little shocked to hear this? No more waiting, let’s see about that nice and different wheel!

However, there are some shark wheels electric skateboards available in the marketplace! If you are interested, you can check it out!

Establishment of Shark Wheel

It is not that this company called Shark wheel has been in the market for a long time but it can be said that this company is quite new compared to many other companies. This company is quite new, not like others who have a lot of connection with skateboard history.

However, the company is improving very fast with its new quality and ability to keep the consumers satisfied. The company started in 2012 with a small warehouse with a few local skateboard lovers from the Los Angeles area.

If something completely different comes to the market, it spreads very quickly. And from that point of view, this company is no exception.

Coming to the market with a completely different religious wheel design and structure, this company has won the hearts of the people in a very short period of time. Because the shape of this type of wheel is a bit strange, but in terms of performance, this wheel has some nice benefits.

Even the company claims that this type of technology is not only compatible with skateboards but can be used in anything else.

This wheel can be used to move fast on any type of surface. It is possible to ride with this type of wheel quite comfortably even in uneven soils. Apart from this company, there are some skateboard manufacturers like Santa Cruz, Churchill; Atom has an amazing history in skateboard.

After long research and testing of this new type of wheel, finally, in 2012 they came to the market with this new idea and very quickly gained the appreciation of everyone. Not only because it is a new idea but also because the quality and performance of this wheel have been able to satisfy the consumers.

How shark skateboard wheel works

Since the shape of this wheel is not like other conventional wheels, there is no end to the curiosity of many as to how this wheel works and why it gives such good performance.

Note that this wheel is called the world’s first square wheel, and this claim is actually true! We have never seen such a strange shaped wheel before.

But yes! Although the shape is square, the corner sides of the wheel are round. Of course, it has to be, because if it’s not, it’s a square thing, but it’s not supposed to be a wheel at all.

And by relying on those around sides, the wheel is able to roll even after it is rectangular.

Besides, this wheel has some benefits, let’s know a little about them

Fast speed: The strange shape of this wheel does not slow down the speed of the wheel but rather makes it complete a little more than the normal speed. Especially when you take this wheel on uneven ground, this wheel can give you the gift of a smooth riding experience!

Grip and Sliding Control: With this wheel, you can control your skateboard more than the normal wheel. You will also get a lot more gripping than ordinary wheels during sliding in this special rectangular-shaped wheel.

Enhanced grip in rain and gravel: The irregular shape enacts like grooves that aid channel fluid from the external of the wheel. This assistance permits a secure contact patch with the earth.

Even if you have a penny board, then shark wheels on a penny board will be quite impressive things to try!

Wheel range: Shark wheel proposes a variety of wheels to pick from, with copious numbers of diverse colors.

Diameters: In terms of diameter, this wheel can give you many options. The company has a wide range of diameters from 60 mm to 70 mm.

However, the wheels that are relatively small, that is, 60 millimeters or so, you can speed up very fast. On the other hand, the wheels that are a little bigger cannot move so fast. Once the speed goes up, the speed is a little higher than the small wheel.

Durometers: You will get its range between 8 to 80A lekarna-slovenija.com/. The lower the number, the softer the wheel. And the extreme wheel can give you a good grip on any type of soil.

With hard shark roller skate wheels, on the other hand, you may be able to pick up a lot of speed, but on uneven roads, you can shake a little.

Top 5 best shark wheels review

1. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels


Although this product ranks first on our list in terms of its quality, I would like to share with you a personal experience of this wheel from the very beginning.

And that is, when I went out riding with this wheel in a very slippery place, I got into a lot of trouble to control. Since I’m a professional rider, it’s not that I have too many problems. However, if you are a beginner, it is better not to go to the slippery area with this wheel.

There is some best beginner longboard for your safety! Apart from some risks, there are lots of health benefits of longboarding, this will keep you healthy and fit!

Among all other types of roads, this wheel is able to give you quite a good grip and control gift. This wheel is not exactly square in shape, as the corner parts are quite round in shape. And because of this shape, the speed of this wheel has not decreased but has increased quite a bit.

Called Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60mm, 78a, this wheel has the potential to be an excellent choice for your downhill and cruising riding through its own uniqueness and quality.

2. Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a

Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels


If you have already ridden with any other type of wheel, you will notice that your ride is very smooth while using this wheel. Yes! This new type of wheel called Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a can ensure such a comfortable riding experience. These wheels also have the ability to make your riding much more comfortable on different types of roads.

This beautifully shaped wheel can be said to be a revolution in the making and shaping of wheels. Also if you are worried about separate grip and control while riding, then this wheel can be a very nice option for you.

This wheel can withstand even the stress of uneven roads. This wheel is a bit soft, and this type of wheel is very attractive for cruising because it is soft.

This wheel, one of the strongest and the highest in terms of quality, will not only impress you at first glance but will also keep you happy and satisfied with excellent and good performance for a long time. And that’s exactly why this wheel has so many happy consumers!

3. Shark Wheels with FREE Abec9 Shiver Bearings


Personally, I like sliding a lot, and I always go out sliding with my favorite skateboard in my spare time. Sliding is one of my favorite leisure tools. And when I first went out sliding with this wheel, its high performance surprised me immensely! To slide, you need some Best Longboard Slide Gloves.

Shark wheels amazon with FREE Abec 9 Shiver Bearings The name of this wheel is that you will understand that you will get very good and attractive bearings with it. And these bearings are of Abec 9 quality High Quality. And because of all these features, you can get quite good performance even on any kind of hard and uneven road.

Also, I think the friction of these wheels is awesome! And those of you who ride at a professional level all know that the key secret behind a smooth ride is friction. And in that case, these orange shark wheels can give you the gift of extremely nice smooth riding even on any kind of hard road.

And if you like speed, you don’t have to pay much attention to it. This wheel of yours will be able to pick up good speed very fast in a very short time. As well as speed this wheel will give you excellent control over your own board!

4. Shark Wheel 72mm DNA Formula Longboard Wheels


According to our expert team, this wheel is one of the best options for rough and uneven roads. Because the quality of this wheel is very nice and extraordinary. In particular, the company claims that the Shark Wheel 72mm DNA Formula Longboard Wheels can give 15% longer performance than any other wheel in the current industry.

 And the company has made this claim after a long period of testing. And in that case, our expert team did not disagree. This shark wheels DNA is really very good in terms of quality.

I have said before that I personally like sliding, and this wheel also has a very good performance when it comes to sliding. Also, when it comes to friction, it has to be said that due to good friction, with this wheel you can pick up a lot of speed with full control.

In the end, this product is unique to you if you regularly ride in rough and uneven places. You will never be disappointed by purchasing this product.

5. Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | Sidewinder | 4-Pack


If you regularly ride on both flat and uneven roads, this wheel will give you special benefits. This wheel is effective enough to make your riding experience smooth and safe.

You can also ride on slippery roads with relative ease for quality gripping and control of this product. You do not have to suffer any special complications.

But as a rider, you must always be careful. And to be extra careful you can wear the best longboard helmet if you want. And besides, the knee pad is definitely an important factor for your safety.

Thanks to the good friction while riding, your smooth-riding will be quite comfortable. You can use this wheel for a long time owing to its quality and strong structure.

Although the shark wheel is almost new, it has already won the hearts of many consumers with its various attractive features. So you can buy this product without any worries.

Soft skateboard wheels vs. hard

What exactly should the wheel of your skateboard look like? Does it need to be soft or hard? To answer this question, both types of wheels are good. It is true that hard wheels last longer than soft wheels, but soft wheels can give you a smooth riding experience. In the case of hard wheels, you will often face a lot of shock on uneven roads.

In this case, you can keep two types of wheels with you and use hard wheels when riding on flat roads. And when you ride on uneven roads, you can use soft wheels if you want. The whole thing depends on your comfort.

What do you think of the new longboard wheels called Shark Wheels?

At full speed, all parts of this nicely designed wheel never hit the ground. Rather, the wheel revolves around the parts of the corn. This allows the wheel to move very quickly.

This wheel can help you to float in the wind, especially when you are going downhill riding. You will also get special benefits in the case of cruising, especially since the control of these wheels is quite good.

However, this does not mean that you will lose control of the skateboard. Rather you will have much more control over your own riding. You can feel there is a wheel spinning very nicely under your feet.

You can control these wheels just as you can control other good wheels. You do not have to face many complications.

But if you want to do a lot more tricks and stunts then this wheel is not for you. Because when you drop something from top to bottom, you can’t balance very well with this wheel. This wheel can give you a smooth riding gift not during stunts and tricks but while traveling. I Hope, this shark wheels review on Reddit can help you a lot!

Final word

For those who are always looking for something new and different, this wheel is a really great addition. This wheel, which comes with a completely different design and shape, has already gained acclaim for its abundance and control.

But yes! It is better not to use such wheels on rain or slippery roads. Finally, our best shark wheels review will hopefully help you gain a new experience.

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