One of the best experiences in the world of sporting is longboarding and skateboarding. For beginners, of course, the experience of these two types of sport is very close, but after a while, you will be able to understand the difference between these two types of the sport very well when you become pro level or a little experienced.This skateboard sports has an amazing history too, you can take a look at Brief for Skateboard History! Whatever it is, no matter what level of skill you have, I hope you will definitely benefit from arbor longboards review.

It is because this company has good quality longboard and skateboard for all kinds of skills. Plus, it is considered one of the best longboard brands in the present market!

Whether you are a beginner or have a long experience as a skater, you always have one need. And that is a longboard with a strong structure and quality.

Many times your demand cannot be met by various low-quality longboards in the market. From there, this company called arbor longboard can give you a lot of peace.

Hopefully, you can purchase a longboard according to your own style from our arbor longboards review today. Yet, there are lots of Health Benefits of Longboarding, that you’ll be amazed!

This company called arbor longboards makes premium-quality skateboards. Our expert team believes that this longboard, which is rich in quality, strong wheels, solid deck and many other features including extraordinary flexibility, will be able to conquer your mind in a very short time. It can make your skateboarding experience very beautiful.

There are some other companies like Plan B skateboards and Santa Cruz are quite a famous brands, if you are interested then you can take a look!

Top 5 arbor longboards reviewed

1. Arbor Axis 40″ Cruiser Longboard Complete

2. Arbor Zeppelin 32″ Longboard (All Graphics)

3. Arbor Sizzler 31″ Complete Skateboard

4. Arbor – Pocket Rocket Premium Cruiser Complete

5. Fireball x Arbor Longboard Cruiser Downhill

Arbor longboards reviewed

1. Arbor Axis 40″ Cruiser Longboard Complete

Arbor cruiser longboard


This company has a great love for the environment. The wood from which this deck is made is reclaimed from other products. Its base is also based on the eco-friendly method.

And this feature has given the board a nice smooth finish. And when it comes to the design of this board, it must be said that the design of this premium quality product is very attractive and aesthetic.

The deck of this board will be much preferred by most skaters. Because the deck of this board is about 40 inches wide. This board can give you the gift of a very comfortable and comfortable riding experience even if you are tall.

The option of custom design is quite preferred by many borders, as this custom design that suits them makes the consumers much happier.

However, there is only one downside to this board, and that is that you will not get very good grip service on uneven roads from this board. However, if the surface is very smooth, then there is no problem in maintaining balance.

However, when taking a sharp turn, you must be a little extra careful. And as part of this extra precaution, you can wear the best longboard helmet if you want.

In addition to this, if you are wearing the best longboard knee pad, then you are less likely to suffer any kind of damage in an accident. There are also some of Best Longboard Slide Gloves, if you are sliding regularly, you will need this for the safety of your hand!

And because of the excellent quality of this product, the consumers are quite satisfied with this product. And that’s not just what you can understand by looking at our reviews, it’s also very easy to guess by looking at the high ratings of this product on Amazon.

2. Arbor Zeppelin 32″ Longboard (All Graphics)


This awesome longboard will always fascinate you with all its features. Made in a strong structure, this longboard can easily carry heavy people. This feature you will not find in other products, especially skateboards made of bamboo.

The carbonized deck is very beautiful and quite durable and sustainable longboards as well as you get maximum flexibility from this deck. In addition, for any type of riding, you can get this flexibility from the longboard made by Arbor.

Everyone on our expert team agrees on one thing, and that is that the shock-absorbing quality of this board is much higher. In addition, due to the large and wide wheels of this product, the whole stress goes through the wheels in the first place.

 And so you can get service from the deck for a long time. And so when the skaters fall down with this board from a little higher place, it goes without saying that you don’t feel such an impact.

In addition, the base of the board is a few 32 inches narrow shapes, so the advanced level pro skaters can enjoy a lot more benefits. Because of this, they can always take advantage of this feature in case of any kind of turning.

However, at first, you may feel a little uncomfortable because of it. Again when you adapt to this narrow-shaped base you will be able to get maximum service and performance from it.

Available in all nice designs, this longboard has a lot of quality as well as the ability to keep consumers happy. And you can understand that by looking at the average rating of this product. Most of the consumers are happy to use this product, and they have always given high ratings accordingly.

3. Arbor Sizzler 31″ Complete Skateboard


Needless to say, you will love this Swallowtail-type board! Also, those who have been frustrated time and time again to buy a good quality cruising board, especially will be very happy to buy this board.

Because then you will feel that after a long time you can use a good quality cruising board. It is also practical for riding over smooth tarmac, curves, and carrying out quick turns over fitted angles.

Skaters always have the right appreciation for this amazing outlook of the board. For those who are searching for a cruising board, this is also one of the finest mockups. It is lightweight and contented to drum up when cruising at regular hustles. Also, you can carry this skateboard with your best longboard backpack quite comfortably.

However, this board is not very effective for other types of skateboarding styles other than cruising. Yet, there are many who like to do freestyle riding with this board.

Though, our expert team will always advise you for cruising. This is because in one sense this product is considered to be one of the best longboards in the current market.

You will never be disappointed with the average rating of the arbor sizzler review, which has excellent quality for normal movement. And in the same way, when you buy this board and start getting good performance, you will also give this board a good rating.

4. Arbor – Pocket Rocket Premium Cruiser Complete


You can be sure that you are going to get an outstanding service from this deck made of 7-ply Canadian hard maple wood. In addition, due to the palisander wood finish, a touch of aesthetics will come into this deck.

Also, the wood for making this deck comes from a good supply, so you can have confidence in this company about the quality of the deck.

The 108 mm Trucks will give you a very good flex in your riding, which is able to make the whole riding experience excellent.

And when it comes to the good quality wheels of this product, it has to be said that this excellent skateboard has the ability to adapt to any kind of situation and riding style.

Many people say that this mini-cruiser skateboard can be used for most types of riding. This Arbor – Pocket Rocket Premium Cruiser Complete Longboard can also ensure excellent curving performance as well as general rotation, especially when you think about carving.

This arbor pocket rocket review will keep you fascinated with good service even on uneven roads i.e. bumpy riding. In addition to absorbing any kind of soft wheel shock, you will also get a lot of comfortable feeling due to the grip of the deck in this case of skateboard riding.

5. Fireball x Arbor Longboard Cruiser Downhill


Called the Fireball x Arbor Longboard Cruiser Downhill, the product has been well-received in the skateboarding world for some time now. There are two main reasons for this, first of all, its quality.

Those who have already used any of Arbor’s products know about the premium quality of this company. And secondly, the excellent affordable price of this product has surprised many skateboarders.

Because many are wondering how it is possible to market a skateboard of such excellent premium quality at such an affordable price! The company says in this regard that they have released this premium quality product at a relatively low price considering the needs of the consumers.

With 30.5 inches long and 6.9 inches wide, you can get maximum balance support. Even if you are a beginner, we hope you do not have a problem balancing.

Also all the nice components, like Paris V2 150mm; Fireball Tinder 60mm, 81 wheels; Fireball ENDURE bearings; You can always get a premium touch with this product including Fireball Stainless Steel Hardware.

How to Choose Your Arbor Longboard

Yes! All the skateboards of this brand are good and some of the best premium-quality longboards have found a place on our list. There is some Best Skateboard Buying Guides for your help!

However, when buying a longboard, you should always keep in mind exactly why you are buying a longboard. Depending on the type of purpose you have, you may need to purchase a longboard.

This arbor longboards review might help you to choose the best arbor longboards.

The same is true of the arbor longboard. Here are the things you need to focus on a little differently before choosing the right longboard!

Longboard riding styles

Longboarders prefer to do longboarding in a different style. And that is very normal. It is for the reason that everyone has personal opinions and some individuality of their own.

And according to the individuality of the skaters, there are some differences between the longboards. There are basically four types of longboarding styles. These are cruising, freestyle, freeriding and downhill riding.

Of these, the Cruising Board is for those who have just set foot in the world of longboarding.

This is because such longboards are much easier to operate and also have a lot of support from the board in maintaining balance. These boards have no option to move from one place to another in the vicinity.

Freestyle boards on the other hand usually help to perform any kind of tricks and stunts. So, pro-level riders use this longboard to show off their skills, and to stunt in many types of competitions.

It can also be fried that boards are usually famous for carving and taking sharp turns. Such boards are most important if you have to do longboarding on winding roads.

And the boards that are used for downhill riding help to run at wind speeds. Such boards are much more straightforward.

You can also use such boards if you want to race with longboards. Since it is possible to pick up a lot of speed with these boards.

Longboard deck material

More accessories, including longboard decks, can be made of a variety of materials. We have no alternative today in the case of the special company i.e. arbor.

The company’s longboards are also made of a variety of materials such as maple wood, bamboo, and carbon fiber. In these cases, bamboo skateboards are somewhat flexible, less expensive, and lighter in weight.

Carbon fiber is the most expensive of these components. Boards made of this excellent material are both sturdy and light in weight. It can be run very easily and the speed can be lifted a lot. That’s why you don’t need to be too cautious about arbor longboards’ weight limit.

Maple wood is a popular material for making skateboards. This is because this type of wood is much stronger, and can withstand the stress of constant use. However, there are some best longboard decks that you can buy separately!

Longboard Flexibility

When you are choosing these arbor longboards, you need to consider the flex level of that board. When you have a good flex level then that board has a good level of shock absorption level. Yet, they are not quite stable while racing in speed!

When you have a medium type of flex in your board, it helps it to become more stable! Even on the bumpy road, it will absorb lots of shocks!

These boards are appropriate for everyday travel or carving. Rigid-flex is perfect for reasonable to faster hustles. These boards are faultless for bombing or competing at great haste but don’t propose much absorption on landing.

What’s Good about Arbor?

Great Price & Performance

Yes! The longboards made by this company are probably a bit more expensive than many other longboards. However, the reason behind this price is that this longboard has a lot of premium quality.

In other words, this company is uncompromising in terms of quality. Although a bit expensive, it is true that these longboards are not expensive. There are many companies in the market whose longboards are not of such good quality but their prices are much higher.

And when it comes to the performance of this longboard, it must be said that due to its good and premium quality, you will also get much better performance from this longboard.  It is because the elements and parts in this longboard are of the best quality.

When you are looking for a longboard that can provide long-lasting performance and service, the name of this longboard company comes first.

Rich in various styles and designs, this longboard company has been dominating the market for a long time. The company is always striving to maintain the uniqueness and quality of its products.

Also because of the premium quality, if you are looking for the best beginner longboard, you can easily choose these longboards. There are also some arbor snowboards reviews and mercer longboard reviews if you want to check out!

These longboards include a number of longboards designed specifically for beginners. Maintaining balance and gripping will help you the most.

If you are freestyle and cruising rider, there are many longboards made by this company that is of excellent quality. There are also some best Dancing longboards available in the market!

However, if you are a downhill rider or a free ride again, you will not find a variety of skateboards here. But yes! Of course, there are quite a few other types of longboards including good quality arbor longboards drop through, top mounting.

All the arbor longboards will give you excellent stability and flexibility. Even the wheels and other parts of these longboards are made of good quality material. And because of all this premium quality, the overall performance is much better.

Ecologically conscious mindset

The mindset of this wonderful company is also quite remarkable. With an environmentally friendly attitude, the company regularly plants maple trees. This contributes to the balance of the environment from the number of maple trees that are constantly being cut down.

In addition, the company regularly donates for various forest conservation. And so when you buy a product from this company, you can find peace of mind that you are in harmony with the environment.

Even in the Hawaii region, the company is constantly trying to protect the Koa wood forest! These things are not just words at all and they have made us a special love for this company.

Final word

Finally, the fact that consumers are increasingly attracted to this longboard company shows that these premium quality longboards are becoming popular. In the same way, looking at the high ratings of consumers in various online stores, one can get an idea about the quality of these skateboards.

This company is almost new in the world of longboarding, and in that case, they have won the hearts of consumers so fast. In a few days, this company will become a current sensation.

Hopefully from our arbor longboards review article, you have got enough idea about this company’s longboards and their premium quality.

And so you can order a longboard of your choice from these longboards, but yes! In the end, you have to make the choice and the desire is completely yours. And so good luck to purchase the longboard of your choice.

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