Best longboard trucks are of a kind, and Longboarding is a nice and interesting sport. People of all ages have the charm of this boarding. Each person’s needs are different; some may just use longboards to get around, while others like to surprise friends by performing all sorts of amazing stunts and skateboard tricks.

And now, for the sake of social media, uploading videos of tricks or stunts is likely to go viral overnight. Some use longboards for downhill riding or for commuting to and from the office.

So you understand, this longboarding is the center of wide demand and attraction and the skateboarding history lies on the heart of people. And one of the most important parts of this longboard is the longboard trucks. Plus, this part binds the deck and the wheel of your longboard in the same bond.

Again because of these best longboard trucks you can take any kind of turn which is very nice and comfortable. Analyzing all the reasons, it can be seen that the importance of trucks for a smooth riding experience is immense.

This important part of your longboard must be of good quality. Otherwise, you will never get good service and performance from Longboard. And so there are two things to keep in mind whenever you go shopping for a special truck for the longboard of your choice.

Exactly what kind of riding you want to buy trucks for – as longboards vary depending on your riding style. That’s how trucks differ. Also, another thing is that you must purchase the best product at an affordable price.

Because trucks are an important part of your longboard but they are quite small in size and a much smaller part of the longboard. So you have to buy your own longboard truck keeping in mind many other things.

Best longboard trucks parts

The finest longboard trucks for you are the ones that will adapt to your own riding style in a very nice way. We have already given an idea about the truck and its work. Moreover, longboarding has lots of health benefit!

Trucks basically act like an axle, which keeps all the longboard trucks and wheels connected to each other. It also trucks the work of re-attaching the best longboard wheels to the longboard.

You will find almost all types of trucks in pairs. A longboard basically requires two trucks. One truck is attached to the front and the other to the rear of the longboard.

Now we will discuss several important parts of this little truck. It depends on the parts that your longboard trucks are going to be a good or bad performance.

Base plate: This part of the longboard truck connects the truck to the deck of the longboard. This part is very nicely attached to the best longboard decks by four to six screws so that the wheel

And the pressure of the trucks can take a lot on themselves. It also puts a lot of pressure on the base of the longboard.

Kingpin: The differences between the different trucks on the longboard depend largely on the kingpin of the longboard. The Kingpin is basically a large pin that helps a lot to hold the different parts of the longboard together.

And you can make this Kingpin in very little money. Kingpin is much cheaper than longboard trucks and so you can easily change it at any time.

Standard Kingpin (SKP): This type of Kingpin is aimed at the middle of the longboard. This type of Kinging is not usually used during normal work. This type of special Kingpin is commonly used when performing Intermediate Skateboard Tricks and stunts.

But yes! Some companies, such as Gullwing or Independent, or yocaher longboard trucks also use this type of Kingpin in general cruising longboards.

Reverse Kingpin (RKP): Reverse Kingpin, this type of Kingpin is one of the most widely used longboards. Because this type of Kingpin responds well to low speeds. And the longboard gives the rider more stability and control.

In addition, this type of Kingpin is usually mounted facing the front side of the longboard. This Kingpin can help you a lot with any kind of normal cruising, downhill, and carving.

Bushings: This part of the truck on your longboard is made a little special. It serves as a medium of communication of the longboard with the rider to some extent. Yes! The bushings of the best longboard trucks Reddit are made in such a way that enough cushions are provided between the different moving parts of the longboard.

The stiffeners of the trucks have more to do with the toughness of the bushings. And so it is better for the rider to lean forward a little while boarding the longboards that are much more responsive.

Hangar: The hanger is a T-shaped aluminum alloy, and it is through this part that the longboard wheels and the longboard trucks are connected to each other. And this part plays a very important role when doing any kind of skateboard tricks like rail grinds.

Even if this part does not go to direct content during normal riding, this part goes to direct content when performing tricks like this. However, when performing any tricks or stunts, you need to keep in mind the risk factors. And to reduce the risk you can use some best longboard helmets. Plus, some best longboard knee pads will give you some additional comfort.

Riser: This rice is another optional part of longboard trucks. The height of longboard trucks is usually adjusted with this riser. And this makes the longboard vibration resistant.

It is very easy to install risers in any type of longboard truck. And the price of this part is not much higher than in other parts.

Choosing the Best Longboard Trucks

Before purchasing Best Longboard Trucks you must know exactly what you want to do with your favorite longboard! Which is your favorite longboarding style?

The same is true when buying longboard trucks, just as you have to buy longboards according to your own preferences and needs.

If you want to buy trucks for your favorite carving longboard, you need to buy a 50-degree angle reverse kingpin. These high-angle Kingpins are usually advised to be purchased with carving longboards. This very nice truck will take your carving and downhill riding experience to a unique level.

If you prefer longboarding at high speeds, purchase a low-angle to base-plate type truck. In this, you will find very excellent performance and service while riding a longboard.

Of these, 44-degree angle trucks featuring caliber 44 will help you make any kind of turn very fast. These trucks will also keep your board stable while riding at much higher speeds so that you can have full control over the board.

Also, the width of the trucks is a little too important. And so you must keep this in mind when you go to buy the best longboard trucks for pumping.

The performance of your longboard will be very unique if it matches the width of the trucks very nicely with your longboard deck.

But sometimes it can happen that you can’t find a good quality truck according to the width of your deck. Then you must purchase trucks as wide as possible.

The reason for this is balance and stability. You will get much better performance through the widest longboard trucks. However, you can buy some Longboard Backpacks to keep your skateboard safe with elegance!

Another tip for you is about hangers-on longboard trucks. There are two types of hanger numbers: 180 mm and 150 mm. In the meantime, if your deck is about nine inches wide, then the 150 mm hanger will fit more with it. And this value is most popular for carving, commuting, and freestyle.

On the other hand, if the width of your deck is more than nine inches, then you must use 160 mm trucks. Because then it will match you best. This combo is able to give the best performance for a free ride and downhill riding.

A review of our top five longboard trucks will go a long way in helping you get out of this kind of problem. Hopefully from our top five lists, you will find the longboard trucks of choice and enjoy the best performance and service by purchasing.

Top 5 Best Longboard Trucks

1. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard / Skateboard Trucks Set of 2


If you want to take an easy and smooth turn then this longboard truck may be the best choice for you. With these trucks, you can experience outstanding carving in the drop-through deck for the Double Kingpin setup.

Since the two Kingpins work together, you may need to adjust a bit to get better service from both.

But the most interesting thing is that once you start riding with these trucks, it will be so good that you will not want to use any other trucks. This traction will be able to provide excellent service even for cruising in the city.

But yes! What a sight to see this truck. It may not be possible to explain exactly, but it can be said that what the trucks look like has no value at all. Because the trucks are set up in such a place, it is not easy to see.

So from the outlook of the gullwing sidewinder ii trucks, its performance is much more important. And from there, these extraordinary quality trucks can easily win your mind.

2. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)


When you want a smooth turn in and out during carving, you need to consider these longboard trucks first. This tracking will also surprise you with other great features like hanger, bushing. It is in collaboration with them that this longboard truck provides outstanding service.

Called Paris V2 180 mm 50 ° Longboard Skateboard Trucks, these trucks can add a unique feeling to your riding experience. The longboard will play a very responsive role due to the 50 longboard truck degree base plate. There is no substitute for these trucks for great effortless smooth riding.

The most interesting thing about these longboard trucks is the material that these trucks are made of. Made with excellent virgin aluminum, this truck is a very lightweight longboard truck and strong at the same time.

But if you are sliding, then regular trucks will do the tricks, but you need to wear some Best Longboard Slide Gloves to keep you safe!

If you are a heavy rider then you must consider these Paris trucks. You can ride on these trucks for a long time. Quite small and strong, these trucks will be able to serve you for a long time without any complications.

3. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks – set of two


Every part of this truck is so nice and rich in quality that there is nothing new to say about this truck. The word that implies this quality aspect is its affordable price.

The price of these longboard trucks with outstanding quality is very cheap. You can also use this longboard truck for a long time.

And so I have to say a little differently about the durability of these trucks. Some of our expert team has been using this truck for a long time. Good quality service is available with these trucks in all types of rainy or sunny weather.

A team member liked it so much that he has been using those best longboard trucks for almost two years without any complications.

Also, the reinvented bushing seats of these trucks have to be mentioned separately, as this can give you a different premium filling while riding.

Even your body mass will be arranged in a very nice way across the whole longboard through this part. And so you will feel a kind of special smooth and premium feel while riding.

All in all, these longboard trucks deserve to be your long-term partner. As well as maintaining the balance of your longboard will give the gift of an absolutely perfect combination during cruising and downhill riding. Let these trucks of quality, as well as affordable, become a product of your very choice.

4. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Trucks 129mm Silver Raw STAGE 11 7.75 in PAIR (2 trucks)


At first glance, this longboard truck may seem like an ordinary truck, but in terms of quality and service, it is never a conventional truck. These trucks of very humble silver color and metallic finish have the ability to impress you in terms of quality.

If you want a product that is very glamorous and beautiful to look at, then this product is not for you.

On the other hand, if you want a product that is very high quality. Then this product will definitely be able to place itself on the list of the best of your choice.

However, the design of this product is not only bad, but this product with a very nice design is quite strong in terms of structure. This truck will ensure your smooth riding experience.

This truck will fit nicely with any type of deck, seven to eight and a half inches wide. This longboard truck with a nice base plate, aluminum hanger, and steel axle will give you excellent performance.

You will also get a Kingpin with excellent quality with these trucks. Although quite light, this product is much stronger in terms of structure. This allows you to use this product for a long time without any problems.

5. Owlsome 5.25 Metallic Gold/Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks w/ 52mm Wheels Combo Set


If you are looking for an extraordinary quality combination between a very light and strong structure, then hopefully your search will end here. Owlsome 5.25 Metallic Gold / Black Aluminum Skateboard Trucks are exactly like your choice.

Even this product is coated with aluminum, making it look as beautiful as it is very durable at the same time. If you want a longboard truck for long-term use then this product is absolutely awesome!

This truck comes with a 5.25 hanger, which allows it to give you good height while riding. This truck can also ensure your smooth riding experience on any kind of high and low road due to its height and strong quality. Also because of the 6.0 axle, the service of this product seems to be much more extraordinary.

This axle is made of Carson steel which makes it much stronger. Again, due to its black bushing, you can stay safe from any kind of rust for a long time. And since it does not rust, you can use this product for a long time without any complications.

However, one thing to keep in mind while using this product is that this product adapts very well to 53 mm wheels. If you use this product with this type of wheel, you are sure to get the highest service.


1. Can you use longboard trucks on a skateboard with normal skate wheels?

Yes! You can use longboard trucks with ordinary wheel skateboards if you want. Since the hangar of this type of longboard truck is quite wide. However, there are many types of reverse Kingpin trucks that you will encounter with the use of skateboards.

2. How loose should my longboard trucks be to go downhill?

While this question may seem easy to hear, there are several complexities involved in answering this question. Because you have to lose as much as you can, you can stay in a stable position on the longboard. And how much you will lose your stability depends on the longboard company and your own expertise. Usually, I personally prefer soft bushing.

3. My longboard trucks are really squeaky, how do I stop that?

Your longboard will never be too noisy because of the trucks at all. However, it may be that if there is a screw attached to your truck, it can make a loose sound.
Also usually your longboard will not sound just because of the best longboard trucks. It is also possible that the pivot cup makes a lot of noise. And so make sure all the other parts are well-fitted with your longboard trucks.

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