Only several centimeters of grip tape, what else could potentially go wrong? If it comes out, quite a little. The best grip tape is needed for maintaining balance when skateboarding due to friction here between shoes as well as the skateboard.
Grip tape, which is much less complicated than bearings as well as other board parts, will make or ruin your skateboarding journey.

And the most seasoned skateboarders run the risk of injuring themselves if they don’t complete their boards with it.
We’ve compiled a selection of the top best grip tape choices for you in this article. Those other grip tapes will provide you with everything you need for a smooth and secure skateboarding encounter.

If you’re a novice, the purchaser’s guide segment will walk you through everything you need to know about best skateboard grip tape.

To 10 best grip tape

You must verify that the best skateboard grip tape you purchase is the correct match for both you and the deck. The top 10 best skate grip tape choices on the market right now are reviewed below. So, what is the best griptape? Let’s jump right into it!

Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black


One of the most common options between skilled skaters is the Mob Skateboard Grip Tape. A standard Mob Grip sheet measures nine ft. thick by thirty-three inches long, and it comes in a variety of discreet paint combinations including uncluttered styles.
The Mob Grip Tape has a lot of unseen gaps on it that enable gases to pass through, which tends to result in a bubble-free implementation.

Mob Grip Tape adheres well to the board and is water-resistant, making it ideal for all climatic conditions. But this cool grip tape has a sharp polymer rough on the surface that will scratch your shoes. As a result, you’ll like to use skateboarder footwear with such a grip tape brands.

About the fact that the tape starts out sharp, it gradually softens into a surface that is “about right” for decent grip and your feet.

Furthermore, this latest iteration of best griptape employs a cutting-edge technique that permanently bonds the design to the grit, preventing it from peeling away.
That tape’s surface layer is also tear-resistant, ensuring that it does not shred into fragments over time. It’s ideal for those who need a strong grip.

Bear in mind, though, that the sturdiness makes it difficult to break into smaller parts for modification. However, if you want the ultimate safety, then some best protective gear might give you ample protection.

• Water repellent and tear-resistant
• Immune to hot or frost
• Software that is free of bubbles
• Grip softens to a show-friendly level.
• Choices for simple style

Some drawbacks
• It’s difficult to break into tiny parts.
• At first, it was tough.

Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet

The Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet will be next, and is perfect for a wide range of skaters, from beginners to experienced skateboarders and cruisers. Those thanks belong to the solid oxide layer grit, which has a strong adhesive that withstands effects.


It is available in a regular size and also other sizes. Most decks, like longboards and cruisers, can suit the varying shapes.

The Jessup best grip tape skateboard has a resin coating that has a powerful hold that won’t peel off as easily as most tapes. The anti-bubble layer enables the holder to stay strong to the board, without users getting stressed over droplets.
The Jessup Griptape is perhaps the most forgiving best griptape from our survey, making it the perfect grip tape for newcomers. However, no rip grip is another amazing product that you can take a look.

That isn’t to suggest the rough skateboarders won’t be able to keep the tape in position. According to jessup griptape review, while the best grip tape softens more quickly than most, the solid grip helps skaters to confidently land their stunts.

• Glue with a good adhesive foundation
• Shoes that are easy to walk in
• Trimming is simple and painless.
• Numerous sizes are available.

• It mellows out more than most recordings.
• The tape’s strong coating makes it hard to remove after it’s been added.

Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape

The most adjustable tape on our checklist is Black Diamond Sheet Grip Tape. It appears in around 20 different styles, varying from multi-color choices to classic checkerboard styles. It’s the nearest you’ll emerge as a preferred griptape while still displaying your one.


Its regular size would suit many decks, so you can quickly shorten the grip tape for a personalized fit if this one is significantly shorter in length.

That 80-grit fused silica surface of the Black Diamond Grip Tape major stake boarders traction for improved grip. Furthermore, the manufacturing glue adheres to every board and does not wear off.

This grippiest griptape retains its crispness after usage and seems to be water-resistant or climate disruption. If you want it to, the grip does not slip or peel away from the surface. Although the grip tape is very durable, it can get a little slick when damp, so bear this in mind when it rains. And now with this minor annoyance, the price remains unmatched.
• Adhesive with a good solvent foundation
• Shoes that are easy to walk in
• Trimming is easy and painless.
• Numerous sizes are available.

• It mellows out more than most recordings.
• The tape’s powerful adhesive impossible to remove after it’s been added.

ZUEXT Skateboard Grip 11″ x 44″ Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet

The silicon-carbide grit gives ZUEXT Skateboard Grip Tape Layer its good quality that leads to a firm grip for skateboarders. The amazingly adhesive contributes to the sheet’s resilience and prevents it from peeling off, no regardless of how hard it is hit. Since the grip tape is climate-resistant, it will not break off in excessive heat or cold.


This best longboard griptape is quite cheap and suitable for riders of all ages, from newcomers to professionals. Even though the tape does not crease while in use, it is a little harsh when it falls to bursts. Since it’s a transparent best grip tape, some little air bubbles stand out. Owing to some kind of request, they won’t get several bubbles.

Although the tape is a little fragile compared to other alternatives, it will not flake off. You just have to be extremely vigilant when applying and cutting the best griptape, and you’ll be fine.
• Adhesive that is very sticky
• Silicon-carbide grit of superior consistency
• withstands the elements
• Affordability
• Air bubbles can be seen.
• a little fragile

Black Widow 9″ x 33″ Skateboards or Longboards Griptape

Black Widow is a longboard and cruiser brand that has been here for a generation. Although being a strong grip tape for skates, the Black Widow grip tape for shoes falls short of the Jessup or Grizzly tapes on our chart. Nonetheless, again for cost, it is also the best skateboard grip sheet.


Climate tolerance is built into the grip tape, and the tape didn’t move except in warm altitudes. According to this grizzly grip tape review whenever the tape becomes so wet, it becomes a little slick, so it didn’t stick off until you pull it.

This best griptape for longboards comes with a limited number of colors and patterns, none of which are particularly interesting compared to what we’re doing mostly on the chart. Even so, you will see vivid reds and blues, and also the traditional striped theme, which is sure to fit a wide range of types.

• Extreme temperatures are not a problem for this strong adhesive.
• Properties that are resistant to the elements
• Color choices that pop
• Affordability
Some Drawbacks
• When muddy, it becomes slick.
• There are only a few design choices.

Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape One Color, One Size


Shake Junt, one of the most well-known grip tape companies in the world, is already providing skate products to its consumers for over three decades. Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape has a marginally greater effect than the Grizzly on our chart, but it isn’t as strong as the grizzly grip review.

During flip tricks, the grip tape traps the foot, however, it does soften over the period. Until it came to use, if the tape is not applied correctly, the ends appear to become brittle and break off. Then again, the tape will not peel off, as well as the edges will have little effect on the board’s output.

The substance is also climate resistant and remains put in wet environments. The tape has a nice look with the green “SHAKE JUNT” written on it. So that’s too terrible if you do not want it. Besides the yellow/green model, users have no color choices.

• a good grip
• Crispness isn’t going to ruin your shoes.
• Immune to water
• It really doesn’t come off.
Some Drawbacks
• Ends that are brittle can chip off.
• There are no style or paint choices available.

Regular Foot OG Bear Cut-Out Griptape


There’s an explanation why Grizzly is one of the better skateboard traction tape products on the market right now. The Standard Foot OG Bear Trimmed Griptape is among the most common skaters’ options, with attractive characteristics and a tiny bear-shaped gap made on top.

Routine OG by grizzly griptape review, is one of the best grip tape mostly on market thanks to its punctured bubble-free usage and unrivaled strength. The enhanced grain and perforation offer better traction for degradation is caused and flips.

• Application is simple and bubble-free.
• Grain has been increased to strengthen grip.
• Water-resistant
• Bear cut-out that can be removed
Some Drawbacks
• Craft with a minimalist aesthetic
• Not the most clingy

Grizzly Grip Stamp Print Grip One Size Multi


Grizzly Grip Print Grip Tape is yet another Grizzly commodity that is ideal for both novice and skilled skateboarders. It’s simple to put on and has a list of functions that render it a popular option among skateboarders.

The diamond grit on Grizzly Grip is normal. It’s better than that of the thinner tape and offers you a lot of quality. It’s a nice choice for those that want a tape that isn’t too rough on their footwear but also has a good grip.

Enhanced grip and durability are provided by the expanded grain or malformation. Because of its anti-bubble effects, air will flow through, allowing one to spread it seamlessly without having any bubbles around.

This grippiest grip tape function is particularly beneficial for beginners and students. You would be disappointed, though, if you want more visual styles and color choices.

• It’s ideal for both beginners and experts.
• For more traction, use a diamond grit with larger grain size.
• A crispness in the middle isn’t going to break your flats.
• That stamp depicts the correct hand.
Some Drawbacks
• Tape with a minimalistic style
• There are no color choices available.

Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape for Skateboards


Since it’s a “spray on,” the very next grip tape on our chart is a little distinct from the majority. Sharp stone parts and glue are used with Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape. To adhere the stones, just scatter their onto the deck and brush them with glue. It operates on both stretched places and brand-new surfaces.

When you consider it, removing best grip tape on the whole skateboard or longboard can be very expensive. You should protect the stretched areas with Lucid Grip instead of trying to rebuild the entire thing. One container could be used for two to three complete uses, saving you effort and budget.
The transparent program allows the deck of your skateboard to be seen. It’s perfect for skateboarders who have cool maple or graphic decks.

While you’re shoeless, you won’t have to worry about scratching your foot thanks to the proper light grip. You shouldn’t do flipping with it because the finish isn’t as sharp as some of the other grip tapes mostly on the chart.

• Glossy clear coat
• The test is free.
• Quick-drying
• Excellent for cruising.

Some Drawbacks
Advanced tricks are not recommended.
With even use, newcomers will need some practice.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Skateboard Grip Tape
Any critical considerations to consider when purchasing grip tape include measurements, style, adhesive strength, and application.

We’ll go through all of these considerations below so that you can make an informed decision.

The amount of stickiness in your grip tape’s adhesive
This is the very important thing that you should take into account while searching different types of grip tape. Grip tape that stays on the deck in heat and cold, as well as in damp conditions, but wraps that won’t roll away off the deck are both desirable. Grip tape with solid glue can withstand even the harshest conditions and its most rough skaters.

Black Widow, BooTaa, jessup vs mob, and Grizzly grip tapes have the strongest adhesive and are the most durable. The grippyness of grip tape is yet another factor that users consider when determining its adhesion. If you’d like a grip tape with a finer grit that will hold you sticking to the surface, opt for grip tape with an 80 grit or better.

Ease of Use & Strongest Functionality

Many grip tapes are safer than most for bubble-free grip tape mounting. Perforated grip tape is what you’re looking for. Each grip tape has a lot of tiny air gaps, so it’s easy to adhere without having to think about air being stuck underneath the tape.
Mob grip tape is the safest grip tape for simple use. Runner-up: jessup vs mob, BooTaa, and Zuext Skateboard Grip Tape have an excellent tear-resistant build.
Make rest assured grip tape that is wider than your deck so that you really can conveniently cut it to fit. Many skates are 8”x10” in height, so weigh the deck until purchasing grip tape.

Grip Tape for the Best Value – Perfect Economical Grip Tape

Based on whether you choose a major skateboard grip tape brands grip tape or a specialized tape, the cost of grip tape will differ significantly. You will also find a good grip tape for a reasonable price.
The majority of grip tape costs between $10 and $30, with the more expensive options being far more visually attractive or if you require plus sizes for longboards.
The coarseness of the grip tape is another factor that affects the price. The rates would be smaller if you’re using medium to rough grit grip tape.

Concept and Performance of Best Grip Tape

While black grip tape is the most popular and basic color, many grip tape manufacturers also sell colorful grip tape, grip tape stencils, labels, and graphics which you can use. A few various products allow you to personalize your skateboard board. When you can’t find one you want, you can spray paint grip tape and break it into various shapes.

Grip Tape That Is Waterproof

When you’re out on your skateboard or longboard and it starts to pour, you’ll want to use protective grip tape to keep dry. When grip tape gets damp, it’s very easy to fall back off the deck.

What Would You Do to Make The best grip tape Function Longer?

You must start taking care of the best skateboard grip tape, much as you would your skateboard if you expect it to last for a while.
Stop splashes, dirt, gravel, and everything else that might get caught on your shoes and smear your grip tape. You’ll be overly careful at first, but you’ll quickly become used to keeping things tidy.

What’s the Only Way to Keep My Grip Tape Clean?

Then you took a careless dive through the muck and from there to your skateboard. The sludge coating the grains on the grip, which lose their crispness quickly. What are your options now?

Wash the crud from the grip tape with these simple methods:

Infect a grip tape with a Grip Cleaner – This is the simplest method of cleaning a grip tape. To remove the mud, just rub it against the piece of rubber grip tape skateboard. The cleaner is simple and convenient to use, and we agree that any skater should get one.
Include a coarse brush on certain grips; however, it is harsh on the grains. It can cause the grip to lose its sharpness throughout the period but don’t use it enough because you wouldn’t mind a mellow grip.
If you don’t have a grip cleaner, a toothbrush would do. Moist the comb and swish it around in circles. The brush motions clean the dust away, and it takes more time to wipe up every last trace of mud.
These skate tools will always come in very handy!

Final Word

The Grizzly Grip Print Grip Tape is the absolute winner, as it provides a secure, bubble-free application as well as a variety of factors that characterize it apart from its rivals.
For both novice and professional skaters, the stronger best grip tape with improved grain offers just the right grip. It provides significantly more stability than thicker handles, which lose their crispness with period.


What is the best grip tape brand?
Mob Skateboard Grip Tape Sheet Black
Jessup Skateboard Griptape Sheet
Black Diamond Sheet of Grip Tape
ZUEXT Skateboard Grip 11″ x 44″ Skateboard
Black Widow 9″ x 33″ Skateboards or Longboards
Shake Junt Spray Grip Tape One Color
Regular Foot OG Bear Cut-Out Griptape
Grizzly Grip Stamp Print Grip
Lucid Grip Spray on Grip Tape

What grip tape do pro skaters use?

Grip Tape (Traditional)
The basic alternative is available from a variety of grip tape companies and has been the most popular with skaters. Mob Grip, Grizzly, Jessup, Shake-Junt, Black Magic, Diamond, and other well-known companies sell Regular versions. Such labels all have very different grit levels.

Is Jessup griptape good?

Good grip outpaces the board on which it is added and is completely consistent from sheet to sheet. The bad handle isn’t one of them. Grip tape comes in three (major) labels.

Can grip tape be too grippy?

It is dependent on the person. Some people like more, some like less. I like the old-fashioned jessup, which is sufficiently stiff for me but not as much as any other products. On yet another platform, I attempted some Mob griptape and it looked like my foot was nailed to the deck as I had to make minor changes to my feet.

What grip tape is best for beginners?

Pick up a Mob grip tape if you’d like to ride like a professional and have fantastic stick and balance. Grizzly Grip Tape won the best Total Grip Tape. It’s a very well company with plenty of traction both for sailing and trick. It’s simple to use and ideal for newcomers.

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