One of the most popular and cool skateboards tricks in the world of longboarding is old-school kickflip, and there aren’t many riders who don’t like this trick. This old-school kickflip is the maneuver of turning your longboard or skateboard 360 degrees with a kick and start riding on it again!

The Trick was first modernized in the 1960s by a man named Rodney Mullen. Although the 90s skateboard tricks were originally invented by a man named Kurt Lindgren.

Whatever it is, let’s see how easily you can do this old-school kickflip with the best arbor longboards or best freestyle skateboard that is made to perform your favorite stunts and tricks. Hopefully, by looking at this medium you can easily start kickflip yourself in this way.

How to perform old school kickflip

The first step of old school kickflip:

First, you have to place one foot in the middle of the board and the other on the end of the truck. Your back foot must be placed at the very corner of the board so that it is very easy to flip. Plus, the heel of your front leg is on the reverse side, toe dangling, with the sole firmly holding the verge of the board.

The first step of old school kickflip

The second step

Next, keep trying to lift the board in this way with both feet. Thus, after trying for a while, you will see that the skateboard is also coming up with your feet, and then you will realize that it is time to go to the next step.


Then try to turn the board upside down with both feet. When you lift the board with one foot, try to turn the board with the other foot at the same time.

Be careful, because you can fall down while doing these kinds of tricks. And so wearing a longboard helmet, knee pads, and sliding gloves at this time is less likely to cause pain.

The third step

Try to turn the whole board 360 degrees and bring it back to its previous position. When the longboard rotates in the air, make sure that it does not rotate too much and once it rotates, hold it with your feet and stand on it.


You will see that you will work hard enough to do this wonderful old-school kickflip. And these types of old-school skateboard tricks are very good for the body, and that is why everyone says that longboarding has many health benefits.

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