One of the names in the current skateboard world is the Madrid Longboards. The rise of this wonderful brand called Madrid cannot be understood just by looking at today’s excellent position and consumer confidence. Rather, it remains to be seen how well this wonderful brand integrates itself with the history of skateboarding.

In the 1960s, a man named Jerry Madrid founded a company called Madrid Skateboard. Jerry Madrid, surrounded by thousands of two-eyed dreams, did he know then that the company he founded would take place in the hearts of thousands of consumers? The company has been working tirelessly to improve its quality, and its trend continues to this day. Madrid is always thinking day and night about how to make their brand’s skateboards more beautiful and rich.

Madrid Longboards

Today we will talk about the remarkable history of this wonderful brand. We will learn how this brand emerged and how the brand has worked tirelessly to maintain its value over time. We will also review some of the best Madrid longboards. So that you can purchase a product of this brand according to your choice.

The CEO of Madrid Longboards, surrounded by thousands of dreams

In 1976, Jerry started a small surfboard company while still a student in Madrid. Although small, Jerry’s dream was to touch the sky! Jerry wanted the surfboard he made to be of very good quality. And so the company made the first two surfboards made of fiberglass, one for himself and the other for his friend.

They wanted to see the quality of this product by using the product themselves. And if he was satisfied, Jerry believed that people would like this product too. Later, when Jerry first started making skateboards, it was basically a hobby.

In addition to making skateboards, Jerry has started doing several jobs related to surfboarding. Since Jerry himself was a professional surfboarder, he made a lot of money by providing surfboarding training and tips. Jerry was in the industry so that he could later turn his hobby into a profession.

That’s how Jerry started to improve his technical skills in the industry. And began to apply to various companies to create products himself.

And that’s how Jerry made the first fiberglass skateboard while working for different skateboard companies. Jerry didn’t stop there; he was always trying to figure out how to improve this skateboard and how to improve the quality.

CEO of Madrid Board

In this way, Jerry was able to create several popular products while in various companies. The urethane wheel was one of them in 1973. And later he made Cadillac wheels that we’re able to move much faster.

Later, in 1975, Jerry started thinking seriously about starting his own skateboard company, and in 1986 he started his own company. And using his own name, he established an extraordinary company called “Madrid Skateboard”. Being a professional surfboarder and skateboard rider himself, Jerry understood how to quickly improve the quality of his products.

And since these products were awesome in terms of quality! So it didn’t take long for Madrid Skateboard to gain popularity very quickly. At present, the popularity of the Madrid Skateboard, as well as Madrid Longboards, has reached a good level.

History of Madrid Skateboard Brand

This remarkable history of the last forty years is not only the single history of the Madrid Skateboard Company but also the history of this company in terms of expanding skateboarding and longboarding has become one with the history of the skateboard.

While Madrid was constantly improving the quality of their skateboards and longboards, it was also improving for the whole industry. Let’s take a look at exactly how this popular company has been able to keep pace with the times.

In The Late ’70s – The Innovation

In the manufacturing process, the factory made an error which resulted in the change of their design forevermore. At that time, any boards have coated a cross-grain veneer layer before being pressed. Some didn’t experience that step, leading to strange things that the blanks started to warp. Jerry wanted to know how his boards would ride, so he cut them out. Without coating that layer, he recognized that the strong and stiff level of his products is bad. However, the concave surfaces get a better feel. From this point, Jerry decided to manufacture a production mold with concave.

In the late seventies, the company’s board-making process went through thousands of problems. As a result, the company had to go through various changes, such as a change of designer or a change of making process.

Jerry Madrid has overseen each of these steps. One of the problems everyone faced then was that “before any board was pressed, it was coated with a cross-grain veneer layer. And because of this, the blanks would be bent and ruined.”

Jerry cut the products to understand the problem and when he understood the problem he decided to make a mold with the concave.

Later, the Madrid Company made their own skateboards with Mold with concave. And first sold molds to another popular company called Santa Cruz. Then you realize that the benefit of their development is not that they enjoyed it alone but the whole industry benefited from it.

This technology was commonly used in downhill type boards. One such popular product is the Roger Hickey Downhill Pro. Jerry was constantly working to improve his boards. M-Tech products were much more stapled in the early eighties because it was considered an additional upturned nose.

In 1983 – The Arrival of the “Grip Tape”

In the mid-eighties, the Madrid Company was the first to introduce this wonderful feature called grip tape to the skateboard industry. Currently, this feature has become a basic feature of longboard and skateboard. No one can ever imagine a good-quality board without this feature now.

In 1985 – Back to The Future Movie

Who remembers the movie Back to the Future? The board of Madrid was also used during the making of this movie and although it cost Madrid a lot of money to advertise in the beginning, the movie became so popular that word of the Madrid board reached everyone.

With this movie, the Madrid skateboards 80’s was able to reach out to everyone as an established brand. After that, the board called Madrid never had to look back.

2016 Until Now

Then, in line with the times, the Madrid Skateboard Company finally set up a factory in Huntington Beach in 2016. From then on, Madrid seemed to be more and more committed to constantly creating new styles and different types of boards and maintaining their quality.

Madrid has developed a distinct relationship with professionals of different styles to create different styles of boards. Those are the devoted consumers of Madrid.

Who should buy a Madrid skateboard?

Since Madrid is now constantly adapting to different styles and improving its quality, it can be said that Madrid now has a special place for all types of riders. The way Madrid has merged with the history of winning the hearts of consumers and improving the quality of the skateboard industry since the seventies, there is nothing new to say. Suffice it to say that if you can immerse yourself in this journey of Madrid, then you too can become a part of this remarkable history.

Best Madrid longboards reviewed

There are lots of best longboards in the market, but the Madrid skateboard brand has been famous for around 40 years with many kinds. Let’s take a look at some of the best products from Madrid skateboard:

1. Madrid Skateboards Picket Top Mount Complete Longboard

Madrid Longboards 2020


One of the special features of this nice longboard is that this model is made exclusively for Amazon. You will not find this product in any other local store. If you want to use this longboard you have to buy it from Amazon.

This longboard comes with all the nice trucks, wheels, bearings, grip tape, so you can use it right away. You can start riding by taking out this Madrid Longboards packet. For extra security, you can use the best longboard helmet and best longboard knee pads.

The performance of this longboard is very good for normal movement from home to office, or afternoon commute, etc. Also since the quality of Madrid Longboard is much better than other Longboards. So the premium quality of this longboard can ensure you a great riding experience.

The Madrid Longboard has been made here in America since 1976. And this longboard, which is in keeping with the tradition of the skateboard as an American brand, can give you the highest assurance of quality.


*Ready to ride out of box

*Top-notch performance

*Specially made for amazon

*American made with the best quality

*Rider Tested

2. Madrid Goat Sucker 38.35″ Complete Premium Setup


If you like to speed a lot while riding, then these Madrid longboards can give you maximum control over speed as well. Its soft wheels will enhance your riding experience, as well as other features that will help you control and balance.

This die-cut grip tape, in particular, can give you a lot more balance. In addition to this, due to the tough and long-lasting tracks, you will get a very reliable performance from the side of Flex from this longboard.

Its wheels and bearings will make your riding much smoother. This longboard will strive to provide performance as well as long-lasting service.


*High-quality die-cut grip tape

*Amazing trucks for highest flex

*Cadillac bearings to ensure a smooth ride

*70 mm Cadillac wheels

*Robust construction with top-notch performance

3. Madrid Backfire Series Skateboards


A whole professional team has designed this skateboard series with special importance. As is usually the case, designers do things differently. However, this skateboard series has been made by the Madrid Company with special importance, which can be understood by looking at this skateboard.

Again, our expert team believes that when you start using this skateboard, this extraordinary smooth riding and excellent performance will make you smile.

Also, when it comes to safety, the design of this skateboard is designed with your safety in mind. The wheels and bearings on this board are so good that you can expect a smooth-riding from it.

There is nothing new to say about Madrid’s reputation as a skateboard manufacturer. However, it can be said that they have maintained their long-standing reputation through this skateboard series.


*High-quality US-made

*Flypaper grip tape to ensure safety

*Designed by a fully professional team

*Smooth riding experience

*Robust performance

4. Madrid Nessie downhill skateboard


Originally made by the Madrid Skateboard Company, this product is not a new model but has long been recognized as a very popular model among riders. Even many professional riders think that this model has a big contribution behind Madrid being in this legendary position today.

Yes! Although the deck of this board is a bit smaller than many other skateboards, it will not be a problem for you to keep your feet. This deck can hold your feet very comfortably and safely. When you turn the board by pushing one foot against the ground, you will feel how hard and tight your foot is stuck in this deck.

Also, this 3/4 “rocker can give you special comfort in a different way. And the wheelbase and the shape of the whole model are so nice that you can think of it as a perfect skateboard. This skateboard can.

But yes! Since downhill riding can be a bit risky at all, it is important to wear the best protective gear when riding this type of ride. This will give you extra protection.


*Pro-ride longboard trucks that ensure stability

*ABEC 7 bearing for highest speed

*Ready to ride—fully assembled

*Amazing grip tape for highest safety

Some other brand that similar to Madrid Longboards

The long history and tradition of skateboarding the way the Madrid skateboard has been entwined for so long is a wonderful thing. However, it is not only Madrid that is involved in this history and tradition, but also a number of other contemporary skateboard manufacturers who have long maintained friendly relations with Madrid and continue to contribute to the history of skateboarding.

Santa Cruz, Atom, landyachtz longboards, sector 9 longboards, arbor longboards, Rayne longboards, and moonshine longboards are some of the companies that manufacture these skateboards. However, there are still a number of popular companies that are providing excellent services and contributing to the skateboard industry. If you want you can see our list of the Top 10 best longboard brands in the present market. Here you will get ideas about some of the best brands in the current marketplace.

And if you know about these brands, you can easily buy a longboard or skateboard. Because the best company always provides the best product. No company wants its reputation to be ruined by a longboard or a skateboarding model.

Final Word

The rush of this Madrid Company and its CEO Jerry Madrid in this long journey has only garnered praise and confidence. Madrid has been famous for inventing new styles of boards in line with quality and modernity since time immemorial. Even concave mold is one of the inventions of Madrid. This has changed the whole face of the skateboard industry.

Also for your safety, this Madrid Company has prepared the first grip tape, which can ensure your maximum safety. Madrid Longboards continues to contribute to our skateboard industry through all such excellent designs and attractive features. If you want to buy this Madrid longboard, don’t delay and buy a model of your choice now and have a unique experience in the world of riding.

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