There are very few outdoor thrilling sports like longboarding. And whether you are a beginner or an expert in this thrilling game – one thing you may have noticed is that skateboard and longboard decks are made of different materials. Sometimes it is made of hardwood, sometimes it is made of high-quality maple wood, sometimes it is made of plastic for children and some decks are made of high-quality fiberglass. However, many of you are interested to know exactly which one is the best wood for longboard. I hope that your interest and curiosity will be satisfied today.

Best wood for skateboard

And the reason for this difference is that almost all the best longboard brands want to bring a touch of innovation to their products. And in this age of advanced technology, it is much easier to try to do something different.

However, much of the board depends on the deck-making material. Of these, price, weight, and quality depend on the most. Today we will talk about which material is best for making the deck and the best wood for the longboard.

Evolution of making best wood for longboard or skateboards

Early in the early days of skateboarding history, boards were made entirely by hand. And some people are very good at making these solid wood longboard. And the strangest thing is that at that time, the wheels of different roller skates were opened and fitted in the skateboard. And this nice skateboard was made with different wooden planks.

But since the seventies, there has been a nice and remarkable difference between making this skateboard. Longboard wood types were specially prepared to make skateboards.

Wheels were also made separately for skateboards, and with this, the popularity of skateboards began to grow and the process of making skateboards began to improve with the development of technology.

Later in the nineties, when the popularity of various skateboard tricks and stunts began to increase, other types of longboards and skateboards also began to be made. How to make a longboard was not an issue anymore.

Over time, the popularity of longboarding and skateboarding as an excellent outdoor sport increased. Not even trucks and wheels were made; even now skate shoes have also arrived in the market!

However, the different type of riding style comes with some different danger! Best protective gear like longboard helmet, knee pads or sliding gloves can give you better protection.

Best wood for longboard plans construction

Skateboards are usually made of two types of wood, the first being maple wood, and the other birch wood. However, the popularity of bamboo longboards and skateboards has been increasing for the past few days. Although many people think that bamboo is not wood at all, we will discuss bamboo here as a kind of wood made of skateboard.

Best wood for Longboard

There are two types of wood used in this wood, one is plank wood and the other is plywood. By plank wood, we all mean pieces of wood. On the other hand, many thin pieces of plywood are glued together with gum.

And when thin wood is paired in this way, it is called ply, and so we often see that 9-ply wood or 8-ply wood etc. This means that 9 thin pieces of wood are attached here. And the density or thickness of this ply also depends on how many pieces have been attached.

Plywood usually has much more flax than plank wood. Plank wood, on the other hand, is comparatively much harder. But what kind of wood is better, there are many kinds of differences and there are many reasons behind those differences.

We will discuss skateboards made of maple, birch, and bamboo and try to understand what kind of wood can be used for good performance. And what kind of wood is the best wood for longboard, but we are also going to discuss what kind of bamboo we should use in the interest of the environment.

Maple wood

Whether using wooden planks or wooden plywood to make skateboard decks, the type of wood used is very important. Because all the wood is good but the deck made of one type of wood is used for one purpose. We will first learn about maple wood, and this wood tends to be very hard and durable. This type of wood is more commonly used for skateboards designed specifically for downhill riding.

skateboard maple wood

Depending on the type of deck and skateboard, you will be able to pick up speed much faster with a skateboard made of maple wood. Freestyle riders prefer this type of wooden skateboard because it can pick up speed very quickly in a very short time.

Since maple wood is much thicker and weighs more, bamboo plywood for longboard is also occasionally mixed into the plywood to reduce the weight a bit.

But the biggest advantage of maple wood is that skateboards made of this wood are durable. This particular type of wood is quite famous for handling many kinds of stress.

However, the biggest disadvantage of this type of wood is that it tends to be much heavier. And so if you have to carry this wooden skateboard for a long time, it becomes very difficult for you. And so if you are looking for the best cruising longboard for normal movement, then a relatively lightweight skateboard or longboard will be one of the most convenient means for you.

Anyway, if you want to carry your board quite safely, then the best longboard backpacks can give you a nice experience!

Made of bamboo

Boards made of bamboo are usually much lighter and have a lot of flex in them. And this type of board is usually 5-ply to 9-ply. Even if they are light, there is no reason to think that they are weak.

Since these types of bamboo boards have a lot of flex, they can easily withstand any kind of bumps and rough ground. Flex allows you to have a smooth riding experience even on rough roads.

skateboard bamboo wood

This bamboo is also famous for making the best cruising boards as the boards made of bamboo are very light. Since it is very light, you can easily remove this board if you want.

Bamboo products are also very popular as the best beginner longboards due to their low prices. Oh, one more thing! Skateboards made of maple wood are selling like hotcakes and maple trees can be in crisis at any time. This may or may not be a major cause of environmental disasters

Bamboo boards are now used to maintain this balance of the environment. It is because a bamboo tree becomes usable within five years. A maple tree, on the other hand, takes about forty to fifty years to become usable.


Skateboards usually made of birch wood range from 9-ply to 12-ply. They are not as strong as maple wood. So with a lot more ply, it is made in a strong way like maple wood.

A nice thing about birch wood is that even though it is made as strong as maple wood, its flexibility is slightly higher than that of a skateboard made of bamboo. Also birch wood tends to be much more affordable than maple wood.

Since birch wood has both bamboo and maple wood qualities, any type of riding style can be adapted to birchwood skateboards. Also, since this wood can easily handle any type of normal bump, many people prefer this wood for cruising.

With boards made of birch wood, you can ride a variety of styles. And so by changing the longboard trucks and wheels of this board, you can also use this board for different types of riding.

Which material is right for you?

There is no right answer to this question at all. Because all the materials are very good and different types of longboards are made using this material. And many good companies use these three types of materials.

Each type of material has its own purpose. Because if you notice a little, you will see that maple wood is very strong and durable, but boards made of this type of wood are a little expensive.

And if you consider the price, the boards made of birch wood are much more affordable and flexible but these boards may not be as strong.

On the other hand, many bamboo products manufacturers claim that there is a shortage of maple trees and that we should use bamboo products to maintain the natural balance. And not only the bamboo longboard is made but also the frame of the bamboo skate sunglasses is made which is very nice and at the same time aesthetic.

And so you have to realize exactly what kind of product is right for you. And in this case, it is best if you get the opportunity to use all kinds of products and buy a product according to your choice and needs.

Finally, maple, bamboo, and birch are the three most common types of wood. There is no opportunity to choose one of these specific elements. It would not be right to specify anyone as the best wood for the longboard. The type of board and material you want depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Final Words

In conclusion, choosing the best wood for a longboard depends on what you are looking for in a board. If you want a board that is durable and has a lot of flex, then maple or bamboo would be good choices.
When you are looking for a board that is lightweight and has more stability, then balsa wood would be a good option. Whichever wood you choose, make sure to take care of your board so that it will last for years to come.


This FAQ is here to solve some of your problems while reading the longboard materials. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

What type of wood is best for a longboard?

Maple is the best wood for manufacturing longboards because of its stability, low moisture content, and strength. Additionally, maple has a very even grain that makes it a good choice for the finished product.
Maples are hardwood trees that can be found in many parts of the world. Maple is also colorfast, so it can be used to make boards that will last longer.

What is the best material for a longboard?

Bamboo longboards may be made more stable and flexible by running the grain of the wood down its length. For laminated boards, bamboo is often combined with other materials like fiberglass or maple wood because of its greater strength along the grain than crosswise.

Is bamboo or maple better for longboards?

The maple wood is stronger than the bamboo wood. Bamboo wood is a great choice for flooring if you are looking for a sustainable and environmentally friendly product, but if you are looking for the strongest flooring option, maple wood is the best choice.
Maple wood is an attractive and strong wood that is perfect for making longboards. The natural strength of maple wood means that boards made from the wood are very resistant to wear and tear, which makes them a popular choice for those who want a board that will last. Additionally, maple boards are particularly well-suited to skating on pavement or other hard surfaces, as they have a good grip.

What shape of longboard is best for beginner?

Starting with a cruiser longboard is recommended for 99 percent of newbies. At least 30″ long and 8″ broad is a good size for a novice cruiser deck. It’s simpler to maintain your balance on a long, broad board. Large/soft rims (77a-83a / 60mm-80mm) allow for easy rolling over cracks and bumps.

How thick should a longboard be?

Most longboard decks will be around 1 2″ thick, differentiating by design and material. For those looking for a more substantial board, fiberglass or bamboo boards are popular options. These thicker boards are perfect for riders who want to stay firmly planted on the ground while cruising down the street or riding at a park. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a thinner deck that is more flexible, plastic or wood options are available.

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