If you are thinking of giving a revive skateboards completes as a Christmas gift to someone or buying it for yourself, then you have already realized how difficult it is to find a good skateboard. Today we are going to help you with our revive skateboards reviews.

Some companies advertise a variety of skateboards in front of you, citing a variety of features to promote them, but the problem is that you can’t decide for yourself which one you need. Finding a really good quality skateboard is a very difficult task.

Revive skateboards reviews will help you to know that you can get this exceptional longboard from the market.

However, no matter how much competition there is, there is only one winner at the end of the day. But there can be more than one winner, and revive skating is one of them. According to our revive skateboards reviews, this Skateboard is one of the top products in terms of product quality, affordability, and design.

Revive skateboards who are they and who makes revive skateboards?

Revive Skateboard’s journey began in 2009. However, they have gained a lot of popularity even after their journey started very recently. They started their marketing journey through social media marketing. Looking at their strategy, one can understand how influential the social media marketing strategy is.

Revive brand products are quite affordable, and also very good in terms of quality. They charge much less than other skateboard manufacturers in the market, and their product creation, sales, and advertising methods are somewhat different from other brands.

Some of the revive brand distributor products include Force Wheel, 3 Block Skateboard, and Arm grip. Although the market value of Revive Skateboard Company is not very high, they have been able to make a good impact in the market.

Andrew Schrock and Aaron Kyro are the founders of the Revive Skateboard brand and are currently running the company. The two gentlemen were born in Chinchilla, USA, and have a popular YouTube channel with over two and a half million subscribers. Currently, they have also open revive skateboards UK.

Revive skateboards reviews will help you to know more knowledge about this longboard.

They originally opened a YouTube account in early 2009 to make videos of full-length skateboarding, but later used it to promote their products.

The Revive brand started its journey under the name Revenge Skateboard. But they were forced to change their name because of a copyright issue.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the aspects of revive skateboard reviews, lets see!

What made ReVive successful?

We can say this in the revive skateboards reviews, excluding the aspect of a good quality skateboard, the biggest reason for the success of Revive brand is their vocal presence on social media. In addition to Andrew Schrock, some of their notable revive skate team riders are:

** Aaron Kyro

** John Hill

** Sam Tabor

They are all big YouTubers and have a lot of fan followers. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Aaron Kyro and the personal YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding, which has close to five million subscribers.

Aaron Kyro, the founder of Revive Skateboard, has three and a half million subscribers. Besides, both John Hill and Sam Taber have about 6 lakh subscribers. So, whenever they post on social media, it seems as if they are probably advertising a brand.

Is Revive a legit brand?

Since they have created online-based brands that have not progressed like any other skateboard company in general, many have questioned their legitimacy. Many people buy their products only for the company.

But over time, the Revive brand has proven itself to be just as trustworthy as the brand. Their products had the same quality as the products that hit the market at that time. They hired a Pennsylvania manufacturer to build their revive skateboard deck&revive splatter skateboard deck.

According to them, many people do not like their brand just because they sell lower-priced products than other brands in the market.

So, at the end of it all, they started selling their revive skateboards team directly to skaters. In this way, most of the sales of their products were done online, and less was done through some local markets.

What type of products does Revive make?

Revive mainly makes revive skating decks. They also make some soft goods like T-shirts and stickers. Another sister brand sells wheels, grips, and 3 block SB brand revive skateboards deck. So it can be said that this revive skate royale deck is quite amazing.

How much do ReVive boards cost?

Despite not having any physical store of Revive brand, they are selling Diva motorcycles and using rider teams for their advertising.

Revive brands don’t spend extra on marketing like other skate companies. They don’t need any separate marketers, designers, distributors, and any skate shops. They are one of the best skateboard brands.

They only need a warehouse to store the product and a medium for shipment.

Revive skateboards reviews will help you to know about the cost of this longboard.

From all of the above, I would suggest that they need a designer to give their products a professional look.

They can sell their products at a very low price because of the cost savings in so many ways. The price of their decks is sold at half the price of premium brand products, allowing their industry to sell the product at a much lower cost.

You can buy their decks for less than 40. In this way, Revive can sell the products at the lowest price.

Some best revive skateboards reviews

Revive Red Lifeline Skateboard Deck


This is a very simple revive deck. Its shape and size are very standard. The length is usually up to 31.5 inches, and there are many variations in width. It is made from 7plys of maple and has a simple revive logo below. You will get the price of this board in a very short time.

This is a solid deck, which can adapt to any kind of rider. And the first thing to say about the deck is this hard maple wood. Made with very nice maple wood it is quite sturdy and tacky.

However, among its other features, is not so much. Again, when it comes to graphics, it is very simple and not a standard for graphics. But it looks quite decent.

It is understood that this skateboard company has focused only on the deck to keep the price of the board low. And so, if you want to buy a skateboard made with good quality, revive skateboard deck review at a low price then this can be quite an excellent choice. Also, you can carry this with your best skate backpack at ease.

ReVive X Braille Aaron Kyro Pro Model Review


Although this board is known as Braille Skateboard at the time of sale and at the time of advertisement, the real name of this board is Aaron Kyros pro model. It works on behalf of Revive and is better known during marketing as on the YouTube channel Braille Skateboarding.

This is a very high-quality product. It uses high-quality revive decks, rickettsial wheels, and independent trucks.

This is because the components used here are of very high quality, which makes the price exceed a hundred and fifty.

If you want a good quality product, this is a very good choice. With the best skate tools, you can install them into some raw skateboard structure.

Here’s a look at some of the best features of these revive skateboards reviews

Product specification

All of Revive Skateboard’s products are mostly known as Skateboard Decks. Most of their general decks are sold, in dollars on their website and with a free sheet of Jessup grip tape. If the customer wants, he can upgrade to Am grip tape, but he has to pay an extra fee.

Revive skateboard completes decks are available in about 6 different standard sizes. There are more than 6.5 to 7.5 of them, so people of all ages can easily ride this skateboard.

There are some old school model cruisers in their collection, only for those who want to give a ride and do not want to apply any other trick, this special model is available.

However, the point is not that they claim on their website that ‘we are the best board manufacturer’. No such strong statement can be found on their website.

Revive skateboards reviews will help you to know more knowledge about this longboard.

All revive skateboards are made with 7 ply decks, which are made of 100% Canadian maple. This means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

There is only one downside, and that is that if someone buys a product from their website, they will not get the product assembled.

Because they do not manufacture bearings, wheels, and trucks everything but. However, they try to sell the skateboard wheel by force, which can be understood by visiting their website.

Revive Skateboards decks

As many skaters think, Revive Skate’s decks are quite good and solid compared to other top-quality Pro Skateboard brands. Again, many say they don’t see much of a difference between a revive deck and a solid rock-hard Canadian maple deck. Again, many acknowledge that Revive’s products are as solid as the revive deck review of other brands in the store.

Skateboard decks usually vary in shape, graphics, and manufacturing location. Revive Decks is produced by Pencewood Skateboard Manufacturing Company, a woodshop shopkeeper with a separate team, skate shop brand, and custom orders. This large skateboard brand focuses on good-quality wood pressing and traditional screen printing.

Wood degraders usually make the snaps, tricks, and jumps of skateboards a little harder over time. Revive’s decks will adapt much better over time and will offer good enough use in the beginning.

Many of you may have doubts about the fragility of this deck, but there is no room for doubt. They can withstand pretty good pressure. You can keep this in a skate rack in your room quite comfortably.


Compared to the entire skateboard industry, Revive Skateboard is offering highly affordable equipment with an average price per deck. There are many companies that charge base prices for their unassembled decks.

The fact that revive skating Company only has low-priced products is not the case. They also have a lot of well-constructed products. Where their decks are made with 7ply Canadian maple, other companies are seen using 5ply Canadian maple with cheap wood.

If you want to save some dollars, you should buy some of Revive’s products. Let’s compare Revive’s products and blue revive skateboard with other skateboard brands.

ELEMENT Skateboards


For decades, the Element Skateboarding brand has been in the leading position. This revive company offers everything from decks to assembling on a board and has a good position in the international market.

They have professional-level rosters such as Nyjah Huston, Nassim Guammaz, and Julian Davidson as well as legendary alumni like Bam Margera and Ray Barbee. Their boards are extremely flexible, so a variety of advanced tricks can be applied. They also offer some custom decks for their customers.

It is not surprising to see their price with the legendary brand, it is normal that the price of their product will be high. They also have several products that when compared to the prices of other special brands, then the price will not be too much.

Plan B OG Skateboard Complete


Plan B is a skateboarding company that started its journey in 1991 in Costa Misa, California. At the beginning of the journey, they were introduced to the company by big skateboard influencers like Mike Ternasky, Brian Johson, and even Rodney Mullen.

The company had a bad time in 1997, but in 2005 a new story began with Danny Way and Colin McKay. Since then, Plan B has become one of the most innovative and rebounding skateboard companies.

Plan B has proven itself many times over that they are never really afraid to adopt new technology. For example, when it comes to decks called “BLK ICE”, they first used a thin layer of slick black wax.

Generally speaking, the products of Plan B are equal to the price range of the element. The range of their decks is -_- but you must be happy to hear that a company like Plan B will not charge you extra for innovative products.

The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard


Although Quest is a longboard company, they are still the best in the revive deck review industry. However, it is also true that longboards are but skateboards. They also make some cruiser boards, for those who want to give a short ride.

Quest Skateboard Company Customer Service is a bit different from other companies. Not only do they work to fix problems, but they can also customize them to the customer’s liking.

Through this, they have gained the popularity of the customer by using some unique designs and high-quality components.

The price of a fully assembled quest board can be quite a reasonable price. While this price range may seem a bit overwhelming, there is little to say about their full service.

Final word

Compared to other skateboard companies, revive skateboards completes will be the leader in this industry for the next generation. They have gained a lot of popularity in a very short time by making their promotions and activities affordable products.

Revive skateboards reviews will help you to know more knowledge about this longboard.

Lastly, those who want to buy a skateboard can visit Revive’s skateboards on their website or you can buy from amazon. Their professional skateboard design can win the hearts of many skaters.

They also have apparel in the Vast catalog. Whenever you go to buy a skateboard, you can keep in mind the revive skateboard.


Are Revive skateboards good?

Many skaters think that Revive’s products are very solid, just like pro-quality skateboards. Again, many do not find such a difference with the solid rock-hard Canadian maple on the market. And many others think that Revive’s products are equal to the quality products in the market.

How long does it take for Revive skateboards to ship?

If you are in the USA it will take 2-10 business days. And if you live elsewhere, it will take 2-12 weeks. However, Amazon is a great company that can make a shipment very fast. Also, the return policy of amazon is quite amazing that you need to count on while ordering a skateboard online.

What type of products does Revive make?

Revive usually makes skate decks. They also sell some more soft goods like T-shirts and stickers. They also sell Wheel, Grip, and 3 Block SB brand skate decks. According to our revive skateboards reviews, all of their products are of great quality.

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