Skateboarding has come a long way, skateboards first originated in the early 1950s when skateboards were made of planks of wood and metal roller wheels. As time passed best skateboard decks were made with new designs and materials and number of skaters growing every year. Most of the tricks that you see done by skaters were invented by a professional skater John Rodney Mullen USA. He’s created skateboard tricks like the kickflip, heelflip, 360-flip and impossible.

Best skateboard decks of 2022

Shortly after that skateboarding competitions were held and this gathered a lot of people together and inspired a lot of people to start skateboarding. With the skateboarding community growing this opened doors for more and more companies to start making skateboards and skateboard parts.

Today there are millions of people around the world who skate, some do it for fun and some do it for a living.

Everyday hundreds and thousands of skateboards are made. Skateboards of today are made mainly of maple. Below we’ll be listing the top 15 best skateboard decks in 2022 that you can buy now.

Plan B

Top 15 best skateboard decks of


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Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price


Top 15 best skateboard decks of



Top 15 best skateboard decks of      Price 


Top 15 best skateboard decks of 2018_skateshouse.comPrice 

Alien workshop

Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price 


Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price 


Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price 

Santa Cruz

Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price 


Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price 


Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price


Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price 


Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price

Dirty Ghetto kids (DGK)

Top 15 best skateboard decks of Price


Plan B Skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Plan b skateboards was founded in 1991, the plan b team has some of the best skaters in the world like Torey Pudwil, Ryan Sheckler, Leticia Bufoni and son.

Plan b skateboards are all mostly made of maple and are very durable. These boards have great pop and very sleek designs and are very long lasting. Plan b skateboards are mainly used for street skating but you can also use them in skate parks.

These skateboards a widely used b skaters and we recommend you guys try it out.

Best Skateboard Buying Guide In 2021

Element skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Element always use different technology to make their boards which is why their boards stand out from the rest. This skateboard is made of thriftwood construction which makes this skateboard strong and durable and great for street skating.

The simple design and concaves make flip tricks a lot easier and also makes riding the skateboard a lot more comfortable.

Baker skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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If you plan on putting you skateboard through hell then this skateboard is the right skateboard for you. Baker skateboards are made and designed with quality materials; the deck is lightweight and great for grinding and has great pop.

Baker skateboards also come is various designs so you’ll have a lot to chose from.

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Zero skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Zero’s skateboards have so many cool graphics its crazy. With great graphics this skateboard is also very durable as it’s made with maple wood. Zero skateboards can be put through hell and somehow it’ll still survive this just shows you how well they’ve made this skateboard.

The skateboards are lightweight and have great pop, and also mostly used for street skateboarding.

Flip skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Flip skateboards are made of pure northern maple wood, these skateboards are lightweight and durable which makes popping and flip tricks a lot easier.

These skateboards are meant for the streets, the design and medium concave of the board make it really comfortable for the skater when skating at high speeds or bombing hills. Flip skateboards also come in very cool graphics.

 Almost skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Almost skateboards are made of high quality materials and some decks also have impact or double impact support making them very durable.

The decks are designed with full concave giving you higher pop and more comfort. These decks are also great for gaping stairs and those high gaps. The skateboards also come in a variety of awesome graphics.

  Alien Workshop skateboard

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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This Skateboard gives the smoothest ride experience; the decks are made of maple making it super strong and also very light in the same time.

These skateboards are great for street skating and skating in pools. The decks also come in very attractive graphics.

                                                           Habitat skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Habitat skateboards just look amazing, they’re graphics are really creative and they’re decks are made of pure North American hard rock Canadian maple.

This skateboard is really durable and lasts very long. It’s great for both skate parks and the streets. The deck is super light and has amazing pop.

 Real skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Real skateboards are great for those who love doing flip tricks on their skateboards. The deck is slim and very lightweight.

It also has great pop and a good concave for more control and stability. The real decks come in real good attractive graphics.

Santa Cruz Skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Santa cruz have been making skateboards since forever, they’re old school but their skateboards don’t disappoint. The decks are made of pure maple and the skateboard has good concaves making flip tricks easy and giving the skating more control and stability.

Santa cruz skateboards have astonishing graphics on their skateboards.

 Enjoi skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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The skateboard has great pop and is really light weight. The deck is a simple design with medium concaves for more control and has great pop. Enjoi decks come in many different graphics so do keep an eye out for those.

 Girl Skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Another non-high tech made skateboard, made of pure maple wood this skateboard is a 7 layer feather light deck with medium concaves and an awesome pop, great for flip tricks and skating in parks and on the streets. Girl skateboards also have amazing graphics on their decks.

Birdhouse Skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Birdhouse skateboards is a company formed by professional skater Tony Hawk and Per Welinder. The deck design is just as perfect as the skateboards on demand today despite the founders being old school skaters.

The skateboards have good concaves and great pop, they ride great in skate parks and on the streets too. Birdhouse skateboards have the best graphics you can find on a deck.

 Deathwish Skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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The skaters in the deathwish team are the gnarliest skaters we’ve ever seen. The skaters put themselves through hell to get a video part done. Seeing them go through all that there’s no doubt that deathwish skateboards are very durable skateboards built with the best materials.

The decks have good concaves and great pop and also have tons of sick creative graphics on their decks.

 DGK skateboards

Top 15 best skateboard decks of

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Dirty Ghetto kids also known as DGK is a skateboard company formed by a professional skater Stevie Williams. DGK skateboards are built with quality materials for more durability and good concaves for better control and comfort, mainly used for street skating these decks have great pop and last long.

Skateboards from DGK have cool graphics and just looks amazing with the simple sleek design.

The top 15 skateboard decks listed above are suitable for every skill level from beginners to professional riders. Not all skateboards are the same, they may look like every other skateboard but only a skater can tell the difference when riding on a skateboard.

These skateboards all have their own unique qualities, some are lightweight and great for flip tricks and grinds, others are a little heavier and can take a great deal of force before snapping.

If you’re an experienced skater then we hope this list has helped you out in case you’re wanting to try out another deck and for beginners make sure you know what type of skateboarding style suits you more and which skateboard is more suitable for you and always remember to wear your safety gear before a skate session.

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Best skateboard decks buying guide

Things to consider before buying the right skateboard deck

A skateboard has many parts, and all the parts together make a self-contained skateboard or longboard. But whatever it is, the most important part of a skateboard is where you stand, meaning the deck of the board.

Best skateboard decks 2020

There are different styles of skateboarding and skateboarding has different purposes. And because of those objectives and the variety of styles, there is a huge difference in the shape and size of the deck.

And so when you go to build a complete skateboard, all these things you have to consider. And so the size, shape, material, and style of the deck are very important for choosing the right board.

You also need to keep an eye on the type of area and climate you are going to be riding. Because in a cold country the board is seen to bend almost all the time. In the same way, during the rainy season, the shape of the wood changes a lot.

First of all, let’s see what kind of size board you need:

How to choose the right size deck?

It all depends on your height and riding style but the shape of the deck.

If you purchase a deck larger than you need, your physical energy will be more expensive. And with this deck, it will be very difficult for you to perform various tricks and stunts.

Similarly, if you purchase a smaller size deck than you need, you will face a lot of problems in maintaining balance.


Again on the wide board, you may find yourself feeling a bit stable, but that also depends on the shape of your feet and skate shoes.

The wheelbase of the deck

wheelbase of the deck

The wheelbase is an important factor to consider whenever you are going to purchase a deck. The wheelbase is the distance from each other to the holes in your wheel for installing the wheel.

And the distance between the front wheel and the rear wheel of your skateboard depends on this wheelbase. This distance again depends on how well your skateboard will perform.


Skateboards are usually made of wood and sometimes decks are made by attaching several wood plies together. Skateboard decks are usually between 8 ply and 9 ply, if they are made of bamboo or maple wood. On the other hand, if the birch is made of wood, the wooden ply has to be added a little more to strengthen it.


If you want to purchase the best skateboard decks of your choice, be sure to take a good look at the concave of the deck. You will see a part of each deck that is slightly curved and raised towards the front, and that part is the concave of the deck.


The middle part of the deck is usually very flat and the front and rear parts are concave. This concave allows you to have better control over the board. However, the amount and condition of this concave depend entirely on the style of the board.


Rails are the edge of your skateboard deck. The shape of this part is usually round, and because of this round-shape the flipping tricks can be performed very nicely. However, especially in the case of this rail can be sharp a lot of the time.


Always try to choose the width of the skateboard deck, not the length. A good skateboard deck is usually seven and a half to eight and a half inches wide.

However, the right width for you depends a lot on the type of style you want to ride. I also said a little earlier that it also depends a lot on your height and the size of your skate shoes.

Nose and tail

Nose refers to the front of the skateboard and tail refers to the back of the skateboard. Look at the nose and tail according to what type of board you want to build or what type of board you want to build.


This means an effective foot platform. It’s a bit like a wheelbase, but the wheelbase is fixed at the bottom and the EEP is fixed at the top of the deck. Take a good look at the part of the top of the deck where you will place your feet, to see if this part is compatible with your feet.

Camber & Rocker

If you look at any deck, you will see that the decks are slightly curved vertically. And even above this amount of curvature, there is a lot of variation in the performance of the skateboard.

The middle part of the skateboard that is slightly elevated is called the camber skateboard, and the curved part that is tilted downwards is called the rock skateboard. Camber and Rock’s Angle Mello are also common.

While it may not sound like much to hear, even a slight change in this curved part can cause a lot of changes in the flex of your board.

However, many people are confused by comparing this part with the deck concave. Concave and Camber and Rock are two completely different things. Even the speed of your skateboard can vary considerably because of this flex.


The back of the skateboard that is slightly curved upwards is called the kicktail. If you want to do some tricks and stunts with the skateboard of your choice, try to build your board with kick tails.

The trick is possible because of the kicktail. And you may already know that among the best skateboard tricks, Ollie is one of the tricks through which everyone starts learning tricks.

Some skateboards also have kicks on both the front and back, making it possible to perform a variety of advanced-level tricks. Usually, no one performs tricks with the best longboard but performs a few stunts with the dancing longboard.

In the case of longboards, this type of kicktail makes it possible to take a lot of sharp nails. Also used for sidewalks and derbies. Carving longboards occasionally has these cocktails to make the riding experience much more beautiful.

Choosing a style of the skateboard deck

If you have just set foot in this thrilling world called Skateboard, then knowing about the different types of deck styles is the next step for you to choose the right riding style deck of your choice.

Skateboards usually have four basic shapes and are later modified to give more shape. And knowledge of those four basic styles will play a vital role in your future skateboarding life and it will be much easier to choose the right deck at different times.


You may have guessed from the name of this board and its deck. Yes! These are quite small in size. This type of board allows you to stay afloat for long periods of time and display all sorts of interesting tricks. These boards are quite popular for displaying a variety of best tricks.

skateboard shortboard

Tricks and stunts are a kind of style and a process to show off yourself. Usually, those who perform this type of thing are quite a fan of skate sunglasses. And no matter what, a pair of sunglasses that match the skateboard can take your personality to a unique level.


Cruising boards usually have kicktails, and this type of board is designed accordingly. Also the best drop through longboard but this is another type of cruising skateboard. These types of boards are usually made to move around.

Old school

This type of old school board usually has flat noses and kicktails. And although they are quite asymmetrical in shape, their noses are quite wide in shape. If you are thinking of a skating pool and ramps or street curving, this type of board deck is something you should consider.


From the name Longboard, you may have noticed that the shape of this type of board is quite large One thing to keep in mind, however, is that longboards are designed to make the riding experience much easier and smoother. And if you are going to be a beginner, it is best to build your longboard with a deck in the shape of the best beginner longboard.

Another feature of longboards is that their wheels are quite large. This type of longboard can make your riding experience much more comfortable as the shape of the wheels is bigger and softer.

The different skateboard deck Concaves

Radial concave

Radial Concave Skateboard Deck

The skateboard is in the middle of the deck when the concave shape holds a subtle shaped U curve. However, this type of concave is commonly seen on all types of Best skateboard decks.

Progressive Concave

Progressive Skateboard Deck

This type of concave shape is somewhat similar to the radial shape, but there is a basic difference. This type of shape deck basically makes the foot space much wider and can keep your feet much safer.

But yes! When it comes to safety, it’s safe to say that protective gear is the best protection you can get. For example, if you wear a longboard helmet while riding, as well as a good knee pad, your protection will be much better.

W. Concave

In this type of concave shape, the curved part is usually seen in the tail area of ​​the deck. With this kind of concave shape, you can take a much better turn. This type of shape is necessary for you if you need to take a turn very quickly.


In this type of shape, the rails of the skateboard deck are elevated in a slightly different position towards the front of the deck. The same thing happens with the tail of the deck. Which means you will feel more power when you take a turn.

The tub

Similar to the radial concave, this type of concave shape has a slight curve in the middle of the deck, but its rail is curved at a much sharper angle towards the deck extension. When you go to ride the mellow too, you will get a lot more Swift turn because of this kind of concave. This can make your riding experience much more amazing.

This type of concave is mainly used to make riding comfortable. And in the same way, if the issue of Swift Turn in Mellow Ride comes up during your skateboard building, then you must buy this kind of Concave Shaped Deck.


This type of shape is not very common and is quite an uncommon shape. In this type of shape, the arch of the board is slightly raised. This type of shape is very effective in keeping your feet in a very natural position when you start riding.

Skateboard decks construction

Deck construction is a very important issue. If the construction is not good then the deck will never give good service. Maple wood has long been an excellent link to skateboards. This means that good quality decks have been made of maple wood for a long time. However, at present, decks made of birch wood, fiber and bamboo skateboards are also of good quality.

The quality of the construction depends a lot on the ply of this type of material. Its construction usually starts from seven-ply. These plies are placed one on top of the other and glued together.

This skateboard construction has now become a thing of the past. And this construction has been given a more excellent look through ever-new technology. And the new experiment is going on with the skateboard deck. Many good quality skateboard decks are also being made through that experiment.


What is the best skateboard deck brand?

There are many types of skateboard manufacturers in the market today, many of them directly involved with the long history of skateboarding. There are also many new brands that have gained the trust of consumers in a very short period of time.
And so to speak, some of the best skateboard brands are as follows:
1.Sector 9 Longboards
2.Quest longboards
3.Atom longboards
4.Santa Cruz
6.Arbor longboards

What is the most durable skateboard deck?
It is difficult to say in one sentence which is the strongest deck. However, if you read this review, you will have a rough idea of ​​what kind of decks are quite good and strong.
We have in this list some of the best products in the current market including Habitat, Enjoi, Santa Cruz and many more. The products here we have listed after personal experience and long sorting. All of these products are quite strong and have the ability to provide long-lasting service.
What makes a good skateboard deck?

A good quality Best skateboard decks needs to have several qualities. The first of these is that it should be quite lightweight, especially if you want to perform a variety of tricks. Also, in terms of durability, the skateboard deck has to be uncompromising.
Also, when it comes to materials, maple, bamboo, birch wood, or fiber, whatever they are made of, must be of high quality.

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